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I've seen it vaguely touched upon, but has anyone ever gotten really indepth about how we advance, not as a need, but as a competitive factor? Like with even NASA and whatever we were like "hey we're gonna make it to space before you losers" and the others were like "heck no we're gonna get there before you losers" and it just permeates every factor of our lives ask any child who plays a game and even they'll be pumped to win

Necessity is the parent of progress, the pamphlet had said. It was supposed to be a human saying, but as Vossavangen looked upon the mess the ships humans had made, xe realised how wrong this statement was. As per usual, humans made very little sense. Apparently, it had all started with one of the humans saying they could fix the fuel intakes of the small utility ships (which were working fine, mind you) before and better than another human.

Apparently this was a ‘bet’ - a word that didn’t really translate to Vossavangen’s native language. A lot of the words spoken in the following argument didn’t translate, and those who did seemed strangely fixated around referring to the other human as genitalia. At the time it hadn’t seemed like it would bring much trouble. Like most normal human behaviour it was best to let it play out on its own and let the humans deal with it.

Well, that was what xe had thought then, but less than one rotation later the floor of the room the humans called the garage was filled with tools and pieces of engines. It was a disaster, and Vossavangen had no idea how to explain it to xir superiors.

Talking to the humans had proven futile, but by some miracle both the utility ships they’d been ‘tinkering’ on were fully operational eleven rotations later - less than half a rotation before High Command was supposed to inspect the area. The work space was far from tidy, but the humans had decided that one party would clean for all of them. Which it would be depended on who had brought the biggest improvements to the ships.

Vossavangen was less than optimistic, but xe tested the utility ships none the less. Shockingly, it seemed the human engineers and mechanics had managed to on one of the ships cut fuel use with almost forty percent, while on the other they had substituted the need for traditional fuel altogether for food waste.

After the incident, it became common knowledge that the best ways to get a human to work efficiently was to say they either wouldn’t be able to do it, or that someone else could do it better than them.


My first time in Melbourne!! I’m currently staying at @ashethehedgehog’s place for 2 weeks and oh man look at her crazy ygo shrines… I recognize some artists from her wall, which include some animators & illustrators for the @ygoreanimate!

Day 1 have been a pretty tiring day for both of us, but we did ended up playing some games, watching movie, shopping (that include buying ygo cards) and constantly nagging her adorable dog Axel heheh… precious lil nugget. 

I’m having a wonderful time there so far, can’t wait to meet @chicinlicin, @preciousorgel and @ckr-the-cat on Monday!! :D

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asking the hard questions

in preparation for @hisnamewasbeanni and @lovethroughamachine‘s arrival to the Zoloft:

me: should we take them to eat Korean food?

husband: I thought you said there are lots of Koreans in Australia.

me: there are. millions. 

husband: we should take them to eat Mexican food.

me: they drove up from South America, meaning they just drove and ate all over Mexico. 

husband: Canadian food! I bet we have better Canadian food than Australia!

me: where does one get good Canadian food? what even is good Canadian food? is there such a thing?

P.S. my house is called the Zoloft because my name is Zoe and I live in a loft and my house has been called quite the antidepressant.

Take-homes from Dragon Games


2. ‘It’s like shopping, only… world domination’ - Evil Queen’s idea of family bonding



5. Some really cool backgrounders (i’m digging these two… thoughts on who they might be? Daughters of Tiana and Jasmine???)

6. “Who ever heard of a ‘Monster High’?” HMMMM???ANYONE??????? 

7. Some Ramona Badwolf!!! Petition for a doll who’s with me


9. Some nice shots of the new doll characters!

10. And sadness that more characters aren’t getting Dragon games dolls ;~;





stan grant just called out the whole of white australia 

#38 Country Pref | You're from New Zealand


“Is this even a New Zealand tradition?” Luke asked in disbelief running his hand through the green grass surrounding you as you were laughing at his question. “I don’t even know. I just wanted an excuse to eat fish and chips by the lake.” You shrugged looking around amazed. The weather was lovely, not too hot and the wind wasn’t really there. You were both sitting down under an apple tree, the lake right next to you and a plate of food in front of you. “We’ve could do the exact same thing in my backyard in Australia!” He laughed throwing a french fry at you. “ But know we’re doing it here. In my hometown. Get over it.” You laughed throwing one at him – him trying to catch it. “ I see no Australian skills.” You laughed taking a french fry, throwing it up before catching it with your mouth.  “ This is why NZ is better than Australia.”


”it’s so nice to meet you Calum.” Your mother greeted as you both came in through the kitchen door hand in hand. You had promised both your mom and Calum that it was finally time to let your family actually meet you’re not so secret boyfriend anymore. After making dinner you all sat down at the dinner table. “So Calum tell me, where from Asia are you from?” Your mother asked making you slap your hand against your forehead, - of course the only question your mother shouldn’t ask. Calum looked over at your state for a moment laughing, and then looking back at your mom. “I’m actually Kiwi and not Asian.” He admitted and your mom’s eyes lit up. “Oh god sorry I didn’t know. So you’re actually from here. How cool is that.” Your mom commented embarrassing making you slap your forehead again. “Mom just be quiet you said making both her and Calum laugh.


“So how do you feel about meeting my parents? You asked swinging your and Michael’s hands back and forth as your other hands were busy with controlling your two suitcases trying to find the exit of the airport to the taxi’s. “I’m excited.” He smiled giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Want any advice?” He gave you a cheeky smirk before letting out a scoff. “ I don’t need any. I’ll just use my Australian charms.” He winked and you rolled your eyes. “ You know that won’t work here in New Zealand.” You laughed and he just nodded. “It does. We’re almost like each other. There’s barely any not similarities between our countries. I’m gonna make a great impression.” He said confidently opening the taxa door for you. “Whatever you say smartass.” You winked and told the driver your address. “Trust me, you’ll open your mouth open agape when I’ve first started.”


“Y/N do you think the Tasmanian devil actually exist?” Ashton asked out in the blue as you both were on the beach relaxing and enjoying the time together. “The cartoon dude?” You asked holding a hand over your eyes to focus on him better. “Yeah.” He answered looking out at the island far away from the horizon of the beach. “I don’t know. Why are you asking?” Sitting up straight you looked at him for answer. “You know I was just thinking about it. Tasmanian is right there.” He said pointing towards the island. “What the fuck Ash. I don’t even know what that island is but that’s defiantly not Tasmanian! It’s not even close to New Zealand more like Australia. Get your geography together.” You laughed seeing his face expression change. “What? But I thought-.. Never mind!” He mumbled laying back down. “Okay then.” You laughed giving him a kiss on the shoulder.  

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i'd like to know where you got your information about the ferguson/new zealand text post

I’ve gained thirty followers overnight and a load of messages arguing with me because of the text post I made about racism within New Zealand’s police force in regards to Ferguson, I want to remind everybody that I am pakeha but I thought considering New Zealand has such a small representation on tumblr that someone needed to say something.

I’m not going to argue with you about whether there is racism within our country, because there is, undoubtedly. I think if anyone wants to deny that maori and pasifika boys are criminalised and dehumanised by our society then they are an active contributor to the ongoing problem.

Additionally just because our race relations have ‘progressed’, does not in any way whatsoever mean that Maori and Pakeha are treated the same, because we aren’t. We may be slightly better than Australia, but we are nowhere near racial equality and that should be seen as a problem.

There is the question of whether America has a specific kind of brutal culture and that could be easily true, but my text post was intended to discourage the blind patriotism New Zealanders seem to have about our country which is so so far from perfect.

Statistics/Facts (you can find all of these with a quick google):

These are not the only statistics, nor are they the only contributing factors, just something I’d encourage every New Zealander to read.

There is a demonisation of Maori going on in our country, we’d be killing them if we could.