better than anyone tbh

finnick odair, who took care of an old woman in the arena, who learned how to take care of his mentally ill wife and taught peeta how to calm down using what he learned, who put himself in charge of helping peeta, who was used by the capitol for his body and refused to ever be a pawn again, who was nothing like anyone assumed, was a better character than anyone deserved tbh


Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)

honestly………i don’t understand why y’all are so convinced that there’s gonna be some massive revenge plot.

like we’ve seen that before with sana. we saw that in s2 when she thought jamilla was writing all those hurtful comments on her photos, and we know how that worked out. sana lost a friend, and it appears that it was one she was pretty close to.

now, these circumstances are definitely different. in this case, sana has much reason to be angry with sara. she’s been hurtful and cruel to her since the beginning, and she deserves to be called out on and face consequences for her shit. but i don’t think sana’s gonna forget what happened last year. i think that’s one of the reasons why they keep showing those texts with jamilla, to remind us what happened. because sana isn’t some vindictive cut-a-bitch who’s going to destroy sara and her empire or some mean girls-type event. she’s a young girl who just wants to be loved, and right now she feels like she’s lost everyone she’s close to–her friends, her brother, the guy she liked. she’s pretty much scared out of her mind all the time that she’s gonna get hurt. and that’s why she puts up those fronts, wears that dark, heavy makeup and wraps her hijab tight, and glares. 

and she knows too that if she lashes out she’ll just look bad. like the angry woc stereotype that they (and much of this fandom i might add) have already projected on her, and she doesn’t want that. she just wants to be seen, really seen for who she is, to love and be loved, to not feel so alone.



A Hero Returned (A Demigods AU)

Peggy Carter, daughter of Athena, has been fighting for so long, she’s forgotten what peace feels like. The war encompasses everything, blurring the lines between the world of the mortals and the world of the gods. Everything that was once hidden, obscured by the Mist, has been brought forth by the Red Skull, a demigod who seeks to harness the power of the gods by any means necessary.

The loss of Steve Rogers–son of Poseidon and her former partner–was a blow to all who fought against the Red Skull, Peggy most of all. During a battle, he had commandeered the Red Skull’s plane, which was headed for New York, meant to take out Camp Half Blood (with half of the city as collateral damage). Sons of Poseidon are not meant to fly, and he crashed it in the ice, sacrificing himself to protect his home. 

When he is found four years later, very frozen but somehow still alive, Peggy’s whole world is turned on its head. His return fulfills a prophecy that she had never believed to be true, a prophecy that has the potential to change the whole course of the war. She and Steve embark on a quest with a ragtag group of demigods and mortals to take down the Red Skull once and for all. Their journey is full of danger and intrigue–and unresolved tension between the two quest leaders thick enough to be sliced to ribbons by a Celestial Bronze dagger. 

But who has time to rehash the entire history of a partnership while fighting the fearsome Hydra? Well, Steve and Peggy, apparently.

✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨  friendly reminder that the word abuse shouldnt be thrown around lightly and means a LOT more than bullying and being mean  ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨


The one thing I must avoid is becoming offensive in their eyes:
I shall be  n o t h i n g , the wind, the sky.

happy birthday dazai osamu // 19.06

the signs as mothers

aries: she gives you hugs and tells you she’s proud of your achievements. she’ll arm wrestle you to see if you deserve to get that new video game you want. you lose and they buy it for you anyway.

taurus: shopping with her can not go wrong. she is most likely to buy you fancy/well designed clothing and accessories. she likes collecting memories and hoards photos of you. just a night in with you and a movie are enough. may fight you for the last piece of pizza, though.

gemini: she forgot to pick you up from soccer practice, only because she was so busy browsing the net for that new physics book she thinks you’ll like. very rapid and entertaining conversation with her. trips to the coolest museums with promises of ice cream after.

cancer: missing dinner with her is likely to make her cry, so don’t ever do that to her. she’ll make you cupcakes when you’re sad and get in bed with you for a cuddle until you fall asleep. your dreams are her dreams. she’s emotional but not weak, never underestimate her. super good memory, do not test her

leo: the mother that will show you off to everyone. proud of you no matter what. their life’s a show and you’re the special act that goes on and on. will help you dress for your dates, and probably can do makeup better than you (makeup is unisex, fyi) she’s your biggest fan, the woman cheering loud enough in the audience even if you mess up your part in a play

virgo: she can be distant but she’s very generous. she’ll appreciate your good manners and won’t tolerate incessant selfishness. she’s really funny and is likely to be funnier than you are. she’s clever and witty. she’s the type to be so nervous even in a 100% safe situation. knows you’re going to fall and scrape your knee mere minutes before it happens. LISTEN to her.

libra: a warm mother who will teach you to be on the fence. your significant other is strangely charmed by her and can’t help it. may have a great fashion sense and many friends. can easily talk you out of your nerves and calm you down. she’s just and level headed when she wants to be. will give you the best christmas presents and throw awesome birthday parties

scorpio: she’s typing up some horror novel in her room at 3AM with laser focus. can be in the room with you and actually be miles away. will be worried if you seem to like your friend’s mothers more. do NOT compare her to them to her face. she will hold your hand at exactly the right times/hug you. weirdly intuitive. you’re crying in your room on the first floor quite inaudibly but she randomly knows from her room in the third floor and comes down to comfort you. will watch conspiracy documentaries with you.

sagittarius: she’s most excited when you guys are about to go on holiday. will take you on the coolest trips ever, your friends will be jealous. may not always be there for you, but they will make more of an effort than they do with others. she’s the type to tell you cool facts you didn’t know and suggest possible degrees you could pursue. she loves to see you try new things and is encouraging e.g. learning the piano

capricorn: she’s serious and always fussing with reminders and to-do-lists. very on top of everything. can have a stick up their ass. she’s likely to have a sexy looking car and dress to impress. neat. however, do not be fooled. she’s also wild and has a taste for bending the rules just a little. she’s the high you feel at a party. she’s the type to sneak in a bottle of alcohol into the restaurant. do not play with her, though, she takes things in her seriously and has no room for foolish idiocy. she understands the time for work and the time for fun better than anyone tbh

aquarius: very caring mothers, actually. they can be cold and distant, but it is not because they don’t love you. they just don’t know how to sometimes. instead of saying it, they’ll be super supportive. she’ll attend all your recitals at school or your band gigs. she’s a good listener and will get you the most thoughtful presents. your friends think she’s weird but they all adore her. whenever you feel lost, she’ll help you find your way. expect weird recipes that actually taste good, and a penchant for all things abnormal and of course, conspiracy theories. is often more worried about things than they let on so please be there for them, too.

pisces: she’s busy painting the sunset to hear you calling her name. her smooth voice is enchanting and lulls you to sleep like chamomile tea. she may cry a lot. not likely to insult you or be rude to you, chastises in a very gentle way. she always picks up on your feelings without telling her and will know exactly what you need. has a better music taste than you, you’re almost tempted to get her to DJ your school dances. she is full of wonder and dreams, sometimes it will feel like she’s the child.

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The RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC being a SUPER DUPER MEGA AWESOME HACKER (like an MC who's waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better at hacking than Seven but she's not in any hacker groups like she works solo and all that good shit👌)

okay~~ sorry for taking so long anon :3


  • HOLD UP 
  • “even better”
  • asks you to help him hack into Seven’s information so he can plan the ultimate revenge prank yaas
  • is legit super impressed and just stares at you when you work
  • he can’t focus on anything else lmao
  • also low key wants you to hack into LOLOL to cause some trouble for Seven’s guild because he KNOWS Seven cheats but it still makes him mad because he just can’t beat him
  • >:(


  • idk he just finds it cool
  • he’s not like super into it 
  • but you won’t believe this 
  • he’s actually a little intimidated by you??? 
  • because he knows that if he makes you mad or upset you could leak information about him and make it go viral easily
  • not that you’d do that though right? 
  • RIGHT?!?1
  • that is to remain undecided until further notice
  • oops hehe


  • “Can you hack into Mr. Han’s brain and tone down his cat craze?”
  • she also wants you to hack into the clocks of the Jumin’s house so she can get one more hour of sleep before going to work LMFAO
  • no but srsly she’d do ANYTHING for a nap
  • soooo you do it and it’s great because the whole company is confused 
  • like “Mr. Han missed the meeting for his beloved cat project? UNBELIEVABLE!”
  • let’s just say, it was a great day for Jaehee because the project was postponed


  • thought that MC would be like Seven but you were wayy more mature 
  • thank God 
  • but he wasn’t so sure about your career since he’s a public figure after all
  • but then you reminded him that you had several identities soooo problem solved!! 
  • you’re the princess of JuJu Island heh.
  • yo then he actually likes your job because YOU’RE ABLE TO HACK AND FIND CONFIDENTIAL GOVERNMENT CAT VIDEOS LMAO 
  • do those even exist idk just pretend it does man


  • he’s hiding cuz you might be part of hackers chasing hackers
  • but then he finds out you’re not and is 200% relieved until you tell him you’re a better hack than him
  • EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!? 
  • hacking challenge accepted.
  • by the end of it, both of your uncovered so much information about each other it was impossible to decide a winner


  • “so.. that means you’re better than my brother?”
  • TBH you knew he was the hacker before anyone else found out
  • (plot twist MC saves the day OK no one dies all is happy yasss) 
  • right so then he wants to learn how to beat his brother in hacking!! 
  • the both of you become hacking partners for lyfe and literally you guys scare the rest of the RFA cuz
  • y'all are just too powerful gurl Seven is bowing down to you guys 
  • Seven: but you already have me??
  • ^^Vander: we can always fire you ;)
  • *insert sad 707 chicken meme face*


  • is kinda sad cuz you won’t let him use photos of you for his exhibition aww 
  • his puppy eyes make your heart kill itself and you have no choice but to let him 
  • defying all your hacker logic and precautions just to make this cinnamon bun happy 
  • it’s worth it though
  • V’s smile when he hears the compliments of his pictures of you is even brighter than the sun

:) i hope this is what you wanted!

~Cherry L.

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Terasaka’s Gang Headcanons
  • Everybody loves Kirara. Like, they wouldn’t ever date her (maybe some would), but they would protect her with their life (though she can protect herself better than anyone else tbh)
  • They have “Shitty Ramen Saturdays” where they eat lunch at Muramatsu’s ramen shop and roast the food
  • Itona makes little gadgets for each of them constantly
    • He once gave Terasaka a little gadget that just made fun of him 24/7
  • Even though Kirara is pretty much dark ALL THE TIME, she has an odd soft spot for kittens
  • Yoshida and Terasaka once caught each other with shoujo manga, and agreed to never speak of it again
  • Expect texts at 2am from Kirara about the most random things
    • Kirara: Guys if you stabbed someone in the eye would their eye bleed??
    • Itona: It’s literally 2am go the fuck to sleep
  • Terasaka secretly loves anything adorably cute and/or moe, his guilty pleasure is Love Live!
  • Legend says that Terasaka’s gang is the only people who have seen Itona smile (like a real, big, genuine smile), and it was so beautiful they either passed out or started crying or both

Egotistical emo kid promises to bind today. Then forgets…


every westallen scene ever (47/?)