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The mortal instruments. Malec in the book series

“… how ardently I admire and love you” - 5/25

Rock Hudson

As Malfoy scanned the room Harry frantically searched for a neutral topic they could discuss. So far he hadn’t thought of anything better than “what is your favorite colour?” Which is all honesty had to be the worst question ever. Then he thought back to the time he, Ron and Hermione had binged ‘Friends’ in one short week and he thought he might inquire about Malfoy’s thoughts on dinosaurs, but then he remembered Malfoy was a pureblood. He probably didn’t believe in dinosaurs.

Basically, Harry was screwed.

A tiny sneak peak from a drarry fic I’m working on. Let’s just say Harry doesn’t handle small talk very well (but then again, who does?)

“You... you think so, huh?”


+ he’d talk to his creatures about you
+ like, he’d ask them for advice and one time Jacob walks in on it and stares for a long moment before slowly backing away…
+ clumsy Newt
+ but like, newt is always clumsy so no one notices
+ but Queenie would obviously figure it out and purposefully try and get you two alone
+ nervous, fidgety Newt
+ but still, that’s super common so no one notices
+ whenever you guys are together Picket tries to mime that Newt loves you
+ but Newt always shoves him back into his pocket, speaking to Picket very quickly, his British accent increasing tenfold
+ even Tina knows but she doesn’t get involved
+ because, like, she doesn’t really care and love is beyond her anyway
+ but like, we all know Newt is the biggest cinnamon roll ever
+ and it shows
+ and he also seems to have some kind of psychic ability?
+ like, he knows you better than everyone else
+ that’s the power of observation
+ he knows all of your favorite restaurants and what you get there
+ he can tell when you don’t like something but are trying to be polite
+  he can tell when you’re hiding something
+ because let’s be honest, you’re terrible at keeping secrets
+ but he never says anything
+ he has the cutest smiles when you walk into the room
+ and you know he tries to hide them by looking down or suddenly finding interest in potted plants
+ and when you leave his eyes grow twice their size and he looks so much like a tiny puppy it’s insane
+ and you know he likes to watch you interact with animals
+ but not in a creepy way
+ and when you catch him staring you comment on it and he stumbles over his words
+ and you think it’s so cute
+ and like, Newt blushes
+ hardcore
+ anytime anything happens ever
+ and you think it’s so cute
+ and like, you constantly ask him what color his eyes are
+ and sometimes he pretends that it annoys him
+ but deep down it makes him so happy
+ because you actually stare at his eyes long enough to care about what color they are
+ and when you find out what his full name is, you always use it
+ and he secretly thinks it’s the cutest thing ever
+ and when I say secretly, we all know it’s not a secret
+ like, he blushes and everyone knows
+ but everyone pretends like it’s normal
+ and like, you know that Newt likes you after two weeks
+ and you know he won’t do anything about it
+ so you have to break the ice
+ and you wait for the perfect moment to do so, but while you wait you’re super awkward too
+ and one day he’s talking about going back to England to publish his book
+ “Please don’t go.”
+ “What?”
+ “Don’t leave me.”
+ and he looks at you with a pained and confused look and you pull him into a huge hug
+ “I love you.”
+ and then Queenie, Tina, and Jacob come rushing in with party poppers yelling “YAAAASSSSSS”


Autumn Drabbles #1: Sam x Reader

Notes: So…. I’ve been slacking with writing content, that much is a given. However, with Autumn approaching, and it being my favorite season, I’m setting up a little drabble challenge for myself! I hope to post at least 6 in total - one for each weekend until the end of October. 

If you have a prompt and/or pairing you’d like to see, feel free to request it!

Prompt: Hot Drinks

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 950

Warnings: Sick!reader, I guess?

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

Somehow, after getting a boyfriend, you thought getting sick wouldn’t be quite as miserable. Of course, looking back on this notion, you realized how crazy the idea was. You thought that a perfect romance with a side of affection and some cuddling would help. But alas, all you wanted was exactly what you wanted before Sam: to be alone.

Although Sam wasn’t overly affectionate to begin with, you felt guilty for pushing him away whenever you felt even the slightest bit under the weather. After asking him, he always told you the same thing with a smile – that he really, truly didn’t mind. Still, with how often you became sick, you couldn’t help the lingering tinge of guilt.

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sometimes the poem is just a girl biting her lip, holding back sorrow and anger and pain.

sometimes the poem is just blood and bone and ashes. the remains of a witch being burned at stake.

sometimes the poem is just shattered dreams and dusty memories. a goodbye kiss you’d rather forget, a voice that sounded better than all your favorite songs, the promise of happiness that feels like the worst kind of lie.

sometimes the poem is just static. a screaming emptiness, the sound of people trying and failing to connect across the distance.

sometimes the poem is just a way to say,

i love you.

i loved you.

it wasn’t enough.

anonymous asked:

Can you do the RFA+v+saeran and their favorite holiday?

A/N: I woke up today and I almost cried seeing all the requests!!! Itotallydidnotdanceforlike20minutesoutofjoynowaythatdidnothappen. Thank you all so much for following us!!! You guys are all so precious. We’ll be getting back to you as quick as possible! ~ Admin 626


  • Of course this little sucker loves Halloween!!!
  • Dressing up as his favorite LOLOL character??? What could be better
    • The only thing he hates about it is that he can only dress up as ONE character
  • But he’s super excited when you two start dating!!!!
    • You both can dress up like LOLOL characters!!!
    • And you love this guy so much you dress up as one of his favorite characters your first year together
  • The second year? He’s disappointed when you tell him you want to dress up like a sexy sailor
    •  Yoosungwouldbetheonlyboytobedisappointedbythat
    • “Can…can we do it next year though?”
    •  MCyoumonsterhowdareyouhurthimlikethis
  • But oh lordy lord, when he sees you on Halloween, it takes all his control to keep his hands to himself!!!
    • Tries to give a death glare to any boy who looks at you the wrong way
    • Justlookslikeanangrytoddler
    • PaysSaerantowardoffanygrossboys
  • Even though you look super hot, he still prefers you in the LOLOL cosplay


  • I wonder what holiday this romantic loves???
  • I mean it’s just so hard to pick
  • Definitely can’t be Valentine’s Day
  • He loves having a day where he can celebrate his love for you!!
  • Roses? You get one every day until Valentine’s Day when he gives you a dozen!
  • He buys you chocolate but he’s a little afraid he’ll eat it, and poor zenny cant ruin his complexion
    • Joke’sonhimyou’regonnahavehimeatitoffyoulaterthatnight
  • Totally cliché scene where he gives you a fabulous dress and hires a makeup artist for you
    • and then takes you to a 5 star restaurant!!!
  • Rose petals and candles lit in your bedroom when you get back???
  • wheredidheevenfindthetimeforthis
  • He does this every year but you never get tired of it because you know how much he loves you


  • The week Starbucks has a happy hour!!!!
  • idontcareifitsnotreallyaholidayfIGHTME
  • “I thought you didn’t like Starbucks, you said it’s nothing but warm milk???”
    • “Listen, MC, I’m scoping out the competition, I need to figure out what’s popular with the consumer”
  • yeahokayJaeheei’mprettysureyoujustlovetheirfrappuccino
  • She’s there every day??? The entire time???
    • She bought 10 drinks??? In 2 hours?!
    • “The discount is very nice, I should take advantage of it as much as I can”
    • Jaehee no
  • You decided to go in after her one day because this needed to stop omg the shop needs her
    • You find her asleep on one the chairs and she just looks so adorable and relaxed, you can’t wake her up
    • Howthehelldidshefallasleepafter10drinks
  • You cuddle up next to her and fall asleep too!!!
    • Starbucks would probably kick u guys out but let’s ignore that, you two are cuties


  • Is there even a question about this???
  • National Cat Lover’s day duh
  • It’s not a real holiday??? It is now
    • Mister Trust Fund Kid got connections
  • You two dress up in cat onesies!!!
  • He tries to get you to wear one that looks a little too much like Elizabeth the 3rd
    • “Jumin no”
    • “MC yes”
  • Showers Elizabeth the 3rd in gifts???
    • “I don’t think she’ll need a cashmere sweater”
    • “You stopped from getting the turkey imported from Maine, MC,,,I can only compromise so much” hahaHSMreferenceimsowitty
  • lowkey this is your favorite holiday too
  • you, Jumin, and Elizabth the 3rd cuddle on the couch and watch cat movies all day!!!
  • Nothing is better than being with your two favorite people all day~
    • you’recallingElizabeththe3rdapersonnowJuminhasreallyinfluencedyou


  • aLL OF THEM!!!
  • There is not a holiday he doesn’t go all out for
  • Christmas??? He’s the guy who has every inch of his place decorated, inside and out!
    • People visit his house and he makes Saeran (Saerantotallyvolunteeredbutwhatever) dress up as Santa Claus!
    • He dresses up as Mrs. Claus ofc, he passes out sweets and baked goods (thatMCmadebecauseSevenisterribleatbaking)
    • He makes you dress up as an elf!!!
    • When I think about you, I touch my elf”
    • Youdontknowifyouwanttolaughorslaphim
  • Halloween?
    • His place is now a haunted house
    • Tries to make it scary as he can
    • “Saeyoung, you cannot have someone chase little children wITH AN ACTUAL CHAINSAW”
    • He dresses up as a zombie maid bc he knows he looks hot as hell
    • You’re the grim reaper!!! You pretend to chop off heads!!!
    • Heactuallythinksthisiscute
  • Okay this guy even celebrates Thanksgiving, he doesn’t care if he’s not American lmao
    • For him though, it’s just about getting together with the RFA??? He never got this before and he’s going to make damn well sure that he spends much as time as he can with his family
    • You guys end up eating pizza but nothing could be more perfect


  • This Edgelord™ absolutely adores Christmas
  • Thechristmaslightsgivehisdarkdeepsoulsomebrightness
  • He dresses up as Santa every year???
    • Tells everyone Saeyoung made him do it but we all know he wanted to
  • You’re Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer andheslovingyouinantlers
    • He can’t talk to you without blushing
    • “Saeran are you okay???”
    • “You’re stupidity must have rubbed off on me okay bye”
  • You two always wear matching ugly Christmas sweaters through all of December!
  • You knitted him a Christmas scarf??? He doesn’t take it off for thE ENTIRE YEAR
  • Listen,,,, this boi would definitely without a doubt want to go Christmas caroling
    • “On the first day of Christmas, my twin brother gave to me, a screwed up childhood”
    • thosearentthelyricssaranwrap


  • Listen,,,, I will fight u on this, this giraffe’s favorite holiday is def New Year’s eve
  • Ithasnothingtodowithkissingyouatmidnight
  • Honestly, he looks forward to spending the year with you!!!
    • alsolowkeyenjoyswatchingyoufailatyournewyearsresolutions
  • Your first New Year’s eve together, V was actually a little anxious
    • whatifhescrewsupwithyoulikehedidwithRika?
  • But when you grab his hand to show how him something, the warmth spreads through his entire body
    • He realizes he needs to stop thinking about Rika (thankgodVyoudumdum), the relationship you two have is incomparable to his and rika’s! 
  • He laces his fingers through yours and gives you a quick kiss
    • “V, it’s not midnight yet???”
    • “The kiss I’m going to give you at midnight won’t be anything compared to this one” itsgettinghotinhere

anonymous asked:

Hey, this feels so weird to ask I'm sorry ehehe but some of us have just graduated! So could you please do how the paladins (+ allura and coran) would react to their s/o achieving something great? [doesn't have to be graduation ahaha] thank you!

Congrats on graduating!! It’s such an exciting time, so I hope these do your request justice anon! :)


  • Proud Dad mode activate, like no joke he is going to go full into this mode
  • Is just so happy to see you achieve something you’ve worked so hard for!
  • Will talk about it to anyone who will listen; will also talk about it to someone he’s already talked to, you might need to stop him
  • Seriously, he is just so thrilled for you and he won’t be able to stop telling you how proud of you he is


  • I hope you like parties, because he is going to throw you a huge one
  • Seriously though, he’s just pumped and is so proud of you! Can’t quit smiling and praising you
  • Lots of bragging about you, to anyone and everyone he meets (unless you’re not cool with that, then he’ll try to tone it down)
  • He’s also very inspired by you and seeing you succeed helps him keep working for his own successes


  • A little more low-key with his excitement for you, but trust me he is so proud of you
  • Even though he might not be as overly enthusiastic, he is going to give you the biggest, warmest smile you’ve ever seen from him and that’s probably the best gift ever
  • Don’t be surprised if he shows up to an event that might be happening to cement your achievement (like a graduation) with a bouquet of flowers and a blush to rival his Lion
  • Might do a little bragging on your behalf, because he wants everyone to know how amazing you are for what you’ve accomplished


  • Might tease you a bit, but they are so excited and happy for you, can’t stop smiling
  • Is your biggest supporter and fan, will not let anyone forget it either, they will be kind of over the top with their bragging
  • If there’s a ceremony of some sort, they will cheer even if told not to, they are small but they can be loud
  • Also is 100% going to record any ceremony that takes place, or just records you because they want to be able to look back on this with you


  • Probably even more excited than you are?? He just breaks out into this huge grin that doesn’t seem to go away
  • Of course he always knew you could do it, but it’s still rewarding to see you accomplish your goal
  • Will want to show you off, probably a lot of ‘hey, did you here what Y/N did?’ ‘yes Hunk you’ve told us a million times’ ‘oh…well let me just refresh your memory!’
  • Is going to make you the best dinner you’ve ever tasted, like he goes all out on it; all of your favorite foods, 10x better than any fancy restaurant


  • Depending on what it is, she might not 100% understand it, but that doesn’t matter because she’s still super happy for you
  • Will want you to tell her all about it and never really gets tired of hearing you talk about it or show her what you’ve accomplished
  • If there’s a ceremony, she definitely wants to be there and will be so excited!
  • You can bet that if you get any sort of plaque or metal, she will display that so everyone can see it


  • Is not afraid to show you just how proud he is, he will literally be clapping like a madman and will draw so much attention like calm down
  • Be ready, because he might launch into a story about how there was something similar on Altea and will tell you about his own accomplishments in a ‘you’re amazing and I’m amazing and the world cannot handle us’
  • Might be even more excited than you? It’s sweet though, he just keeps praising you and is kind of starstruck tbh
Finding Hope

Reader request: can u do one where the reader is emo, and the avengers assume its like a phase cuz she’s still young (late teens early 20’s) they don’t realize that its actually her depression manifesting into her outward appearance, until they see her blog with cutting and her art work thats really dark and depressing, and then they see its a big deal and they need to talk about this and idk how to end it or whatever


“Good job, team! Much better than last run,” Steve yelled out with a smile. You plopped down onto the ground and began packing your stuff as quickly as you could. You and the rest of the Avengers had just finished up a particularly intense training session that you knew was going to leave you hurting for the rest of the night and into the next day. Not only were your muscles shot from all of the sprints, jumps, dodging and sliding, but using your powers to manipulate atmospheric electricity for so long was extremely taxing. You tried not to compare yourself to the other members of the team who had been training together much longer, but watching them work so effortlessly and confidently always left you feeling hopelessly out of place and inferior.

You looked down at your shaking hands with a sigh. “I used to have such steady hands, but now I can’t keep them from shaking,” you sang quietly to yourself as you zipped up your backpack. “What was that, Sparks?,” Natasha asked you, using the nickname you had been given by Clint on your first day with the team. “Nothing,” you replied quickly. Just a Wonder Years song.”

“Ugh, you and your whiny sad excuse for rock music,” Tony jeered out, rolling his eyes. You smiled, but felt your heart sink a little; attacking the music you loved almost felt like an attack on who you were. After all, who could understand your pain better than your favorite bands? “Hey, you don’t hear me calling you out for still listening to Sabbath, old man,” you teased. “HOW DARE YOU TAKE THE NAME OF SABBATH IN VAIN?!” Tony yelled, his eyes widening dramatically as he placed a hand over his arc reactor. You gave a forced laugh and turned to walk back into the Tower.

“Hey, Y/N, don’t you want to go get dinner with us? I feel like I could eat a burger or 10 right now,” Clint said. You felt unease as all eyes turned upon you, but hid your discomfort well. “Nah, I’m not that hungry, surprisingly. I’ll just go shower, grab some chocolate milk, maybe throw on some mac n cheese. Have fun, though!” You felt bad lying to them – people who you actually considered to be friends – but you knew you wouldn’t be any fun at dinner. Right now, all you wanted was to be alone in your room.

Once you were out of earshot, Tony asked the group, “Do you think she’s still upset that I called her Queen of the Underworld when she showed up with her hair black last week?” “I don’t think she’d let your rudeness get to her, Stark. She just looks beat,” Natasha replied simply. “She looked like she got ran over by a bus,” Pietro quipped. Wanda smacked him. “Pietro, be nice!”

Bruce stood up. “She just needs some space, guys. Remember, she was on her own for awhile before she came here. And she’s only 21 – bit of a generation and,” he looked at the twins and Thor, “culture gap here.”

“But she’s been with us for months, Banner,” Thor said with a frown. “I wish she would come join us more outside of training. She really is quite funny.”

Bruce sighed. “Just give her time. She’ll get more comfortable with the whole ‘big crazy family’ thing eventually.“

“Just like you did, huh?” Natasha said, poking his ribcage.

“She’s fine, she just likes having some time to herself. Now c’mon, I really am starving,” Clint said. While the conversation turned toward who was paying this time, Steve’s thoughts still remained fixed on you. “I’ll talk to her after dinner, see if she’s really OK,” he thought to himself. “She may be smiling, but her eyes … she’s in pain. She looks distant, like she’s off somewhere else. Maybe she just needs someone to talk to.”


You felt the sting of your knee again as you tripped in training, the crippling waves of embarrassment that left your cheeks hot and made you want to claw out your insides as you knew everyone was watching.

”Stupid, worthless,” you thought flatly before carving a neat line onto your upper thigh. You breathed out as you watched the crimson pool and trickle sideways over the soft flesh.

You felt the tears of frustration that sprang to your eyes involuntarily when Pietro danced around all of your fiercest attacks before easily knocking you down. You blinked furiously as he helped you up chuckling and even congratulated him, laughing yourself. But your throat felt tight as you thought furiously, “Don’t you dare fucking cry in front of them. Stop being a baby.”

”I’ll never be as good as they are. I’m so much weaker.”

Another line, another quick stinging sensation followed by the sense of release you felt as you watched your blood flow down. 

“That’s right, get out of here.”

You felt in control, you felt distracted. Another slice. And another.

You always thought you had a handle on your depression. You had never been clinically diagnosed, fearing that others would perceive you differently or that medications would change you into someone else, but you knew you had it. So much unexplainable sadness and anger and numbness and tired, oh so tired. But over the past few years, the constancy of the feeling of spinning out drove you to self harm. It made you feel better; it was how you coped. It had been so long, you didn’t really feel as if you didn’t seem to know any other way for you to survive. Not cutting was foreign, an alien prospect. You found solace in your music and retreating into your own world, creating a blog for all of your musings and art that reflected your turmoil. “Van Gogh’s last words were that ‘the sadness will never end,” you wrote on an angled picture of your scarred arm a few years back. “I think he was onto something.” There were more like that scattered on your blog, fresh self harm cuts, quotes about suicide … you knew that you wouldn’t actually take your own life, but sometimes it really did seem like a better option than to continue living trapped in your own head. It was just reassuring to see that others felt like you did.

“How does it feel when tears freeze when you cry? The blood in your veins is 20 below,

” Ronnie Radke’s voice sang passionately out of your phone. You paused it, deciding that it was time to shower and wash off the remnants of the dried blood. You took both your phone and your clothes into your adjoining bathroom, and left your laptop sitting innocently with its screen open on your desk, not realizing that you hadn’t locked the door to your room – or that your friends would be returning soon from dinner.


”Where you off to, Rogers?” Clint asked as Steve took a left turn down the hall instead of his usual right.

“I want to check on Y/N. I know you guys think she’s ok but I’m not so sure. I know that look she had today. She wasn’t just tired, it was like she was in a different world. She seemed sad.” Steve replied seriously.

Clint shrugged. “Alright, let us know if she needs anything.”

Steve nodded and continued walking toward your bedroom. “Y/N?” He called out. When there was no answer, he tentatively pushed opened the already ajar door, peeking in to see if you were already asleep. He was greeted, however, with your voice singing off key in your shower. He laughed to himself, starting to turn around when he stopped abruptly at the sight of drops of blood on your hardwood floor. “What the -” Steve looked around, his gaze settling on the open laptop screen, his pulse quickening as a sickening sense of dread filled him. “Jesus Christ,” he muttered quietly, sitting himself in your desk chair and scrolling through the page. Haunting song lyrics, pictures of your cuts, black and white pictures of girls crying with suicidal quotes, posts about Van Gogh “really being onto something,” as you had put it … Steve couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He expected something was wrong, but this, this was a whole different level of than he was prepared for.

Steve bolted upright as you emerged from the shower, your dark hair twisted up in a towel and clad in an oversized A Day to Remember tshirt and boxers. “WHAT THE FUCK?” you cried out, clasping your chest as you realized it was just Steve. “Cap,” you wheezed out with a soft chuckle. “You could’ve knocked, buddy.” He didn’t laugh. “Y/N,” he started. You took in his unnerved expression and you felt your heart drop with a thud in your chest as panic set in, your eyes quickly moving to your laptop that had just been closed shut. You felt as if every fiber of your being had been exposed, like you were being scrutinized under a blinding microscope. “Steve, that’s just an art blog. I just go on there sometimes when I’m upset, it’s nothing to worry -” “Nothing to worry about?! Y/N, that was your arm on there. Your cuts. You think you hurting yourself and wanting to kill yourself and keeping it from all of us is nothing to worry about?!”

”I’m not going to fucking kill myself!” You burst out angrily. “You don’t get it because you don’t feel like this, you don’t know how I feel and this is exactly why I kept it from you guys because I knew you’d act like I was crazy.” You felt your breathing speed up as you tried desperately to keep tears from coming out. “I’m not going to kill myself but sometimes I just need it to all stop, OK? I know I’m fucked up, I know what I do is fucked up, but it’s the only time when I ever have some sort of release from all the pain and the anger and,” you broke off with a shaky laugh as the tears started to come” from feeling so FUCKING upset and overwhelmed. I need this, Steve. I can’t - I can’t,” your chest started heaving and you drew your face toward your chest, clutching at your hair with your hands.

Steve moved toward you quickly, scooping you into his arms. “Shhhh, you’re gonna be OK, Sparks. But you need help. And the team needs to know.”

”NO!” you screamed out. “Steve, please, I’m begging you, you guys are the only ones I have. I can’t have everyone thinking I’m fucking insane please don’t do this I’ll stop I promise just please don’t make me tell them,” you choked out.

Steve cupped your face in yours. “Y/N. This is serious. They need to know. If it was one of us, you would want to help, right?” You nodded miserably. “But it’s not the same,” you whispered. “It’s me. I’m such a fuck up.” “No, you aren’t. You’re just in a lot of pain. It’s going to be OK.” Steve pressed a light kiss to your forehead. “Let’s get you some help, OK?”


You sat huddled in a ball on the couch in the living room, your arms wrapped around your knees as Steve radioed the team in. “Group meeting in the living room, now. Sparks needs our help.” As you heard the sound of quick footsteps moving throughout the tower, you only retreated further into yourself. “Steve, I think I’m going to honestly throw up,” you muttered. “They’re all going to think I’m a freak.” “No, they won’t. We all love you, kid. They’ll just want you to feel better.” You gave out a harsh laugh. “You think it’s that fucking simple?” You scooched away into the farthest possible corner of the couch, tucking your head down again.

One by one the team trickled in, coming over near you. “Prințesă, what’s wrong?” Pietro asked rubbing your shoulder with a concerned expression. “Did she get attacked?” Natasha asked immediately. “What’s going on?” Bruce inquired. Your breathing grew shallow as the barrage of voices flooded your senses, a dizzying sense of panic flew threw you as you cried out.

”STOP IT,” you yelled, a quick burst of electricity emanating around your body. Everyone took three steps back. Wanda broke the silence. “Y/N, love, what is the matter? You can talk to us.”

You kept your gaze locked on your knees. “Captain fucking America came into my room while I was in the shower and found out that I’m an emo self harming piece of shit,” you said loudly, your voice catching as your throat tightened. “I don’t know, I think I’ve always been depressed but it got really bad and the only way to stop it was with cutting. Now that you all know I’m a fucking mess, go ahead and kick me off the team. I don’t deserve to be here with you guys” you whispered, burying your head in your arms as you cried silently.

”Y/N,” you looked up to the sound of Bruce’s gentle voice. “Hey,” he sat down on the couch cushion next to you. “I want you to listen to me. You are not a mess, OK? You’re a human being. And human beings can get mental illness, just like any other illness. Trust me, I’m a doctor,” he said with a small smile. You wanted to smile back, but you just couldn’t. “Look, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Depression doesn’t make you weak.” He ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t know if you know this, but I tried to kill myself a few years ago.” Your eyes widened and you reached for his hand and squeezed hard. “I’m so sorry, Bruce.” He continued. “But I’m here now. And are you looking at me saying I’m crazy or a fuck up?” He smiled gently and this time you managed a weak one in return, shaking your head. “Exactly. No one here is going to treat you like you’re a psycho just because of this. The way your brain is making you feel. You don’t have to go through this alone, Y/N.”

”Y/N, you are one of the kindest, funniest and most excellent warriors I know! Just because you are sad or angry and your mind won’t let you be rid of that does not make you any less wonderful,” Thor said, dropping down near the couch to pat your leg.”

“Yeah, Sparks. I’ve done the whole mind control thing. It sucks,” Clint said, gaining a small, sniffly laugh from you. “I look at mental illness as something like that. Obviously, none of us want you hurting yourself, but without some sort of help to ease that, it’s no wonder you went to extreme measures. Let’s get you feeling better, ok?”

”You’ve got a green rage machine, a wannabe Daryl Dixon, a human Ken doll, twins that are basically knockoffs of Dash and Violet, a Norse god, one deadly ex-ballerina assassin who speaks LATIN and a guy who runs on a battery,” Tony joked. “You’re not the freak here, kiddo. But seriously, we’ve got your back. Banner here can even get you meds to help you shake out that fog in no time. It worked for me after I got all panicky/anxiety/PTSD about New York.”

You looked up at all their faces, smiling with encouragement. They weren’t looking at you like a monster. Your eyes filled with tears. “You guys are just so nice,” you burst out before dissolving back into waterworks. You laughed as you felt yourself being covered in hugs from all angles and collective “awwws.” You broke apart, turning to Steve.

”Sorry I was kind of a dick, Steve. I was just so scared. But thank you for helping me to face this. He pulled you into a bear hug. “That’s what families are for, Y/N.”

For the first time in a long time, you felt hope stir within you.

Am i the only one who thinks that Grey’s Anatomy is a new show since season 12? But like, in the best freakin’ way possible?

Like I know it got worse (seasons 7 to 10 for me) but then it just got better? And it just keeps getting better and better?

And I know people still complain about the deaths and the losses and saying that Grey’s isn’t like the Season-One-Grey’s they signed up for, but I don’t feel that way at all.

First of all, why would you compare the first seasons with the lastest ones anyways? THANK GOD, it isn’t the same as it used to. Talk about being redundant.

The story is still about Meredith, as an intern-then-resident-now-head-of-general surgeon, it is still the Seattle Grace/Grey Sloan and it still has the same core: human beings trying to survive in a hospital, dealing with everyday life and tragedies and instead of killing each other or solving murders, they try to bring each other up and they form such incredible bonds, that may break sometimes, but some new ones also grow.

Honestly, looking back at season 12 and now season 13, some of the episodes, I’d just think to myself: we have the drama, the blood, the humor, the romance, the shocking scenes, the O.M.G’s, the WTFs and I’d think to myself, this is the good old time Grey’s I signed up for, this is the Grey’s I loved and still do, this is the Grey’s I want to watch every week.

Second of all, I also know many people have stopped watching, but I also know so many new people started watching too. They discovered the show and characters they could relate to. Maybe you related to Izzie or Cristina but you can’t relate to Amelia or Maggie, or vice versa and that is totally fine. You are free to come and go, watching a tv series is not a lifetime bonding contract.

We are lucky enough to have a show so wide, so open to everyone to come and find people they can relate to; which is exactly what makes it so unique and so varied.

I love the show so much, but it wasn’t always the case. I loved it, then I hated it, I didn’t approve of some things, then loved it some more, nearly stopped watching etc…

This is one hell of a ride, and you might not like every second of it but it is totally worth it. And I think this is the reason why Grey’s Anatomy is still there after 13 seasons. Because while you moan jealously about how you don’t understand why a show about doctors is (again) on its 13th season and counting, when you haven’t even watched a single episode, I can enumerate another five tv shows that should have never lived past their 3rd or 5th season due to terrible writing and storylines.

Now, this post isn’t to encourage people to watch the show or to convince the people who stopped watching the show to watch it again or even to prove that Grey’s Anatomy is better than your favorite show, if anything I just want us all to celebrate the show that we’ve loved, loved to hate, hated and loved again for so many years or even just months. Whether you are new to the show or not, buckle up kids, cause it ain’t gonna be over soon!


some of my favorite girl group friendships + interactions (but mostly friendships) for anonymous.


guys….twenty one pilots was the best. I got sweatier than I ever have in my life and thought that I might pass out from lack of oxygen. and also my legs are broken from jumping and trying to see. but holy heck, nothing feels better than screaming all of your favorite songs along with two of the best guys on the planet.