better than a poke in the eye

Signs as I've known them:

Aries: driving fast late at night, running from the cops, listening to the neighborhood, swimming with just a big tee shirt on, jealousy and fighting, working out.

Taurus: listening to loud music, saving animals, walking through the forest barefoot, eating at Waffle House late at night, bonfires, candles and fairy lights.

Gemini: dorky laughs, a love of Las Vegas, winged eye makeup, dressing up for Halloween even when you’re a little too old, sarcasm, goodie bags.

Cancer: looking at the stars, sweaters, heavy eyes, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds, funny voice impressions, playing video games.

Leo: running together, a slight southern twang, talking about tv shows, fighting over a boy, yoga, sharing food, talking in a warm room, “you’re better than that”

Virgo: hula hooping, eating fruit, stick and poke tattoos, running through the night, dying our hair crazy colors, a deep voice, writing together, flying to California, ballet.

Libra: cuddling, drinking lots of caffeine, buying expensive gifts, rambling together and cracking each other up, smoking on the porch under the stars, freckles, warm showers.

Scorpio: Holding cats, watching people at the restaurant, dying your hair different colors, vintage cartoons, eating chocolate cake late at night, lace.

Sagittarius: playing guitar, strong opinions, a love of dogs, auburn hair, yelling at the cops, a dark sense of humor, laying in a hammock

Capricorn: simplistic art in black ink, mood swings, love of daisies, tea and honey, a relationship with a large age gap, Mac and cheese, flannels, driving around in an old truck.

Aquarius: helps me with my hair, sarcastic sense of humor, cat eyed glasses, bright lipstick, seeming permanently young, watching gameshows in the morning, drinking tea, dressing up in costumes.

Pisces: swimming late at night, scratching each other’s backs, watching scary movies, crying on the bed, coloring together, pushing around in grocery carts, dancing as we clean, shopping for lingerie.

Beautiful Things// Carl Grimes Imagine




So it was official. Carl and Enid were a thing. I guess I saw it coming, with all the longing looks and lingering touches they shared. I could see the couple now, holding hands under the table and laughing together as they ate. I stared a while longer, eventually tearing my eyes away from the two and going back to poking at my spaghetti.

That right there is all I ever wanted with Carl, ever since I was 14. But no. This shitty world just got ever shitter. I guess any real friend would be happy that their best friend was ‘getting some’, and I really did try to look enthusiastic while Carl rambled on and on about how pretty Enid’s smile was or how she 'Just gets me, you know’. Yeah, well I got Carl. I know Carl better than he knows himself, yet that never got me anywhere.

Daryl nudged my shoulder, breaking my depressing thoughts.

“Hey kid, you’re not touching your spaghetti, usually you inhale the stuff, what’s bothering ya?”

I sighed again, and glared pointedly at Carl and Enid.

“Ohhh the new couple, chin up y’/n, it’s his loss you know.” Daryl said, I could see his sympathetic smile out of the corner of my eye and could feel anger bubbling up inside of me. I didn’t need people’s pity just because I can’t get a man. Fuck that.

I ignored Daryl’s comment, and shoved my plate away from me, my fork clattering to the floor as I stood up. I looked around for a second, my dramatic actions causing interest around me. with on last glare at Carl, I stomped away, slamming the door behind me for good measure.

                                             //The Next Day//

After my mini tantrum yesterday, I decided to make up for the drama by volunteering to do an extra shift on lookout today. I was headed to Rick’s house to tell him when I heard someone shouting my name. I froze instantly, thinking that it was Carl, and was wondering whether to make a break for it or confront him when an arm was placed on my shoulder, turning me round to face..Ron.

“Jesus Christ you’re hard to keep up with” He rolled his eyes at me, leaning over to catch his breath. I rolled my eyes right back, but let out a breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding in.

“What do you want now Ronald.” I said. Ron and I were moderately good friends, but we’d been hanging out a lot more since Carl started following Enid around like a lost puppy dog.

“No need to be so bloody moody y/n, just wondering if you want to come to mine and chill for a bit, since I’ve got the morning off.”

I considered doing the right thing and offering my services to protect Alexandria, but decided that reading comics and talking about how much I miss the internet was a better use of my time.

The two of us walked back along to Ron’s house in a comfortable silence. Until Ron decided to break it.

“You wanna hear my opinion on Carl and Enid?” he asked suddenly, turning to me.

“Not really no. But you’re gonna tell me anyway so go ahead.” I sighed. I was kinda tired of hearing all about them now.

“I think you and Carl would make a much better couple. Enid’s not even that nice, trust me when I say I know.”

I appreciated that Ron was trying to make me feel better about the whole situation, but putting Enid down was not the way to go about it.

“ I don’t hate her.” I blurted out, surprising even myself.

“She’s actually really nice. She’s lovely, she’s so good for Carl, I mean look how happy she makes him. I could never do that.”

Ron was surprised at the point of view I was taking.

“Well, to be honest y/n, everyone thinks you hate her, with no help from your little outburst yesterday.” He nudged me playfully as a rolled my eyes at him.

“Yeah well I’m just a dramatic person, you’ll get over it” I flicked my hair and sped past him., strutting a little, making him laugh.

“Yeah yeah y/n you keep joking, but you know you’re just jealous. Also feel free to keep strutting because I am loving the view I’m getting right now” Ron shouted from behind me cheekily.

I huffed, but stayed walking in front of him, thinking about his comment.

Was I jealous? Of course I was, I want it to be me in Carl’s arms, me making him laugh, but instead all I got was ditched as soon as another girl entered the equation.

What annoyed me most was that.. I didn’t hate Enid. She was more beautiful that I could ever be, and although she was a bit weird, she’s kind and thoughtful.

I guess it would be a lot easier for me if she was awful. that would mean I could hate them together with good reason. But no, she just had to go and be nice, making me feel like a selfish bitch whenever I felt anger bubble up inside of me when I saw them walking hand in hand, or kissing under the big oak tree, or laughing together as they looked into each other’s ey-


Oh. I turned on my heel and looked at my surroundings. Ron was right, I’d walked right past his house and was nearly at the end of the street by the time Ron shouted at me. I huffed and stomped back, brushing past him into his house, muttering that I wasn’t a twat.

I ran up the stairs to his room, knowing the route well, I opened his door, ready to lie down with some comics and forget about the whole thing when-

oh for the lOVE OF SPAGHETTI

There, sitting on his bed, were Enid and Carl with their hands still closed around each other’s.

“Oomph, what the hell are you doing standing in the- oh. um. hello?” Ron was as confused as I was as the four of us looked at each other.

Cal looked right at me before clearing his throat and beginning his explanation.

“Oh um, dad told us to come and get you both to tell you about the meeting for tomorrow’s run, and Daryl told us that Ron had gone to get y/n to go to his house so we thought we’d come here to get you, but you took ages so we went inside and now you’re here and um, um yeah. ha” Carl finished awkwardly, scratching his head with a small smile and looking back down at his shoes.

'Oh. Right. Do you want to stay and chill with us then?“ Ron took it surprisingly well, but the quick side glance he gave me showed that he just wanted to make me uncomfortable. That prick.

Enid nodded with a grateful smile and reached to grab some comics from Ron’s side table, handing one to Carl and scooting over on the bed, patting the spot next to her and looking at me.

um. no, sweetie, sorry.

I pretended not to see her gesture and sat on the floor and we all read comics for an awkward half-hour, until I couldn’t take the tension anymore and told everyone that  I didn’t feel well and was going to head home.

"I can walk you back, i-if you want?” Carl said to me. I was surprised he was speaking to me, since we hadn’t really had a proper conversation for two weeks.

“Nah I’m ok, just going to head home, plus I don think your girlfriend would like that very much anyway.” The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them, and everyone looked at me shocked.

I ran out of the room and down the stairs before anyone could say anything, especially Enid.

I walked the rest of the way home. Why did I have to go and fuck things up even more, Carl will be pissed at me for speaking to his girlfriend like that, and even if he isn’t, I couldn’t even have a conversation with him without wanting to burst into tears and tell him everything.

As my house came into sight, I let a few tears fall when I saw the porch steps Carl and I used to sit on a talk about anything, nothing and everything. I had it all, but now he’s telling Enid all his hopes and dreams, looking up at the stars with her, hugging her, loving her.

I wiped my tears away.

Beautiful things just don’t happen to girls like me.

Unread Text Messages [Taehyung x Reader]
  • [This is from your POV]
  • Tae🐶: I'm so sorry (F/n)...I just. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you.
  • Tae🐶: You deserved better than me. I really hope you're happy right now...
  • Tae🐶: I'd be lying to you and myself if I said I didn't miss you.
  • Tae🐶: Because fuck. I really miss you (F/n). So much so that I can't stop thinking about you.
  • Tae🐶: I miss the way you smiled at me as I'd poke your tummy. Do you remember? You used to tell me to stop it but I KNOW you secretly enjoyed it.
  • Tae🐶: I miss the way your eyes would shine every time you'd talk about things you love. You'd always ramble on about all the things you found interesting.
  • Tae🐶: I'd always nod and smile but ask what you just said straight after because I'd always trail away from the conversation, getting lost in the depth of your tone, the croakiness in your voice that displayed the exhaustion of the day and the slight cute lisp you always denied that you had.
  • Tae🐶: I know these texts aren't going to be read but it doesn't hurt to try right...
  • Tae🐶: I miss the times you'd lay your head snugly on my chest, and how your laughter would vibrate from your rib cage. It always gave me such a tickling sensation. It never failed to allow my lips to crack a wide ass smile.
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: I'm going to sleep now. Sleep well my angel.
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: good morning, jagi! I hope you had a good nights rest
  • Tae🐶: You remember my best friend Jimin right? He said it's not healthy for me to be still texting you
  • Tae🐶: Hahaha can you believe him? He even suggested for me to move on. 😂
  • Tae🐶: I still love you. As long as that love is still there I'm going to talk to you every moment I can.
  • Tae🐶: even if I know all of this will never be read
  • Tae🐶: you know, I remember vividly how your mother was so against you going out with me
  • Tae🐶: "idols are not to be trusted!" She said. Even though I didn't think I was worth it, you still fought for me.
  • Tae🐶: you'd admit to me late at night that it was tiring. That all of it on top of studying for your degree and your part time job was draining your energy.
  • Tae🐶: but everytime I felt guilty and said something stupid like: "it's okay if it gets too much and if you'd like to walk away. I don't want to see you hurt."
  • Tae🐶: you'd always look at me with the most offended glare. "Pfft I'm stronger than that, Tae. I love you. That's never gonna change. Even if my mum doesn't agree right now. I'll change her mind I promise and then all of this will go away."
  • Tae🐶: you'd just snuggle closer to me after that but I'd still pout. Your eyebags were deepening around then, your skin tone gradually had turned lighter. You were suffering because of me. And I hated how I couldn't help you.
  • Tae🐶: then one day it all ended. I grew some balls and strutted to your family's front door. "Mrs.(L/n), I'm Kim Taehyung your daughter's boyfriend. Nice to finally meet you." My box smile was showing. I was trying extra hard to be charming.
  • Tae🐶: after a VERY long conversation she had fallen for my charms just like you had 😙
  • Tae🐶: I felt all the weight that had held you down physically lift off of you.
  • Tae🐶: ... I...i remember the times you had look at me fondly every time I spoke. You'd just give me that knowing grin and be so engrossed in what I ever that spilled out of my mouth. Even if I spouted bullshit sometimes 😅
  • Tae🐶: I'm gonna miss all that.
  • Tae🐶: I hope you read this.
  • Tae🐶: I want you to know how much I love you.
  • Tae🐶: How much you meant to me...
  • Tae🐶: (F/n)...I miss you, baby please
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: good morning again! How are you doing today jagi? 😘
  • Tae🐶: I hope you're eating well.
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: sometimes I laugh at the thought of how many unread messages you probably have.
  • Tae🐶: but when I hear how tired my laugh sounds I realize I had lost my voice.
  • Tae🐶: because I was crying all night.
  • Tae🐶: can you imagine?
  • Tae🐶: I'm so weak hahaha I can't even be strong in these times
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: you know it's been 3 days
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I let you go
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you told me that you were going out with that one friend of yours that had the faulty car
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I hesitated, worrying for the slightest second thinking I should tell you to stay or at least go with you
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you reassured me that you'd be fine and that it was a girls night out
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I smiled and let you kiss me on the cheek as you ran out to meet your friend.
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you left our shared apartment and never came back.
  • Tae🐶: when I heard the news I was in a state of denial. I couldn't bring myself to believe it.
  • Tae🐶: then I saw the wreck of a car that I had wished wasn't familiar to me. That same faulty car I was worried about.
  • Tae🐶: I should've went with you. At least then I would be with you right now and not talking on here
  • Tae🐶: I should've held your head close to mine, I should've told you it was okay and that I love you. I should've shared our last moments together.
  • Tae🐶: but now you're there.
  • Tae🐶: and I'm here.
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: baby.
  • Tae🐶: Please.
  • Tae🐶: Answer me...

“Why do you even need a book from the Restricted Section, Malfoy?” The words are sharpened into brittle, serrated points. Pricking and poking and unsettling him as he slackens his grip on her wrist.

“I don’t need one, per say,” he offers, eyes trained on the door to the Potions room as the last handful of students hurry out. “But I’d like one. And I know that you can help me-”

“And why, exactly, would I help you?”

Y/N’s gaze narrows. She’s suspicious of him. Bottom lip tucked behind her teeth and chin tipped appraisingly. She knows better than to do what he says. And he would commend her on it if it weren’t for –

“Look.” He cuts the thought off. Slaps a hand against the age worn wood of one of the desks. “If you help me, I can give you something in return. Anything. Whatever you’d like, okay? All you have to do is help me.”

Her mouth slants. “What do you need me to do?”


It had been easy, really. A smirk and a giggle and too-short skirt and Slughorn had proffered the key to the illustrious Restricted Section with vigor.

And if Draco’s eyes had trained just a second too long on the smooth skin of Y/N’s thighs, or his hand had hovered over the curve of her waist a moment longer than necessary – Well.

He tells himself that wanting someone isn’t akin to liking them.

He pointedly ignores the fact that he’s rather enjoying sneaking about with her.

He clutches the key in his hand and focuses on what he has to do.


“Where did you get this?” Y/N’s shoulders stiffen as he clasps the cloak around his shoulders. Glances down to find a silvery sheen of dust coating the air where his body should have been.

He shrugs. Elects not to tell her that he’d swiped it from Potter earlier that day. “Does it matter?”

Her mouth flat lines. “Yes.” But even so, she’s stepping close to him and tucking her shoulder against his rib cage and he can see the Y/H/C top of her head as they crouch down and hurry towards the library.

“You know what book, don’t you?” she asks, white knuckled and nervous as she glances around the dark aisle way.

“Of course I know what book,” he tells her, reaching upwards to unlock the particular shelf, “I’m not an imbecile, you know-”

It happens too fast for him to quite catch what’s going on.

Because there’s the all too familiar clank of a lantern and the telltale scuff of shoes. A high pitched meow and a chortle that spurs Y/N into action.

Because she’s running at him, slamming into his chest and knocking them both to the ground as she hurries to obscure them from view with the cloak. She’s on top of him. Hips pressing and chests knocking and noses just inches apart.

He can see the dark flecks in her eyes, the hazy blur of his own reflection. He can count the faint freckles mottling the groove of her cheeks and make out the steady catch of her breathing.

He can hear Filch pacing up and down the aisles. A mutter. A scoff. A hiss.

Y/N is holding a finger to her mouth. Leaning down and closer, closer, closer.

Her nose brushes his jaw.

Her fingertips are mere inches from his ears.

And he can’t quite help it. No, can’t help it as he’s leaning upwards to press his mouth against hers. Neck straining and laughter choked in the back of his throat.

She doesn’t pull away.

Not until after – when the coast is clear and the Restricted book is all but forgotten.

Draco is certain that he can still feel the weight of her ribs against his chest.

anonymous asked:

could you write a kyungsoo scenario in which you squish his cheeks a lot and call him cute and he can't help but act annoyed but he's really happy and blushy at the same time? i hope it's understandable, thank you!

Torture– this was torture, but almost a good kind of torture. It was definitely better than being subjected to Chanyeol’s constant whining and calls for attention, only because of her. The constant poking and squishing was only good because she was the one so interested in his full and round face. If it had been anyone else, definitely they would not live to see another day. Or at least, without being sore with bruises for a couple.

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Bones {Sentence Starters}
  • "Leave me out of it, I am not going."
  • "Fine. Then we're done here. Do you want to get some coffee?"
  • "I don't like people who think they're better than other people."
  • "No offense, but, um, I'm not interested."
  • "I just never figured you being in a relationship."
  • "Have you ever been charged with a felony?"
  • "You know, I'm glad we had that little chat about being nice to the locals."
  • "You're bad with people, okay? No use being offended by the fact."
  • "You don't need a gun. If anyone needs shooting, I'll do it."
  • "My most meaningful relationships are with dead people."
  • "I've noticed that very few people are scary once they've been poked in the eye."
  • "You know, I'm sorry for wrecking your weekend for nothing."
  • "How I feel doesn't matter. My job doesn't depend on it."
  • "Are you as cold and unfeeling as you seem?"
  • "You know, you picked a really odd time to have this conversation."
  • "When you say things like that, it's just to bug me, right?"
  • "Don't use your charm smile on me."
  • "I have been wanting to do that for years. You are so hot!"
  • "I thought you were told to stay away from him?"
  • "Yeah. So, um, you should be a little nicer to me, huh?"
  • "You thought you were protecting me. But you're the one who needs protecting."
  • "It hurts my shoulder when I break down the door."
  • "Or better still, you could forget the whole thing and come home."
  • "You do know how this is supposed to work, right?"
  • "If you keep living trying to protect yourself, nothing is ever going to touch you."
  • "I just... I feel like I want to kiss you."
  • "I'd say you were kidding, but, I don't think you know how to kid."
  • "I know when there's something wrong with you."
  • "If you had a pet pig, what would you name him?"
  • "Look, if anybody asks, the door was open."
  • "There's absolutely no reason for us to be discreet about our relationship anymore."
  • "He touched me with his creepy, serial killer hands."
  • "How long have you and _____ hated each other?"
  • "How are we friends? How is it possible? I mean we have nothing in common."
  • "Something's wrong, right? What can I do to help?"
On the words of Nonbelievers,

If you have made the decision to practice the Craft, then let us Witches of a seasoned nature tell you to be prepared to face ridicule. You WILL run into the Nonbelievers. And a lot of them, not all but at least a few, will poke fun at your beliefs.
But let us tell you something magical: if you know in your heart that Magick is real, then their words are nothing but air. And you possess great gifts that they don’t and probably will never understand.
Don’t fret about their words. Don’t let them make you feel like you have to prove your talent, because you don’t. It’s better to stay shrouded in mystery in their eyes than embarrassing yourself try to gain their approval in something they know nothing about anyway.
Good luck and Happy Witching! 🔮💜

drewlypso headcanons for perspookyjackson

-drew straightening calypso’s hair on the floor of the bathroom bc calypso has these like gorgeous waves that she’s super self-concious about and drew loves them but she’ll do anything to make calypso feel happy so she spends hours making them pin-straight

-and calypso borrows drews camp halfblood sweatshirts because new york’s a lot colder than a tropical island and whenever she gives them back they smell like sea salt and flowers and drew thinks it smells better than any designer perfume

-they get frozen yogurt in the city and calypso gets chocolate with raspberries and drew swears up and down that she’s not hungry but winds up picking off all the raspberries and eating at least half the yogurt

-they give each other blind makeovers and calypso pokes drew in the eye with a brush and almost cries but drew can’t stop laughing

-their first kiss is during some cheesy rom-com

-drew brings calypso a dozen roses once a week for two months after they first get together

-drew can’t cook to save her life and calypso is always trying to teach her how to bake cookies but every time they wind up coated in flour and laughing while the big house casually burns down behind them

-calypso like destroying someone in capture the flag and drew just smirking in that way she does and going “that’s my girlfriend”

-drew hates campfire sing-alongs but she’ll sit through them because calypso loves them

Make Out Session with S.Coups


“That is the lamest trick in the book Seungcheol you’re better than that idiot.” You laughed and poked his forehead, causing his eyes to dart in any direction as he laughed away the embarrassment of getting caught. He had one arm around your shoulder, shielding you in a blanket to keep you warm in the cool room. He was silent for a while and you laughed and grabbed the remote and paused the Avengers marathon you two were in the middle of. “Seungcheok if you want to kiss me just kiss me, you don’t need to do that thing where you slowly move closer and closer every ten seconds. We’ve been dating for almost six months, surly you aren’t nervous to kiss me anymore right?” You said, trying not to sound too mean as you teased your boyfriend. He shrugged and motioned for you to lean back against him and you did, his hand playing with your hair. “I didn’t want to disturb you too much. You were watching the movie.” He said pointing to the screen. You weren’t sure how serious he was about it but you decided you didn’t care either way. Youd miss parts of the movie for a few kisses.

“Are we going to keep babbling about this or are you finally going to kiss me?” You said with that little pout thing you did when you were trying to get Seungcheol to do something. A smirk fell on his lips.

Seungcheol loved it when he got to kiss you. Absolutely adored it. So when you asked he wasted no time in pressing his lips to yours and let the fun take over your movie night.

Nothing too 18+ happened but neither of you needed any of that to get the same high off of life feelings. You both filled that in yourselves with nothing but raw passion and love. He pulled you onto his lap and held you there while you two sat on the couch in the middle of your movie marathon, lips attached to one anothers’ until they were swollen and both of you completely out of breath.
You wouldn’t have it any other way either.

Bucky Barnes- Ketchup

Bucky likes to have the building mapped out in his head. You know, in case of a HYDRA invasion or something, he’ll know where all the safe rooms are and where the weapons are stored.

So Bucky wonders around a lot, not really saying anything to the passersby heading towards him. Unless it’s Steve or Sam. Bucky’s pegged them as trust worthy.

Bucky stops abruptly when he hears a grunt and a slam, followed by a laugh and “c'mon, you can do better than that,”. And Bucky gets curious, so he pokes his head into the training room and sees Natasha and another female he’s never met before.

Natasha’s getting to her feet as the stranger bounces on her toes, smiling wide and loose. Bucky’s eyes linger on her figure before he quickly looks away, but doesn’t leave.

“Stop smiling, (Y/n). You’re hurting my eyes,”

(Y/n) scoffs, dramatically bringing up a hand to her forehead. “Oh whatever shall I do-?”

Natasha dives forward, but (Y/n)’s quick to sidestep her and leap away at Natasha’s second approach. Bucky’s eyebrows raise in shock, because he’s never seen anyone avoid that move from Natasha before. Not even Steve.

“I am beauty, I am grace, I will kick you in the- Who’s that?” (Y/n) stops and turns to the exit, and Bucky jumps, pushes away from the door and stumbles away.



“Is there anyone else on the team I haven’t met before?”

Steve nods and Bucky frowns, but Steve is quick to explain. “She’s been on the team for a while, but she just got here last night. (Y/n), that’s her name, had been on a mission. Had been gone for a few months. Left right around the time you came,” Bucky nods, leans back against the desk and Steve grins. “Why, did you see her?”

Bucky looks at him in surprise. “What? Oh, well, yeah. Kind of. I saw her in the gym with Natasha, but she was, I don’t know, dancing?”

Steve laughs. “Sounds like (Y/n),” he then stands and exits the room, but says before leaving, “go talk to her. You’ll like her,”


“So I heard that you liked my dancing?”

The voice from behind scares Bucky so bad, his metal arm clenches the ketchup bottle and the sauce goes squirting out of the nozzle and hits the ceiling.

You gasp, giggle as ketchup plops onto Bucky’s nose and his cheeks light up.

“I’m (Y/n),”

He hurriedly brushes off the ketchup and extends his hand. “Bucky,”

[Requests are Open]

The Tattletale

Imagine being best friends with Ori and he accidentally letting slip to the rest of the Company that you have a crush on Fili

“Don’t tell him!” you warned Ori many years ago in the Blue Mountains, when you two were in class together. 

Thorin and his nephews Fili and Kili had been doing their rounds, meeting his subjects at their workplace. Thorin had preferred to come to their subjects during their routine life, rather than holding court, and he brought his nephews along, as a reminder that they were no better than the average person despite their royal lineage.

After they had left, you had sighed, and Ori poked you, nodding his head, “what?” You had said, “nothing” at first, but he kept poking you. 

“Okay, fine. This is between you and me, Ori. Everytime I see Prince Fili, I feel funny in my stomach. Like butterflies,” you told him.

“You like him!” Ori’s eyes lit up, and he grinned. You grabbed his arm and pulled him to you.

“If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you,” you hissed. 

“I’ll never tell, cross my heart,” he gestured over his heart.

And Ori kept his promise all these years.

When Thorin pulled out a call for volunteers to travel with him to take back Erebor, you found out that Fili would be going with him, as well as your best friend Ori, so you volunteered. At first you were refused on the grounds of being a dwarrowdam. Never mind that you were good with axes and swords.

But it seems that after Azanulbizar, and the fact that a dragon was at the end of the road, Thorin didn’t get as much volunteers as he hoped. You volunteered again. This time, Fili persuaded his uncle to let you come. “This dam, she’s one of the best fighters there is. You know Dwalin and I trained her.”

Thorin’s Company were all sitting down by the fire, making camp for the night. Bilbo was curious about each member of the Company, and this night was Ori’s turn for him to get to know more about. 

“So, you and the Miss Dwarf, are you two…” Bilbo gestured with his finger, waving it between Ori and you. Bilbo does not actually know your name, as the dwarves were very protective of their dams and refuses to give him your name. It had always been Miss Dwarf. You thought it was stupid, but old tradition dies hard.

“Oh!” Ori exclaimed, suprised. “Oh, no, we’re best friends, have been since we went to classes together. Besides, her heart has always belonged to Fili all these years.”

The Company went silent, and everyone looked at Ori. Except for you, as you looked down into the fire, your face turning an alarming shade of crimson.

“Oh,” Ori realized in horror what he had done. “I’m so sorry, Miss…”

Bofur and Kili laughed, and the latter punched his brother’s arm playfully. The other dwarves just went back to whatever they were doing, deciding tactfully not to embarrass you further.

Fili sat down next to you, giving you a bowl of Bombur’s stew, and nudged into your arm. You looked up, mortified.

“If it’s any consolation,” he smiled quietly, “I have had a crush on you for a long time, too. Ever since I first saw you with Ori at class.”

“Really?” you asked him.

“Why do you think I offer to take you on for combat training?” he nodded, smiling. “Dwalin said no to you joining the Guards, but I overruled him.”

You looked away, and noticed Thorin looking over to you and Fili, with a small, knowing smile.

“Why did you think I convinced my uncle to let you come with us?” Fili added. “I thought we’d get to know each other more this way, Amrâlimê.”

You looked back at Fili, smiling, feeling a lot more relieved. Impulsively, you leaned forward to Fili, and he lowered his forehead to your forehead.

“Harry, you have to rest.” You frowned as you woke up to see Harry padding around the bedroom, sniffling as he grabbed a box of tissues. “You’re sick.” 

“’M not sick, Y/N. I promise!” His voice was scratchy as he rubbed at his nose, coughing and clearing his throat. “My nose is jus’ a little itchy this mornin’.” He gave you his best smile before crawling back into bed. 

It was funny, really. Harry was the healthiest person alive. He had a green smoothie every morning, went to the gym every afternoon - he even joined in on your yoga classes every Saturday morning. So, the both of you were more than surprised when Harry came home with the sniffles, his eyes puffy and his nose red. 

“You’re sick, and I’m going to take care of you until you get better.” You smiled lightly, poking his nose and sitting up before you were pulled back down again, Harry’s arms slinking around your waist as he pressed a kiss to the back of your neck. “What do you think you’re doing, silly?” 

“You’re not goin’ anywhere today, love. The best cure for a cold are cuddles.” 


gif isn’t mine!

“If you poke my eye out, I am actually going to kill you.”

Oikawa pulls his hand back, fixing Hajime with one of his sternest looks.  "Iwa-chan, I am offended that you would think me capable of something like that!“  He pauses, adding in a quieter voice, "But stop moving, you’re stressing me out.”

Hajime grunts noncommittally, letting Oikawa return his hands, one holding his jaw in place and the other balancing on his cheekbone as he drags the eyeliner pencil over his eyelid.  It tickles, Hajime thinks, as it brushes against and under and in between his eyelashes.  He has no idea how Oikawa actually manages to put up with this.

“Can I give you a wing?” asks Oikawa quietly.

“What the hell is a wing?”  Upon noting Oikawa’s pleading look (big eyes and lower lip frozen in a pout), Hajime raises an eyebrow.  "No.“

"But Iwa–”

“Is it how you do yours?” Hajime questions, reaching a hand out to trace the black around Oikawa’s eyes.

Oikawa grins, nodding.  "It’ll look pretty,“ he assures.  "I promise.”

“Looking pretty on you is far easier than looking pretty on me,” Hajime grouses, rolling his eyes and causing Oikawa to erupt in a chorus of titters at his movements.  "Sorry.  Yeah, go ahead.“

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motylapodkowa  asked:

Ok! So now it's my time to ask the OC question! So for Alexis Lenox, 19. And for Albert, 40 ;)

Alexis, 19.

It is not often that the young elf graces somebody with such an attentive look. Her head is cocked in surprise, and a thin web of wrinkles adorns the contours of her eyes. A sly smile parts her lips as she begins talking.

“Say, lass… ” she straightens her back and pokes her own chest with a bony thumb, “have you taken a good, long look at me, as of late?”

You sit in silence and follow the direction of her finger, rolling your gaze over her physical form. The first thing that strikes you-immediately followed by the blazing red mohawk sitting atop of her head- is her height, or better, her lack thereof. She is surprisingly short -shorter than any other elf you know, anyway- and, judging from the way her clothes dangle from her angular shoulders, she might stand more than a couple dozens meals away from an optimal plump.

A rather vivid image of the effects a physical quarrel would have on her scrawny body flashes behind your corneas, and you have to shake your head in an attempt to wash its sickening goriness away.

“Moreover,” she adds, her face suddenly drained of every drop of humour, “are you really asking me, a finely educated lady, if I enjoy taking part in brawls and other similar vulgar rowdyisms? This is…“ She takes a step towards you, “truly…” Then another, “UNACCEPTABLE!” Her face is now threateningly close to yours, her bare teeth mere inches from your nose.  

You recoil, instinctively bracing yourself for the impact of a blow that never comes. What hits you deep in the guts with the force of a lightning bolt, however, is the sound of the shrillest, most facetious laughter you’ve ever heard.

While it is impossible to discern a coherent pattern of behaviour whatsoever in Alexis, one thing you can be certain of is this: she adores getting into fights. While she tends to steer away from direct physical confrontation -something her foster brother Duncan would normally take care of- she has no qualms in starting a verbal quarrel (in which she would most probably have the upper hand, thanks to her sly and convoluted reasoning), or showing off her command of magical disciplines, positively incinerating whoever dares to stand in her way.

Albert, 40.

When you thought about questioning Albert about his hobbies for polite conversation’s sake, you surely couldn’t imagine he’d break into such an enthusiastic ferment right before dragging you to his room, where he’d proceed to submerge you with heavy tomes and strange, circular films of metal and plastic he’d refer to as “CDs”.

“But here, look: that’s my complete collection H.P. Lovecraft’s works! I know nobody reads ‘em paper books anymore, but you just can’t compare the feel of printed paper to the asepticity of a PDA screen, y’know. And oh! You found it! My heavy metal albums selection! Here, let me play some Judas Priest for you- this music is nearly one century old, but dayum! It still radiates all the overbearing energy of a boy in his prime, and…”

Two-and-a-half hours later, you’re wondering why you decided to introduce yourself in the first place.

That Albert was an odd fellow you were well aware already.

What you couldn’t possibly know, though, is that under that ginormous pile of narrative works and music devices, well protected from indiscreet looks, lies a nourished agglomeration of banned grimoires and toxic scrolls, many of which soaked in a red, clotted substance.

((He also has a weird fascination for everything involving Ley lines and mana-charged environments, but NOT for the reason you’d expect. But that’s for, uh… another story)).

Clip 1: the beach

Hi everybody! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for several days, but here you go, the first flashback from After Joe hit the road video. Enjoy and don’t forget to tell me what you think! Xx

“Cheers Joseph!”

“Cheers y/N”

You both said tilting your ice cream cones together. Some of his lemon melted in your strawberry and it made you giggle.

“I don’t like lemon!” You pouted. “Get it off” you asked, holding your cone so close to his face he had to lean back a little bit. He poked his tongue out and licked your ice cream

“you’re crazy. Lemon is way better than whatever you chose”


“I can’t even tell which berry it is and that’s why it’s lame. Here, at least taste the lemon” he commended and you wrinkled your nose

“no way”

He rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help but smile

“you’re so stubborn y/N!”

“You know you like it Sugg” you said teasingly, thinking that he would change the subject. He stepped closer to you, looking serious for a second

“You know I do” before immediately wiggling his brows and you sighed as he was back to the normal, regular, goofy Joe you knew and loved.

You walked away, eating your ice cream while enjoying the landscape and looking for fossils. You were kind of daydreaming, minding your own business as you thought Joe had gone back to where Zoe and Alfie were. The four of you had gone to that beach to take a nice day off and just enjoy some time together. You were an old friend of Zoe and Joe but had had a serious crush on him for ages, so when he asked you the day before if you wanted to join this trip, you had said yes without hesitation. Zalfie knew about the crush (it was kind of obvious, after all those years, and you were quite sure Joe was aware of it as well) so they always tried to leave the two of you alone, which was nice but awkward. Still, having gone to the ice cream truck with Joe and catching up on what you had been up to had been sweet.

So just when you thought Joe was not around anymore, he sprinted and captured you into his arms. Being kind of zoning back into reality, you realised Zoe was vlogging it, standing up on a giant rock and cheering:

“Come on Joe, get her in the water” she shouted to her brother.

“She’s stronger than she looks!” Joe shouted back as you were trying to escape his grip, repeating no no nos over and over and giggling at the same time because well… Joe was too cute laughing and trying to be careful and to drag you toward the water at the same time. He ducked when you didn’t expect it and made you fall over his shoulder, then lifted you, gripping your knees. You tried to tickle his back but there was nothing to do about it. Just when you thought he was going to throw you into the water, he just kneed and you both fell on the wet sand, laughing uncontrollably. He was as wet as you were.

“What was the point of that?” you asked as he stood and offered you his hand. You took it and he pulled you up, close to his bare wet body.

“I won a bet with my sister” he whispered so that Zoe couldn’t hear.

“Oh yeah?”


“What did you win then?”

He grinned.

“This” He said pecking your lips quickly, before he ran toward the beach, leaving you speechless.

You ignored his amused look when you walked by him to reach the spot where your towel was laying. You laid down over it, on your stomach, thinking that maybe whilst drying your back you could enjoy a little sunbath. Joe sat next to you

“Do you want me to put solar cream on your back?” He asked with a smirk. “That would be really nice” you said still ignoring what happened 5 minutes ago.

“Can I… Sit here?” He asked glancing at you bum

“I mean, for convenient purpose only of course”.

Was he… Teasing you?

You rolled your eyes at him, trying not to show how happy you were having him sit on you and feeling his hands on your body.

“Whatever Sugg”

He straddled you and started pouring what felt like a whole bunch of cream on your back. You heard him chuckle and assumed he had managed to pour it in a gross shape or something obscene.  

“I hope you didn’t draw a penis on my back or anything Joe” You warned, pretending to be serious.

“No, not at all, who, me?” he grinned, quickly starting to spread the cream with his hands to mask his crime.

“Uh, there’s too much of it, it’s still white” he said after about 2 seconds of applying it.

“Joe, you need to rub it more, but that’s okay because I like back massages” You smirked, resting your head in your crossed arms. Joe’s hands began to rub your back in a proper massage. You could tell he was focusing on it because he had shut up and when you peeked, he was biting his tongue and it was popping out of his mouth a little bit. He was moving his hands slowly, sliding them alongside your back, pressing his fingertips into your skin… It felt really good and you let yourself go and closed your eyes for a second. You felt Joe’s weigh shifting from where he was sitting as he bent over to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. But then something strange happened: instead of going back to your back as you’d expected, it landed on your cheek. Without opening your eyes, you felt his soft fingers brush your skin from your ear to your lips. Before you even wondered whether it was a proper display of affection or just some awkward unintended romantic move,  your brain responded by kissing the fingers that met your lips. You felt another weigh shift as Joe brought his body to lay down next to you, very, very close to your own. You opened one eye, as he was attempting to cover both of your faces with his towel, hiding you from the world. You smiled at him and he smile back. He was mirroring you, his head resting on his crossed arms and lazily opening one eye to glance at you. It was dark under the towel but you could still see each other. You could still see the question mark in Joe’s smile, and he could see when you gave him an encouraging nod. His smile tugged even more as he bent over to brush his lips against yours.

“I love you” he whispered.

“Joseph Sugg, kiss me already!” is all you managed to answer.

A Week To Zou

The bed dips and the pillows shift as Strawhat shimmies under the blankets, chuckling for whatever reason Law chooses not to think of. This bed is too fucking small for two people and all of this is too fucking dumb. He’s too fucking stupid to let Strawhat in his bed for the second night in a row. But he’s here now so the skies better open and just smite Law with a thunderbolt and be over it.

“Stay still.” Law mutters as he tries to blink away the strands of Strawhat’s hair poking his eyes. Strawhat just laughs that distinct laugh of his more softly than he usually does and that’s just so distracting. His scent, his warmth, his breath. Him. The way he says that damn mangled nickname of his that Law doesn’t understand how he doesn’t hate. The way he grins and then bites his lip followed by an unmistakable pink hue splashing his face. The way he mindlessly trace patterns across Law’s tattooed skin just before he drifts to sleep. Law can see it even behind closed eyelids and feel it in his subconscious. Everything’s distracting. It isn’t even logical anymore.

Law gives up and turns to his other side instead so he doesn’t have to deal with the urge of wanting to put his arms around the younger captain’s body.
Luffy isn’t having any of it though and he turns to his other side as well, nuzzling against Law’s bare back so that now he’s torn between being regretful and thankful that he goes to bed shirtless. Since when has logic been so difficult?

“People are going to start getting ideas if you keep doing this.” The doctor manages to say instead of his original plan, which was, “Strawhat-ya, fucking stop that.”

“Mahhn ah—” Strawhat yawns and Law imagines him opening his mouth, eyes squinting, face warping into that cute thing he tries not to pay attention to because he wants to kick himself every time.

“What ideas?”

Luffy throws an arm and a leg over the older captain, pulling himself closer with a contented “Mmm”. Law sighs.

“Never mind.”


More drabbles. Maybe I really need to write this fic. For some reason, I can’t get my shit together although the whole plot is there in my head already.

I know this is an art blog but I have nowhere to dump drabbles yet and am still pondering if a separate Tumblr blog is a good idea for that. Gah.

Insecure // Jack Gilinsky

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven’t posted, I’ve been studying for finals😭 I hope you enjoy this one💜 sorry it’s short I’ll make up for it

I stood in front of the mirror, staring at myself. Once again, a day I hated absolutely everything. I looked at my legs in the shorts I was wearing and sighed, poking them slightly. I shut my eyes and turned around and sat on my bed. I felt ,y heart start racing as I realized I had to go out soon. The bedroom door opened and Jack walked in, flashing his perfect smile at me. I smiled back.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“Nothing,” I shrugged.
“Come on, I know you better than that,” he said.
“It’s nothing,” I said, not trying to be annoying, just not wanting to kill the mood or anything.
“Baby you know you can tell me anything,” he said.
“I’m just second guessing going with you today,” I said.
“How come?” he asked.
“Because I feel ugly and I don’t want to have all your friends judging me and having their girlfriends be all gorgeous and everyone looking good with their perfect faces and bodies,” I said. He pulled my into his arms and I leaned into his chest, trying not to cry over something stupid.
“Don’t ever say that,” he said.
“Why? It’s what I think,” I said. He lifted my head so I was looking at him.
“You’re gorgeous, okay? Inside and out. The guys love you, and so do the girlfriends of those who have one. I wouldn’t trade you for any of them. I love you so much it hurts and it makes me so sad to see you feeling like this and knowing that there’s nothing I can really do,” he said.
“I’m sorry,” I said as tears brimmed my eyes.
“For what, darling?” he asked.
“Being stupid and worrying about things like this,” I sighed.
“Don’t apologize, but know I wouldn’t change anything about you, ever,” he said.
“Just after being told you’re ugly so many times, you start to believe it, I’ve always been one to worry about what other people think of me and anxious to even leave my house some days and I hate that about myself,” I said.
“But it makes you who you are. And you can show the world wrong, that you are able to get up every morning and be happy,” he said.
“You make me happy,” I said, giving a genuine smile.
“You make me the happiest person on earth,” he grinned.
“I don’t even know what I would do without you,” I said.
“Come on, let’s go show everyone that I’m the luckiest guy out there,” he said.
“I’m the lucky one,” I smiled. He stood up and extended his hand, wh.ichni happily grabbed and intertwined my fingers with his.
The whole day, Jack kept reminding me of how beautiful I was, and I will never be able to thank him for all the does for me. I never knew someone could change your whole mood around with a few words until I met him.

Based on the last prompt of this post

Connor lets the door fall closed behind him and leans back against it. The quiet and dark of the apartment is a comfort as he tilts his head back and lets his eyes fall shut. Breathing in, long and deep, he waits for the relief of home to overtake him. This horrible, miserable, wreck of a day is over.

“Hey,” Oliver says warmly from the kitchen, poking his head out from around the fridge. “You’re home.”

“You’re up,” Connor replies, his tone weary. Pushing off the door, he walks over to set the banker’s box of files and his briefcase down on the counter and shrugs out of his coat to throw it over one of the stools. The light from under the microwave casts a small glow in the kitchen but, except for some streetlight spilling in through the drapes, the rest of the apartment is shrouded in darkness. “Thought you were going to bed.” They’d been texting earlier while Connor was stuck at the office and Connor had stopped responding hours ago when he’d told Oliver head to bed and not wait up.

“Couldn’t sleep.” Oliver doesn’t mention that the worry kept him up. The tone of Connor’s texts had seemed off, too tired and broken, and his concern mounted as the hour grew later and later, keeping him awake in their bed. “How’d it go today?”

Connor just shakes his head in defeat and walks over to wrap himself up in Oliver. His arms curl around Oliver’s middle to press their bodies close and his hands grab fistfuls of Oliver’s shirt to cling to. Connor lightly presses his exhausted eyes into the crook of Oliver’s shoulder and nuzzles his face into Oliver’s neck. Oliver’s arms wrap around Connor’s shoulders. One hand going to the back of Connor’s neck to anchor him close while the other lightly runs up and down the line of Connor’s back, gently soothing the tense muscles along his spine. Connor breathes in, long and deep, the wonderful mixture of laundry detergent and soap and Oliver.

After a time, Connor turns his face a little and his lips press against Oliver’s skin, feeling the faint drum of Oliver’s pulse against them. Oliver stops running a hand down Connor’s back to slips it under his suit jacket and tug Connor’s shirt out of his pants. Once the shirt’s free, Oliver presses his palm flat against the small of Connor’s back, drawing them just ever so much closer. Neither action is done with the intent to start something, take things further. It’s just the need, the reassurance, the weight of skin against skin.

Connor isn’t sure how long they stand there, holding each other. Five minutes. Ten. An hour. A day. Something as inconsequential as time doesn’t matter when they are like this. Nothing matters when they’re like this. When they are like this, surrounding and completing each other, they are whole. Safe and beloved and cherished.

“I lost today,” Connor mumbles into Oliver’s skin.

The “I know” goes unspoken. Instead, Oliver simply pulls Connor closer, presses tighter. Turning to kiss to Connor’s temple, Oliver breathes in deep, drawing Connor in, and lets his warm exhale flow out through Connor’s hair and down the line of his neck.

Connor burrows in deeper and clings tighter, finally feeling the weight of the day beginning to ease. This, all of this right here with Oliver’s heart beating sure and strong against his own, this is home.

Dating Luke Would Include:

 Getting a giant stuffed penguin for Valentine’s Day (instead of a bear) because penguins are obviously better

*poke, poke, poke, poke* Luke: “stop” *poke, poke, poke* Luke: “Fine, you could practice your make-up on me”

*murmured sentences* you: “what?” *murmurs sentences* you: “what?” Luke: “Never mind”

The scrunched up nose thing he does that makes him 10x cuter somehow

Getting lost in those bright blue eyes that you swear are bluer than the ocean and the sky combined & no matter what mood he’s in are always filled with love and compassion

Waking up next to him and running your fingers through his shiny soft hair that glistens as the sun slightly hits it

Him holding you super close when you’re upset with him, whispering I’m sorry as he bites his lip because he knows that’s your weakness

Loads upon loads of awful Dad jokes that make you roll your eyes so far you don’t know how your eyes haven’t gotten stuck yet.

Neck pains, and chest views because he’s like 9ft tall ….seriously NINE FEET tall *so many heart eyes emoji’s*

Random outbursts of singing that make you appreciate his presence even more when he’s not around

Forehead kisses that make you melt like putty because the moment his lips touch your skin it’s like ecstasy on overdrive

Stealing his snapback, and making him struggle for it because the sight of flat hair Luke is everything, but he gives in to you ‘cause he thinks you look super cute when you wear his hat

His super deep morning voice that makes your heart race at 100 mps and lose any recollection of vocabulary ‘cause ha-ba-dah-ha-ba-da sweet lawd the feels are SO real

Him fighting you off because you won’t stop poking at his dimples but how could you not poke at them? They’re adorable.