better than In N Out

artificialcatastrophe  asked:

In n out burgers are disgusting lmao I'm with you on that one, my dude

RIGHT???????? Honestly, I’m glad I’m moving to Texas in a few weeks, despite the state’s horrid politics, because Whataburger is so much better than In N Out. I feel practically heretical saying that as a California native, but somebody has to tell the truth.

I can’t stay silent any longer

I try to avoid discussing any social or political issues on this blog (other than gun control, obviously), mainly because I don’t want to deal with the fallout when some 14-year-old Tumblrite decides I’m literally Hitler/Stalin/Satan/Trump/Hillary for not agreeing with their pet cause of choice.

However, in times of true crisis one cannot stay silent. Some issues are too big, too important, to not take a public stand, consequences be damned. I simply must speak my mind. What follows are not opinions, these are objective facts and anyone who disagrees is a deviant sub-human:

- Pineapple on pizza is delicious

- Gif is pronounced with a soft ‘g’, same as gin

- In-n-Out is better than Five Guys

- Emacs is better than vi

- Skub is great