better sore than sorry

Omg so I wrote an email to my trainer saying that I want to step up my training game and told him on what parts of my body I want to work on. Also sent him pictures of Victoria’s Secret models Sharam Diniz and Jasmine Tookes. My new schedule is insane. I’m so sore it’s not even normal anymore… Be careful what you wish for… But I feel like I have to get through this in order to achieve my goals. The hard work will never stop


okay, so i got tagged as a “fit girl” on a blog (

 and i started thinking it was weird…. but then i found out EVERYONE IS A FIT GIRL

This just gets more and more hilarious :D 


Squats… They get me every time.

And whose idea was it for me to have a bedroom down stairs in the basement?!

I can’t even properly walk down the stairs to get TO my room, let alone walk back up them.

I love the burn when I’m doing the squats, but OMG the aftermath for the next couple of days is MISERABLE.