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A Different Fight

Request: Can I request a peter parker x reader where the reader has gotten into a fight with peter and peter gets a little rough with the reader (like pins reader into the wall very hard and he punches into the wall) and you can take it from there!

Warnings: HECKIN ANGSTY, it gets a tiny bit physical but it by no means shows or romanticizes abuse !! that’s not coolio !!

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker

Genre: ANGST

Word Count: 1.5k (sorry this one ended up being a bit shorter haha)

Update: I’m so surprised at how many positive reactions this got! You guys are the best :D

Part II can be found here 

To say you had a bad day was the understatement of the century. To start off with, there was an Algebra 2 test that you were totally unprepared for and you had left about half of the questions on it blank, which definitely wouldn’t end up getting you a good grade. At lunch you went to buy some pizza only to find out that you forgot to turn in your food service money and had none left in your account, leaving you very hungry and irritated. Your locker got stuck making you late to 5th period, the water fountain was broken and sprayed all over you, and you got stuck with a burnout for a lab partner. A lot of little things started to add up and by the end of the day you were dangerously close to absolutely losing it. If anyone did anything more to bother you, it was going to send you over the edge. It just so happened that the poor soul was Peter Parker, your best friend who you had a slight crush on for a while.

Peter had told you he would come by your place to work on some homework and just hang out after school. You were really looking forward to it since he was super busy and you couldn’t see each other as often as you would have liked. You waited patiently for a few hours before settling on the fact that he had stood you up. At that point you were completely pissed off. You grabbed your phone only to see new texts from your friends. Apparently there was a party at some senior girl’s house and a lot of people were there including, to your surprise, Peter. You were more than a little hurt. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if he had just cancelled but the fact that he blew you off completely really stung.

About an hour passed before you heard a knock at your door. You answered it, finding Peter standing there with an apologetic smile on his face. Any other day you would have melted at the mere sight of him grinning like that, but today wasn’t like any normal day.

“What?” you asked brusquely. Your hands moved to your hips and you stared at him expectantly. You didn’t really know what excuse you wanted to hear, but practically all of them would have been the wrong answer.

“I came to hang out with you!” he said and pushed past you, making himself at home. “Sorry I couldn’t come sooner, I had to take care of some stuff relating to you-know-what.” You rolled your eyes. Peter told you about being Spider-Man a few months back, which explained how busy he was, but this time that wasn’t going to cut it. You had seen the pictures from the party and there was absolutely no way it involved him like that.

“Right,” you said sarcastically. “I’m sure every party needs Spider-Man there to make sure things don’t get out of control. Tell me, does Liz Allan have a thing for spandex? Is that why you ditched me?” Peter’s eyebrows shot up, surprised by your dark tone. He had never seen you mad before and it both concerned and confused him. At the same time, bringing up Liz was a hit below the belt.

“E-excuse me?” he stammered, his smile fading. “What does she have to do with this? Look, I’m really sorry I’m late but at least I’m here now so can you just let it go?”

“No, I can’t,” you said defiantly. “Don’t try to change the subject. I saw the pictures of you at that party, you can’t deny it.”

“So I’m not allowed to go to parties now?” he asked, his anger rising as well. “What gives, Y/N. Are you jealous of Liz or something? Is that what this is about?”

“I would never be jealous of her,” you snorted. “You’re trying to turn this on me, but it’s not my fault. You think you’re so high and mighty just because you swing around all over Queens in tights every night. ‘Look at me, I’m Peter and I shoot nasty ass spider juice all over the place. Tony Stark loves me and so does Liz Allan”. Seriously, it’s ridiculous.“ Your voice got louder and louder as you went, your emotions getting the best of you. Peter’s eyes dropped to the floor and he balled his hands into fists. You regretted yelling at him like that, but you refused to back down. All of the anger that had built up inside you was finally coming out, and you couldn’t stop it now.

“First of all,” he said fiercely, “I don’t wear spandex and I definitely don’t wear tights. Second, I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. I’ve never said anything like that in my life. I don’t know what your beef is tonight but if you don’t want me here then I’ll just leave.”

“Leave and go where?” you spat. “Back to Liz’s house? Fine, see if I care. I didn’t know Spider-Man was a party trick now, but it’s cool. I’m sure everyone is dying to see you crawl around on the ceiling. Maybe shoot some webs, lay some eggs? Personally, spiders have always grossed me out, but if that’s what the senior chicks are into-” Suddenly Peter slammed one of his hands onto the wall next to you, using the other to pin you back, and you were so startled that your voice caught in your throat. His chest was rising and falling, the veins in his arms and neck noticeably present.

“Stop. Talking. About. Liz.” Peter enunciated every word carefully, his eyes locked on yours. A shiver ran down your spine. This was a different Peter than your dorky and awkward best friend. He was intimidating and tough, and all of his anger was aimed right at you. Never in your life did you ever think you’d see him like this, and it scared you. You knew what he was capable of, and you wouldn’t have been surprised if he had punched a hole in the wall. His arm was pressing into your chest and it hurt. It wasn’t like you couldn’t breathe, but it was still painful and uncomfortable. You were so shocked by it, especially since Peter never touched you without asking first, even just to link arms or something. His gentle demeanor had vanished completely, and that’s when you figured out that you had really messed up.

“Get off of me,” you said hoarsely. “Get off of me right now.” Peter blinked, only just realizing what he had done. His grip loosened and he took a step back, his eyes wide and full of panic. Neither of you really knew what to do next.

“O-Oh god, I’m so sorry,” he said quietly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… I never meant to do that. I’d never hurt you, I didn’t want to hurt you-”

“Peter, I think you should go,” you said, tears pricking the corners of your eyes. Your breathing was uneven and shaky, and he noticed it right away.

“Y/N, I didn’t… I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asked, almost pleading with you. He took a step toward you and you instinctively backed away. The look of pain on his face made you feel like you had kicked him in the stomach. By then you didn’t even care that there were tears were streaming down your face. You couldn’t think straight, your mind was whirling and you could hear your heart pounding.

“Peter, you need to leave,” you choked out again. He nodded slowly, processing things but still not moving.

“Are you okay?” he asked in a voice just above a whisper. “Please, just… Just tell me I didn’t hurt you at all. I swear I’ll leave right after…” You wiped your eyes and shook your head. You heard his breathing stop for a moment before he took another step backwards. He was crying too and looked absolutely broken. It was all your fault. All of this. If you hadn’t been so grumpy and jealous in the first place none of it would have happened. You told yourself over and over that you needed to apologize, you needed to tell Peter that you were alright and that it wasn’t his fault. For some reason you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it, so you stood there in silence crying as he slowly made his way out the door and out of your house.

The second the door closed behind him you collapsed onto the ground. Your sobs echoed off the walls of the empty room. There was no anger left inside of you, only regret and sadness. You didn’t mean any of the things you had said, you weren’t in your right state of mind, but that didn’t change the fact that you still said them.

Your chest ached, not because Peter had hurt you, but instead because your heart was broken.

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Some Things You Don't Get Over

More than anything, Adrien Agreste wanted Ladybug not to show up at his house that night. But he knew she would. He knew she’d be there. And he wasn’t ready for it.

He sat on his bed, idly playing with his phone, wondering. She’d said she knew him, after. She’d said his name like a prayer, like the way he thought hers to himself when there’s was nobody to see but Plagg. Did he know her? What was she to him, outside of the mask?

“Are you gonna stop playing with that thing?” Plagg groaned. “Come on, you know she’s coming soon, you’ve wanted this forever! Have a little fun! Take off your shirt or something!”

Adrien just sighed. “I’m not… I’m not ready, Plagg. Not after today.”

He jumped at the knock on the window. He and Plagg both turned to see Ladybug hanging from her yo-yo from the roof. She smiled and waved.

Adrien sighed and waved Plagg away. “Can you… give us some privacy, please?”

Plagg stared at him.

Adrien stared back, then sighed again. “There’s some Camembert in the mini-fridge,” he said.

Plagg shrieked with delight and dove THROUGH the door of the fridge, leaving Adrien to climb up to the window and let Ladybug into his room.

“Hey,” he said, sheepishly. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” she said, slipping past him into the room. “I’m worried about you, honestly.”

“What for?” He climbed down from his desk and sat down on his bed. “I honestly don’t remember any of what happened today, you know? The Akuma hit me and then,” he held up his open palm to the side of his face, “bzzt.”

Ladybug twisted the string of her yo-yo between her hands. “I know you’re lying, Adrien,” she said. “I think I know you better than anyone else at this point.”

Adrien’s face dropped. “I’m sorry, My Lady,” he croaked. “I didn’t want you to find out this way.”

She stepped toward him and ran a hand through his hair, and he let himself fall into it, a whine escaping his lips. “Oh, Kitty,” she said, her voice soft and kind, “you don’t have to apologize to me. I’m just… is everything all right? Are you all right?”

“I’m okay.”

“Adrien, you threw your father off a BUILDING.” She sat down next to him, and he was suddenly very aware of her closeness, of the scent of yeast and cinnamon wafting off her, of the thinness of the material that covered her skin. “I think you have something you need to talk about.”

It hadn’t been the first time Ladybug had needed to fight without her partner. He’d been tagged by Akuma before, turned against her or incapacitated because he’d sacrificed himself to keep her safe. Today, though, it hadn’t been Chat Noir who’d jumped in front of the blast from the rage Akuma, but Adrien Agreste. He’d protected her like he’d always done, and then he’d turned on everyone.

Adrien, it turned out, had so much repressed rage that it had actually scared the Akuma. Most of the fight had come down to Ladybug trying to keep Adrien corralled, with barely any chances to get close enough to the Akuma to steal the enchanted item. Once Adrien shoved his father from the roof of the Bourgeois Hotel, she’d given up and used her Lucky Charm - a jump rope - to tie him to a stairwell, going away to take on the Akuma alone.

And that’s when he’d told her. That’s when he’d told her everything.

Ladybug reached for Adrien’s hand, but he pulled it away. He’d let her down. He was supposed to be her knight; instead, he’d become the worst enemy she’d ever had to fight, because she’d had to look him in the eyes. Look him in the eyes while he’d screamed insults at her, spilled every one of his darkest secrets and frustrations, and keep on going, keep on fighting.

Adrien laughed, but it was a cracked, empty kind of laugh. “I didn’t mean any of it, you know,” he said. “I don’t blame you for anything. For any of it.”

“Adrien…” Ladybug said, resting a hand on his shoulder. “We both know that’s not true.” Her voice cracked as she spoke.

Adrien squeezed his eyes shut. “I love you so much,” he whispered. “I’m so sorry I did this to you.”

“I…” Ladybug halted. “I think I love you too.”

Adrien opened his eyes and stared at her, incredulous. After everything he’d done to her, everything he’d said?

She squeezed his shoulder. “We can’t… we can’t do anything with it. Not yet.” She looked him in the eyes, her own shimmering with tears and maybe, just maybe, hope. “You know why, don’t you?”

“Yeah.” He looked down at his feet. “Your identity.”

“Not just that.” She ran her hand through his hair again, up the back of his head. “I don’t think we’re ready for it. I think… I think we have some things we need to talk about first.”

When he looked at her, she was smiling. At him. She wasn’t leaving, wasn’t leaving him, didn’t hate him, didn’t blame him, and she was staying.

He cleared his throat. “I think…” he started, then swallowed. “There’s no one I’d rather talk to about those things than you.”

Crossed Wires, Part 2 (Cole Sprouse x Reader)

Part 1

Imagine: You like a boy (Cole), who you think likes another girl (Lili), while he thinks you like another boy (KJ), who thinks he’s competing with the first boy for the same girl (Lili). When the boys are brought onto the Late Late Show with James Corden and asked about their love lives, things get real confusing real fast.

Acknowledgments: Special thanks to @jasmineladjevardi for being a great consultant on plot and characters! Couldn’t do it without you!

“So, how are the love lives of my two favorite Riverdale boys?” James Corden asked with a cheeky grin.

“Married to videogames and puffed corn snacks,” Cole replied with a grin of his own. The studio audience laughed. You, watching from the hallway to backstage, laughed as well.

You’d been preparing for your role on Riverdale for two months now, and had just began shooting. You and Cole were growing infinitely closer, but your friendship with KJ helped cope with any sadness about Lili. With Cole, you wondered over the vastness of the world, made cheesy jokes, and explored Hollywood in a way you never could alone. With KJ, you ate ice cream while venting over your unrequited loves, went surfing at the beach, and sang music together. Things were actually… nice.

“Oh come on!” James said. “There has to be some ladies in the lives of such handsome young men!” The audience oohed.

“Well…” KJ said with a blush. The oohing increased in volume. “There is someone.” The smile fell from Cole’s face, which he replaced quickly for the sake of the audience.

James put a hand over his mouth in exaggerated surprise. “Tell us more! Is she a celebrity?”

“Well… yes.”

“…a co-star perhaps?”

KJ eyed Cole uneasily. “Yes.”

The crowd rioted in laughter, some taking out their phones to begin avid Twitter speculation. You grinned from off-sides, knowing exactly to whom KJ was referring.

“Any more hints?” James asked, already basking in the hits this exclusive information would get his show.

“She is by far, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

You smiled at KJ’s sweetness towards Lili. Cole did not fail to see this out of the corner of his eye, and his face reddened of its own accord.

“Looks like you have something to say, Cole,” James said. The audience reaction increased. Cole was a fan favorite, and they ate up any information they could get on his personal life.

“I too, am currently interested with a fellow Riverdale co-star,” Cole said matter-of-factly. The audience cheered. KJ eyed Cole in challenge, who eyed him back likewise.

Your heart began to hurt. It was easy enough to ignore Cole’s other involvements when Lili wasn’t around, but things like this just reminded you that you and Cole weren’t together, and most likely would never be.

“Tell us more!” James said with an interested smile.

“Well, I would agree with KJ that she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I would also say she’s intelligent, and kind, and amazing, and I know her better than anyone else on the set.” Cole said, raising an eyebrow at KJ’s increasingly reddening face. You bit your lip, holding back tears.

James looked between the boys. “Wait… so you’re talking about the same girl?”

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seoul metro training center fansign ♡ 170505
translation: fantaemsie

everyone, go eat your meal~. having a meal is important! a bit later is it in jamsil? (ie: his next fansign.) i’ll probably see some of you there again~. you’ve had a hard time sitting like this for a long time!

ah, everyone seems to have a lot of interest in my tattoos. if you decide on getting one for yourself i hope you’d think about it for a long time before making a decision~. they all say you’ll eventually regret it but, even if i do regret it, i wanted to get it! think about it then decide. since it’s your own body you must know better. (ie: you’d know better than anyone else.) with that said: i think i’m going to go eat now! after eating, in jamsil …, ah, today is children’s day, right? when i was young i used to expect this day a lot but, now, i only knew about it about you told me. enjoy your holiday everyone.

Imagine Chris realizing he’s in-love with you.

A/N: This is Part 4A. (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B) A huge shoutout to Ava, my best friend, who is beyond amazing. Thank you for letting me write you, I am truly honored you trusted me to. @chrisevans-imagines I’ve got nothing but love for you, girly ❤️ I had a lot of free time on my hand today sitting in a dentistry.

Chris stood outside your apartment door with his letter for you and a bouquet of your favorite flowers- red roses- in his hand. His clammy fist hovered over the door, unable to knock as he was too nervous. May was coming; he was about to leave to film Infinity War and he was going to be gone for nine months. Nine months. That was a long time for him to not see you, considering how you’d spent time together every day of the last sixty-five days. For two people who claimed they weren’t dating, the two of you did a lot of things couples did. You’d meet for meals and have movie nights, and if it was held at your apartment- your best friend and roommate, Ava, would spend the whole night teasing the both of you. He’d keep you company while you worked at your university’s library, and you’d keep him company while he worked out at his gym. He’d hang out in the restaurant you were working at when you had to do late night shifts or close, so you wouldn’t be alone and he could drive you home. Some days, you’d just call to meet for coffee or ice-cream so you could simply ask the other about their day.

Other than not having the romantic benefits of an actual couple, the two of you were a couple. Those around you didn’t understand why the two of you wouldn’t just have the talk and become an actual couple; Ava, especially. The conversation you had with her last week was still seared in your mind, she’d made some pretty solid points that you consistently tried and failed to argue with.

“As adorable as the both of you are, you are insufferable.” She’d said to you and you’d sighed because you knew she was right. “Honestly, Y/N. He likes you and you like him, so why are you making it more complicated than it has to be? Just grab the man and kiss him already.”

“It’s not that simple, Ava.”

“How is it not that simple?” She pressed with a frown. “Do you not see the way he looks at you? He likes you and he wants to be with you. Trust me and go pursue that relationship, you’re going to be dating Chris Evans! That’s like a dream come true for us fan girls, for you.”

“Exactly,” you argued and she frowned, confused by your comment. “I’m just a fan,” you elaborated before she could ask you to. “What if I’m not with him for the right reasons? What if I’m not good enough for him? I’m just a fan, Ava,” you repeated. “I’m nobody compared to him.”

“Lovely,” she chuckled as she took your hands in hers. “I’ve known you for a while now, and we’ve always said that we know each other better than anyone else knows us so- you need to hear me when I say this.” You sighed because you knew what she was going to say. “You are not just a fan, you are an amazing human being that Chris would be lucky to date. He’s just a guy, okay? And if you’re just a fan of his, then what is he to you? He’s a fan of your work too, but that’s not making him feel less about himself. You are in-love with him, and if you think you’re only in-love with him because he’s Chris Evans- you’re not as smart as I thought.” You sighed again and you heard her sigh too, “he’s still here, isn’t he? He wouldn’t be if he didn’t care for you.”

“Yeah, or maybe he’s here because of my stories.” You countered. “Maybe he’s here to see if I’m like the girl in the story he loves so much.” Her face prompted a point from your irrational thoughts. “So what if I’m not the girl he thought me to be? I can’t lose him, Ava. I’d rather have him in my life as a friend than not have him in my life at all.”

“You’re right,” she nodded and released your hands. “You’re nothing like the girl in the story.” You felt your eyes narrow at that, but you said nothing. “You’re a thousand times better.” She said and you smiled. “But- if you don’t want to take that risk and be with him then- don’t. It’s your choice and you know I’ll always respect your choices.” You smiled and gave her elbow a grateful squeeze. “Even if it’s dumb,” you heard her murmur under the breath as she disappeared into the kitchen.

“Yeah, I heard that!” You called, biting back your smile.

“Yeah, I meant for you to,” she called back.

A week later, after Ava had a similar but slightly more subtle conversation with Chris while you were in the shower, here he was at your door. Because Ava was right, as always; the two of you liked each other and it was for all the right reasons. It was completely understandable that what brought you together birthed some doubts and insecurities, but surely all of the time you’d spent together had cleared your minds of it.

Chris liked you- loved you even, and he was done being just friends. You were an amazing girl and if he left for nine months without telling you he loved you, and you got swept off your feet by another man- he would be devastated. Just like you were after reading the latest tabloids about him and Scarlett Johansson being a thing. Which was why-

“Chris,” you gasped when you opened the door. He took a step back, as stunned as you; he hadn’t expect you to open the door, nor did you expect him to be standing outside. “What are you doing here?” You asked, slinging the strap of your little purse over your shoulder as you glanced at your phone which had just buzzed in your hand.

“Oh um- I just…” He trailed off, swallowing, unable to say what he wanted to. He was nervous, and he was distracted because you were dressed up like you were going on a date. And you were- with Sam, a boy in your class- but you didn’t mention anything to Chris, which was why he was confused. “Where are you going?”

You didn’t want to tell him you were going on a date because a small part of you still held onto the hope that you had a chance with him. You were afraid- terrified even, that if you told him about Sam, that door would close forever. You thought about lying, until you remembered you read that he was allegedly dating his oldest friend and brilliantly talented co-star, Scarlett Johansson- a woman you could never, ever surpass. So why couldn’t you tell him? After all, what was the harm in telling him, your friend?

“I’m going on a date.” The words felt so heavy coming out of your mouth; the excitement you had when you agreed to coffee with Sam faded the second you saw Chris. “His name is Sam, he’s in my class.” The more you explained, the more Chris’ heart ached. He subtly slipped the letter into his back pocket and lowered the bouquet to his side; he was too late. “Are those…for me?” You quizzed with a raised brow.

“Uh- no,” he shook his head with a forced smile; he had to pretend he was okay because he didn’t want to ruin your date. “These are for Ava, she um- she mentioned the other day that her mom wasn’t doing too well, I think um- I don’t know, so…” He trailed off in a weary tone; he couldn’t even find it in himself to lie properly.

“What?” Your eyes narrowed with deep concern as you mentally questioned why your best friend didn’t mention anything to you. “That’s crazy. She didn’t-” Ava had heard the commotion and walked out from her room; she poked her head over your shoulder and you turned to her, frowning. “Your mom’s sick?” You asked. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because she’s not,” she answered, frowning.

“Didn’t you say she was um- she hurt her back or something?” Chris quickly spoke up; his eyes begged her to go along with his lie when you looked away from him. “I remember you feeling really down, which is why I brought you these.” He held out the bouquet and Ava took it, even though she knew the flowers were for you. “Anyway, I should go. Um-” he scratched the back of his neck, “I’ve got errands to run.”

“Stay, please,” Ava stopped Chris before he could run away. “I’d like to talk to you about something before you run off. Surely your errands can wait,” she said with a look in her eyes that only she and Chris understood.

Your phone buzzed in your hand again and you knew Sam had arrived and was waiting for you in his car downstairs. “You kids have fun, I gotta go. We’ll call your mom later and send my regards,” you suggested and Ava nodded. “Are you sure about this outfit?” You asked her, one final time before you left.

“Yes,” she smiled at you then looked over your shoulder at Chris, trying not to sigh at his heavy expression. She knew exactly how he felt, she’d had her fair share of seeing someone she loved with someone else. Oddly, she didn’t feel bad about seeing her best friend with her celebrity crush; that was just the kind of selfless person she was and you loved her for it. “You look beautiful.”

“Thanks, love.” You smiled then patted Chris’ arm as you brushed past him. He opened his mouth to stop you, but stopped himself before he could. He was too late, you looked happy and he couldn’t ruin that for you. “I’ll see the two of you later!”

The second you faded from view, Ava beckoned Chris inside; he walked in with slumped shoulders and heavy steps. She held the bouquet for him to take back then closed the door behind him. He stood in your living room, shuffling his feet as he tried not to kick himself at his bad timing.

“She’s only going on a date because she thinks you’re dating Scarlett Johansson,” Ava told him and his head shot up, a deep frown on his face. “Did you not see the tabloids? It’s everywhere, she was pretty bummed.”

“Why would I date Scarlett?” He frowned. “She’s one of my oldest friends, she’s like a sister to me. We don’t have that kind of a relationship.” Ava nodded in agreement because she’d told you the same thing. “I mean- we tried, but we realized we didn’t feel that way about each other. Wait- so she’s going on a date to spite me?”

“What? No! What is wrong with you?” Ava scolded then chuckled softly at his sheepish look. “She’s going on a date to distract herself from you. She likes you, Chris. If you can’t tell from the way she writes about you, then boy are you dumb. She’s just worried she’s not good enough for you, which is absolutely-”

“Ridiculous,” he finished for her. “Not good enough for me? What the fuck does that even mean? She’s amazing.” A smile formed on his lips as he began talking about you. “She’s so kind and sweet and beautiful and strong and funny and talented and-” he cut himself off, sighing. “And I’m in-love with her.”

“Yes you are,” Ava nodded. “And she’s in-love with you too.” She chuckled when she heard him sigh again, “relax. It’s not too late, she’s not even that interested in Sam. She’s just going because she’s too nice to tell him, ‘sorry, but I’m in-love with someone else.’ Just leave that letter you have in your pocket here and I’ll pass it on to her.”

Chris felt his eyes narrow as he reached into his back pocket, “how do you know that this is for her?” He asked as he pulled out the letter he’d spent days writing and refining; he didn’t know how you got stories out without hours. “Here,” he passed it to Ava, who took it with a light laugh.

“Because I’m a writer, and so far- this entire thing has been like a very adorable and very complicated little mini series.” She commented and he managed a smile. “But luckily for you, Chris, we’re over the hump. Things should be smooth sailing from here on out, as long as the two of you talk. God, if the two of you had just talked like I’d advised- this could’ve all been avoided. That poor boy, Sam wouldn’t lose the most wonderful girl to the perfect guy without explanation.”

“Thanks, Ava,” Chris smiled. “I can see why Y/N loves you so much, you are a good friend to her.”

“I’m her best friend,” Ava corrected with great emphasis and Chris nodded in acknowledgment with pursed lips; the tone Ava used said one thing and one thing only, “don’t fuck with my best friend or I’ll kill you”. Then she repeated it in words so Chris got the point, “which means I will kill you if you hurt her in any way, do you understand?”

“Believe me,” he assured her, “I’d kill me too if I hurt her.”

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Part 4B

anonymous asked:

could u write a scenario of Lance finding his s/o that he left behind on earth in a galra prison ship and just like, him comforting them and their first night safe in the castle with him?

gOSH I live for angst that slowly turns into fluff but still has that underlying angst

There were a lot of things that they had uncovered under various missions and within many galra ships, but you?

You were the biggest surprise that he had ever seen.

“There are prisoners aboard,” Shiro said through the earpiece, “I repeat, prisoners aboard. Treat them with care.”

Lance cleared the walkway before going to unlock the prisoners. All he had was 3 different cells, he figured he was lucky. The first cell held two alien creatures, blinded by the light of the hallway. The second cell housed four. He quickly guided them into the hallway before moving to the last door.

There were two prisoners, both badly hurt. One was clutching their leg in pain, and you had folded yourself into a fetus position.

“Oh, them?” One of the aliens piped up behind Lance, “They kept on defying orders so the general decided to teach them ‘lesson’.” Lance shuddered before helping the two of you get up.

He didn’t quite recognize you at first, with your hair dirty and longer than before. Your face was dusted with filth, and your clothes were torn. What resembled of you, he reminded himself must be just a coincidence.

You barely opened your eyes, due to the new change in light. You were in so much pain, the second you stood up, your body folded in on itself and you crumpled to the ground in a mess of limbs. Lance squatted down by you, “Yep, they fainted.” There was a chorus of groans behind him, “Hey, I didn’t give up on you guys, so we’re not giving up on them. We just have to get them out a different way.”

Lance, deciding you were more hurt, chose to carry you over his shoulder while two of the aliens helped up your accomplice.

“Come on, let’s go.” He ordered as they crept through the ship. It was only when he was getting on the Altean ship did it sink in.

“They really does look like Y/N, doesn’t they?” Hunk had said in passing when Lance brought you in.

“I know! It’s just that they also look…”

“Different? Well if you were on board a galra ship you would too.”

Lance shuddered as he considered the possibility….there was no way. “No! Y/N is safe at the Garrison.”

“Why would they be, when you’re not?” Hunk asked, taking a sip of his water packet. “I mean, you have to expect the unexpected. We are fighting a war that raged for 10,000 years without Earth knowing about it.”

Lance hated how right Hunk sounded, and carried you the rest of the way deep in his thoughts. He handed your body to Allura before walking aimlessly to his room. He decided to check in with you while you were in the pod. If you looked like you while you were in the pod then you were most likely Y/N.

He shuddered, “Please don’t be true,” he told himself while he tried to sleep that night. “Please be safe, mi amor,” He whispered to the night as he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, he went to visit you and the others the second he was done changing. When he stood in front of you, it all made sense. The nose, the face shape, although a lot skinnier from lack of food, the body height, it all seemed similar. But still, Lance was holding out for your safety. There was one more thing that he hadn’t matched yet.

Your voice. More specifically, your laugh. It was a beautiful arrangement of bells that made Lance love you more and more every time he heard it. He carried the sound with him whenever he felt down. If it matched, he knew that you would be Y/N.

When you were finally realesed and fell out, he was there to catch you. Granted, so were the others, but he’s the one you recognized. He placed you down on the steps, your eyes never left his though.

“Lance?” You asked, your voice croaking slightly. “Where am I? Is this another drill? I swear I don’t know anything!” Your voice rose with every statement, clearly from trauma. The other prisoners grew increasingly alarmed and treated it as another punishment as well. Everyone was talking about how they swear they’re not going to leave next time.

Lance knelt in front of you and gave you a huge hug, and whispered “It’s okay,” in your ear, effectively calming you.

Allura moved to the front of the group of people, “This is not a drill! We are the paladins of Voltron, defenders of the universe. We freed you from the Galra!”

Slowly but surely, they started to get it. Lance still hugged you, and you raised your arms to hold him there. He felt the tears slip out of you and stain his jacket, but he didn’t say a word. For you, he would lose everything.

“I’m sorry,” You said, pulling away slightly to wipe your eyes.

“Hey, better me than anyone else, right?” He smiled, “You are still my love.”

You laughed slightly. There it was. The bells.

As the day passed, it was evident that you were still iffy about most of the people aboard the ship, except for Pidge and Hunk, and of course, Shiro. But even them, you didn’t want to close. You stuck to Lance like glue, you let him guide you around the ship, to the table for dinner, the training deck, the pool even.

Lance wanted to know how you got aboard that ship. For the love of his sanity, he wanted to know. But he kept his lips zipped, instead trying to show you around most of the castle until you got tired.

“Tomorrow, I’ll take you on a tour of the rooms.” He said, as he led you to your door. You walked in and the door closed behind you.

You whipped your head around and were quick to try to bang on the door. Lance, still on the other side, opened the door right away. You looked so shaken, so Lance offered some advice. “Babe, this is how you open the door.”

“Oh, thanks.” You laughed slightly, but the cautious look never left you.

Lance started walking away, but he stopped abruptly when you said, “Lance, can you stay with me? I…I don’t want to be alone.”

As the night carried on, you snugly in Lance’s arms, you got your first nightmare. At first it was just crying, but then you started talking out loud about leaving you alone.

“Please, I swear I know nothing! I don’t know anything! I don’t know what that is!” You started screaming, and Lance woke up immediately. He shook you awake, scared about whatever it was you were dreaming about. The second that you woke up and saw him, you burst into tears. You wrapped your arm around him, still crying.

“They kept on asking me questions, but I swore I didn’t know the answers.” You called out to him through your tears. He was still shaken by your outburst, but he slowly lifted an arm to go around your back, and another to pat your hair.

“Shh, it’s okay now, ok? I’m here, and I swear none of them will ever hurt you again.” His voice was softer than you had ever heard it, and it brought you the most reassurance that you had ever felt.

“You promise?” You asked as you guys laid back down. Your eyes were big and glossy even through the night from tears. You looked like a mess, but Lance loved you so much.

He smiled and brought you closer to him, so you heard his heartbeat. “I promise, mi amor.”

You slept with the soft and stead beat as your lullaby, and the night terrors did not plague you again that night.

But even if they did, you were sure that Lance would be there. He promised.

you’re the one [connor m. x reader]

i… couldn’t resist. based off of this post because i only thought of connor.

warnings: uh swearing but thats about it

        You honestly considered yourself lucky just based off of the words along your hip: “You. You’re the one.” They were simple, but they were perfect, because that was the first thing you would hear your soulmate say - and honestly, isn’t that something that just sounds romantic by itself? You weren’t sure how or when you’d meet your soulmate, but you definitely knew it’d be someone that you’d adore just based off of their first words to you, even if you didn’t know how this would have been stumbled upon. But fate had it’s ways, so you decided to sit back and let each day come.

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Okay so I have this headcanon

That Percy is a Hufflepuff. I mean yeah, he is brave and ambitious and could be both a Gryffindor and a Slytherin but if you think about it he belongs in Hufflepuff. I mean look at his fatal flaw- loyalty. What is the main quality of Hufflepuffs? That’s right, loyalty. Also his strength and bravery come from his loyalty to his friends and family. Like, the most brave thing he ever did (fall into Tartarus with/for Annabeth) was because of his loyalty. So yeah I think that Percy belongs in Hufflepuff.

Also I think that Annabeth is a Slytherin. I mean yeah, she is also clever and witty and brave and could be both a Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor, but her fatal flaw is hubris, otherwise said, she thinks she can do everything better than anyone else (including the gods). Also she is very ambitious and cunning (the way she tricked Arachne? That was pretty sly). So yeah I think that she is a Slytherin.

When The Tide Turns (4/16)

Summary:  The plan was to go to England, finish the case and head back home in a matter of days. Of course, nothing in Emma’s life ever goes according to plan. Not only does she end up travelling across Europe, looking for a Liam Jones in order to finish her case, she ends up travelling with Liam’s brother - an annoyingly handsome Killian Jones. And she doesn’t trust him one bit.

Rating: T, for language and a bit of violence later on

Beta-reader: the lovely @forget-me-not-s​ :))

Artists: @theblacksiren - check out her beautiful artwork for chapter 1 here! And thank you @optomisticgirl​ for the awesome banner! And I’m really so excited for you all to see @fairytalesandtimetravel​ ‘s amazing artwork for a later chapter!!

Word count: ~5146 (68k+ in total)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 |


What the hell was he doing here? Was he following her?

From the start something had been off about Hook. She shouldn’t have been so easily swayed when she found him sneaking around Barrie’s office. What the hell had she been thinking? Did good looks really throw her off that much?

No; Emma wouldn’t be fooled by him any longer.

She weaved her way through the crowd, aiming straight for Hook. Was that even his real name? Of course not - who would call their child James Hook?

Hook reached the main doors of the airport and oblivious to Emma, he slipped through. Emma dodged a large family and their suitcases that seemed to fill the entire hall. She wasn’t going to let Hook get away any time soon.

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Oblivious- Josh Anderson

Originally posted by goldanklebonecups

Ok so I’ve heard from a couple of people that Josh Anderson is both a puppy and oblivious… so enjoy! Lol!

Warning: One bad cuss word

Anon Request: I’d like to request Josh Anderson. :) I recently found out that he’s a big of a sweetheart, but he’s pretty oblivious when girls are into him. And I think something about that would be the most adorable imagine.


              You looked on with both anger and amusement.

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Dark Passenger

A/N: This is an idea I’ve had in my head for a while, kind of nervous to post it since I don’t know which direction I would like to take it but perhaps some feed back will help me decide. SO PLEASE ANY FEEDBACK, THOUGHTS, ANYTHING WILL HELP ME!

Originally posted by aglassofwhiskey

It was still early in the morning, the light barely beginning to creep into the bedroom when the sound of two ringing phones woke her up. Automatically she reached for the phone without needing to see what button she was pressing she answered the call, “Hello.” 

“Garcia. Yes. Got it. Be right there.” After hanging up she closed her eyes for just one more second taking a deep breath. “Spence” she said as she got out bed, “Duty calls, let’s go” she said taking the covers off of him.  

After quickly stopping for coffee on the way to the office, both of you practically ran to the briefing room barely making it on time. “Well at least some of us had a good night” Morgan said greeting you both as you sat down across from him. 

“Yeah well unfortunately that goodnight is about to come to an end.” Garcia said clicking the button on her control making several pictures appear on the screen, “Looks like you are all on your way to this very tiny town, a wonderful vacation I’m sure” 

She became tense as soon as the pictures popped up on the screen, she knew them she knew both of them. No this couldn’t be happening, out of all places for them to go did they have to head back to her home town? 

Everyone noticed the shift in her body language, especially Spencer, “Is everything okay?” he asked immediately. 

“Yeah I know them, I know where we’re going.” She said trying to keep her eyes off of the screen. “What do you mean?” Spencer asked her confused. 

“Turning, WA it’s my home town.” 

“I don’t remember you mentioning that to me” Spencer was right it was because she hadn’t, she actually hadn’t mentioned to anyone there. 

Even after being a part of the BAU for almost eight months she had never revealed certain details about her self. She had a way of making people feel as though they knew so much about her even with the little she showed them of who she was. 

But Spencer wasn’t everyone else, in the last couple of weeks they had gotten closer. At first they we’re only friends, hanging out often, spending time together out side of work. Out of everyone there Spencer knew the most about her, what she liked, who she was, her fears, her mind, her heart.  

But her past, no her past was something different then who she was today. Something’s she didn’t think she could share with anyone, her past had become one of them. Especially not now, they had just started dating made things official, and it was the best thing that had happened to her in a very long time.  

Spencer was everything she could ever dream of, he was kind, loving, smart, patient, soft. He was kind in the way he cared for her, he was loving with her, smart was an understatement for him. Patient he was always patient when it came to dealing with her and her harsh stubborn ways. Soft he was always soft with his hands, his actions, his words. Spencer had proven time and time again to be all these things and more. 

How would kind, loving Spencer react to her past, her secrets, to who she use to be, to the life she use to have? To the part of her that would forever be stained. Would he be just as kind and gentle or would he come to realize she was far to gone to ever be a part of his world.  

“So what can you tell us about Turning?” Hotch said looking through the files in front of him. “It’s a small town, nothing changes very often, nothing really ever happens.” 

“Well a lots been happening a husband and wife dead, and now a third victim, all within a weeks time. Your family hasn’t let you know of any news?” Hotch said pressing her for answers. 

“I don’t talk to my family more than I have too, which isn’t often.”

“How long has it been since you’ve been home?” She looked around the table, she could see in everyone’s eyes that the questions they’d never thought to ask were all lining up in their heads. 

“About 10 years” you said watching everyone’s surprised reaction. 

“Well then, you might want to give them a call. Wheels up in 30.” Hotch said closing the file and making his way out the room, everyone else following him one by one expect for you and Spencer. 

“Seems like theres a lot I don’t know about you” Spencer said as he got up from his seat. “You know me Spencer, you know me better than anyone else.” As she said that realized she was saying it more to her self than to anyone else. 

Those words continued to resonate in her mind as they boarded the jet. Everyone gathered around the small table looking at their case files, but she wasn’t thinking about this case. Her thought we’re far away, all revolving around her past life, about her home.

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anonymous asked:

Saying you're proud of your results is just so much bragging. We all know you're basically """"perfect""" so stop shoving it in our faces. No one cares that you think that because of some dumbass tests you probably didn't even do well on that you're better than all of the rest of us here. Shut your fatass up and stop humblebragging because you're a shittard and no one cares about what you have to say.

this really isn’t what i was going for when i asked for sleepover asks whew

let’s go through this point by point, then:

  1. “”“"perfect”“”: i never said i’m perfect, merely that i’m happy with the results i got! good scores are different for different people and i think i did well given the work i put in. i’m not claiming to be better than anyone else
  2. “shoving it in our faces”: friendly reminder that you choose to follow my blog, and that it is my blog and i can post what i like! also, posting 2 asks & 1 post about my ap results is hardly shoving it in your face.
  3. “dumbass tests”: actually can’t argue here. ap tests are awful.
  4. “probably didn’t even do well on”: well, like i said, the definition of good is different for different people, but i’d hardly say getting four 5s and a 4 is not doing well on my exams, ok?
  5. “better than all of the rest of us here”: now this is slander. nowhere did i say, or even imply, that i’m better than anyone else. all i said was that i am proud of how i did on my exams!
  6. “Shut your fatass up”: if anyone’s sounding muffled, it definitely isn’t me.
  7. “stop humblebragging”: firstly, i don’t think that’s a word. secondly, i’ve been very straightforward and never downplayed anything. i’m proud of how well i did and i’m allowed to feel that way.
  8. “you’re a shittard”: excuse u i think u sneezed
  9. “ no one cares about what you have to say”: i think the relatively large number of people following me on this website would say otherwise, so you’re definitely in the minority here.\

in conclusion; don’t be so bitter. take a chill pill & calm urself down & go pet a dog or smthn it’ll make u feel better than yelling at people who (shock horror) have the audacity to feel proud of themselves for doing well on something they worked very hard at.

Drunk Off My Ass

A/N: lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Summary: Reader goes to a party with friend Theodosia. Theodosia leaves reader. You are left alone in a party with drunk college students. Philip comes over and stuff happens. (not smut you sinners) (i wish i could write smut)

Prompts: #4. “Are you drunk?” & #779. “Let’s strip down to our socks”

Request: Guess who’s back? Back again. I believe that my request was #4 and #779 with Philip Hamilton? {requested by the lovely @poorly-written-imagines }

Tags: @matsuhanna (you wanted to be tagged in all my fics,,,, here ya go)

Pairing: Philip Ham X Fem. Reader (oops) 

Warnings: underage drinking, drunk-ness, mentions of alcohol, mention of one night stands, swearing, unedited writing

Word Count:1,550 (im getting better at this longer fic thing)

AU: College (im a whore for college AU’s,,, sue me)

You and Theo, or Theodosia as many liked to call her, including yourself, shared a decently sized dorm with an ugly yellow door. You hated that door more than anything. The dorm had one tiny room that was smaller than the bathroom. Two small beds barely fit inside. You and Theo had probably gotten the worst dorm in the entire school.

One bed was used in the dorm for various reasons, such as the very fact that two beds barely fit. You two at least needed room for a wardrobe. Some days, the two of you would wake up and be spooning, leading to a very awkward morning.

Not that you two had much time to actually converse, as classes had practically consumed your life. The only times you two really talked were, between classes, before sleeping and while making (or buying) something for dinner.

Today you had no classes. All you wanted to do was relax and watch Netflix or some shit. Apparently, Theo had other plans.

You woke up to the blazing sun coming in from the window. Not to your suprise, Theo and you were spooning again. You were both only best friends, however, and neither of you had any sexually attraction to the other, nor would you ever date her. You snickered before removing her hand from around your waist and walking groggily into the kitchen.

The kitchen was absolutely horrendous. It was insanely tiny and couldn’t even fit a full-sized fridge, hence why you had an apartment fridge. It was bigger than the room you and Theo shared, but also smaller than the bathroom. That bathroom is huge.

You served yourself cereal and plopped down on the sofa, turning on Netflix, the only thing keeping you going through college. Halfway through whatever the hell you were watching, Theo practically bounced into the living room. “Woah there Theo. Are you sure that drug test came out negative?” You laughed as Theo rolled her eyes.

“It came out negative Y/N! I swear!” Theo complained, getting rather defensive.

“Mhm. Okay. Alright. Okey dokey. Cool. Yes. Good. Sure. Awesome. Fantastic. Fabulous. Fuc-” You said, smirking before Theo, so rudely, interrupted.

“I think what you meant to say was, I believe you Theo.” Theo smirked as you rolled your eyes.

“Whatever floats your boat, Cap'ain.“ You teased, smirking. “Now, Master. What was it you are excited about? Because college sure as hell isn’t that exciting.” You asked with an amused smirk playing at your lips.

“I made plans for us to go to Philip Hamilton’s party!” Theo smirked victoriously. Your smirk dropped slightly. Philip Hamilton? As in, the boy that you had a one night stand. And then walked out on? “Isn’t that so exciting Y/N! You’ll love Philip! He’s one of my great friends from my writing class!” She rambled on, excitement laced in her voice.

“Hey, Theo. Maybe I should sit this one out. I got a physics test soon and I can’t really just, not study.” You said, obviously lying. Theo noticed your horrendous lying and spoke.

“Hm. Nah. You’re going with me.” She smiled excitedly, giving you slight puppy dog eyes. You groaned loudly before accepting her offer. “Yes! Yesyesyes! I have the perfect thing for you to wear! This is so exciting! You’re gonna be a woman!!” She practically shouted, jumping up and down in excitement. She looked as if she was going to cry of happiness.

“Theo. I’m a woman already.” You laughed before Theo simply glared, her smile never leaving her face.

“Nope! Let’s go, my experiment!” She smiled largely, causing you to smile back. Theo started with makeup. She swatxhed a dark red lipstick ontof your lips and a dark red eye shadow on your eyes, with a winged eyeliner. You looked pretty damn good. Theo curled your hair and gaped at how amazing she made you look.

Finally, Theo took a box out of the wardrobe you two shared. It had the words, ‘Theodsia’ engraved in the box with an intricate flower pattern. She handed you the box before pulling off the top softly to reveal a beautiful red dress, reaching around knee-length. You felt your jaw drop before she assited you in pulling it on. It was gorgeous. “It was my mother’s dress. I’ve only ever worn it once and it wasn’t my style. It looks better on you.” She smiled. You turned to her, shaking your head vigorously.

“It’s gorgeous, Theo. But I can’t take something that belonged to your mother. It’s rightfully yours. I-I can’t take it.” You said with sympathy in your eyes. Theo simply smiled at you.

“As I said, it looks better on you than it would ever look on anyone else, including myself. My mother would have wanted me to give it away if I didn’t want it.” She smiled before you nodded your head. “Plus it shows off your goddess curves, girl! You look fuckin fantastic!” She laughed before changing into her very own black dress. Her dress reached her ankles and suited her fantastically.

When the both of you were finally ready, you both hailed a taxi. The taxi driver was extremely polite. Theo continuously flirted with him, really not caring whether he was taken or not. You two later found out that he was, in fact, married and had two children. Awkward.

After you two finally paid for the taxi ride, you both walked into the party. You inhaled sharply and breathed out, anxiety flooding your senses. What if Philip recognizes you? What if he hates you? You shrugged off those wretched thoughts as you and Theo walked in. You both sat at the bar and ordered shots.

About two shots later, Theo just left. You were still sitting at the bar, but had stopped drinking. You weren’t tipsy but had enough liquor to at least loosen you up a bit. Suddenly, a hand tapped your shoulder. You whipped around to be met with the face of Philip Fucking Hamilton. You inhaled and exhaled sharply at the proximity of your faces before forcing a smile. You placed your hands on Philip’s chest, to which he responded with a smirk, and pushed him away gently. Philip’s smirk left his face quickly.

“What was that for?” Philip slurred ever so slightly to the point where you weren’t sure if he was drunk or not.

“Your face was too close to mine.” You admitted beofre taking a sip of a shot, causing Philip to look confused.

“Why would you sip a shot? There’s like nothing in that glass.” Philip stated. You rolled your eyes before responding.

“I have no intent on getting drunk tonight. What’s it to you, Mr. Know it all?” You said, a smile never appearing on your face.

“Well. I kind of was trying to get some girl into my bed. Y'know?” Philip slurred. “So let’s strip down to our socks!” Philip smirked. You laughed loudly and Philip flashed a sheepish smile.

“Sorry Phil. But I don’t want that.” You laughed, patting his shoulder. Philip pouted like a child.

“That’s not fair! Cuz! Cuz! I um! I do stuff that’s good!” Philip slurred, the pout never dissapearing from his freckled face.

“Are you drunk?” You snorted before standing up and beginning to walk away before feeling a hand grab your wrist. “What the hell?” You said as your back was slammed against a wall, your hands pinned up, only to be met with the pouting face of Philip Hamilton.

“Kay. So. You don’t have to fuckk meee. But! If I say that I’m drunk. Will you kiss me?” Philip slurred, making not much sense.

You groaned before speaking. “If you stop pinning me to the wall, I’ll give you my number, a cheek kiss and a note reminding you to drink an asston of water.” You laughed. Philip’s face broke into a large grin.

“Deal! By the way, im drunk off my ass.” Philip practically shouted before letting you go. He was now jumping around out of excitement to which you responded with a laugh. You walked over to him and pecked his cheek before taking his phone and putting in your phone number. You then wrote him a quick note basically reminding him to drink water to assist his hangover. “Wait. What’s your name again?” Philip asked, actually having forgotten your name in his drunken state. You laughed out loud.

“Y/N L/N.” You responded, a wide smile on your face as Philip’s smile slightly left his face, only to be replaced with a smirk.

“Aren’t you that girl that I had a one night stand with? And then you left?” Philip smirked. Your eyes widened and you grabbed your bag.

“Gotta blast!” You shouted before stuffing a bottle of alcohol in your bag. You quickly ran out of the bar, Philip Hamilton calling after you. And the bartenders because you stole a bottle of alcohol, but that’s not important.

Sick of Losing Soulmates

“God knows where I would be if you hadn’t found me sitting all alone in the dark…”

bucky x reader

Warnings: mentions of ptsd, swearing, kissing. 

The day started off normally enough. Tony talked to you of his plans to expand the building, to which you happily agreed. It was definitely getting cramped in the area. 

Then, you trained with Natasha and Steve. Both of whom were happy to have a telepathic on the team. The only problem with your telepathy is that you couldn’t fight physically for shit, all your power went to your mind which is why you were happy to be trained by two of the strongest people in the Avengers. 

“You need to learn to take a hit every once in a while.” Natasha muttered, demonstrating a kick in Steve’s direction once again. 

“I can handle pain.” You defended, crossing your arms over your chest and pouting. 

It was then that Wanda walked in, lifting you from the ground and throwing you back down. A groan bubbled from your throat as you gripped your ribs. “No you can’t.” 

“I can handle a punch, not a force lifting me and throwing me down.” You muttered childishly as Steve helped you from the ground. “I think you’ve had enough for today.” 

You stuck your tongue out and everyone, lifting a towel from the rack and throwing a middle finger in the air. “Hey!” Steve yelled, pointing his finger at you disapprovingly. 

A laugh left your mouth as you walked out of the room. Your feet dragged you tiredly to the bathroom. You knocked just in case, noticing the light was off and opening the door. 

Just where the light had shone through the open door, you saw Bucky sat on the edge of the tub with his head in his hands. He was shirtless, his body covered in goosebumps but you could see sweat dripping from his forehead. 

“Buck?” You questioned, immediately concerned with what you had just found. His head raised, his eyes watering. 

“Oh, Bucky…” You shut the door behind you, encasing him in your arms as he sniffled quietly. 

Bucky was the first person you really became close to, he was there when no one else was. When you missed home, he happily distracted you. When you wanted to leave, when you felt you couldn’t take the stress anymore, he was there to talk you down. Bucky was your rock.

You were his as well, and you wished you didn’t have to be because he suffers more than anyone else. The vivid flashbacks, the nightmares, you couldn’t imagine going through what he had to but you were happy to make him happy again. Because, sometimes you just need the right person there. He was your person and you were his. 

His head was cradled on your chest as you lead him to the ground where you rested your back against the tub. You stroked his head to calm him, feeling his arms slowly wrap around your body. 

“Do you need to talk about it?” 

The first time you found him like this he didn’t say a word besides expressing how embarrassed he was that you found him like this. 

As time went on, it became easier and easier for him to talk to you. 

“I just… I keep hearing the words. Even if they’re not being said together. Earlier Bruce said Furnace and I almost- I almo-” Bucky’s words got caught in his throat, a sob falling out of his throat. 

“It’s okay Bucky, you don’t have to say it.” You comforted, rubbing his back. 

“You’re so good to me, (Y/N).” He whispered, his voice broken. 

You smiled sadly, worried for the shattered man in front of you. You wished you could take every ounce of pain from him and feel it yourself, just to understand. Just so he didn’t hurt. 

“I wish you didn’t have to go through this.” You voiced your thoughts, realizing he couldn’t read your mind. 

“All I need is you.” 

It took you a second to realize he hadn’t said that outloud. You felt your breath catch in your throat, suddenly aware of just how close you two were. 

“Bucky, I heard that.” You stated, completely still. 

Bucky didn’t seem to mind, still frowning sadly and staring forward, “You had to know at some point.” 

You furrowed your eyebrows, completely captivated with where Bucky’s skin touched yours. You noticed the shocks, the feathery touches he gave your torso. The way your breathing synced together. 

“Bucky, I-” 

“Just, be quiet for a moment please. I need to prepare myself for whatever you’re going to say.” Bucky murmured, his cheek still pressed against your chest, slightly muffling his words. 

Prepare himself for what? 

“Bucky, please listen to me,” you whispered, “what do you mean ‘all you need is me’?” 

“You make me feel better. So much more than anyone else ever could.” He said, finally sitting up and looking at you face to face. “It’s just nice to know that you’ll be here for me when I really need it.” 

Your heart fluttered at his words, a sigh falling from your lips as you looked into his eyes. He bit his lip, sadness still strung over his features, “I completely understand if you don’t feel the same way. I just know that I had to tell you.” 

A hair lay across your face, causing him to reach forward and push it away, his hand still resting tenderly on your cheek. 

You leaned into his touch, closing your eyes and basking in his scent. “I feel the same way.” 

Bucky didn’t even have a second to process what you had said before you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his hard. 

He responded immediately, his hands on your hips while you straddled his thighs. You felt goosebumps rise to your skin while his hands rested just underneath the bottom of your shirt. 

It was in that moment that you knew just how much you were supposed to be with him. How much he meant to you, and how well you could see your future going. You loved him. 

He pulled away, resting his forehead against yours while showing you a smile. “I’m glad you feel the same way, darlin’.” 

It’s like, over the last year and a bit, some Harries have forgotten that Niall KNOWS Harry. It’s like, in their vain attempt to pretend like 1D was never a thing, they’ve forgotten that it very much was and that not only did Niall live through it and in it, HARRY did too.

It’s like they’ve forgotten that Niall and Harry spent nearly every day for five years together – living with each other, travelling with each other, knowing each other. And now, whenever Niall says something about 1D – or *gasp* about Harry – they act like Niall doesn’t even know him. They act like Niall is just some random, like he’s an outsider who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

And you know what? Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe 1D will actually never get back together, ever – and maybe he is talking complete shit. But how do THEY know that? (They don’t.)

How do they know that all four of them didn’t come to an agreement to revisit talking about it when they decided on the hiatus? How do they know that Niall and Harry (and Louis and Liam) never talked about how wild and crazy it was to have been in 1D and how success like that will probably never happen for them again? (Hence his latest comment. Psst, don’t hate him because he speaks the truth.)

These boys spent FIVE YEARS together, riding out their successfulness together – and here Harries are, acting like they know the boys have never talked about it? Acting like Niall’s just talking to hear himself talk? (And so what if he were? Why does it matter to them if they’re oh-so confident?)

Acting like Niall is some sort of evil mastermind who’s only purpose in life now is to bring Harry down by talking about 1D? LMAO. Come on. (But, hey- Maybe they’re right. Maybe Niall’s little leather bound book isn’t for his songs at all… Maybe it’s actually for plotting to ruin Harry’s career. Step One: This Town. Step Two: Slow Hands. Step Three: Works domination. [That would make quite the fic, y'all.])

Anyway, @ these Harries, here’s a tidbit of advice:

Niall is not the outsider here. YOU are. Stop acting like you know Harry better than anyone else, especially Niall. Because, as Niall has said, people may think that they know them, but he actually does. (And, yes, that includes Harry.)

Bucky Worries


Description: You run off on a forbidden mission leaving Bucky to worry hopelessly about you until you get back.

A/n: sorry i didn’t include the smut!! But there is angst :D

Look at his squishy lil face!!!

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“No way.”

“Please, Steve. I’m strong enough now.”

He sighed heavily whilst pulling on his boots and getting ready for his latest mission. You stood over him trying your best to pull the saddest most innocent look you could muster in the hopes he would give in.

You hadn’t been on a mission in so long and you missed it. You knew Steve was just trying to keep you safe, the last mission had nearly killed you and it had weakened your powers so much you’d had to spend six weeks in hospital recovering. Controlling the elements used so much of your energy.

“I’ve recovered. I’m ready,” you said, becoming exasperated, “I know I’ll be an asset to this mission. Please!”

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I’m gonna address everything being sent to me in this post, because honestly, I’m irrelevant I don’t even know why this is all being thrown at me. But I guess I gotta be the one to speak up.

Why are we here right now?
On this hellsite?
How did it start?
For me it was “Hey, I like this guy’s content and I wanna see more of it”.
So I made a tumblr to see cool art and photos.

But why are the rest of us here?
To make friends? Cute Joji pics? To make friends with people who relate with the cute Joji pics?
Everybody’s got their reason.

Why do we have to fight over this? We’re all just people. None of us are better than each other, regardless of followers or anything else. And if you don’t like us posting the inside jokes on our accounts, I’m sorry. I just thought it was really cool I finally had friends. And if you didn’t get any info for the group chat, I’m sure @joji-cake or @joji-beats would be more than happy to help you if you message them directly. Or hell message me and I’ll let them know too.

And I have a lot of people telling me things along the lines of we’re fake and don’t care about anybody else, and just know that is not the case in the slightest. I personally can’t hold up a conversation to save my life, don’t worry you’re not missing much from me. And as I said before, we’re not high and mighty nor better than anyone else here. Just as you did, we just wanted friends and people to talk to. But we’re busy too sometimes, as people are. We are human beings. And if anyone feels left out, it’s not on purpose and I’m sorry. We’re honestly just chilling trying to make the best of everything. Nothing more.

I just want to make edits and have a nice time. And this probably didn’t come out the way I wanted it to as nothing ever does, but please understand that I didn’t mean for this, Cake didn’t, Joey didn’t, Dayz didn’t, nobody did.