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a list of things to love about snape, in no particular order:

  • “do not use that word!”
  • literal potions genius, making potions recipes 10x better at sixteen 
  • swishy cloak
  • chooses to spy on a terrifying dark lord not once, but twice
  • sarcastic af
  • “lately only the ones i could not save”
  • his Melodramatic Speech during the first potions class which u kno he probably has said to every first year class for years
  • always lurking
  • despite the darkness and horrors of his life, he’s still capable of producing a corporeal patronus
  • bat
  • hates gildery lockhart with all his being #relatable
  • sends neville to hagrid instead of the carrows during seventh year even tho he’s being watched closely
  • like he’s mean but he’s really good at being mean he always knows exactly which insult is going to hit the hardest
  • saves harry’s ass like like 20 times
  • petty af
  • “but you were unsuccessful?” “obviously.”
  • so cunning that a mind reading dark lord didn’t even know he was a spy until harry told him
  • creates his own fucking spells what kind of genius
  • makes remus wolfsbane
  • “you have raised him like a pig for slaughter”
  • risked azkaban and death to try and save lily and her family
  • apologized to lily when he fucked up and called her a mudblood
  • brave af
  • gave harry vital war information as he was dying painfully
  • spent twenty years fighting the death eaters and voldemort
  • dunderheads
  • half-blood prince
  • tries to look after draco
  • so harsh and terrible and flawed and yet he can still do good things, even kind things

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It is in small, fleeting flashes where I fall in love with life:
how my dog leaves his toys by my side
when I sleep so that I’m ready to play when I wake,
how there is no better weekend recipe
than warm coffee and singing in the shower,
how some songs are exactly what you needed to hear,
or when there’s no better feeling
than the Sun simply kissing your skin.
I apologize to my body
for ever wanting to leave this.
It took a long time to learn
I deserve every moment.
—  Schuyler Peck, A Lesson in Deserving

my level of extra: going on a cinematic adventure for a recipe video

Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

I once had this at a Thai restaurant and the taste haunted me in the best way. I had to learn how to make it at home, and it’s good if you have some prep time on your hands! It’s become a go-to dessert for me, and while it says ‘with mango’ (and admittedly mango is the superior fruit) I’m certain it’d go good with other fruit too. Experiment!

If you don’t have a rice-cooker, you can always cook the rice in a saucepan. I admittedly don’t have much experience with stovetop rice cooking, so this set of instructions will assume you’re using a rice-cooker.


*1 ½ Cups Sushi Rice (you can typically buy a bag of it in the international aisle at walmart or something; a bag’ll last you a surprising while)
*2 Cups Water
*1 Can Coconut Milk
*½ cup sugar (if this makes it too sweet for your taste, I think 1/3 cup should be okay too)
*Pinch of salt (optional? Still experimenting with this)

*A mango (or whatever fruit you think might go with this)

*A sauce pan 
*A rice cooker 


Take the rice and water and plunk it in your rice-cooker. Set it to the correct setting (if you have a cheapo one, don’t fret; mine only has ‘cook’ and 'warm’ and it came out all right). 
While the rice is going, take the coconut milk and pour it in the saucepan; add the sugar and the salt and stir until it’s dissolved and it starts to thicken up, about 5-10 minutes. You can either do this ahead of time or closer to later; doesn’t matter until your rice is done.
When the rice is finished, take the coconut milk mixture and pour it over the still-hot rice (I typically like to put my rice in a plastic container before I do this, but that’s because I’m lazy). Let this sit for about an hour so that the rice absorbs all that yummy coconut milk.
Serve some of the rice with generous slices of mango.

The nice thing about this is that it makes quite a bit of sticky rice, so you can even save some for another day, or another fruit! I find it’s a great comfort food when you’re feeling sad and just want something sweet to make the day a little better.

Puppy Love

Originally posted by moncheriwonwoo

Member: Mingyu
Genre: Fluff/Smut (Hybrid!AU)
Word Count: 2347

“Hey Gyu, I’m ho…oh.” you stopped in the doorway, greeted by the sight of your boyfriend frozen in place, holding a casserole dish.

“DON’T LOOK, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A SURPRISE,” he shouted, scurrying away as fast as he could without spilling anything from the dish. You giggled and closed your eyes dramatically, slapping your hands over your face to cover your face.

“I didn’t see anything! I promise!” you giggled. You could hear scuffling to the dining table and back, the clink of silverware, and the sink running. After a minute or so, the clattering quit and you could only hear soft footsteps getting closer until they stopped right in front of you.

“You can open your eyes now,” he said, and you fluttered your eyelids open to see his smiling face. His glowing eyes and his wolfy smile made you melt just a little bit, and in your peripheral vision you could see his tail excitedly swishing back and forth behind him. “I made us dinner.” he said, grabbing your hand. He led you over to the dining table and pulled out your chair for you, tapping his fingers on the wood as if he couldn’t even wait for you to sit down. As soon as you were pushed in, he almost ran over to his seat in order to lift the lid on the casserole. Underneath was a baked ziti, covered in tomato sauce and cheese.

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“Broken” (Chapter Three)

Clint is a saint you guys. Easily on one of the sweetest characters in the world.

Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!


Enjoy :)


“Where’s Steve?” Natasha entered the kitchen, dropping a quick kiss on Clint’s cheek as she scooted around him for a drink. “I haven’t seen him all day. Barely got a chance to say anything to him last night.”

“I think—” Clint was frowning at a recipe, his hands deep in a bowl of dough. “I think he and Bucky have been holed up in their room for the day. Trying to get Bucky to adjust to everything.”

Natasha made a disagreeable noise, and Clint shot her a look. “Don’t do that, Nat. We all agreed it would be best to bring Bucky home, we all agreed to help as much as needed while he recovers from his conditioning. You need to suck it up.”


“Suck it up, Nat!” The Omega snapped, wings flaring in annoyance. “All of us at some point or another have needed the team to step in and look out for us and deal with our bull shit. Bucky is no different. If he needs Steve holed up in their room because he can’t face us, then that’s what we can give him, alright?”

“But he’s not one of us.” Natasha pointed out, folding her arms stubbornly. “He’s an assassin.”

“So are you.”

“Yes, but I haven’t made an unsanctioned kill in years. Bucky on the other hand, has been a Hydra agent for seventy years and has just barely dropped his programming. A few months ago he was literally trying to kill us.”

“And?” Clint reached for more flour. “What’s your point? You and I met when I tried to kill you, right?”


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Important + Cute AF

Everyone talks about Teen Snape Angst™ but no one ever talks about Happy Teen Snape™

Like 16 year old Snape experimenting with potions at 2 am, clothes rumpled and singed, goggles messing up his hair but he’s grinning like an idiot because “oh my god I found a better recipe than the book did”

Getting his first Outstanding in a difficult class and realising he’s a whole lot smarter than everyone thinks he is

His first invented spell succeeding and him trying desperately to contain his excitement but all day he’s super squirmy and restless because “I have to go test that again!”

I don’t know man I just think it’s important to remember that Snape wasn’t always bitter, he was once a wide-eyed little geek who got excited over little things too

Sweet Potato Blueberry…Something?

Something, because it’s certainly not a bite and it’s certainly not a bar. It’s more like a pudding, but also not. I don’t know, it’s good! Isn’t that ultimately what matters? If I ever get it to form into a cup or ball I’ll let you know! For now? Still delicious, and sort of impossible to mess up. Breakfast or snack time is going to become an explosion of vitamins, fiber, and a little bit of protein to boost you through whatever you’re doing next. Honestly? It’s also delightful enough to fill a dessert slot, too. This recipe is a little autumnal while also taking advantage of summer’s little wonders–fresh berries.

  • 1 cup flax meal 
  • 2 scoops unflavored protein powder (recipe will be vegan if your protein powder is vegan)
  • sweeten, to taste and pick your poison (I typically go for stevia but brown sugar or maple syrup would be amazeballs in this)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 medium sweet potato, peeled and cut into chunks
  • 100 g blueberries 
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, divided.
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Directions: Prepare your sweet potato and start it in a pan of water. Bring it to a boil until fork tender. Drain, and set aside. In a large mixing bowl combine the flax meal, protein powder, sweetened (if granulated, if wet add with wet ingredients), cinnamon, and salt. Wisk together with a fork. In a food processor blend your sweet potato with half your milk and then add to the dry ingredients. Add the remaining milk, vanilla, and the blueberries. Combine the entire mixture using a spoon. In a 9x11 (ish) flat dish, pour the mixture and level evenly. Set in the fridge for several hours to overnight. There! Done!

The neural network doesn’t understand proper nouns.

As the neural network begins to get better at generating cookbook recipes, it continues to have trouble with recipe sources - short and highly varied, they’re a challenge for an algorithm that learns by repetition. Still, it does its best:

Source: Carrots
Shared By: Eander Moistly
Recipe By     : Berrand erroomsterplees
Recipe By     : Derned SAwaalcaima
Submitted by Alsalanne Mc.thebsete
Recipe By     : By LidienY Pubptite
Recipe by: Chef; Texigle The Steamy Fut 18
Cookies" cookbook by Herblen Leg 1994
by Pillian Cooking Broccoli
Source:  A dark Soup Cookbook by Searsh Leaves.
From Millryer Coancy First Warterrip Meltingonais
Source: Genter Marjary Witn Abong
Source: Cherry Sauce *  The Shell Bears Shelled Barbecue Sauce

Money Drawing Powder (1)

  1. Mix crushed powdered frankincense with dried heliotrope and crushed tonka beans.
  2. Add an equal amount of magnetic sand.

Sprinkle this powder into your cash register over the money, or over your ledger books.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)

yay for cool banners

sup nerds i decided to collide all of the masterposts and masterposts of masterposts into one giant ass masterpost because why the fuck not
here we goooo
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anonymous asked:

Is it easier to be friends with Scully or Mulder?

Depends on the type of friend you’re interested in. 

Mulder is the type of friend who emails you articles that pertain to your interests, always with his own wry commentary attached. He suggests a lot of books. He never remembers your birthday, but gives esoteric, thought-provoking gifts seemingly at random. He’s got great taste in takeout. He’ll kick your ass at pickup basketball, and he’s a sore winner. You go for months without hearing from him sometimes, but whenever you get together for a drink, you’re reminded that he’s the smartest person you know. You could listen to him talk for hours, and he’s always sketching things out on napkins to make his point. 

Scully is the type of friend who picks you up on a Saturday morning and drives you both out to the farmer’s market on the outskirts of the city, where she’ll relentlessly grill the beet farmer’s bored, broad teenage sons, who are manning the booth, as to which strain of beet is better for the recipe she wants to try out. She’ll teach you to shoot a gun, she makes a great cup of coffee, and she calls you out when she thinks you’re being an asshole. She’s great at giving advice that she doesn’t follow herself. She’s got season tickets to the symphony, and they’re on an aisle, because she’s eager to get out quickly at intermission so she can check her voicemail. You’re always trying to get her to come to yoga.  

femalecodedobject  asked:

Tumblr mom, I have a question and you were the first person I could think of to turn to for an answer. My friend has celiacs disease and her birthday is coming up and I want to bake her cookies for her birthday. I've been trying different recipes but they're all just.... not great to put it mildly. I'm a pretty experienced baker so I'm a little miffed they aren't coming out well. Do you have any advice for gluten-free baking or know where I can find a better recipe?

Have you looked around on the King Arthur website?

My gf recipes were always kind of shit until I found their site and started using their bases as a springboard. Their listed chocolate cake recipe is one of my favorites and I love making it, even if I can’t eat a lot of it because it uses something like 4 eggs and I’m egg sensitive.

I also find most recipes either under egg their gf bakes, or they have too much xanthum gum, so there’s that to keep in mind as well. Best of luck, and you’re so sweet for wanting to do this for your friend.

Baking for those of us with food intolerance and allergies is really difficult, and always greatly appreciated when someone tries <3

I like the idea that there are so many goddamn butterflies in the atrium all the time because everyone has a SPECIFIC butterfly. It can’t just be whichever one Hawk Moth grabs first, it’s gotta be the RIGHT one. And Miraculous users’ butterflies do not tend to show up at roll call, because why would they NEED to when they’ve already got their own kwami magic? 

So basically Hawk Moth gets a specific selection of butterflies to choose from every time he transforms and it has to be someone with a butterfly from THAT flock getting set off to let him create an akuma–thus him constantly having to wait for Opportunity To Strike as opposed to just being able to pick out Paris’s first case of early morning road-rage every day and run with it, and thus a lot of the people he’s akumatized being connected to each other in some way or another. 

Because, like, let’s be real. If you were a super-villain with your choice of people to akumatize, you would PROBABLY avoid using high-strung and crush-obsessed high schoolers and pigeon-loving nerds and FREAKING LITERAL MIMES if you had options like, oh I don’t know, grieving parents or widow/ers or LITERALLY ANY VIOLENT CRIMINAL IN PARIS. Like, those options seem like a better recipe for a real asskicker of an akuma, really. 

Although the “violent criminals” thing raises an interesting question, actually: if Nooroo is meant to be used to make champions and heroes and Hawk Moth is corrupting people’s champion forms, COULD he even actually akumatize a person who wasn’t considered “worthy” of the power-up? Is he in fact literally ONLY capable of akumatizing people with heroic natures?