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i need u to know that whenever i'm having a bad day i just come and stalk ur blog it's amazing and i'm in Lov™

As requested by anon–a Kiibo in casual clothing.

I hope this is alright–it is just a sketch, but I personally think it came out decently enough.

There are other drawing requests in the inbox, and I may consider claiming one or two of them…. but drawing requests, as a whole, are closed for now. Please do not send any more, anybody.

That being said, let me know if you want anything changed.

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Hello Tara! I've recently started drawing, could you please give me some advice? How much do I have to practice until I can see some improvement? Btw, I love your art, especially the sara j maas books'! :D

I’m not sure, that really depends on what ‘level’ you already are and how much you practice and what. It’s different for everyone. Like when you’re just starting out you could improve a lot in just a month and then get completely stuck. Improvement is not just a straight line up, it goes back down at times too, and sometimes it goes up faster than other times. Usually you can’t even tell that you’re improving until you compare your current drawings to what you did a few months ago, sometimes not even then. When I look at my art from last January I can see some improvement here and there but nothing major in style, it just became a bit better in quality or something. And when I see things from 6 months ago I don’t see much difference, but in another 6 months I will probably cringe at how horrible some of it looks (that’s what I’m doing now at some of my 2015 art).

And always drawing the same things, never practicing things you’re not good at because they’re out of your comfort zone, will not help your improvement. Yes you’re drawing every day like everyone tells you too, but it will take you longer to show improvement. So be sure to keep practicing new things and compare your work to your previous drawings once in a while to keep motivated :) 

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I've always wondered about curing autism, and I've been at a crossroads for some years. I've only ever met one autistic person (that I know of), and she was quite severe. Physically nine, but mentally three. And I just keep thinking of her mother, and what she would give if her child didn't have to live through that. If she could have a normal, functional life. And I'm all for curing the most severe autism, because that is certainly bettering their quality of life. (1/2)

(2/2) On the other hand, I see where your girlfriend’s coming from. In less severe cases, their autism is a part of their personality and taking that away wouldn’t be right. Ideally, a postnatal treatment would be best, so that those who have severe autism have a chance at a fairly normal life, but those who can function well enough don’t need it.

Yeah, I see what you mean. Then we have the issue of “what is severe enough to warrant treatment?” I think that will cause another debate entirely. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it would be an issue.