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when she asks for something boy
she means it

‘Støvlet-Kathrine’ Anna Cathrine Benthagen, notorious lover of danish king Christian VII.
She was known to dress in mens clothing on more than one occasion, and used her power as the kings lover to take matters into her own hands and get back at the pimps and brothels who had mistreated her. After her forced removal by the aristocracy from Copenhagen she spend some years in house arrest, but after finally regaining her freedom, she married twice and died of old age many years later.
The king was said to never forget or get over her.


                  (   so I started my first round of museums today. Walked 15km it total, but Gods was it worth it to see these giants. Honestly, this museum is so small, but you can just literally sit down wherever you want and just observe them in awe for hours. Not to mention, the gift shop was absolute torture, my littler sister had to drag me away from it before I would start buying books that don’t even fit my suitcase …   )

I Hate You - Jackson got7(M)

A/n: Idk it’s whatever. Better quality smut coming tomorrow.

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Happy Kung Fu Panda 3 day and Chinese New Year! <3

Here’s a drawing I came up with to celebrate~

“Your neck fetish is not attractive”, because I have to cover my classics first. A picture, because I can’t use my scanner when everybody else is asleep. Better quality upload tomorrow (?).

Okay! Nearly ready to set up shop on this blog. I take requests for The Foxhole Court, The Raven Cycle and you can ask me about other fandoms. 


until you see him pt. IV 🌿

Walking the distance.

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Ahhh!!! My first original post and its a fanart, no one’s surprised!
@tokyoteddywolf I did it I did it this is the first thing I’ve drawn in months that I haven’t hated! The quality sucks because it’s stupid late and I took the picture with my phone in the dark. I will probably find a way to repost as a better quality tomorrow!

finished drawing that one magic kid

(looks so much better if you click on it)

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