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first appearances (1/?+ holly blue agate

“Blue Diamond and her trusted Agate—that’s mehave been maintaining this place since the dawn of Era 2.”

Vkook / Taekook skype call // Moans 18+

Skip to 1:43 if you just wanna hear the moans you horny bastards ;)

Jungkook and Taehyung are separated, tae gets turned on and starts to touch himself to Jungkooks dirty words. They both ending up masturbating over each other.


Gendrya Spies Au

And it kills her - more than any knife or bullet that inflicted her pain in her work - that he would rather agree to be transferred than stay with her in the field.

“This is all a means to an end for you, Stark. Any mission is about your father, your mother or your brother. For me is about belonging. The unit is like a family, and I’ve never had one of those.”

“Just make sure your death is not another one I have to avenge or I’ll bring you back and kill you myself Waters”

DM: so you want into this store, and it’s small, but it’s filled with stuff.

Me: like a fantasy dollar store?

DM:….sure. Anyway, you 5 go up the counter where a goblin lady is. She asks if she can help you

Rest Of Party: *gets things they need, like health potions and gadgets.*

Me: do you have any hats?

DM: What?

Me: like really cool wizard hats. You know? But like subtle. And mysterious.

Goblin Lady/DM: uh, there is this one what but it’s really worse for wear. It has blood or rust and just-just grossness on it.

Me: is it better quality than my hat now?

DM: no

Me: I’ll take it.

Honestly I think the phantom of the opera was such a good villain because he’s so relatable. I too would lock myself away in my bedroom, demand ridiculous amounts of money, and use my unhealthy obsessions to unsuccessfully seduce someone I have the hots for