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Cover pages - Sanji x Nami P.7

This is the last part already!!! We’re at part 7 and we’ve gotten so much SaNami! As you probably know this is my cover analysis series. I go through the chapter cover pages, color spreads and Book covers in One Piece to see what SaNami I can find. Here are PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART4, PART 5 and PART 6 if you haven’t read them yet. :)

This was all for fun and to collect all the SaNami in one place. That being said of course I will be biased and some moments will be reaching or head canons.

This is the last part, but hopefully Oda will continue on to give us some really good SaNami both in the manga and on the color pages. I know he seems to have added more SaNami than before, and I can’t help but feel happy about it, even if I don’t expect anything from it. (Though the next chapter will apparently have a color page, so I can’t help but hope for more.)

This part will cover everything between book 73 until book 81 (+82) which is up to date in the manga. (Chapters 726 until chapter 817). Because it’s the last one it will be a little longer. I hope you all don’t mind, because we’ve got some of the best SaNami moments in this part. Let’s get to it!

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