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I could definitely go on about the betrayal by Joelle of Callen. (Oh, look, I did! Oops.)  I knew it was coming, but then they had to throw in that: 

  1. He was so sorry she got caught up in this, probably seeing some of his fears about having loved ones in this job – things he’s seen happen with Sam – be realized. He was SORRY! (Screw you, Joelle.)
  2. He remembered she liked Nutella.  (Screw. You. Joelle.)
  3. Mr. No Possessions felt sentimental about the table she gave him. (Screw you, Joelle.)
  4. He was so worried about her coming in and seeing her on the floor. (SCREW. YOU. JOELLE.)  (On this note, let’s remember that H – the person G was closest to for the longest time who has probably also thrown of his trust senses, despite what she feels are good intentions, knew Jo was CIA before now.  She also LET HIM GET TO JOELLE ON THE FLOOR AND STILL WAITED TO REVEAL HER IDENTITY. She literally waited until the last possible second.  Come on, show.  You want us to stay mad at Hetty, don’t you?)

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Kiss It Better (Lams)

CHAPTER ONE: “Can You Kiss it Better?”

summary: They felt less like two individual people, and rather two hearts that beat in time with each other, bound to the same rhythm. And with such a calm and blissful future ahead of them, why not shake it up? Family isn’t a home, it isn’t making small talk over dinner. It’s love, the genuine kind that could rarely be found, and how lucky this family was to have found it in such an unlikely place.

word count: 3008

“Can you kiss it better?”

John Laurens tore himself away from his computer, eyes meeting the six year old’s helpless gaze. “I’m sorry?”

“Can you kiss it better?” she repeated in a small and shaky voice. Eyes flicking down to the floor, she continued, voice growing stronger as she carried on. “That’s what my daddy does when I get hurt. He kisses it better.”

Her eyes told no tales of sorrow, yet she looked up at him in such a manner that John felt as though his heart was being ripped from his chest. “Martha.” He knelt in front of the first grader and placed his hands on her trembling shoulders. “Can you tell me what happened?”

Martha kept her gaze fixed solely on the ground instead of looking at John. “I fell off the swing.”

“Did Theo push you?” John asked, keeping his voice soft and gentle in hopes that it would make her feel better. “I saw you arguing with him at lunch.”

“I…” Martha trailed off, biting her lip anxiously. She still refused to meet John’s gaze, keeping her eyes on anything but her teacher.

“What were you arguing about?” John waited for a few moments for her to answer, but no response came from the first grader. “Martha, I want to help you, but I can’t if I don’t know what happened.”

Her voice was barely a whisper as she finally spoke. “He doesn’t like me. He… he hates me.”

“I’m sure he doesn’t hate you,” John assured her, unable to fathom how someone could possible hate another person at six years old. “I know you’d probably rather not talk to me, but you’ve got to tell someone what happened. A friend, your mom-”

“I can’t tell anyone.” Martha’s eyes watered but John pretended not to notice. “Everyone will call me a tattletale. And besides, I don’t have a mom. That’s…” She stopped mid sentence, cheeks growing pink. “That’s why they don’t like me,” she finished quietly.

“Because you don’t have a mom?” John couldn’t quite fit the pieces together. “Trust me, Martha, you’re not the only kid at the school who hasn’t got a mom.”

“Yeah.” Martha bit back a sigh as if to directly tug at John’s heart. “But I’m the only one with two dads.”

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@ananbeth I am fixing this crime against humanity right now.

These are Takis.

unicorn8998  asked:

I appreciate the concern guys, thanks. I'm all good now, I evened out~! Oh coolio~ Well, I mean. At least Saeyoung won't give you the /cold shoulder/ with that metal arm of his, Saeran. I'm so sorry I just default to puns... uh. This might not be the most welcome question, but do you guys know how Saerans's, er, parts work? I hope they don't run on a battery or something.


Saeran: G̵r͞e̢a͞a͟at. ͜Ąno̷t́he̢r ̧j͝okest͘èr.

Saeyoung: That pun was GOLD! And no, let me see…hmm, there’s tons of wires and stuff all connecting together. It’s pretty complicated. I understand it all but explaining it is, well…

Saeran: Di̢f̕fic͟ult?͝

Saeyoung: Yeah. Maybe I can fix that speech of yours to make it a little clearer? Hold on a second.

Okay, try it!

Saeran: [Uh…how’s this?]

Saeyoung: Ooh! Much better. Sounds a lot crisper now!

No, that was not funny in a way.

But the fact that someone could do that just for the fact of their shoes not being real… Just. I apologise, but you have to see the stupidity in it, sorry.
And if you’re one of the people who took it with humor, thank you for taking it that way, because sometimes in life you need humor to understand things. Just know that I love bts so much I wouldn’t ever post something that is bad to them.



Bligg is a Swiss rapper known for combining elements of traditional Swiss music with hip hop and rap. Bligg started making music in 1995 and released his first album together with Lexx, a Swiss producer. They parted ways afterwards tho and Bligg continued working as a solo artist. Until now, he has released multiple albums that have (nearly) all reached the the top 20 of the Swiss charts as well as many singles. Other famous songs include “Rosalie”, “MundART”, “Musigg i de Schwiiz” and “Volksmusigg


I’m getting so tired of the world.
All the disappointments crush me.
I think I know the way it should be,
but there’s nothing anyone can do.
I’m trying to hope for the best,
but the silver lining’s hiding,
and I’m so damned sick of all this fighting;
I know I’m bound to lose.

No!  I don’t want to know
about the things I need to fear.
My mind carries me away from here,
to where I want to go.

I want to live in my dreamworld,
‘cause everything else feels so cold and grey.
We’re all entitled to a small escape,
so I keep running every day.
Nothing compares to my dreamworld;
the rest is hard to take.
I can’t keep hiding in my dreamworld.
My life… is fading away.

(These are some of the lyrics to a song I wrote several years ago about maladaptive daydreaming, but like most of my music and poetry, it has multiple simultaneous meanings, and is intentionally open to interpretation.)

The Dawn Will Come (1/?)

Fandom: Sleeping Beauty / Dragon Age AU/Crossover thing!
Pairing: Eventual Maleficent/Aurora, currently hints at Solavellan and Cassandra/Lavellan
Rating: T; contains some graphic violence, and descriptions of child abuse/neglect pretty much right off the bat.
Summary: When Aurora’s family discovered that their only heir to the throne of Ferelden was a mage, they hid her away. But when the castle is torn asunder by a rift in the Veil, Aurora’s only chance at survival is to escape into the mysterious outside world. With mages and templars engaged in all-out war and an Inquisition force on the rise to investigate the magical rifts tearing apart the sky, Aurora’s struggle to learn about the magic that has shaped her existence leads her on a quest beyond her wildest imagination.
Note: I’m completely rewriting this because I decided I hated the tone it was taking.  So far I’m much happier with it!

“Ah, poor bird,
Why art thou
Lying in the shadows of
This dark hour?”

Sometimes Aurora imagined she could hear sound outside the walls of her room.  Commotion from the courtyard, clattering of dishes from the kitchen, footsteps in the hallway—this one was the worst, for she rushed to her door in the hopes that someone was coming to visit her, then rushed back to her bed to pretend that she hadn’t been waiting like a kicked pup, then gave in and rushed back to the door and pressed her ear against it, desperately, only to find after minutes or perhaps hours that no one was coming.

Her cage was a gilded one.  She had a large, sprawling bed upon which to languish, an elegant divan upon which to read the few books she was permitted, an intricate shrine to Andraste at which to kneel and pray that the Maker might come and take her horrible Curse away.

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I’ve already set up a list of who’s going to be your partner for the week, they will be posted outside of my classroom. You can pick up your cameras in the main office of the school. This is really important that you get out there and make some new friends. Sure this is a great way to document the exciting events that’ll take place this week but it’s also a great opportunity to have fun. 

Nate Gillenkerk- Evan Traynor (Jocks)
Daniel Day- Romy Hunt (Art Geeks)
Elizabeth Heart- Blue Churchill (Hipsters) 
Stephanie Lewis- Ryan Walker (Jocks)
Summer O’Grady- Rebecca Eastwood (Plastics)  
Hermione Holmes- Jamie Heather (Populars)  
Luke Warrner- Robin Mouton (Hipsters)

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