better pipe down

in light of recent events, all historically inaccurate newsies fanfics are henceforth banned. you better get ready to research. if you cant cite the 1899 news article you got ur facts from, ur gonna get shunned. APA or MLA citation is acceptable.

if ur fic lists any character except those mentioned in the papers (racetrack, blink, mush, to name a few) ur DONE. if ur fic mentions kath at all ur out of the whole fandom
“You better pipe down, I’m not laughing” (Rafe x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

I have a bunch of anon requests I’m currently working on that came before this, but this flowed really easily so I’m gonna post this first…the others are in the works though, don’t worry! Hope you guys enjoy!! Thanks to the lovely @lexi-jadeee for the request :) xx

Word Count: 895


“I still can’t believe I agreed to this,” Rafe says as you pull into the parking lot for the paint ball obstacle course.

“I can’t believe it either,” you reply as you turn off the car and look over at him, “Honestly, I’m impressed by myself. I should put it on my resume. ‘Convinced Rafe Adler to play paintball.’”

“If they don’t hire you immediately just for that, I’ll sue them,” he responds, trying to keep the humour from his voice though the small smile on his face betrays him.

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