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Sometimes you’re in a situation where there seem to be two equally viable choices. You could make a pro/con list (hey, I love lists) but I find the Tarot is a much better guide when it comes to considering the bigger picture, especially because it accounts for emotions.

Another thing I like to do to this spread if after reading it I’m still unsure about how to proceed, is add a 7th and 8th card, representing possible outcomes for option A and option B! 


03.24.16 // 12:00 PM Spring break! Here’s a peek into the past two weeks. It’s a little empty because I was in Disney for my senior trip (check out my vlogs!) Looking forward to catching up on studio work and relaxing in Las Vegas and California! Also be on the lookout for an April Plan With Me video coming your way. 


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  • What he says: I love Laxus.
  • What he means: I used to hate Laxus when he was first introduced. He was an ass, and his reasons for being violent and wanting to take over Fairy Tail seemed shallow and Donald Trump-esque. It wasn't until I saw his issues with his lack of individuality, his abuse at the hands of Ivan, and his breakdown that no matter how much he denied it, he still loved Fairy Tail too much to kill even a single person in it, that he started to come together into a really cool character in my eyes. I'm also glad he reaps a realistic consequence for his rebellion and hurting so many people, and even though I knew he deserved it, I broke down and cried with him when everyone showed that they still held him as one of their own at the end of the Fantasia arc. It's even better that when he next comes back into the picture, it doesn't mean that he's automatically forgiven or even welcome back into the guild, nor does he think he should be or is let down when he isn't. And seeing how much he's changed as a person since his exile was a refreshing thing. As a final note, Laxus hasn't been Worfed to hell and back for new villains, nor has he been shoved into the arms of the nearest free big-breasted female character to ship with, and I'm so happy he escaped those trends. To make this short, if you don't love Laxus we can't be friends.