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Banksy, “Better Out Than In,” Week 3.

Banksy kept at it through his 3rd week in New York City putting up various paintings, sculptures and live action pieces.

Explaining that people often ask why he uses the streets to display his work, Banksy responded on his website with the statement “Have you been to an art gallery lately?  They’re full.”  The piece above is the result - a collaboration with the Brazilian street art duo Os Gemeos where the street was transformed into a “gallery” of sorts.  It included a bench and a water bottle and this time Banksy supplied the security.

Banksy’s most recent piece (today, October 22nd) was originally called “Everything but the kitchen Sphinx” but has since been re-titled on Banksy’s website, “No Turn Unstoned.”  

Employees of the body shop nearby said that two men “who looked like bums” (via) or “hipsters” (via) carried the work to it’s spot and installed it at around 2 AM(via) or 7 AM(via).  No one has tried moving it yet as of 3:20 PM central time.  Gothamist also says that when a man showed up with a chisel he was chased from the lot.

On Saturday, October 19th Banksy created some vaginal street art on Staten Island with live ants which no one has seemed to locate yet.

Sunday, October 20th Banksy put up the above piece.  Defacing attempts were met with tackles and counter-attacks.  The owner of the building placed plexi glass over the piece which was painted on (via):

On October 14th, Banksy’s 9/11 Tribute was put up in Tribeca (after a failed first attempt at the Fruit Street Sitting Area near Brooklyn Heights which has a more obvious relation to the piece).  The flower was stolen shortly after the piece was posted and plexi-glass was installed over it.

Banksy’s October 17th piece features two geisha on mason work resembling a bridge.  The piece was defaced quite quickly but the person defacing the piece was thrown to the ground and attacked by onlookers, who then repaired the piece themselves.  The piece now sits behind a metal garage door installed over the work and has viewing hours.

On October 16th Banksy set forth his McDonald statue which visits McDonald’s locations throughout the city and features a “real live boy” shining Ronald McDonald’s shoes.  The hilarious audio clip from Banksy’s website post ends with “But, take a closer look and you may notice something familiar about this clown. His face is that of the Greek god Hermes, carved by Praxiteles in 340 BC. Is this a wry, oblique reference to Greek mythology? Or did the artist have such difficulty trying to sculpt the face he simply pronged on the nearest replica bust he could find? We might never know. It’s the second one (Whispered).”

Some other fun/crazy things that have happened from the Banksanity:  NYPD are definitely wanting to catch Banksy but can’t really do anything unless someone files a complaint; A man set up an identical art stand to Banksy’s and completely sold out of work - he even made sure to tell everyone buying the work that it was completely fake and even issued “certificates of inauthenticity” along with each piece sold.

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Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” Week Two.

Banksy continued his New York City residency with several incredible pieces during the second week of his “Better Out Than In”, most notably his Central Park art stand:

On Saturday, unannounced, Banksy set up a stand with an older gentleman selling his signed work on the street for $60.00 dollars a piece and most people just ignored it - Just three people stopped during the entire day to buy pieces and one woman who bought two pieces only did so after haggling the price down to $30 each.  Another lucky gentleman from Chicago bought four pieces.

The scope of this single piece is rather large.  It’s a direct commentary against galleries selling Banksy’s work (not to mention entities selling Banksy’s work as knockoffs) and shows an entirely opposite desire among individuals for the mysterious artist’s work when taking away the price tag or media craziness that normally accompanies it.  (There would have been a riot had this art booth been announced beforehand).

But all in all Banksy only sold 8 pieces for a total of $420 dollars - An arguably large sum for any artist who knows how hard it can be to sell work day to day.

After painting this piece:

A few individuals decided to charge the large crowds that formed to view the work of art (And why not?):

Banksy’s “Sirens of the lambs”:


ART: Banksy Ends New York Residency With Bubble Letter Balloons

Outisde is where art should live: among us. And rather than street art being a fad, maybe it’s the last thousand years of art history that are the blip, when art came inside, in service of the church and institutions. But art’s rightful place is on the cave walls of our communities, where it can act as a public service, provoke debate, voice concerns, forge identities.

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Min Yoongi releasing his mixtape, along with a MV does not mean this is an opportunity to bash and degrade Namjoon.

Both boys, along with the rest of Bangtan work so hard in order to release music for their fans. They are the ones who are most critical about their work, and to have that work be reduced to nothing besides fuel for a non existent competition between members is dissapointing.

Namjoon and Yoongi are each other’s biggest supporters, along with a six year friendship between the two, so I doubt they’d want bashing to happen against each other.