better of 2 evils

“Star! This game is changing you!”

This has to be the fastest animation I have ever done.

Screenshot animation redraw of my now favorite episodes of SVTFOE. Everything in this episode was amazing but this shot has the prettiest light. I just need to make a redraw.

anonymous asked:

hey, i was wondering, should i watch samurai jack? i haven't seen any episodes ever and i sort of want to get into it but i know there a good few seasons. would it be worth catching up?

yeah! I made a post about this earlier, actually. 

i mean, it’s always better to go in while having watched the whole show before, of course, but since samurai jack always had a more episodic nature and few recurring characters apart from jack and aku, it’s not hard at all to understand what’s going on in this new episode, as long as you know the basic premise of the original show. 

although i do recommend a few essential episodes, for better understanding of the show’s world:

  • the 3-parter pilot, of course (The Beginning, The Samurai Called Jack, The First Fight). explains jack’s origins, how he became so skilled, how he came to the future, sets up the tone of the show pretty well, all that good stuff.
  • Jack and the Scotsman, 1 and 2, as well as The Scotsman Saves Jack, 1 and 2. the scotsman is one of the few recurring characters, and the closest thing jack has to a friend, in the future. it was confirmed that he will return for this last season, so it’s better to know who he is.
  • The Birth of Evil, part 1 and 2. just like it sounds, it shows how aku came to be, and how jack’s father came to originally contain him. a good episode to understand the lore a bit better.
  • Jack Remembers the Past and Jack in Egypt. both episodes that focus on jack’s past, and serve to understand his character a bit better.

well, i think that’s it, for the plot relevant ones! but like i said, i think that even without watching those, you can still get what’s going on perfectly fine. i think they are taking a new audience into account, while making this new series.

“I’m looking for my boyfriend. His name is John.”

I’ve been playing around with new line and coloring styles, and as I just finished replaying RE2, I of course needed to draw more Ada.  Thinking of drawing something related to the Leon A ending, since I love to suffer, but, I’ve got to figure out a style first, hahah.


Team Fortress 2. A BLU Soldier in the Base!

I swear I just wanted to draw Demoman to call Soldier as ‘Jane’. I didn’t mean for this to happen actually no, I wanted Solly abuse. Shhh…!

I had better get to see this little porker or so help me my heart will be broken! You hear me ancel!? I waited years for this game and now that we know its a prequel and that we will still see some of the original characters I had better see this little pig! Also im sad because lots of cussing so not as kid friendly as the first but its fine. ….can we also get an hd remaster for original pls…I wanna see it like this. Oh god can we see young peepers! Can we still gamble with him!?! please! CAN I HAVE MY BEAUTIFUL BLUE CAT GODDESS!?!?!?!?! ….can we still take photos? I have so many emotions

You may depart this life at any moment, so regulate every thought and act accordingly. Death, life, honour, dishonour, pleasure, pain, all these things happen to good men and bad, and being things that make us neither better nor worse they are neither good nor evil.
—  Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (2:11)

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Which do you think was better in terms of horror: Evil Dead 2 or Resident Evil: Biohazard?

That’s hard comparison. One is a horror movie filled with slapstick comedy and the other is a first person game where you control what your character does.

I’ve never found any of the Evil Dead movies to be scary but I have always loved them. But I’ve been familiar with them since I was kid.

Resident Evil 7 was definitely a creepy game.ans the first one that I have played in a few years. And it definitely had some good jump scares. But being the character and looking around and running gives it a more personal feel.

I would have to go with the game for actual scares. It’s just a different experience when you’re the one in control. But I’d rather watch Evil Dead 2 before I would watch someone play Resident Evil 7.


The Evil Within 2 - Gameplay Trailer

This is a much, much better trailer for the upcoming, The Evil Within 2/Psycho Break 2. The trailer focuses more on creepy element and less on popular song to carry its mood. The only thing I hope is that Joseph will also appear in the game and not left out of the game entirely. I feel that he was as integral in making the first game as enjoyable as it was.

If you never played The Evil Within, please check my AKUMU Mode Collection on Youtube for idea on how the game plays.

E3 2017 Day 2 Promising Games:


-Deep Rock Galactic: A new aesthetically pleasing game from the Goat            Simulator dev, looks fun.

-Riverbond: Cute 4-player couch co-op hack-and-slash RPG.

-Shift: Super stylish looking, almost no info on it tho.

-Astroneer: Cute sand box game, in space!

-The Artful Escape: Another cool game with an interesting style.

-CodeVein: Action rpg  dystopia with vampires, what’s not to like?

-Tacoma: Cool game in space by the devs behind Gone Home

-Super Lucky’s Tale: Gosh this one looks so cute and fun!

-Cuphead: Fun and cartooney run and gun platformer.

-Ooblets: Cute Animal Crossing inspired game.

-Ashen: Stylish and gives me a major Dark Souls vibe.


-Wolfenstein 2: What’s better than killing fascists?

-The Evil Within 2: Wasn’t the biggest fan of the first game but I’m still interested.

-Dishonored Death of the Outsider: Oh my Gooooooood I’m worried.

A ruseb thing I just dreamed about
  • Sebastian: I'm stopping by the store real quick, you want anything?
  • Ruben: Hmm? No I think I'm good.
  • Sebastian: Okay, be back in like 20 minutes.
  • Ruben: Alright, drive safely, babe.
  • Sebastian: Will d-wait...
  • Ruben: ?
  • Sebastian: Did you...did you just call me babe?
  • Ruben:
  • Ruben:
  • Sebastian: Oh my God.
  • Ruben: Seb, it was an accident.
  • Sebastian: ... :)
  • Ruben: Seb pls. I didn't mean it. I mean...I did..but-
  • Sebastian: :D
  • Ruben : Seb I swear I will slap you.
  • Sebastian: :D
  • Ruben: Get that grin off your face and go to the damn store.