better of 2 evils

“Star! This game is changing you!”

This has to be the fastest animation I have ever done.

Screenshot animation redraw of my now favorite episodes of SVTFOE. Everything in this episode was amazing but this shot has the prettiest light. I just need to make a redraw.


I saw people calling Charlotte shallow and greedy so naturally I had to draw her getting married to someone she loves and is gonna treat her right (◡‿◡✿)


Team Fortress 2. A BLU Soldier in the Base!

I swear I just wanted to draw Demoman to call Soldier as ‘Jane’. I didn’t mean for this to happen actually no, I wanted Solly abuse. Shhh…!

Amusing TMNT Spoilers

1. “End Times”
 HOLY SHIT ZOMBIE. EW EW EW EW EW. For anyone with a “living dead phobia” like me, warning, zombie as fuck and it’s gross and his head falls off and uugghh I couldn’t look, so gross. PS, his name starts with S and even he knows he’s not supposed to be here.
That wizard guy is freaking hilarious, I adore him, why is he dead.
Really, writers? Is that it? Is that all the Splinter? Shut up, I hate you. He’d better come back.

2. “Heart Of Evil”
Donnie, you fool, stop that.
What did I just say?
HOLY SHIT, MIKEY. HOLY SHIT. MIKEY!!! WTF! *SCREAM* Ow ow ow ow ow. Oh, something’s broken. Oowww Mikey.
See, Donnie? YOU SEE? Your little brother is broken and bruised and lacerated and you’d better apologize as you’re carrying his injured ass to the lair! You’d better be waiting on that boy hand and foot, Donnie. Look what you did.

And see, this is what I mean by the spacetime between episodes. How long did it take for Mikey to heal up, anyway? I call it “the space we fanficcers get to explore freely”.

A ruseb thing I just dreamed about
  • Sebastian: I'm stopping by the store real quick, you want anything?
  • Ruben: Hmm? No I think I'm good.
  • Sebastian: Okay, be back in like 20 minutes.
  • Ruben: Alright, drive safely, babe.
  • Sebastian: Will d-wait...
  • Ruben: ?
  • Sebastian: Did you...did you just call me babe?
  • Ruben:
  • Ruben:
  • Sebastian: Oh my God.
  • Ruben: Seb, it was an accident.
  • Sebastian: ... :)
  • Ruben: Seb pls. I didn't mean it. I mean...I did..but-
  • Sebastian: :D
  • Ruben : Seb I swear I will slap you.
  • Sebastian: :D
  • Ruben: Get that grin off your face and go to the damn store.

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Are you dissatisfied? Good. The world is full of feasts that satiate the flesh in the moment, but starve the soul (Ecclesiastes 7:2). Believe better about yourself than “this present evil age” (Galatians 1:4). If we believe the world’s message that we are incomplete, inadequate, insufficient just to the degree that we can fix it — with enough Facebook, with enough money, with enough sex, with enough hobbies — then we are slaves to those things (Romans 6:16). We are both more hopeless, and have more reason to hope, than we would ever imagine. God endorses your dissatisfaction with the world’s self-concept package: “Large, with a side of self-doubt and a sprinkle of guilt — hold the Jesus.” How predictably joyless.
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You think voting for a Third Party US presidential candidate is a good idea this year? That a third party or fourth party or written in candidate is better than voting for the lesser of 2 evils? Stick it to bigoted Trump and crooked Clinton and stick tough with your principles?

I not-so-humbly disagree.

Allow me to present Argument #1 from John Oliver. Voting for a Third Party candidate may allow you to keep your moral compass intact, but they aren’t all that perfect…

And now for Argument #2 from Samantha Bee. She goes through how Maine Governor Paul LePage, a.k.a. one of many Trump fuck buddies fanboys, came to receive his office. SPOILER ALERT: It’s because the votes were split between numerous candidates, allowing an anti-black, Latinx-fearing, woman-hating, queer-bashing, threat-making, xenophobic, Islamophobic Stephen-King-styled nightmare to hold 2 terms in office.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to vote for Ms Clinton, not because she is 100% decent as a human or politician but considering the alternative, what would happen if I were less pragmatic.