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It seems the Sherlock fandom rapture 2k17 that I predicted would happen regardless of how s4 went is beginning. BNF’s are trolling on Twitter. Ben Caron, the director of e3 has deleted his Twitter even though there are not threads bashing him. I can see hate being thrown around tumblr in bits and pieces.

I hope it doesn’t get worse. Maybe it won’t? I have no idea. But I implore you, if you think this will affect your well-being in any way shape or form please take a break. black list tags or block people. Even though I have never met any of you in person, I care about your well-being and mental health. I have been affected by wank and I’ll do everything in my power so that it doesn’t affect you.


I edited both of these pictures couple months ago, and I forgot to add the second picture in here! 

Sometimes when I can’t find another player who’s willing to ship our characters together, I start to ship them with NPCs… So here’s Keriaana and Sieran! I can’t even imagine Keriaana being with someone else nowadays since… well, LOOK AT THEM! ;;;A;;; </3

Hermione's first alone time with Draco's best mate in the world.
  • Hermione: I love him, Blaise. I'm with him through whatever. For better or for worse, right?
  • Blaise: Heh, you know Draco. It'll probably be worse.
  • Hermione: I know. I kind of knew that the day I met him.

i feel so bad watching the johnlock shippers because like, they were duped and mislead and have every right to feel betrayed and for anyone who’s older and has been in fandoms for a while it was so obvious it was going to happen, but there was nothing we could do to stop you from getting your expectations up so high… 

listen. i was 15 when sherlock first came out. 15 and absolutely swimming in tumblr fandom (which was both better and worse than it is now). we were just as desperate for representation in major fandoms are you are now, perhaps even more so, and we thought that sherlock was going to be our saving grace. we’d seen queerbaiting, we knew the term, and we were all aware that fandom frequently looked at things with “slash goggles” on. but nothing had ever been as queer-baity as 2010 sherlock. from the romantic movie style of the dinner scene, to the hints dropped by mofftiss, to the fact that moftiss had admitted the adaption was based most heavily on the private life of sherlock holmes, the adaption that famously comes closest to featuring a cannonically closeted sherlock holmes (the director later said that it was one of his greatest regrets, and was only stopped at the time by censorship). 

and here we had Sherlock, the new in thing, with millions of eyes on it, with all that subtext, set in the modern day where it wouldn’t be so shocking, written partly by gatiss, who is a gay man. we were convinced it was only a matter of time. 

and yet, it never happened. from season two onwards, every episode that came out was like a slap in the face (the worst, of course, being the introduction of irene, not only the quelling of the shipper fires, but also the worst written female character in a slew of badly written female characters). we were let down slower than the younger fans were. we were given hope, and the long time between seasons was what made us realise johnlock was never going to happen by giving us time to notice that it was all promises and no reward. 

i was still hopeful that this season might finally be It. hopeful, but not expectant, because if you’ve been around since the beginning, you’ve learnt that 99% of the time, gay subtext is queerbaiting, not foreshadowing. but it really sucks for those people who were so convinced it was going to happen, because i’ve been in your shoes and felt your disappointment, and if you’re laughing at young lgb fans (and even straight fans) who watched the last episode expecting their beliefs to be validated only to realise they fell for moftiss lying and baiting and KNOWINGLY misleading those fans into thinking that johnlock would happen for the views, then you should go find some empathy.

Here’s an idea..

How about you keep your Tamlin hate OUT of the Tamlin tag? It’s sickening to see posts like “The only redemption is him dying.” The fact that you people are writing things like this is disgusting. Some people have even been sending deaths threats to Maas saying that she better kill him or worse in the third book. 

Him dying would NOT be redemption so just STOP.

You all NEVER would have said this stuff while reading the first book but now that Rhysand went and got your panties wet in the second one you all do a complete one-eighty and want nothing more than for him to die. Really? Do you not get that he’s struggling because of what happened Under the Mountain? Do you not understand that what went down under there seriously screwed with his head? Oh, and news flash, not everyone deals with recovery the same way and he is clearly having a hard time with it.

You want to hate him? That’s fine, but do it in a different tag. You all love calling him a tool so much how about you stick to your “Tam the tool” or “Tamlin the tool” tag? I’m tired of seeing your hate flood a tag that I am trying to enjoy, it’s upsetting and it’s bringing me to the point that I can’t enjoy the series anymore because of the way that this fandom is acting.

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i dont think i deserve to be a hijabi anymore. i dont want to *trick* people into thinking im pious, when im really not. *

Girl, I literally think like this all the time. All the damn time. Especially lately, because of the way my life has been. But it’s not about us tricking people, it’s about shaytaan tricking us.
Hijab isn’t something you “deserve.” It’s not some hallmark of piety, or a standard to aspire to. It’s a basic part of being Muslim. I know that’s overcomplicated because of our society, but it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it only matters what Allah thinks.
I just keep telling myself that no matter what bad I might take part in, if hijab is the one good thing I have, I can’t let go of it. And if people will judge me, for better or for worse, because of my hijab, then that’s on them, not me, and I don’t need people like that in my life.
But whatever you decide to do, just know that what matters is that you stay true to yourself.

Good luck, love. We’re in this struggle together.

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Eh, I think it’s each to their own how much you follow of the twists - I know people who could tell the therapist and Faith were the same woman, I couldn’t tell. I didn’t see secret sisters or Redbeard being a child coming. Or the governor being brainwashed. While I spotted Sherlock in the hat I missed Mycroft as the fisherman even! Maybe I’m just easy to string along! (Except when it comes to Mycroft telling Sherlock to shoot John - never gonna happen.)

The 3 x 90 min every now and then format with big name actors is a nightmare for pacing out stories - you just can’t do case of the week. If TBB aired as ep 2 for this series people would be outraged - even allowing for the natural outrage caused by it being TBB, because no. But the same sort of concept applies! You just can’t really justify spending all that time, money and effort on what is for better or worse now prestige drama and create what people would see as “filler”.

Definitely fuck clowns though.

Believe It or Not. Part 9.

Summary: without tensions rising, she’s getting tired of being on the outside.

Content: they don’t interact too much in this one, but it’s setting up for some so just be patient(:

(Based off 1x09 “Wolf’s Bane”)

Y/n got up and quickly dressed in her cheerleading uniform before putting her hair in a high ponytail.

The whole squad has to wear their uniforms to school on game days. So since there was a game tonight, she had to go through the whole day tugging down on the short, stretchy material.

She wasn’t particularly excited to spend the day going from class to class with Stiles. Considering how weird things had been between them lately. Y/n knew better than to make matters worse for them, but she wanted more than anything to hear the truth, but hear it from them. I mean all the sudden Derek Hale is alive, but she had to suppress her shock about that because according to the boys, they think that y/n thinks Derek was trying to kill them that night in the school. God she can’t even keep track of what she’s supposed to know.

Y/n felt like there was a ticking time bomb inside her head. The more information she received, and the more secrets she had to keep, just kept pushing her closer and closer to exploding. She hadn’t even had the time to fully grasp the information about Scott because only an hour after finding out she was being attacked by the alpha. None of this makes sense. She wanted to cry, or scream, or hit something.

She made her way into the school a little later than she wanted, only to be met with the scene of Jackson approaching Scott.

Y/n quickly whipped around a corner and slightly stuck her head out far enough so she could hear, but not far enough that they would notice her.

She was honestly getting really tired of sneaking around and hiding behind walls. But, for right now, it’s what she had to do.

“I know what you are, McCall.” she heard Jackson’s voice. Y/n could barely breathe at the words that came out of his mouth.

“Wh-what?” Scott asked nervously.

“I know what you are.”

Y/n really hoped Scott couldn’t hear heartbeat because hers was out of control now.

“I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Scott tried to lie smoothly, although the cracking in his nervous voice gave it away.

“Yeah, yeah you do,” Jackson’s voice echoed through the hall, “and here’s the thing. However it is you came to be what you are, you’re gonna get it for me too.”

What? Jackson wants to be a man-eating beast? Although the more she thought about it, the more it made sense.

“Get what for you?” Scott tried to keep up his charade.

“Whatever it is. A bite, a scratch. Sniffing magic fairy dust under the moonlight. I don’t care! You’re gonna get it for me, or she’s gonna find out about it too.”

Y/n took her chance to look over to where Jackson was pointing, which happened to be straight at Allison.

“And your sister, too.” Was the thing Jackson said before walking away and right after passed y/n. Luckily enough he didn’t notice her.
- - -

When y/n got to class she rushed to the very back corner seat before anyone else could take it.

Usually she would’ve sat close to Stiles or Scott, but she didn’t really want to be near either of them right now. She needed some space. She felt as if her whole entire world was crashing down around her, and she just had to let the pieces fall on top of her.

Stiles walked into class and immediately noticed that the seat y/n occupied was out of place. He gave her a questioning look and tried to get her attention. Of course, she could feel his gaze but she refused to look up. Now was not the time she wanted to deal with this.

Y/n was barely paying attention to the lesson. All she could do was stare blankly and her desk and try to keep her mind off of all the things spinning through her head, and failing miserably at doing so. The only thing that had caught her attention was Allison suddenly getting up, gathering up all her things, and leaving the class with Scott not far behind her.

The old, ignorant y/n, would’ve texted her brother to figure out what happened. But so many things were different now, and she was afraid that if she got involved in another one of his problems the same thing would happen. She would get sucked in with no way to crawl out and breathe fresh air. The best way she could describe her situation right now was just stuck.

She propped her elbows on her desk and let her head rest between her hands. This was just so overwhelming. She was 16, she should be worried about who was going to ask her to the formal. Not who was gonna try to kill her next. She tried to control her breathing as she started getting anxious, and then her phone beeped signaling that she had received a text.

Y/n quickly pulled the device from her pocket to see that it was from Stiles.

She opened the message to read what it said, just one small question.

‘Are you okay?’

She glanced up to the seat that he was sitting in, only to find that he was staring right back at her.

Almost as soon as she made eye contact with him, she looked back down and shut her phone off putting it back in her pocket. Ignoring his message. She just needed some time to process some things. Feelings about everything Derek had told her, wondering if he was wrong and she should just come clean. Feelings about Scott being a werewolf, scared for his safety if the alpha is still out there. Feelings about Stiles, wondering why he left her sitting on her own floor the night of the full moon.

All of these thoughts were running around her head. She had no idea the length that everyone was going through. She couldn’t even make her own decisions anymore, because in a situation like this, who could possibly know the difference between wrong and right? She didn’t even have enough information about what was happening, but she knew where she could get it.

Y/n grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder, standing. Up from her seat. She walked to the front of the classroom and decided on telling the teacher she wasn’t feeling well.

Stiles watched as her figure left the room. Confused and worried, he got up and ran after her.

“What is with my students today!?”

He heard the teacher yell before he was standing right behind y/n, watching her walk away.


At the sound of his voice she stopped dead in her tracks. Her heart stopping, she felt like a deer in front of headlights. She didn’t say anything, hoping that he would say something else so she didn’t have to talk. And he did.

“Is there anything I can help with?” His voice cracked as he spoke.

He watched as she turned around to look at him, eyes filled with tears. He saw the hurt in her eyes, the hurt she felt from being lied to by him and Scott over and over.

Y/n couldn’t bear to hear another lie leave her own lips. She was sick of hearing lies from other people too. So she did all she could do, she just shook her head. Then without hesitation, turned back around and kept walking until she had completely exited the school.

Stiles felt empty. He hated keeping secrets from her, he hated that he couldn’t tell her what was going on because that would be betraying his best friend, even though it was her brother.

And he hated watching her walk away right now. He could tell. He could tell she knew that he was keeping something from her. Which means he had to do the thing he least wanted to do, he let her walk away.
- - -
Y/n mindlessly drove. Who knows if she had even stopped at stop signs or used her blinker.

Her mind was in a million different places, but physically she was at the one place she probably shouldn’t be.

She found herself back at the Hale house. Taking the key out of the ignition, y/n stepped out of her car and stormed into the cold home.

“Derek!” She yelled, but received no answer.

“I don’t have super freaking senses but I know you’re here!” She screamed now, spinning in circles until he appeared right in front of her.

“You shouldn’t be here.” He answered in his calm, mysterious tone, “hell you shouldn’t have been here the first time.”

“And nothing stopped me then, so don’t be dumb enough to think you can turn me away now.”
Y/n raised her eyebrow at him. And he sighed.

“Why are you here this time?”

At his cooperation, she felt the anger she was feeling leave her body. She shut her eyes for a moment and took in a deep breath.

“I just, I still don’t understand what’s going on.I’m keeping your promise. And I got that. you’re a werewolf, Scott’s a werewolf. There’s a crazy ass alpha out trying to kill my brother. He’s already killed other people. But… You were dead! So are you guys immortal? And what’s the difference between alpha and regular werewolf? And what the hell-”

Derek held his hand up to stop the confused girl from her uncontrollable rambling. Then he explained everything to her. He told her about the rankings. Alpha, beta, omega. He told her that a beta’s eyes glow yellow while an alpha’s glow red. He explained that the alpha will kill Scott only if he doesn’t become apart of his pack, even when becoming apart of the pack means Scott doesn’t have a normal life anymore. Derek told her all there was to tell. Wolfsbane, the Argent’s being hunters, and all they’re doing to try and stop everything. Lastly, Scott’s plan to kill the alpha.

Y/n stood in silence for several minutes. Processing everything. How could their lives have turned to this? Their simple, boring lives. She hated this. She hated all of it.

“So what can I do? How do I help?” She asked Derek.

“You know how you help.”

“No! You can’t make me stand on the outside of this anymore. He needs me now more than ever-”

“He needs you, to be safe. That’s part of what’s helping him control everything. He will tell you. He’ll tell you everything himself once all of this is over. But I promise, if you get involved now it’ll just make matters worse.”

She nodded her head. She needed to keep doing what she was doing, he was right.

“You should probably go, I know there’s a lacrosse game tonight.” He reminded her. She had almost forgot, with everything going on.

“Yeah you’re right, thank you. Thank you for not treating me like I wouldn’t be able to understand all of this. And thank you for keeping him safe.” Derek just nodded in return, and she made her way towards the door.

“Just one more question,” she let herself turn back around to look at him.


“You said Scott’s eyes are yellow, and the alpha’s are red. But the other night when I was here, and you grabbed me. Your eyes were blue.”

He stared at her for a long time. She was smart.

“That’s a story for another time.”

With that answer, she left. She needed to get back to school before the game tonight.

- - -

Y/n stood on the sidelines with her squad, stretching and warming up with only 20 minutes left before the start of the game.

She knew that Stiles was actually getting the chance to play tonight. Not only play, but play first line. She looked around at all the boys sitting on the benches.

She saw Scott, Jackson, but no Stiles. His dad wasn’t even here yet. Y/n wondered where he was, and hoped he was okay. She couldn’t imagine him missing this opportunity.

It was now 30 seconds before the game started, the entire team was huddled in the middle, and her squad was positioned on the sidelines. Yet, there was still one person missing from the huddle. Stiles Stilinski.

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For Better or for Worse

Bucky x OFC

Summary: Were all love stories supposed to be this complicated? (Part Two to Lost and Found)

Warnings: language, angst (woo!!!!) it has a happy ending though so it’s okay

Word Count: 3.7k

Author’s Note: here’s the awaited and long ago promised second part of Lost and Found. I hope you all enjoy this installment of Charlie and Bucky (there could possibly be an epilogue? Or a third part? Idk, we’ll see how I feel and if you guys really want it). anyways, feedback is always welcome :)

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When I read the 27 year old's confession, I felt a bit sad, as I'm only just getting into cosplay and I'm 27. I've found a really good group of friends to cosplay... but they only do spideys, and I want to branch out. I'm afraid that they'll lose interest in doing events with me, and I don't know if that's better or worse than feeling too old.

We’ve actually talked about this before, but there really isn’t a “too old” to cosplay! Here’s a post on it with some commentary from a past confession event:

And I don’t think they’d lose interest in hanging out with you if you wanted to branch out a little! I’m sure they’d love to do more group cosplays with you, you just have to ask.

- Mod Sky

@ilovedyoubananakin​ replied to your post “Many Other Star Wars Tumblrs:  “Here is some detailed plot analysis”  …”

Dude your blog is like the bright light in the middle of fandom bickering for me some days. You just love star wars in all of it’s ridiculous glory. For better or for worse. The good times and the bad. In sickness and in health….wait. (but seriously you’re always so positive about things and I appreciate it)

This is so sweet, my friend. :) I strive to bring that little bit of a lift because GOD KNOWS this fandom is just exhausting sometimes. 

A long time ago I decided I’m not going to care if people think my taste in Space Wizard Movies/TV Shows/whatever sucks. I do know I am having more fun being a Star Wars fan than a sizable portion of the people who consider themselves fans, that’s for damn sure. 

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I love your insights on Kaiba, they are always so thoughtful and a pleasure to read. I've been wondering what you think of his relationship with Mokuba, and if you think that it will get better or worse as Mokuba gets older and starts depending on his brother less? Because to me it seems like something Kaiba would not deal with well, but it's hard to say...

Yay, I got a compliment!

I remember, way back when the dub first aired, trying to guess the age difference between Mokuba and Seto. Turns out it’s only five years.

I’ll say up front, whether manga or anime, I do think it’s a misconception that Seto’s an infallible parent. The guy’s a volatile teenager prone to selfish impulses. But love is an emotion infinitely more complicated than what we’re led to believe as children.

I adore Mokuba and I don’t talk about him nearly enough. He’s headstrong, gutsy, deeply devoted, and highly intelligent in his own right. Whoever Mokuba and Seto’s biological parents were, their genetics were the stuff of genius.

In the manga, Mokuba is introduced to us as a villain. But there’s depth and pain here: his villainy is a desperate and misguided act of love for his brother. And when Seto commits an atrocity against Mokuba, Mokuba feels no resentment but instead a crushed and tired despair, nostalgic for the person Seto once was.

Mokuba was never really a dark character. He never needed a mind-crush.

Mokuba was the final piece of Seto’s heart, and Duelist Kingdom is filled with so many moments in regards to these two that pummel my heart into batter. Mokuba paved a route headed towards redemption for Seto. Physically, the brothers had been separated for six months. Emotionally, they’d been separated for much longer. And so the poignancy of their reunion tugs deeper than words can describe.

Battle City is where we’re given a more solid understanding of the dynamic between these two, as their relationship has newfound stability. Seto expresses his love for Mokuba through involvement and trust, and Mokuba stands by his brother’s side. But Mokuba won’t be complacent and this is also when it becomes apparent he can act as a gauge for Seto: that moment when Mokuba confronts Seto in the duel tower. He tells his brother it’s wrong to walk away, snapping Seto out of his temper-tantrum. And this is a mark of Mokuba’s own character growth. He’ll tell Seto he’s wrong.

Obviously talking about the futures of these characters is pure speculation. Mokuba is far more emotionally and socially well-adjusted than Seto is, and I imagine he’ll go on to make friends and date in the way most people do. By the time of the movie, Mokuba is also a young professional showing a commitment to Kaiba Corporation. I’m certain that commitment will last.

The big problem is Mokuba is Seto’s only social relationship. Without him, Seto risks receding into complete isolation. I’ve seen the headcanon that Mokuba will convince Seto to receive professional help. The thing is I can’t imagine Seto has the capacity to ever so easily open up to and trust anybody, therapist or no. Even if Seto himself completely understood that this is what he needs, I just can’t believe he could bring it out of himself, try as he might.

But there is hope! I really like the idea of Isono taking on a sort of familial role to the Kaiba brothers. There’s also a scene towards the movie’s end paired with that image on Takahashi’s Instagram that point to Seto building a relationship with Yugi. It would be amazingly beneficial for Seto to build a friendship with Yugi. And if Seto can build social relationships with Isono and Yugi, even if Mokuba isn’t always there, Seto won’t recede into isolation.

There’s also the possibility Seto could research self-help. At Alcatraz, Seto seemed to have gained an awareness there’s something wrong with him. He called it Gozaburo’s curse. He recognized the truth in Atem’s warning of hatred’s dead end. He has at least some self-awareness. And people can pick up coping mechanisms as they travel through life. It would be a long and tenuous battle requiring active effort on his part, but I think Seto does have the capacity to improve.

All the while, it’s not as if Mokuba’s abandoned him. Mokuba’s idolization of his brother would grow into a more mature friendship, one where they stand on equal ground. Idolization becomes mutual respect and understanding.

I don’t think of Seto as doomed once Mokuba grows into adulthood. I think he’ll always be a chilly loner and I think he’ll have life-long struggles with certain psychological problems, but that doesn’t translate to doom. And Mokuba will be there for him, the two brothers eye-to-eye now.

Maybe I just like to imagine a happy ending.

Thank you for the ask, anon!

sassafrassrex replied to your post “Concept: The Paladins having a silly mood and trading puns of varying…”

Well, if that /weren’t/ the case, then would that prisoner dude calling Shiro ‘Champion’ not make sense? *ponders…*

Well, Shiro would probably still recognize the title and context, but Pidge’s reaction would have been different/she would need a translation.  The alternative is to assume that they use the English word of Champion, and Pidge somehow knows that Shiro is specifically being addressed as a fellow prisoner that way without the rest of the context.

I have to assume the translators are some level of canon.  Either you don’t hear the literal words at all, or you hear them and get an understanding of what they mean (which is better for retention but worse for things like being completely clear in an emergency situation)

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List 6 random facts about yourself and then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers! (apocalypticxlove)

1. When I was little, my school recognized that my reading level was higher than my peers, so they let me check out any book from the library regardless of the grade level on the sticker on the front. I’m really grateful for that because I think those years were what fueled my love of reading.

2. Possibly related to the first fact up there, I was also bullied relentlessly when I was young. I hated my life for a long time and wanted to be anyone but me. Now, in my 30s, I love who I am and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything because it made me who I am. I would love to redo it knowing what I know now though. I would have handled it a lot differently and I wouldn’t have let them ruin my experience.

3. Since we’re getting nostalgic here (for better or for worse), I think I’ll continue that theme! I really miss the days of buying magazines for the pinups, like Tiger Beat and all those! I actually feel like Tumblr is the new version of that. And thankfully, it’s free!

4. I love comics, but The Walking Dead is my first foray into “serious” comic books. I’m all about the daily comic strips and the Sunday funnies, and Archie was a bit of an addiction during my childhood! I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Riverdale TV series and I think it’s about time I check out the more serious Archie installments that I’ve missed in recent years.

5. I used to read Harlequin romance novels back when i was waaaay too young for them! The first stories I ever wrote were pretty dirty too. Now that I’m writing smutty fanfiction and flirting with the idea of writing erotica novels, it’s definitely paying off creatively!

6. In some ways I’ve always been an old soul, and in other ways I refuse to grow up. I was both overprotected and neglected when I was young, and that contradiction led to me becoming quite a contradiction! I like who I’m becoming though. I have no regrets!

music on shuffle

So I was tagged by @conversationinthehallway to put my music on shuffle and see what came up. I used my phone, which means for better or worse, you’re mostly getting music I listen to with a certain amount of regularity/that I like enough to put on a limited space.

1. “Work Song,” Hozier
2. “Minnesota, WI,” Bon Iver
3. “Into You,” Ariana Grande
4. “Big Love,” Fleetwood Mac
5. “Thunder Clatter,” Wild Cub
6. “Crosses,” José González
7. “Long & Lost,” Florence and the Machine
8. “Possession,” Sarah McLachlan
9. “Children,” Justin Bieber
10. “Mountain Sound,” Of Monsters and Men

as for tagging, um, if you want to do this, feel free @agentscullyisamedicaldoctor, @katherinebodine, @tofutti-rice-dreamsicle, @beautifulalgorithms, @noifsandsorbees, and if not, ignore! I’m too lazy to tag more than five people rn.

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to address that anon about arrow and the flash: oliver queen became the green arrow or whatever he wants to call himself now bc of his need to follower whatever dear old dad wanted and that festering into revenge and retribution. throughout the seasons, he doesn't grow or become a better hero - he gets worse, literally when owlcity happened and people were blathering on about how she was bringing out the best in him, he manipulated her and ultimately that show shows that

without a man women are worth nothing, seeing as laurel lance is basically thrown aside and killed to give ollie some manpain right there, and a woman would never be capable of leading as a man should (aka nyssa vs oliver for the throne of ra’s), and so much more damaging things but the point is - oliver queen is not a hero, he’s a mockery of what bruce wayne stands for 

the flash might not seem as bad as it is but barry became a hero in hopes of somehow getting the girl (s1 he was “courting” her if u wanna call it that as the flash and kind of flirting with her  - “what other girls?”) and in the process screws up the timeline like every season for the sake of doing what he thinks is right and doing what he wants - i.e. save his parents and undo the “wrong” in his life but not even seeking after the love of his life in the new timeline and overall the only narrative they’re preaching is that ‘yeah you’re not a god w superpowers but u still act like one and everyone will ultimately fix your problems for you because you’re a straight white male’

and then you have supergirl - they approach so many topics that are very relevant in the world and they do it in such a way that keeps it lighthearted and happier while still making commentary on it (”girls are taught to bottle it in / “black men don’t get angry in public” ) and kara herself becomes a hero because she wants to help people - she holds the weight of survivng the destruction of her planet (and yes, if she were superboy that would’ve been it that could’ve been enough y’know they could’ve just added that there was a girl back on krypton that xe was going to get married to etc. to fuel manpain but no), kara becomes a hero because she wants to help, she doesn’t have anything to make up for other than that this - earth - is her home and she wants to keep it safe 

(sorry this might be really crappy but its like 3am and i wanted to rant sorry)

goddamn girl


I signed up for love-not heartache.

I signed up for hugs-not drugs.

I signed up for endless love.

What have we become?

I signed up for sweetheart dances,

and walking down the aisle.

I signed up for your protection.

Where is that now?

You wish that I’d remained a child.

Ignorant to truth that I know now.

While absurd are my fantasies of what you should be,

I let them hinder my ability to forgive you and be free.

In life, you do the best you can;

no better or worse than any other man. 

(Original poem from my book, BTW, I’m Heartbroken)

smeghenegham replied to your post “overwatch will never have mario kart v2“ uh, GOOD.”

I get the implications, like Overwatch’s modding scene won’t be as immense as TF2’s was back in ‘the day’. dm_mariokart2 is an oddly apt example - we won’t get anything like it in OW. For better or worse.

lol yeah it’s such a weird random map to be proud of, it’s so spammy and full of friendlies. I used to play on trade servers too but I know they weren’t very good <:D


When I was a boy discovering my powers, I had no one. I had to figure out the Downworld all on my own. It was awful. So, I vowed to myself that if I ever found someone in a similar situation, I’d try to make sure they didn’t have to go at it alone.