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Leonora Redpike, my dwarven bard for an upcoming Pathfinder campaign! She’s real bad at making friends, but makes up for it with fashion.

The outfit is probably way fancier than it ought to be, but I really couldn’t resist a little landsknecht aesthetic in my medieval-ish fantasy character.


Flowers of Darkness

Port Mafia + Flowers 

(scans by @dazaiscans, art by Kafka Asagiri, edit by me)

I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*

anonymous asked:

Idk if you are open for mlp requests too but if you are, maybe you could doodle something sunpie related? ;; (sunset shimmer/pinkie)

sortaaaa sunpie related…. 

from the fairytale au, pinkie’s side quest is to find a “mysterious unicorn who knows celestia’s darkest secrets” and its, of course, sunset shimmer, who was once human but became cursed to live as a unicorn until she can redeem herself 

uhuhhhh so yeah, the moment pinkie the forest witch finds sunset shimmer, the unicorn with the sun on her back. 


favourite asoiaf ladies per househouse stark

What a tiny dragon!


Ai Ai Gasa

 An umbrella with the names of the couple as a symbol of love  (´▽`)♡

(tysm @vashtijoy for your help ;-;)

The Mac Tirs + Ferelden
The name "Mac Tir" means "son of the land."
It was bestowed upon Loghain by King Maric after the Battle
of River Dane.
The Fereldan people considered the name highly appropriate:
to them, Teyrn Loghain was a son of the entire nation,
and he was famously said to have told a crowd
that Ferelden would forever be "part of his blood"
make out like it never happened

or, here, have some jackparse feels

* It’s possible that Jack doesn’t want to see (think about, etc.) Kent (see: “you shut me out, see: everything we see in the comic points to that being true) because he doesn’t like him.  Because Kent was shitty to him, or just because they don’t have anything in common anymore.

But to me that’s the least interesting possibility, where there are so many others.  Like:

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i’m sorry but fan fiction about real people, not characters, is creepy and invasive. like imagine knowing explicit sexual writings about you and your coworkers exists and the concept is defended online. that’s so inconsiderate of the fact that celebrities are real fucking human beings and they deserve that respect and if you disagree let me raise the point that you can write characters based on real people and tell your exact same story but change names or something and that’s 10000% better than writing stuff that could make that real person uncomfortable.

soulmate au

soulmate au in which the soulmate is your “best possible match out of all the people you’ve touched in your life yet”, be it romantic, platonic or familial. kids who are twenty and their parent are still their soulmates. babys, whose soulmate change every few touches, because nearly every new person they touch is a better match than the last. Kids coming back from the playground with a new best friend/soulmate. Marrying your current soulmate, and suddenly finding a better match. Never having a better match than your best friend. Never having a better match than your parent, until you touch your own kid. Having more than one best match, switching every time you touch one of them. Having them all. Always having a soulmate, even if it’s not the soulmate.

I want it all????

Oh and another thing

Why would they make a girl apologize to men for being “girly”?

Since when is asking for help “girly” in the first place?

Oh yeah, in order for a female character to be considered strong, she must act like a man. And Real Men™ don’t need help. So not being able to do something alone is weak and an embarrassment, therefore “girly”. 

Okay Buckleming. I got it. 

here have my self-insert shit that’s been sitting in my drafts for ages

it’s shit but it’s cute shit take it


It was a nice little shop.

Tucked away in a little corner of the street, it had plants climbing the outside walls and framing the old wooden door. It only had small windows to look through and a little sign to signify that it was actually a shop.
Inside was just as cozy looking as the outside, albeit a little cramped with all the trinkets scattered everywhere. There was a counter at the back, where two employees- or perhaps owners of the shop - were quietly chatting.

The bell above the door rang as it was pushed open, allowing two people inside. One of them was a human, pulling a skeletal monster by his hand deeper into the shop. Both employees at the counter glanced their way, but soon went back to their conversation after offering the two a smile.

“Why are we here, exactly?” The monster asked, shoving his free hand into his jeans pocket. He didn’t really mind his datemate dragging him into the shop, but he still wanted to know why. Said datemate only looked over their shoulder at him and grinned.

“Uh… Happy birthday..?”

“It’s not my birthday”

Their grin turned somewhat sheepish, but they just shrugged and turned to face him, letting go of his hand in the process. "It’s a nice shop, I’ve been here before. Besides, one of my bracelets broke and I want to get some new ones” To prove their point, they lifted up their arm to show him their wrist. Usually, they would have all sorts of bracelets and hairbands on both wrists, but he noticed that one of the ones they wore every day was missing.

Glancing around quickly, he spotted a small stand with an assortment of different bracelets on it, and gestured towards it with a nod of his head. “Take your pick, then” They wasted no time in bounding over to the stand and leaning over to look through the accessories.
While they were doing that, he decided that he might as well look around the shop while they were both there. There were all sorts of things available: arts and crafts supplies, hand made bracelets and necklaces, notebooks and art pads, even some food in one corner of the shop. The chocolate bars that were stacked up were tempting, but he decided against buying any.

It wasn’t long before they had picked out a packet of bracelets that they liked. Black leather - probably fake, but looked nice either way - and brown and white cords that were tied together. They hadn’t brought that much money with them, but they had enough for the one pack.

They were about to head up to the counter to pay when they caught sight of their boyfriend flipping through the pages of a notebook that he had found. He closed it and ran his fingers over the cover, then switched it to his other hand to feel along the back as well. They could tell by the look on his face that he quite liked it - perhaps because he needed a new notebook anyways, his other ones were completely full as far as they knew. Pursing their lips, they glanced down at the bracelets they were holding, then back up again. Assuming that the notebook was £5 or under, they would only be able to buy either that or their bracelets.
While they were trying to decide what to do, he had put the notebook back down and had continued to look at the other things lined up on the shelves, until he noticed them stood staring down at the bracelets they held.

“Decided on which ones you want yet?” His voice seemed to make them jump, as they jerked their head up abruptly to look at him. They opened and closed their mouth a few times, but no words came out. He was used to them doing that from time to time, though, and knew to wait while they tried to vocalise what they were thinking.

“Uh… No, not yet..” They managed to reply after a moment, shrugging lightly.
He looked down at the ones that were in their hand, then gave a small nod. Personally, he thought those ones would be fine, but that wasn’t for him to decide.
They went back to where the bracelets were kept, and although they kept the ones they had in their hand, they leaned over to continue looking. Soon after, he went back to browsing through the different items as well.

‘To be a nice person and get the notebook, or be a selfish person and get the bracelets..’ They were still mentally debating with themselves over which to get. Really, anyone would’ve most likely thought that they should be a good datemate and get him the notebook - and they wanted to, but.. They were still a naturally selfish person, as much as they hated it. 'This really shouldn’t be such a difficult decision.’

Muttering inaudible words to themselves, they put the bracelets back and looked over to see where he was. He wasn’t near where the notebook was, so if they were quick they would be able to grab it.
Once he was turned away from them, looking at some of the necklaces that were hung up, they snuck over and picked up the notebook he had previously been looking at before turning away again and going back over to the bracelets. They had to admit, it was a very nice notebook. And, thankfully, they had enough money for it.

Taking one last glance over their shoulder at him to make sure he wasn’t looking, they then walked briskly over to the counter where the two employees still stood. Their conversation had stopped a few minutes ago, and one was sorting out some bags when they approached.

Quickly paying for the notebook, they gave the two an awkward smile before hurrying back over to where their boyfriend stood, holding the notebook behind their back. He soon noticed their presence, and turned slightly to look at them.

“Need some help putting them on?” He must’ve heard the cash register open and close when they payed.
“Putting what on?” They answered innocently, blinking up at him with a small smile.
“.. The bracelets” He murmured, bonebrows furrowing in suspicion.
“What bracelets?” Nyx’s smile shifted into a cheeky grin at his growing confusion, and they pulled the notebook out from behind their back when he didn’t reply.

G looked down at it as they held it out to him, unresponsive other than a light golden colour that had dusted over his cheekbones. After a few seconds, he chuckled quietly and took the notebook in one hand, while the other reached into his pocket. Taking out the same amount of money that the notebook had costed, he held it out to them with a light shake of his skull.

“Go buy yourself those bracelets, dear”

Jim does it better
Jim Moriarty
Jim does it better

‘Welcome to “Jim does it better’. This is the only phone service that does it for you.’


Thank you to Sara who helped me with this. We have always the best ideas (and the silliest perhaps).

Rant about recent Mystreet Comments

NOTE: Since the last rant I did ended with a ton of witch hunting and threats, I just need to say this, DO NOT TRY AND “FIND” ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. Witch hunting is disgusting, and the fact some of you sent threats to Jess and Jason last time was gross af and it didnt need to happen. So if I find out ANY of you have witch hunted these people down, I will NOT be happy. 

Last time I did a rant about Mystreet everything went way out of control so I’m not going to be going to deep about the series anymore.  

I’m not going to go into things such as “Omg it was everyone’s fault!!” because I don’t have time to go down that rabbit hole. I’m mainly here to rant about the comments on the recent Mystreet Episode; “The Break-Up”

If you all don’t know what this episode is about, Basically to sum it up everything that has happened leading up to this, Gene was getting suspicious of Zane getting “to close to Aph” and basically complained to Aaron. Aaron ignored him, His family got involved, MIchi blackmailed his sister about “Aphmau tripped and Zane caught her”. His sister showed him the picture, he THEN go suspicious. Cafe’ got burned down by Ivan, Aphmau assumed it was Aaron, Aaron is super emotional unstable at this point and is like “I need to go home” and they basically “break up”. 

Now normally I would be ranting about Mystreet but I’m honestly not interested in this series anymore, its the comments that bug me. 

Now before I show you some of these comments, I DO NOT want to see ANY comments about how “Omg they’re just kids!!” because that excuse is so stupid, you wanna know why? Because if your CHILD is online and is saying things “OMG MY FICTIONAL SHIP IS SINKING SO I WANNA KILL SOMEONE AND RIP OUT THEIR LUNGS” then idk, maybe you shouldn’t let your kids online.


This probably the MAIN comment on this video, the whole “omg aarmau is sinking so I need to kill Michi!” Like, I feel like I dont even need to EXPLAIN why these comments are messed up, and this isnt even one the worst ones. Just look at this next one: 

Do you see how psychotic these people sound? They are SO defensive of their ship they make comments such as “ILL RIP OUT YOUR LUNGS AND FEED THEM TO YOU” over a friken FICTIONAL PAIRING AND CHARACTER. Oh lets not forget the “Am I right guys?? :D” because ya know, you’re supposed to agree with that comment about this person wanting to literally dismember a fictional character from a minecraft series on youtube. Let also not forget the constant “MIchi is such a hoe!!” because that just makes things 10x better. 


I needed to just put this one in here because it honestly makes me go “???”

You all have to understand while yes, Aarmau is based off Jess’s and Jason’s real life relationship, just because a FICTIONAL pairing “breaks up”, this does not mean that their real life relationship is affected. Just putting that out there real quick since this is a common comment on this video. 


This is going to be the last comment I comment on because this entire thing is just gross and I want to be done with it. I know I am complaining about Aarmau shippers taking things to far but there is also a few “anti-aarmau” people who are taking things way to far. I’m not “pro aarmau” or “anti aarmau”, Im more “I dont really care for it anymore”, but this does not excuse these comments. Saying things like this makes you no better than the Aarmau shippers who are saying “KILL MICHI THT HOE”. 

This isnt the first time this has happened with one of Jess’s videos tbh. This has happened with Zane (ie. Kill zane!!”) Katelyn (shes getting in the way of my aphmau ship!!!), and even other ships as well (ie. Zanvis, Garmau, Laurmau, etc.), I think its just gotten out of hand and its just beyond disgusting. 

I also want to state this: If you are sending Jess and Jason death threats over Aarmau “breaking up”, I will not be afraid to call you out. Death threats are disgusting and you could go to prison from sending them, so think twice before you type something. 

Anyways, I’m done. Like i said before, I wont be commenting on the whole “its everyone’s fault they split up” thing because its exhausting and I have studying to do, so see yall later. 

/poses/ Here’s my miracusona?? I’ve had him for a long time but this is the first time I properly draw him ;;>w>

Since he has a “white dove miraculous” I thought to give him a magician-inspired look. His actual name is Henri and the only magic trick he knows is to be invisible to everyone /rip