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So Tilda Swinton messages Margaret Cho out of the blue (probably looking for an “Asian friend who isn’t offended!!”) and starts whitesplaining to her about how an Asian character being changed into a white woman is “diversity,” as if white women aren’t represented in the media WAY better than Asian men and women.

And Margaret Cho is polite and civil in this awkward, out-of-the-blue conversation with this entitled white woman who is convinced she can do no wrong, but we’re supposed to hate Margaret Cho because she admits that she was really bothered by it afterwards? 

And Tilda leaks the e-mails as if this is another Kim Kardashian/Taylor Swift thing?

Literally all Tilda did was show that Margaret Cho was just tolerating you. Tilda still looks bad to me.

How is this a case of “HOMG TILDA SHOWED UP WITH RECEIPTS!” when the receipts literally tell us exactly what Margaret Cho said happened? How is Margaret Cho in the wrong for being rightfully annoyed by this?

Also why is Tilda pestering Margaret Cho and expecting HER to tell her what’s wrong with whitewashing Doctor Strange? Why can’t she do her own homework, especially when Asian actors like Ming Na Wen and George Takei have been VERY vocal about why they take issue with it?

This whole thing just rubs me the wrong way and I hate how it looks like it’s going to be spun as Margaret Cho just “looking for a fight” or whatever. 

Fucking white women, man…

honestly though @ all major US TV networks and film makers, please look at the way audiences attach themselves instantly to smaller shows or films that give them representation and turn them into hits that people weren’t expecting. look at how quickly people have supported Eyewitness, look at how much support Shadowhunters has, look at the hype surrounding Moonlight, look how much people got behind The Fosters. people want to see themselves in the media they watch, stop ignoring such large portions of your audience.


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the raven ring: trips through the gangsey’s iphones → blue sargent


BIG GIRL APPRECIATION DAY! I never get to share my media side with you all. I’m a big girl out here trying to show the world you can be BIG & BEAUTIFUL and be a media personality. I have one of the hottest shows on my college campus and it’s only up from here. IM BIG, BOLD, & KILLIN IT!

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I love that the fandom has kind of adopted the idea that Bob Zimmermann is like the dorkiest dad to ever dad and is better at social media than Jack because it makes me think of shit like:

Jack never really uses Twitter but he has alerts set up for when Bitty or his dad (or Kent lbr) tweet.  And one day he sees that his dad has posted an old picture of himself from right when he signed with Montreal with the caption #HabBob.

A few seconds later there’s a photo of him slamming one of the Bruins into the boards with the tag #BadBob.

Jack figures his dad must be in a nostalgic mood and thinks he should call him later to save his mom from hearing all of his dad’s glory days reminiscing.  Then he uploads the the picture of Bob and Alicia with Jack pooping in the Stanley Cup (his dad tags him in it, Jack has second thoughts about ever calling him again). #DadBob

Now he’s wondering where papa is going with this.  He stops paying attention to the hockey hilights playing on the TV and just keeps refreshing his Twitter feed, which he seriously never thought he would do in a million years, but there’s this sense of dread building in his stomach, because he knows hid father’s sense of humor.  There’s one final punch line here, and it’s going to be even worse than his baby photos on the internet.

The last picture is from a trip to the beach that he and Bitty had taken with his parents the past weekend.  It’s a selfie of Bob and Bitty, with the two of them in matching sunglasses and his dad in a fucking backwards snapback, could his father be any more embarassing? The answer: yes.  The hashtag: #RadBob

Bitty retweets it with the same dumb hashtag and Jack starts rethinking his relationship.  Kent does the same and Jack texts him for the first time in months to say “fuck you, stop enabling him”.  Kent replies with a poop emoji and a kissy face.  #RadBob is trending by morning and Jack legitimately thinks he might die of embarassment.

So…white people are reblogging a gif set packaging moments from S4 OITNB supposedly showing the parallels between what the show did and real live actual tragedies like Ferguson, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, etc. in order to praise the (white) writers for “going there.” Things like this make it so obvious that so many of these people aren’t about solidarity or allyship but simply performing faux progressivism in defense of white racism. 

White corrections officers accidentally killing Black folks in custody is a white lie (and not the little “innocent” kind, lol at white being equated with innocence but that’s a post for another day). It is purposeful and malicious and systematic and systemic. But white people don’t wanna hear that. Those aren’t the truths white people laud as “realistic” and “important.” It’s so telling that so many white people can look at what was done to Poussey and think “Yes, this is what is actually happening. Yes, Black people are dying in police custody but it’s accidental and the white people are like me–well-meaning–it’s just an accident that can’t be prevented…so sad that white man’s life has been ruined. If only the Blacks would understand and not be so angry.”

This. Is. White. Propaganda.

And if any white folks had been paying attention to Ferguson, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, and all of my other brothers and sisters turned into hashtags by the police, they’d know how shit narratives like the one the nonblack writers of OITNB cooked up only further service white supremacy and state sanctioned violence against Black people by humanizing and purposefully creating empathy for a murderous white cop in a world where people think saying Black Lives Matter is a call for police to stop “doing their jobs” and be murdered. 

Take note of the white folks who’ve never said anything about Ferguson, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, etc., but suddenly are passionately defending OITNB. Know that it's because white people are falsifying Black people's stories so that they’re palatable entertainment for a white audience (i.e. profitable). These people don’t care about the movements and social justice language they just picked up long enough to silence Black folks critiquing whiteness. They care about protecting whiteness. They are defending the privilege of whiteness to falsify Black truth. They are defending the privilege of whiteness to control the narrative and then telling us to be happy and grateful that “at least white people are listening.”

If they actually cared about us and were the allies they claim to be, they’d close their mouths and attempt to learn something. Instead, actual real life Black people, especially Black WLW, are telling these white people it’s garbage and wrong and inaccurate and harmful and antiblack and white people are saying “shut up and let me enjoy the show.”


i have watched this

probably twenty times in the last 5 minutes

i was laughing so loud my dad came to check on me because i was wheezing