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The inhumanity of capitalism sees people arguing that natural disasters, situations in which people lose everything they have and struggle to stay alive with limited resources, is the “perfect time” for price gouging [the practice of raising prices to astronomical levels to take advantage of increased demand].

In this article, the author argues that places raising the price of water to freaking $100 means that “only those who actually need it will buy it”, allowing the price-gouge to serve as a means of rationing and distribution….not once taking into account those who simply can’t afford such gouges or the simple freaking fact that such barbaric and ruthless economic tactics display the absolute worst that humanity has to offer.

Because at the end of the day, the safety of “the market” is far more important that those who are struggling to survive in the wake of a natural freaking disaster.

The barbaric author then goes to argue in the comments that “sufficiently high prices” will miraculously allow supplies to enter into the storm-ravaged areas…because if enough money is offered, “people will find a way”. He basically argues that high enough prices will lead people to more likely risk their own lives to bring in more goods to profit off of the suffering of others through price-gouging in times of disaster……….and that somehow, this practice makes the world [and market!!] a better place for all.

“rationing by price”, ensuring that only the rich survive or that the poor are forced to choose between dying or giving up everything they have just to get through a disaster.

This is absolute lunacy paraded as a “logical economics” and it’s infuriating.

I’m at least glad that there are several people in the comments section of his article ripping him a new one.

DIY Betta Leaf Hammock

So we all know about this thingy, right? Well, I don’t like them.

First: they’re made of hard plastic and the edges can sometimes be sharp enough to hurt a betta or tear its delicate fins. Second: even though there is a version that doesn’t have a wire inside the leaf (and this version is far safer), I can’t seem to find that thing anywhere. I ordered them online, went to three different LPS, and all of them only had the wire version.

So I said, screw it. I’m gonna make my own betta leaf hammock and it’ll be ten times better than this mass-market version. And since my creation turned out fantastic, I’m gonna share my process with everyone so that you never have to buy that crappy plastic leaf ever again.

So here’s what you do: Gather up any unused silk plants you have, or buy one of those $4 silk plants at any pet store that have the adjustable leaves. They look like this.

In the background of this picture you can see one leaf clump that I pulled off the stem. In focus is one of those leafs cut off, including the base of the leaf which has the hole meant to go through the stem.

Stick that thing right into a suction cup. Easy as that. Mine fit snugly. I stole the suction cup I’m using off the awful leaf-hammock-with-a-wire I ordered online, but you can probably go to the dollar store and get a whole pack of this exact size.

That extra leaf I cut off in the beginning? Shoved it right into the suction cup with the other leaf. Now everything is nice and snug; those leaves won’t be budging any time soon.

Since I had it on hand, I also secured it with a bit of aquarium sealant, but it wasn’t necessary. The leaves were stuck in there pretty good without it, I’m just predicting it will be easier to clean down the line if I glue it.

And there you have it. Two gorgeous, well-sized, sturdy and safe betta leaf hammocks for your tank.

So, to review, here’s the materials list:

1. Small suction cup(s)
2. Clump(s) of leaves from a silk plant of your choice
3. Scissors
4. Aquarium sealant (optional) 


I believe motivation is highly subjective and that each person has a unique motivational catalyst. So this post isn’t actually written to motivate you (LOL). What this post will do, however, is give you 3 distinct suggestions on how you can generally stay motivated by yourself. These are based on observations made in my brief time working with entrepreneurs. Of course, like with anything, this is not a closed list.

1. Have Passion For What You Do:

You’ve heard this plenty of times, I know, it’s annoying to me too. But we wouldn’t hear it so often if it wasn’t so important.

Steve Jobs, when addressing a crowd at his alma mater, famously said “You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers.

Do what you love, and not in an airy fairy, kumbaya kind of way. If you derive actual pleasure from what you do, you are likely to be more motivated than the average person. It follows that people who do what they love will approach their work with a guaranteed level of enthusiasm. I don’t think this needs a great deal of explanation.

2. Find A Suitable Co-Founder:

Some of the best companies in the world were started by co-founders (e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, etc.). Often, a start-up is launched and maintained through a combination of expertise, which, for complex projects, is hardly ever held by a single person. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 people to start a project. So the importance of compatible co-founders cannot be stressed enough.

Like with every endeavour, there will be challenges that dampen the passion. The honeymoon period WILL end, and co-founders need to understand their effect on each other because this can serve as the necessary spark to push each other forward. During a slump in motivation, if you don’t feel more motivated after speaking with your co-founder, he or she may not be the right person for you to work with.

Some questions you should ask about your co-founder - When you are not feeling your best will they be able to take control? Do they create a mood which is conducive to productivity? How do you feel after talking to them about a hurdle you are facing? Do they actually have the capacity to perform the tasks that are needed to drive the project forward?

To achieve the best results, be brutally honest with yourself when answering these questions. Based on your answers, you may need to make some changes.

I left the first business I started at University because I could no longer work with my co-founder. The person whom I had originally chosen as my co-founder because of his technical knowledge of the (media) industry became the reason for my loss of enthusiasm. I am not sure what the root cause was, but my co-founder started developing a habit of killing the business relationships I had worked hard to build (and other bad habits, which are best left unmentioned). In turn, our reputation as a serious business began to take a knock. But this wasn’t yet the issue. The real issue was his inability to realise his problem, and then act in accordance with such realisation. 

Needless to say, I was brutally honest with myself - I just did not believe that he had the capacity to perform necessary tasks anymore, so I cut all professional ties with him.

3. Figure Out Your Motivational Currency

I define motivational currency as: a positive response which fuels the desire to be productive.

For example, I run a consulting business. Now, as much as I love what I do, there are mornings which feel completely hopeless (because - life) and my reason for continuing has escaped me. However, my mood suddenly changes when I get up from my bed, check my mail, and find an email from an entrepreneur requesting my services. After viewing this email, I feel a new energy, a sense of purpose, which prompts me to keep going. I am motivated, and the email is my motivational currency. 

If you are an outdoor event organiser whose event receives good reviews on social media and in the local papers, such reviews are your motivational currency because they prompt you to repeat the amount of effort put into your work, in pursuit of the same or an even better response from your market. 

This type of “currency” is different for different businesses, and is usually controlled by external factors. We cannot determine when motivational currency will be forthcoming, but the more work we put in, the more motivational currency we are likely to receive. (i.e. the more good work I do for my existing clients, the more likely I am to wake up to an email requesting my services.)


Staying motivated is, in my opinion, the most important thing for any entrepreneur. You can do anything you set your mind to with the right amount of motivation. Conversely, you can do very little without it. This is why it is crucial for entrepreneurs to find what motivates them, and have ready access to it whenever it’s needed.

So print this. Put it on your wall, and highlight the points which speak to you the most. Every time you feel demotivated, give it a quick read, and remind yourself of the ways in which you can regain your motivation.

As always, thanks for reading. I promise to make it a shorter read next time.

| The Coven - Jongdae X Reader AU Series - Chapter 1 |

Collaborative Series with @exosmutxoxo & @nunchiwrites

Vampire!Kim Jongdae X Reader

Genre: Action, thriller, angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: Violence, blood, mentions of abuse, sexual abuse and sexual situations (THERE WILL BE NO RAPE GUYS, TAKE YOUR NASTY FANTASIES ELSEWHERE) AKA this is not a lighthearted comedy, strap yourselves in kids this is a wild ride

Word Count: 7,837


Your story began in isolation, continued in isolation, and, as far as you were convinced, would end in isolation. You had heard stories about the towns within the valleys of the mountain, about Ebonmire, in particular. You had been told about the atrocities and utter absence of human morality that had infested the town like an incurable plague. No one knew quite when they arrived, be it a decade, a century, or an entire generation, but everyone was quick to realize that they had become helpless flies trapped within a web with no exit. They seemed to slip in in the midst of night, taking the entire valley by surprise, and for as long as you can remember, the sun had never shone again on this side of the mountain. You were within a region that was subjugated by evil; a region that was cut off from the rest of the world. This was the devil’s playground, his own personal circle of hell here on earth.

If you were a gambling man, you’d say it’s a safe bet to contend that life was never easy on you. If anything, you’d laugh at the irony of it all. An act of selflessness in exchange for an act of selfishness. An innocent life in exchange for a guilty one. Indeed, you would gamble that fate had it out to get you. But that’s how everyone lived in these godforsaken mountains.

You weren’t a betting man, and you certainly didn’t believe in fate. If fate were real, it would have been much, much kinder to someone like you.

Instead, you faced the cold, hard facts of reality.

You were now property. Property that was to be kept alive or exterminated on the whim of your new owner. Property that, amidst the illusion of absolute obedience, refused to relinquish the hope of escape.

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What is your favourite food?

you know when it’s winter and we have the christmas markets everywhere I love to eat champingnons with garlic sauce :3 that’s my highlight every winter 
(If you have no clue what it looks like search for weihnachtsmarkt champignons in google images hehe) 

But we don’t have christmas markets all over the year, so for the rest of the time I do like fried rice with chicken :) 

Today my whole company crew and I spent the entire morning doing charity works at the orphanage(playing with the kids, cleaning the house, etc). During the activities with the kids, my boss suddenly talked to me and asked about what I have done for animation.

It’s because my boss is a ‘business’ sort of guy, I never thought he actually interested and asked me about animation (it’s rare to find people in my place to be interested in animation too honestly. Hence whenever someone asks me that, I get super EXCITED and can talk about it for hours)

So I told and showed him TOO LOUD!, @ygoreanimate​ and all the other fun collaborative stuff I’ve done. Before we knew, the whole kids gathered around us and watched TOO LOUD! on his phone. It was SUPER CUTE AND FUN.

And during the meeting at his house after the charity work, he just made a HUGE PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT at everyone’s face, saying that I’m a incredibly talented animator and he’s gonna work harder with me on animation-related stuff starting tomorrow.

honestly tho, the reason I was able to enjoy rr on some level but consider ih garbage is because in only one case did romantic aspirations overtake the character. not to say there aren’t plenty other reasons, like rr having a history and actual camaraderie while ih has….none of that, but this is amongst the most glaring. renji had interests, motivations, relationships OUTSIDE of rukia. as time went on we saw less and less of that with orihime, to the point where she as a character almost did not exist outside of her feelings for ichigo. they made her fave flower a goddamn strawberry flower. it’s even less excusable given she’s a bigger character than renji and her panel time far exceeded his. same with uryu, whose pining didn’t incapacitate him

it’s sexist writing. it’s self-insert writing so some of the male readership - and kubo, let’s keep it 100 - can get off to it. “I consistently ignore this beautiful girl and she still thirsts for me. If I simply acknowledge her existence she’ll give me undue praise.” shonen mangaka stay writing with their dicks

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the worst thing about this whole situation is that we keep getting slapped in the face with bullshit from the few people we've come to rely on, you know? there are so few good men around 1D, and yet they keep falling like dead flies

They can do better. I know they are capable of it, and I hope they turn things around. I don’t have a lot of hope with some people/companies surrounding this whole thing, but at the core there are people who have done and can do things right, and I hope they stop the bullshit and do what we know they can and be the people they’ve showed us that they can be. The audience they have is good enough. We are good enough. This messy, short-sighted plan is really off-putting and offensive and if that’s what they feel they need to do to bring in a new set of fans, how can those fans be worth it? I hope they recognize that and change it. We’ll see….

Am having a staggeringly Shitty Brain Day, Softe and Goode Headcanons appreciated

I’ll start:

In that nixie AU I wrote, I headcanon that sid is half human and that because of that he ages fairly normally. He and Geno have a long and wonderful life together and there’s no “supernatural partner lives longer and grieves for hundreds of years alone” nonsense.

Autumn farmers market AU, because I can’t freaking wait for fall. Sid in a worn red buffalo check plaid shirt, sleeves rolled to his elbows, looking soft and strong. Baseball cap with the mesh in the back which for some reason is the Official Farmer Hat in my brain. It’s a free one he got from the local co-op or a feed company or something. I have a very specific image in my head. What does he sell though???? I can’t decide!!!

He’s got a beat up pickup and a very sweet dog (breed???? Mutt??? A stray who got dumped in Sid’s remote county road and showed up starving at his door) who sprawls under the market table and comes out to lick the hands of especially nice people and a bunch of other pens sell at the market too and–

I think Geno is a tired and disillusioned Srys Bsns Man, who stops by on a whim and falls desperately in love with Sid and finds solace in his peaceful life. Geno quits his job that he hates and marries Sid and they have a lovely house in the country with flowers and animals and babies and all of the pens as great neighbors and it’s wonderful.

Eggplants and Peaches [Gaston x Lefou]

Description: The domestic Gafou sexting au you never knew you needed!

Warnings: None really, just Gaston bein a super thirsty fuckboy and Lefou having absolutely none of it at work ft. Belle and Adam’s Unfortunate Interference™ . Enjoy😘  

Lefou was in a meeting, and his phone wouldn’t stop buzzing. It must be Gaston- his boyfriend craved attention, even when he knew Lefou was busy. 

Checking his phone, he squinted. Were those… emojis?

From: Gastt

Feeling a little *fire emoji*

Lefou frowned, scrunching up his nose as he reread it. Then another one came buzzing in.

From: Gastt

What I meant by that was, my *eggplant emoji* is feeling extremely *fire emoji* *fire emoji*

“Subtlety is not his strong suit,” Lefou muttered under his breath, and typed out a response.

From: Lefou

That’s nice

He waited for the inevitable response, which came a minute later.

From: Gastt

What, you wouldn’t like my *eggplant emoji* in your *peach emoji*? Or my *muscle flex emoji*? because I’m fairly sure you would *heart emoji* it

Lefou shifted in his seat, trying not to smile.

From: Lefou

That’s beside the point, I’m in a meeting

From: Gastt

Oh lovely, you’re not busy then

Picture this, Lefou: tonight when you get home, my latest *steak emoji* roasting over our *fire emoji*, you rubbing my *feet emoji* and maybe rubbing my *eggplant emoji* too.

Lefou hated himself for being turned on by his boyfriend’s stupid fucking emoji sexting.

From: Lefou

Stoppit, I can’t get hard in my meeting, my boss will literally *knife emoji* me if she sees

From: Gastt

Belle likes you, don’t worry about it

Anyway, as I was saying- I’m going to make you *explosion emoji* harder than you’ve ever *explosion emoji* before from the sound of my voice alone, as you *hand emoji* my *eggplant emoji*

“So many eggplants,” Lefou shook his head, and Belle looked over from where she was giving a presentation on how to better market their company’s latest addition to children’s literature.


“I said…” Lefou stammered, looking up, “We should definitely have more eggplants in there. Children love talking vegetables.”

“Lefou, I value your opinion greatly,” the petite brunette woman said softly, “But this is a book about a soccer ball.”

“Ah,” Lefou nodded, “Point taken, back to the drawing board for me.”

Belle seemed to find this amusing, and as she turned back to the plans in front of the group, Lefou sucked in a breath. Two new messages.

From: Gastt

Unless you don’t wish to *hand emoji* my *eggplant emoji*

Which I would be very sad about

From: Lefou

And I thought I was the needy one

From: Gastt

You are, once I have you on all fours and I’m *number 9 emoji* inches deep in you.

Lefou crossed his legs, suppressing a whine. He was going to murder Gaston in cold blood when he got home for this.

From: Gastt

Lefou answer me or no *water droplets emoji* tonight

From: Lefou

We’ve fucked consecutively for the past fourteen days, I think I can manage a night without your dick

From: Gastt

I’m shocked and offended *puffing angry face emoji*

Lefou didn’t respond.

From: Gastt

Fine, I’m going to hide your favourite sweater vest. The magenta one you look especially dapper in, you know the one.

I’m hiding it as I type this

From: Lefou

You monster

From: Gastt

*suit emoji* in the *street sign emoji*, *monster emoji* in the *bed emoji*

From: Lefou

I only sort of know what you’re trying to convey there…

Lefou let out a quiet groan as he shut his screen off and dropped his phone on the table, and Belle passed out sample leaflets with Adam, who had been sitting beside Lefou. Gaston could use his *hand emoji* all he wanted while he waited for Lefou to get home.

About ten minutes later, just as the meeting wrapped up, Lefou grabbed the phone off the table, and left as quickly as he could. Adam, Belle, Plumette, and everyone else did the same.

Gaston called, and was just finishing himself off as the call was answered- this would have turned Lefou on beyond belief, if it had been Lefou who answered it.

The short man frowned down at the unfamiliar lock screen as he opened the phone in his hand, and saw a picture of a huge wintery garden… not his background.

Shit, had he picked up the wrong phone in place of…

Then Adam walked out of the meeting room behind him, eyes wide with trauma.

“Mr. Lefou,” he said solemnly, unable to look him in the eye, “I believe your boyfriend wishes to speak with you.”

Lefou blushed deeply, and the blonde man snatched his own phone back as fast as he could before rushing off into Belle’s arms to recover. Lefou looked down at his lock screen photo of the shirtless selfie Gaston had taken of himself with Lefou’s phone making a kissy face, and put the device to his ear.  

“Ready for my eggplant?” Gaston asked smugly over the line with a few husky, laboured breaths, and Lefou immediately guessed what just transpired. He wiped his fingers over his face, and nodded.

“I am so ready for your eggplant.”

Gameplan to renovate the ABC Marvel TV side

1) Considering how bad the reviews are for Inhumans and how ABC seems to want to burn off the episodes and head straight to AOS, I think it’s likely that Inhumans won’t be back for season two. That’s fine. Let the property die quietly and bring it back years from now as a movie series (like around 2024 or 2025). 

2) Also, it pains me to say this but AOS season 5 may be the final season. Considering that the show’s renewal was already a miracle, the budget’s been lowered, and that it was placed in another time death slot, I don’t think it’s likely AOS will be renewed for season 6. The only way is if season 5 is so mind-numbingly awesome that it starts pulling in bigger numbers and if ABC literally has no other shows to replace it. So for the sake of this gameplan, I’m considering season 5 as the final season. 

3) Now that we’re starting fresh, I’d say the best plan for ABC Marvel TV is to start small by focusing on a solo series, like what the CW is doing with the Arrowverse and Netflix is doing with the Defenders. They’re gonna have to start slow but they need to earn the audience’s trust. 

4) Continuing from the previous point, start off with a major character. Obviously, there are some characters that are off-limits like Iron Man and Captain America. But thankfully, Marvel is huge. Top of my head, we still have Ghost Rider, Wonder Man, Black Knight, Ms. Marvel, Blade, Hercules, She-Hulk, Doctor Druid, Mockingbird (not likely), Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Moon Knight, Shang-Chi, Firebird, U.S. Agent, Deathlok, Nova, Machine Man, Darkhawk, Captain Britain, Sharon Carter (if the movie side is nice), Irredeemable Ant-Man, White Tiger, Jennifer Kale, Thor Girl, Rick Jones, Amadeus Cho, Carmilla Black/Scorpion, Yelena Belova Black Widow, and Quake on her own.

Just to name a few. 

Literally, pick from any of those heroes and make a show about them. That said, Ghost Rider has an edge since Robbie Reyes already shown up on AOS. Just saying Marvel, I’m waiting for his spinoff show. 

5) KEEP SCOTT BUCK AWAY FROM ANY OF THESE PROJECTS. For fuck’s sake Jeph Loeb, the man has failed Marvel TV twice. Enough is enough. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  

6) On the chance that the spin-off show has a great season 1, work on another hero. Give them the same time and effort as the other show and focus on making this new show great on its own. Maybe throw in one crossover or two but don’t overwhelm the audience. 

7) To keep the AOS team alive, at least consider adding the main characters to these other shows. Daisy Johnson would be a great deuteragonist in the Ghost Rider show (or, as stated before, she could be on her own), Fitz and Simmons could be the main support to Dane Whitman / Black Knight, Coulson and May could be old friends with John Walker / U.S. Agent, and there could be a shared past with Mack and Amadeus Cho through Helen Cho. This way, AOS’ impact can still be felt without overshadowing the main protagonists, whoever they are. 

8) Work on better marketing and follow through with strong pay-offs. I feel like that’s where AOS failed. They teased great things but the results were okay at best. Season 3 tried to hype up Most Wanted and the Secret Warriors and both projects failed. Secret Warriors wasn’t even given a chance to succeed while Most Wanted had obvious red flags from the start (lack of significant audience interest and failed to impress the execs the first time it was proposed). 

Meanwhile, season 4 hyped up Ghost Rider and achieved moderate success but didn’t go anywhere with it. Don’t read me wrong, I loved the Ghost Rider arc. However, Robbie was written off one-third of the way into season 4 and the rest of the season focused on other arcs, which probably drove off new people who were interested in GR. Yeah, I know there were budgetary reasons and different arcs to focus on but still, considering how much of the marketing was geared towards Ghost Rider, it sucks that he only appears in 9 of the 22 episodes.

So as part of starting smaller, don’t hype up large projects that will have lackluster results. Just focus on making great individual shows at the start and then build to something big. It’s fine to have the occasional crossover but don’t introduce anything too crazy. Arrowverse and the Defenders earned their right to do crazy-as-fuck crossover/universe-affecting storylines, ABC needs to earn their stripes. 

A possible thing to work towards: The Champions. Like how the Netflix shows built up to the Defenders, the ABC shows can build up the Champions. Obviously, it won’t be the same line-up as the comics but that’s fine. 

9) Move away from S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans. We have five seasons of AOS. While it’s been great following the adventures of S.H.I.E.L.D., maybe it’s time to move on to something different. And considering the reception that Inhumans received, maybe it’s a good idea for ABC to distance themselves from that property for a while. Or at the very least, focus on different Inhuman characters.

Focus on something else, there’s room enough in the MCU. Ghost Rider is a good gateway to the supernatural side of Marvel. U.S. Agent could provide a darker, grittier look at mercenaries and world governments, Moon Knight has a weird as fuck backstory that’d be fun to watch, Miss Marvel is a fan favorite who could redeem the Inhuman concept, Black Knight opens the doors to the British/European side of Marvel, the same with Shang-Chi and Asia, and so on. To reinvigorate people’s interest in Marvel TV, maybe it’s a good idea to focus on something…all-new, all-different.

Sorry, I saw my opportunity and I took it.