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Have you seen this one?!


As part of their Pioneering session, The A.V. Club received La Dispute while the band visited Seattle. Here’s their cover of Nirvana’s classic song “Polly”.


Portrait studies from The Last of Us, done over at my livestream, finished up offline because likenesses are hard.


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Hey there! I was wondering (since you seem well-versed in h/c sam fics) if you could recommend some good fics? Pretty much anything Sam-centric, lol. I trust your judgment.

This is the part where I wish I kept better records. I live and breathe hurt!Sam, but I don’t always save the fics I read. 

I absolutely stand behind all my fic recs, though, which you can find on my blog here! They’re pretty much always hurt!Sam (with some Sam appreciation mixed in there).

There are tons of places to find great hurt/comfort stuff, though, and it would be silly of me not to direct you to these places first, though you may already be following them.

Places to go:

Some author recs:

Choosing fics is hard, because a lot of authors have tons of great stuff and I can’t choose just one to rec. I can point you in the direction of talented authors, though! I can guarantee that their writing is going to be Sam appreciative and Sam centric. 

Note: Most of these authors post plenty of fics, ficlets, and episode tags to their Tumblrs that don’t get posted to AO3. Most of them post a mix of gen stuff and pairing stuff. I’m also definitely forgetting some great authors!

  • @themegalosaurus | (ao3) - Absolutely beautiful Sam-centric writing with a generous dose of brothers feels! (Make sure to check out her fantastic episode tags on Tumblr, too!) Be aware that some fic is Wincest or J2 RPF, with other pairings showing up occasionally.
  • @ameliacareful | (ao3) - Lovely hurt!Sam stuff and great portrayals of the characters.
  • @agelade | (ao3) - Stunning Sam-centric stuff. Generous hurt, beautiful writing, amazing focus on Sam.
  • @waterbird13 | (ao3) - Posts mostly on Tumblr and contributes so much lovely fic that is basically centered around Sam getting love and being happy.
  • @quickreaver | (ao3) - Lots of beautiful hurt!Sam fics, and quickreaver is also an insanely talented artist (if you’re looking for some visual hurt!Sam)! Can be slightly darker stuff. Some Winces and other pairings.
  • stillwaters01 on AO3 - Just in case you want very brothers-focused sweet agony and heartbreak with your H/C.
  • Let’s be real. Basically all the writers over at ohSam, too.

So much H/C you will die (in the best way).

No, really. I always indulge in thoughts of unrestrained H/C but I never seem to be able to write it. If relentless hurt (and delicious comfort) are your thing, these writers may make your day.

  • Marianna Morgan on FF.Net - Suuuuuper lovely and indulgent hurt!Sam and just really idealized happy brothers fic. If caring and protective!Dean is your thing, these are lovely!
  • skag trendy on FF.Net - I was trying to remember names from when I was prowling Fanfiction.Net, and I remember that this writer has just tons of hurt!Sam. You know those fics where the hurt doesn’t let up and it’s just this amazingly shameless pain-fest? Yes.
  • Alex L. Kerr on FF.Net - of the famed Trialculosis Sam fic, but there’s a lot to enjoy.

Mostly pairing stuff (I’ll list which ones!)

These writers are Sam fans who write some great stuff. Some of it is gen, some of it is explicit. If you prefer gen-fic, be aware. If you sometimes love your hurt with more intimate comfort, check these awesome people out!

  • @posingasme | (ao3)- Mostly Sastiel, mostly non-explicit. Beautiful and breathtaking and heartbreaking AUs that often have generous helpings of hurt!Sam and badass!Sam.
  • @rosworms | (ao3)- Sam/Benny and Sastiel and also Wincest + others. Sometimes explicit. Often heavy on the comfort. <3 Always lovely. Mostly posted on Tumblr but some can be found on the Archive, too!
  • @kansaskissedlips (no ao3) - Wincest and Sastiel and basically everything you could ever imagine + more. I’ll bet you didn’t know you needed hurt!Soulless!Sam. But you do. Often quite explicit fics and ficlets with some gen thrown in! 

And now onto the specific fics! My fic recs are below, as well as a list (with links) of fics people have recced to me! Cut for length, and also because I plan to add more as I think of them.

Feel free to submit me your recs (or self recs!), and I’ll credit you and add them to the list below!

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Revelations After The Wings Tour

- I’m still in shock at how close @jackseung were to the stage.


- They sound a thousand times better live than on a recording.



- V was so extra and sitting in front of the camera’s and serving looks so hard that I felt my car swerving and breaking down in his lane.

- Suga fucking YELLING at us to scream louder that we were ready for the next song left my vagina in pieces.


- I’m so in love with J-Hope rn he was so glorious that I left stanning him to the point when his part in songs come on in the car I scream “J-HOOOOOOOPE!!” All over again.

- Hobi genuinely looked bomb af in his outfit for Cypher Pt. 4


- Suga and V be dosing the crowd with water and I’m mad that I didn’t get to be a part of it.


- Namjoon being the sweetest leader AND HIS DIMPLES ARE SERIOUSLY NO DAMN JOKE.



wings tour in newark, 3/23

so i don’t have a very good memory and i’m still lowkey freaking out so this will be kinda random and scattered, but here are some highlights that i remember from the concert.

first of all: wow. obviously i knew these boys were talented, but seeing them live is something else. gorgeous vocals, spot on choreo, all around amazing performances. they’re even better live than in recordings.

they’re all so gorgeous in person!!! hobi especially, wow, i couldn’t believe he was actually real??? he wore a choker for the encore and i Died. and jin wore the same dangly earring he wore in the interview yesterday, it looked so cool! and jimin he like…. Glows. it’s hard to describe but in person he’s so stunning and angelic like??? he really seemed otherworldly.

tbh i don’t remember much about introductions bc i was so overwhelmed!!! but they’d all prepared speeches in english, which was so sweet. :’) and their english was all so good. yoongi did the Thing again where he pulled out his earpiece and made us cheer for him asdfffgghjkcsd

baepsae was so cool!!! the changed the instrumentals a bit so it was a different experiece than just listening to it. dope was great bc the whole audience was doing the fanchant and singing along! tae tripped during dope, my clumsy baby 😊

the solo performances were out of this world. the way they were staged was so beautiful and almost theatrical. special shoutout to dance line for pulling off some pretty tough looking choreos while also singing/rapping an entire song!!! jungkook especially, wow. his choreo had lots of tricky footwork and it looked very tiring, but there was only one time in the entire song when he sounded a bit out of breath. he’s become such a stable, powerful singer with great breath support, i’m so proud :’))

yoongi didn’t come out to do first love until after we chanted “min yoongi” for a while ahdjjtjskkd so dramatic. he was amazing, his passion is so clear in his voice whenever he performs. he had a string quartet accompanying him, and towards the end they changed up the instrumentals and played the chorus of so far away i’m so emo :(((

reflection oh my god :(((( we chanted “we love you” in between the “i wish i could love myself” lines and he sounded like he was getting a bit choked up :(((( i straight up started sobbing. he’s so lovely and kind and intelligent and that comes through so strongly when you see him live, everything he said to us was so beautiful and sweet. hearing him perform that song hit me so deeply like :((( knowing that he’s been through the same struggles i’m going through and grew into this beautiful successful person is so inspiring.

andkkaldhjfsksjdk i barely even know what to say about mama!!!! i actually got weak in the knees and starting shaking a bit, it was so incredible :’))) hobi’s voice is so beautiful, and his stage presence….. it really can’t be described. he played off of the crowd so well and was just so like…,charismatic. also on the screen behind him they were showing baby pictures of him 😭

awake…… there are really no words. it was even more beautiful live, if that’s possible. his voice is so incredible like??? it sounded even better than in recordings. his high notes were so solid and powerful and gorgeous and i was really just completely blown away. everyone sounded amazing, but tbh i think jin sounded the best tonight out of all the vocalists.

cypher 4 ahfjsjfjak the crowd got so hyped!!!! yoongi dabbed lmao, and hobi poured a water bottle on the crowd again (God I Wish That Were Me)

jimin slapped jungkook’s butt in 21st century girls. amazing.

hobi’s body rolls in no more dream….. i Don’t want to talk about it. i’m honestly surprised i’m still alive.

boy meets evil goes directly into bs&t, and it’s not the full version :((( but hobi was incredible as always. again, his stage presence is really something you need to experience.

they made us wait so long for the encore akdjjdkalakdkdka what little teases! before they came out for the encore, everyone covered their army bombs with colored plastic bags to make a rainbow :’))) the boys were so touched and impressed when they saw it. in jin’s goodbye speech he said “army is our rainbow” 😭😭😭😭 and he did one of his flying kisses and of course we all lost it. tae said something about the rainbow too, but i didn’t catch it :(((( and then hobi said “you’re our wings” in his speech and i started crying. they were all so so sweet and thankful, i could really feel how much they love us 💖

outro wings oh my god!!!! everyone went wild. hobi’s part was amazing. he threw water at us again sfjsdjkhds. also jungkook’s voice was so gorgeous in this song!!!

spring day :(((((( the choreo is so lovely, especially jimins part, he’s so soft and graceful, he really looks like he’s floating. and hobi’s voice oh my god!!!! never let that boy tell you he can’t sing!!! he sounded amazing!!!! truly what can’t he do!!!!!

they stayed on stage for so so long after bows :’))) jimin kept making hearts. tae was reading a bunch of the signs fans brought, and someone gave him one and he got all excited and showed it to us! it was in korean though so i’m not sure what it said. and hobi oh my god 💖💖💖💖 i really can’t begin to describe how cute he was. he was going around and leaning down to talk to fans by the stage and his smile was so beautiful :’) and then some fans started throwing pokémon plushies onstage and he almost caught one and made the cutest giggle into the mic ahdjfjskksjdjjska i died and then he went around picking up the pokemon and playing with them and he was making the cutest faces he was just the most precious thing i’ve ever seen :’))) he and tae were the last to leave. they stayed by the curtain waving at us for ages, and they had a lil hug :’))) it really seemed like they didn’t want to leave :’)

i’m so overwhelmed by their talent and dedication and the love they have for us 💖💖💖 these boys are really something special. they bring so much happiness into my life. i’ll never forget tonight.


Sophia and Stephen talking prep for Brooke and Chase’s first kiss [x]


City and Colour // Lover Come Back

Said it a million times, Dallas sounds better live than recorded imo

Bold what applies to you: WTNV edition

Long-ish survey for welcome to night vale fans. spoilers for ep.49b are marked as such. have fun!

In general:

  • You have been listening to the podcast right from the start.
  • You have fallen asleep while listening to wtnv.
  • You listen to the podcast in bed most of the time.
  • You have found wtnv through tumblr.
  • A friend has introduced you to wtnv.
  • You would support a wtnv tv show.

Live shows:

  • You have been to a live show.
  • You have been to the second anniversary live show.
  • You are going to attend a live show later this year.
  • You desperately want to attend a live show but don’t have the money.
  • You desperately want to attend a live show but live too far away.
  • You have received an autograph from or taken a picture with our lovely cast.


  • One of your favourite weathers is “Waiting for the bus”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “This too shall pass”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “Jerusalem”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “These and more than these”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “Peanuts”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “Call off your ghost”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “I made a promise to the moon”.
  • You like every weather.
  • You have skipped weathers before (do not do that. no.don’ me.)

Night Vale:

  • You like Night Vale better than Desert Bluffs.
  • You support Hiram McDaniels in the mayoral election.
  • You support The Faceless Old Woman in the mayoral election.
  • You think Pamela Winchell shouldn’t have stepped down as mayor.
  • [Spoilers ep.49b] You think Dana Cardinal is going be a good mayor.
  • You think Tamika Flynn would have made a good mayor.
  • You think that the Man in the Tan Jacket is up to something.
  • You ship Cecilos.
  • Your favourite character is Khoshekh.
  • Your favourite running gag is “huddle with us”.
  • Your favourite running gag is “john peters, you know, the farmer”.
  • Sometimes storylines that remained unresolved haunt you.
  • Your favourite part of the podcast are the sponsor words.

Desert Bluffs:

  • You like Desert Bluffs better than Night Vale.
  • You like the entire Strex Corp story arch and its message.
  • You would like to learn more about what has happened to Desert Bluffs.
  • The unravelling of all things and the smiling god make you feel concerned (joke intended).
  • Kevin is your favourite character.
  • You think that Desert Bluffs is somehow connected to Night Vale’s past or future.


  • Cecil’s voice is able to make you shiver.
  • You think his voice acting improved much since the first episodes.
  • You enjoy Dylan Marron as Carlos.
  • You enjoy Jeffrey Cranor as Carlos.
  • You are Joseph Fink, creator of Welcome to Night Vale.
  • You follow Joseph, Jeffrey, Cecil, Dylan and the others on twitter/instagram.
  • You think Hal Lublin’s voice is perfect for Steve Carlsberg.
  • You have known a member of the cast before you started listening to the podcast.
  • You know one of the members of the cast personally.
  • You like Jasika Nicole’s voice.
  • Meg Bashwiner (“proverb lady”) is cool.
  • You really enjoy Disparition’s music.

Fan stuff:

  • You have drawn fanart.
  • You wish you could draw fanart.
  • You have written fic.
  • You read fic regularly.
  • You publish meta or theories on tumblr.
  • You have taken part in one of the shirt design contests.
  • You have cosplayed somebody from Night Vale.
  • You have created something fanart-related in any form (fashion, crafts, etc.)
  • You have an rp blog.
  • You own a campaign poster for one of the two mayoral candidates.
  • You own something from the online store.
  • Wtnv is quite popular where you live.
  • You know at least one person (irl) who listenes to wtnv as well.
  • You have donated to the show.
  • You have received a “special audio thank you from Cecil himself”.
  • You have a headcanon for most characters.


  • The scariest epiode is “The woman from Italy”.
  • The scariest episode is “Faceless Old Woman”.
  • The scariest episode is “Company Picnic”.
  • The scariest episode is “Cassette”.
  • The episode you find scariest was one not listed here.
  • You find none of the episodes frightening.
  • You have listened to “Condos”.
  • You have listened to “The Debate”.
  • You like “One year later” (one year anniversary) better than “Old oak doors” (two year anniversary).
  • You like live recordings better than normal episodes.
Sleep All Summer
St. Vincent & The National
Sleep All Summer

The National is one of those bands that people whose musical taste I trust go crazy for and yet their music has always left me cold. I will say that The National is better live than on record, which is the only way I can listen to their baritone Caucasian blues and actually enjoy myself. It probably helped that the one time I saw The National in concert they brought Annie Clark onto the stage as a guest vocalist for a few songs, thus giving me a break from lead singer Matt Barringer’s moody monotone.

The song above is a Crooked Fingers cover featuring The National’s Matt Berninger and St. Vincent’s/Nirvana’s Annie Clark (I can call her a member of Nirvana after this past week’s events, right?). “Sleep All Summer” is heartbreaking love song whose lugubrious lyrics are perfectly delivered by Barringer’s morose intonation and St. Vincent’s haunting whispers.

“I would change for you but, babe, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be a better man / Give the ocean what I took from you so one day you could find it in the sand / And hold it in your hands again / Cold ways kill cool lovers / Strange ways we used each other / Why won’t you fall back in love with me? / There ain’t no way we’re gonna find another / The way we sleep all summer / So why won’t you fall back in love with me?”