better light to night


From up this close, I can’t see a thing aside from you in front of me / I can’t recall a night this clear, a better light to lead us here, no brighter diamond in the sky than those embedded in your eyes. - recollect (Shapeshifters), Hands Like Houses

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How do you redecorate without breaking your fragile bank account??

I love this question! Everything on this list is under $30, and most of it can be purchased from the safety of your dorm room couch.

Decorating on a Budget

1. Plants: Plants are my personal favorite decor (apart from Xmas lights). They’re inexpensive and look great in any location. If watering a plant every day doesn’t work for your schedule, get a cactus! I water my cacti twice a week.

2. Xmas Lights: I try to distance myself from people who say that Xmas lights are just “seasonal”. I have three different strands of lights up all year long, one in each room and one on my outdoor balcony. These lights are perfect for parties, romantic evenings, etc. 

3. Candles/Incense: Dorm room or apartment landlord permitting, candles and incense really help an apartment feel more homey. They also help stave off the smell of your cat’s litter box, which is always a plus.

4. Posters: Posters aren’t as expensive as you think they are, but poster frames are ridiculously expensive. And you can’t buy the cheap ones, they fall apart instantly- you have to buy the $40 ones. My advice to you, buy posters and hang them up carefully with pushpins or tape.

5. Clocks: Buy a cool clock off Society6 or RedBubble for $25. It’s my belief that the right clock can help brighten up an otherwise dull-looking room. I bought my boyfriend this Bob’s Burgers clock for his birthday last year.

6. Shower: You don’t need to use the low-grade weak shower head that came with your bathroom. You can buy color changing shower heads and spa quality shower heads on Amazon for $25. Go forth! Always keep your old shower head somewhere safe, and put it back on when you’re ready to move out. There are lots of great and truly unique shower curtains out there on the internet, but they’re expensive. You’re better off buying one from Target or Walmart.

7. Night lights: I am the sort of person who always needs to pee at 3am. I have always used night lights in my bathroom and kitchen because they’re so much better than blundering around in the dark. Similar to the Xmas lights, they help create that “mood”. I have these cute little lava lamp night lights.

8. Glow in the dark stars: Just trust me on this.

9. Chalkboard paint: Dorm room or apartment landlord permitting, chalkboard paint can help turn your room into a perpetual canvas. A friend of mine from college did this to his incredibly small room, and it looked so good.

10. Beaded curtain: Beaded curtains help make small spaces appear larger. We have a beaded curtain hanging in our hallway currently, and it’s great. You don’t need a super expensive one that was handmade by the indigenous people of wherever. Just a simple one to put in a doorway or hang on the wall to change your space.


favorite character meme: five relationships ♡ [1/5] julie & tyra 

my little girl’s all grown up. 

everything looks better
in the dark light of night
even the cracks on the
smooth surface
covering my mind
sleeping every night
—  t.m.

Lost in Light II is a short film showing how light pollution affects night skies using one of the most prominent constellations - The Orion. The success and reach of my previous film( - made the news in over 40 countries and published on National Geographic, inspired me to make a follow up to help people even better relate to night skies and further raise awareness on light pollution. One thing I realized from my last film was that people were able to relate to the difference between the light pollution levels but not the Milky Way itself. The Milky Way appears more colorful to a camera than it does to our eyes and most people haven’t seen it. But, the Orion is a more common sight. It’s a great subject to help explain light pollution.

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Clarifications & A Care Sheet.

First, this is not directed at any particular follower; my keeper gets messages like this on a very, very frequent basis, usually 4-5 per day either in asks or through the Tumblr IM system.

He is happy to help with advice on husbandry, tank setup, and things like that, however, if you message him with a description of an obviously sick or injured leopard gecko and ask what you should do, his response is always going to be, “You need to take your gecko to the vet.”

That aside, he’s put together a very basic leopard gecko care sheet to hopefully cut down on the many messages he also gets about basic husbandry.

The very, very basics for husbandry for a leopard gecko:

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my room is kinda cool


Here’s another quick video in better lighting of that cornstarch/conditioner dough I made last night!! It dried out a tiny bit, but it’s still super soft!

(Also you can kinda see my reflection in the spoon lol hi)

Cute request! V + Saeran added.


- thinks you’re adorable honestly

- he will buy a nightlight for you don’t worry!

- always checks under the bed + in the closet for monsters for you when you’re scared

- “ Did you double check? ”

- he’ll go and double check.

- personally he likes to sleep in the dark so it’s a little hard to adjust to your nightlight but he’ll make it work for you.

- always promises to be your knight in shining armor to keep the monsters away!


- he laughs when he goes to turn off the lights and you jump and run to come turn them back on.

- not laughing at you, just the way you squealed and jumped was the cutest.

- it reminded him of the time he touched Elizabeth the 3rds nose in her sleep and she jumped a little.

- he’ll convince you you’re okay, nothing scary is going to come for you. checks under the bed a million times before you’re convinced you’re safe.

- he does think it’s a little childish but he likes that innocence about you

- everyone around him is so stiff so it’s nice to him

- he enjoys babying his love anyways

- lots of warm cuddles, he’ll read to you to help you fall asleep.


- same

- he sleeps with a night light what a cutie

- he feels better once he knows you’re afraid of the dark too! he’s played LOLOL too much, the scary boss characters haunt him at night.

- but he’ll regain his strength for you and be your hero!

- checks whatever needs checking and then he’ll snuggle up with you while you both leave the TV on low volume and a lamp on.


- no need to fear, God Seven-Zero-Seven is here ~

- will protect you at all costs

- gets as many lights as you want him to get until you’re comfortable enough to sleep with them off

- he has a foam sword that he keeps beside the bed and tries to turn your fears into a game

- “ Seven.. did you hear that? ”

- he’ll grab his sword and take a heroic stance against the night monsters, lots of pretend battles.

- he never makes you feel bad about it, he thinks it’s cute. I mean he is a 5 year old in a 22 year olds body so he enjoys battling off night monsters to save his 606.

- he’ll hold you tight against him and will rub your back until you fall asleep.


- what!! no way his MC is scared of anything!

- but he will physically “ awe ” what a cutie his love is

- you’re embarrassed but he loves it and assures you that you’re fine and to not worry about it, he wants to protect you from anything you’re scared of.

- when you get worried about sleeping in the dark he’ll use the light of his phone to look through pictures of him and you

- or cute videos until you fall asleep cuddled up on his chest


- why though

- he doesn’t get it because it can’t hurt you

- he thinks that but he doesn’t say it, he doesn’t wanna hurt your feelings

- but he sees it’s something you’re scared of and gets protective immediately

- passionately checks under the bed

- even if you don’t ask he’ll still do it out of habit

- he’s the big spoon and he holds you super tight to his chest and he’ll tell you he’s here for you and to not be scared, he has you.

An Accidental Break-in

A/N: Sorry this is short, I had it written for a while but just had to write a beginning to it. I also had no idea how to continue it so it ends in a weird spot. I hope you enjoy it, sorry for not posting a lot.

J growled at his phone, worried for his henchman. A robbery went wrong and he and Frost got separated.

Just go to the safe house. Frost sent him the address. It wasn’t far away, and he kept to dark alleys to get there. It was just what looked like a run down apartment complex. He went to the room number Frost texted him but the door was locked, which made him decide to climb through the window. The Joker was exhausted, he rarely slept anyways and this night didn’t do anything but give him a temporary rush and cost him money. He went straight to the bed, not even turning on the lights. He found that he slept better than most nights but he just cast that thought away, figuring it was the exhaustion.


Y/N woke up warm, which was surprising since she was so cheap that she doesn’t turn her heat on. Rolling over, her eyes snapped open when she hit something hard. There was a man, extremely pale with green hair and a myriad of tattoos.

“Holy…” She mouthed as she fell off the side of her bed. She got up, unsure whether to run or kill him while she could. What if he is a ghost? Y/N blinked that thought away. Shut the hell up, brain. Giving him a slight poke, she then jumped away. Should I wake him up? Her phone was on the other side of the bed, right next to him. Since her room was so small she decided to climb over him. She placed her knee beside his hip, bringing the other one down on the other side. Grabbing her phone, her eyes didn’t leave his face and she figured she would take a picture.  She positioned the camera above his face and her finger hit the button just as his eyes snapped open. He was met with the sight of the flash and Y/N stared back at him, eyes wide. Neither of them moved, just staring at each other. A grin broke out on his face and she snapped another picture just as his hand wrapped around his throat. She gave a yelp as he flipped her over, now straddling her.

“Now, now. Let’s try that again, shall we?” His other hand went up to the one clutching the phone and he took it from her. He growled in annoyance before glaring at her.

“What’s your password?” Y/N’s chest was heaving as she struggled to remember it, her nerves getting the best of her.

“Uh,um… PB&Jlover123… with the and symbol instead of the ‘and’. Y’know like an 8-” He glared at her until she mumbled a, ‘sorry’, He typed agonizingly slow, and then he raised an eyebrow.

“Look what we have here.” He turned the phone towards her, showing a picture she had of her when she was little.

“Oh, god why is that in there-” J chuckled as he continued to flip through her photos.

“These are some interesting photos.” He said with a smile. Her face turned red, knowing she always screenshotted the fanfictions she wanted to read later. Please don’t be any smut, please don’t be any smut…

“You into this stuff?”

“Uhh, not very?” If she wasn’t too afraid to move she would have facepalmed. “I-I like your tattoos.” OK think, Y/N, what were the things to do if you got kidnapped? She thought back to the article she read on WikiHow. Sympathize with them? Care about what they have to say? Create a bond?

“I respect your opinion.” He gave her a weird look, before continuing to scroll through the photos. Way to go, why don’t you just tell him he has a nice ass while you’re at it?

“I work out too, y’know. We have that in common. The working out part, like I lift weights, and I enjoy going to the bank, which you do to right? See, we have that in common.” Lies, lies, lies, lies…

“Ah, here we are. Oh, I look good in this one.” He found the pictures she took and deleted them.

“Y-yeah I think so too. We have another thing in common, thinking you look good.” She grunted after that sentence, desperately wanting to stitch her mouth up. His eyes moved from the phone to her and he smiled, getting close to her face and laughing his weird laugh. He leaned back and exhaled, rolling his eyes toward the ceiling before looking back down at her.

“So, what are you doing in my house?” He questioned as his hand crept up to tug on a lock of her hair.

“Um, excuse me? This is my house-” The man lost all trace of amusement on his face and she could tell he was thinking about what she told him.

“What’s the address?” She told him the address of the hotel and watched his eyes roll shut in annoyance, mumbling a, “God dammit Frost.” So his name was Frost? He seems like the person to talk to himself.

“Listen, Frost, it’s no problem. It was just a misunderstanding, trust me, I get lost a lot too.” Which is another thing we have in common. She noticed the guy’s eyes widen when she called him ‘Frost’ and he looked amused as hell.

“How long have you lived here?”

“Um, a week? Three, maybe. Thought Gotham would have something to offer, but I can’t seem to find a job.”

“Something tells me you’ll find one.” He leans down in her face, smiling. She can’t help to notice that he has beautiful eyes, but there was something about them that scared her.

“So, uh, that’s what this was, right? You just getting lost? I mean, we didn’t do anything, right?” His eyes locked with hers and he purred.

“Oh I hope we did.” He leaned in close growling, making her eyes widen and her head pushing back against the pillows. He laughed at her discomfort and got off. “C’mon then, girlfriend. Make me some breakfast.”