better life list

reasons to watch yuri on ice:

  • so many of the characters are actual cinnamon roles
  • dogs
  • really amazingly animated ice skating performances choreographed by real olympian choreographers
  • praised by professional skaters for its accuracy
  • explains the point system in an easy understandable way 
  • even minor characters in the competition are given their own motivation
  • it’s really enjoyable to watch, you are excited in the competitions and every normal person will also root for the characters’ relationship 
  • there is a HILARIOUS/TRAGIC? backstory that you get in ep 10 that explains A LOT. if you every wonder in episode 1: why is he here? that will answer you question.
  • nice bit of LGB(T)Q+ representation, less focus on gender-binary 
  • range of cool and beautiful songs / choreographies
  • doesn’t fall into the anime-hair-colour trope 
  • has some over-the-top anime elements but they are fine if you don’t take them so serious (good for people who aren’t usually into anime)
  • easy to watch: only 12 episode (~ 20 min each) 
  • really modern, doesn’t struggle to add modern technology (you know how some shows are really awkward with that? they arent. pretty accurate zeitgeist here, instagram etc. in a non-cringy way)
  • is pretty good in treating other cultures and languages right and including them in the show (as far as i can tell)
  • has grey characters / doesn’t have 100% evil antagonists but still challenging characters that are important
  • protagonist is pretty real and relatable
  • written by a woman
  • praised by critics across the board
  • the gay relationship is so good that even the straights ™ say “I don’t even care that it’s gay, it’s actually just the best”
  • replaces your bitterness and emptiness w/ joy and bliss and excitement like literally will give you new life
Year in Summary 2016

wow, okay. It’s been a year, and it’s been a long year and a year of firsts and lasts in many ways. I’ve done so much, met so many new people and found a lot of different things out about myself and how I exist as a person and holy shit, did I do a lot and grow a lot, good and bad. 

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Have you heard of this book called throam?

28 ideas to be healthy
  • drink water with squezzed lemon / or simply drink honey lemon after you wake up
  • sweat it out either inthe gym or working out outside
  • do HIIT for 10-20 minutes : DANCE!
  • have green smoothie for breakfast
  • skip you milo and have green tea instead (you can drink it once a two weeks)
  • rope jump
  • meditate for at least 5 minutes
  • hug someone
  • unplug all devices for at least one hour
  • spend time in nature. go for a walk in a park
  • drink at least 2-3 litres of water
  • avoid high sugar
  • connect with earth by walking barefoot on grass, sand, or dirt
  • eat green salad
  • eat lunch outside in fresh air and natural light
  • practice yoga at least 10 minutes
  • watch your poster especially when you sit
  • get a message
  • think of five things to be grateful about your life
  • smile to strangers
  • make someone laugh
  • read a book that inspires you
  • dedicate at least 30 minutes to learning a skill
  • clean up your working space
  • listen to classical music
  • dance to your fave songs
  • have a power nap, no longer than 30 minutes
  • wake up early
No. Absolutely no.

All right… While I was Playing Jade Empire, my father messaged me through Whatsapp….

Father: Anya, ATM I’m playing the last Assassin’s Creed on my PC

Me: How? What is it?

Father: It’s Assassin’s Creed Rogue… It’s the last one?

Me: Nope, It’s not the last one

Father: Ups… and.. then this is the last one?

*shows me the picture of ROTTR windows screen*

Me: *Oh God, No, No, No!* Dad, That’s not Assassin’s Creed!

Father: I know but it’s your favorite game series, But I don’t know how to play it, would you come over one of these days and teach me to play this game

Me: *crap, my father sold his soul to Crystal…*

And, Daddy dearest… I’m a Core fan and.. OMG You think that they MADE Rise of the Tomb Raider… Oh CRAP! D:

But still daddy… I’m better than ya at playing Tomb Raider xD

Arthur stands in an exquisitely tailored suit on the front walk of a tiny, seen-better-days bungalow, and it’s too cold and he should have a coat on or at least a scarf of some sort but the producers pay a lot of money for his suits and there’s an entire Tumblr devoted to them that Arthur definitely does not stalk in order to validate his opinions on yes, that houndstooth one was actually hideous and so anyway Arthur is outside in the cold in a beautiful suit and he says his line (“I will absolutely find you the perfect home to make you list this place”) and Eames says his line (“Arthur’s the best at what he does but he’s also a stick-in-the-mud with no imagination and I will make this place your dream home!”) and that’s it: just another day in Arthur’s crazy life.