better late than never right

i cannot belieVE i missed the opening omw, ,,,, … smh @ me 

anyway better late than never am i right??? i am bee sadly not an actual bee and i’m 17, hailing from the great white north aka canada. literature & theatre enthusiast hoping to go into uni for math next year 

and i also love plotting so pls plot w me i beg of u 

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OK this is particularly late considering the nature of the request, I’m sorry! I remember getting this one just before I went away for a weekend, and upon returning I kept going through the requests in order. And lately I’ve been very busy with work… Better later rather than never……. right? ;A;

Gonna start 2017 with a bang. :^) So here’s my late festive pricefield that was.. supposedtobedoneonthe25thofDecemberyobutitdidn’tbecauseprocrastinationandlaziness Ha!. Better late than never, right?

This idea was supposed to be a WayHaught crossover (you know, Officer Price and Demon expert Max ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), but I’m still feeling a little festive so why not.

Special thanks to my bear mum @corkadorkey for being an osm mum c^:


NYGMOBBLEPOTWEEK : DAY 5   au/crossover
Edward ‘Riddler’ Nygma meets Nice!Oswald basically

Hey guys, I know it’s already kinda in the middle of February but I had this printable lying around waiting to be posted so, ya know, better late than never, right? Anyway, hope you’ll like this; I’ve been using it to plan out my month and I thought I’d share it. Feedback would be very much appreciated, as I’d like to continue making these if it helps a lot of people.

Download it in my Google Drive :)


better late than never, right? starting my new bullet journal with a a travel log of my hong kong trip (19-24 dec!) & hopefully i have enough motivation to keep using my bujo throughout 2017 (after failing miserably this year oops)