better in red but blue is a good color for you too

Tips for my European Followers getting SuMo

-Moon Players: Dusk Balls are your best friend. USE THEM.

-There is one of each of the Apricorn Balls. Use them WISELY.

-If you want to get a Minior, you better have Quick Balls or a Pokemon with Damp. They will explode. (Moon Players: Dusk Balls help too.)

-There are 7 Minior Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, and Purple. The Shiny is Black.

-Ditto is found in the same area as Minior.

-Save your Master Ball for the Postgame Legendary!! That thing is Level 75 and will destroy you otherwise. The Heavy Ball you can find will help with the box legends, but it’s a one time use, so make it count!!

-Mareanie can only be found as a SOS Pokemon for Corsola. Corsola itself is hard to find. Good luck.

-You can get a Salamence as early as Route 3. It’s an SOS Pokemon for Bagon.

-Alola Sandshrew & Vulpix can be found in the grass near the Pokemon Center in the Tapu Village.

-Slap Normalium-Z on Munchlax and use Metronome. Saying anything else would spoil it.

(If anyone wants to add to this, feel free too!!)

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hi hello yes I’d like to get to know you better too :D 

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Name/Nickname: dinie/din/ mr din(ppl like to call me this….)

Relationship Status: single

Favourite Color: black, white, light red and blue

Last song i listened to: melting by twice. Jihyos vocals have me shook

Favorite TV Show: currently agents of shield. if old shows i love psych

First Fandom: whats a fandom lol i started as a sone

Hobbies: video games, surfing the net, reading (books and net stuff too)

Books that I’m currently reading: Lirael. its so fucking good pls read it

Worst thing i’ve eaten: idk… you know maybe those spices that you use to cook and arent supposed to eat?? yeah those (like star anise and all that belgh)

Favourite place(s): anywhere i can be alone.. usually my bed i guess??

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Relationship status: Single.

Favorite color: All pastels, black, white, gold, red, burgundy, dark purple, dark blue, dark green, ocean blue, neon pink, and gray. 

Lipstick or Chapstick: Honestly, I love both!    

Last song I listened to: Me Too By Meghan Trainor.

Last movie I watched: Hmm…I haven’t watched a movie in a while, (even though I have SO MANY on my To-Watch-List,) but I believe it was The Resident that I watched most recently, and I loved it! 

Top 3 tv shows: The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, and  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  

Top 3 characters: Negan, Jason Crouse, and Daryl Dixon

Top 3 ships: Edward x Bella, Hideki x Chi, and Negan or Jason Crouse x Myself, lol ;)

Books I’m currently reading: Love and Misadventure By Lang Leav.

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Nicknames: Colli, Colldog, Col, Cauliflower

Star sign: Leo 

Height: like 6′ ish

Last thing I Googled: stuff for my Neurobiology class (super exciting)

Favorite music artist: too many! To name a few: La Dispute, A Day to Remember, Marina and the Diamonds, Melanie Martinez, Beyonce, Hozier, Paramore, etc.

Last movie I watched: Split

Last good movie I watched: ^^

Last TV show I watched: Bob’s Burgers

The kind of stuff I post: animals, men, nature, funny shit

Why I chose my URL: I got a birthday card from my sister one year that had a pinata with a baseball bat in its mouth and an unconscious kid on the ground while all the other kids ran away screaming…thus my URL was born.  

Gender: Male

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokemon Team: Team Valor

Favorite color: Blue, red, black

Average hours of sleep: like 6-8

Lucky number: Don’t really have one

Favorite characters: Luna Lovegood, Hermione, Louise Belcher, Garnet, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys, Aang, Katara

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 comforters

Dream fictional character that you would want to be: either Hermione Granger or Ash Ketchum

Interesting fact about you: I almost died 2 times in my life (First, when I was born, I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my throat and didn’t start breathing for awhile. Second, I was like 3 or younger probs, and drank some kerosene that apparently looked like Kool-Aid). Death has been calling my name for a long time apparently, but not today, asshole!

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  • Name: chansidy
  • Nickname: chance
  • Gender: she/her
  • Star Sign: cancer
  • Height: 5′4
  • Sexual Orientation: good question
  • Hogwarts house: hufflepuff
  • Favorite Color: red, or green. or blue IDK
  • Favorite animal: cats
  • Time right now: 3:10 am
  • Cat or Dog person: cat person
  • Favorite Fictional Character: allison argent 
  • Favorite Singer/Band: TOO HARD 
  • Dream Trip: venice, italy pleaseee 
  • Dream Job: something humanitarian. i don’t really have a dream job anymore
  • When was this blog created: april of 2016
  • Current number of followers: 212
  • What made you decide to make a Tumblr: i used to be obsessed with wehearit and then i discovered tumblr (circa 2013) and i just went crazy. i have 3 different blogs now lmao
  • Why did you pick your URL: the song satellite heart by anya marina, but it was taken so i came up with satellite soul :) i just wanted something that would represent me

i tag: @yventuallythere, @belqravia, @bravae, @fiftyseas0ns, @animicida, @privilegerae, @zeius, @watanagashi, @becquett, @wewillfindanewtomorrow, @word-bazaar, @exhausted-faces, @acuatio, @posiaeden, @eliquencity, @eternelles, @exilir, @galctea, @petalier, @elysianwish.

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1. Gender: Female
2. Star Sign: Libra
3. Height: 5′3
4. Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
5. Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
6. Favorite Color: Blue, dark red
7. Favorite Animal: Cats maybe? I also love eagles and hawks…
8. Average Hours of Sleep: too few
9. Cat or Dog Person: Cat, although I love dogs beyond good… 😅
10. Favorite Fictional Characters: Sirius Black, Fred Wesley, Hermione Granger, the Doctor, Legolas, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Fives, Ahsoka Tano, Daenerys Targaryen, Hearthstone (Magnus Chase), Princess Leia, Rey, Dana Scully, Luna Lovegood, Nymphadora Tonks, Agent Kallus, Loki, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes, Castiel, Leonard McCoy, Mr. Spock, Sherlock Holmes, James Moriarty, Khan Noonien Singh, Sabine Wren, Darth Maul, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Draco Malfoy, Roxy Morton, Egsy Unwin, Torian Cadera, etc…
11. Number of Sheets I Sleep With: one, sometimes two (record says three)
12. Favorite Singers/Bands: Sunrise Avenue, Frank Sinatra, Imagine Dragons, Walking on Cars
13. Dream Trip: New Zealand, Russia and Canada. Backpacking or biking would be awesome^^
14. Dream Job: does travelling the universe count as a job? If yes, then that’s it. If not you can choose between quantum physicist and artist in general. Although I would also fancy politics… don’t know, sorry 😅
15. When was this blog made: um… not entirely sure but it must be like about four years and a month ago maybe?
16. Number of Followers: 767^^
17. What Made You Decide to Make Your Blog: basically me being a fan girl.

anonymous asked:

Did you know your blog is Aestethic goals?? Do you have any tips for making blogs seem more attractive?

Thank you, I take great pride in how my blog looks!

It really depends on the kind of blog you have, but first of all, pick a simple theme and pick a theme that works. If I can’t navigate on your blog because the theme is literal shit in terms of coding, I’m out, no matter how good the content is. tukuts themes are my favourites, they’re minimal, highly customizable, neat, and the coding is so good.

YES to:

  • Few and small images, they’re way better than a lot of huge animated GIFs and drawings
  • A very neutral color for the background, patterns are good if they’re not too distracting
  • Two main colors that go well together. I’m currently sticking to blue and beige, but I’ve had lime green and red, pink and light grey and some other pairs in the past
  • I think blogs look better with lighter colours but that’s just my opinion
  • Have a friendly icon that says “hey pal im a cool bean

NO to:

  • Themes in windows. As if it was a folder in your PC, you know the ones
  • Super small text. I know lots of people find it aesthetic af but please keep it readable
  • A crazy amount of saturated colors all together
  • Very unique themes that are meant to look all peculiar and cool but in the end they just make your blog hard to look at (the Undertale theme, for example)
  • Two (or +) column themes, simply because they take forever to load for most people
  • A “before you follow” that lasts five paragraphs
  • A blurred picture of a drawing as icon

And that’s all that comes to mind at the moment. Let me know if you have any other questions!