better in a bikini


I know, I don’t post in ages then come back with straight-up fanservice. I’ve still got some other things I need to finish first before I post them, but hopefully that won’t be much longer.

So, have some summer sketches that I did recently, and some fantasy-world sketches that I’m currently working on rendering.

I’ve got this crazy song running through my head but I better pay attention.


“I told yeh t’ use the sunscreen.” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes when you heard Harry’s voice from behind you - yet again. 

You liked to take advantage of Harry’s place whenever you slept over, because, well, why wouldn’t you? He had a nice swimming pool, a steaming jacuzzi, and his bed was always super soft and smelled like his cologne. It was definitely a lot better than your dinky little apartment. Your favourite part of staying over at Harry’s place (besides the 24/7 snuggles with him) was the swimming pool. You absolutely had to take a dip in the pool whenever you came over, and whenever you went for a swim, there was Harry, reminding you to slather on some sun lotion. Now, you had never gotten sunburned. In fact, you thought your body was just immune to getting sunburned, but maybe because you rarely went outside to expose yourself to some good ol’ light rays. Because now? 

“I look like a lobster.” You winced as you pressed your finger tips into your cherry-red arm, watching as the white prints slowly faded away. 

“A cute lobster?” Harry offered, reaching over to poke your raw arm. “At least yeh only burned your back… and a little bit of your arms… and a bit on your chest. Actually, I can see the tan lines of your bikin-”

“You’re not making this any better.” You whined, tugging down a bikini strap and gasping lightly at the very visible tan line. 

“I’ve never seen a lobster with a bikini tan line.” 

“Oh, cut it out.” You groaned, turning around and checking if your back was as bad as your front. Spoiler alert: It was worse. 

“Hey, I did offer to rub sunscreen on your back before you went in.”

“You told me to strip down so you could rub it all over my body.” 

“The point is, I offered, and you refused. Plus, if you’d stripped down, the sunscreen would have been applied evenly.” Harry clicked his tongue, shaking his head lightly. “I was jus’ bein’ a good boyfriend!” 

“I know you offered, but you didn’t have to be such a guy about it.” You grumbled under your breath, eyes flickering over to the tub of aloe vera gel Harry found sitting in the very back of the cabinet. (“I don’t even know why you own that. You know I don’t burn!”) “Can you help slather some aloe onto my back? I can’t reach.” 

“Strip down so I can rub it all over your body.” 

“Jesus Christ, Harry.” 


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sometimes i don’t even know what i’m writing

Seokjin Scenario: Heart Shaped Sunglasses.

Request: Can I request a beach date with Seokjin where he suddenly gets over protective of you and probably scared all the other guys who wanted to look at you when wanted to wear a two piece and you find his over protectiveness funny but endearing. Pleaseeee :)             

Genre: Fluff

This was supposed to be a good idea, Seokjin knew you loved the beach, and you’d been so excited for the weather heating up that he’d thought what a better thing to do than going to the beach, but he’d been so wrong. Both of you had woken up super excited, loaded the car with food, drinks and your bags and Jin drove there with music blasting loud and both of you singing a little off tune to every song, play fighting over the next track to hear, stealing some of the snacks too and naming the million things you were going to do at the beach once you arrived. Well, now you were there, but you were doing nothing at all, just sitting on the towel you’d laid on the sand.

–Are you sure you aren’t, I don’t know… at least a little hot already? – you asked him, fanning yourself a little with your big white hat and then placing it again on your hair.

Jin denied stubbornly and saw you repressing a smile. –Not at all, this is nice –

–Hmmm – you moved a little closer to him and pocked his neck. –then why are you getting so red baby? –

–The sunshine – he replied quickly and you giggled.

–The heat more like, c’mon Jin, why don’t we just take a swim? – you pouted a little, he knew what you were doing.

You’d been trying to get him into the waterr for the past twenty minutes but he was having a dilemma since the moment you arrived and took off your summer dress. You had a pretty body, he could admire it for hours if you let him, Jin wasn’t blind and neither were the rest of the boys at that beach and at the moment, you’d been joking and laughing about finally getting a tan to look hot, as if you needed to look hotter unless you wanted him to melt or something, thing was that you hadn’t noticed the way a group of passing guys stared at you when your dress was off.

Jin knew he should have looked at you the same way, you were wearing a deep blue bikini that fitted you so nice, it hugged all the right curves you had and for a moment he lost his words, maybe he should have expected it but he didn’t, and seeing you looking so good fried most of his common sense; that was until he noticed those guys’ eyes on you, the way they smirked and looked appreciatively at you and then Jin was boiling up. He picked up your dress again and covered your back with it while he stood in front of you and you looked confused at him.

He stayed like that until the guys were far, feeling too protective of you and too jealous for his own good, you were his girlfriend and he should be the only one to admire your body. He’d refused to get into the beach just so you would stay there with him, safely covered, but he wasn’t sure for how long he could get you doing so and he didn’t want to say how jealous he was feeling right there. He sighed, trying to pretend that he really wasn’t melting inside his shirt.

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If you want to hike out here you better have boots or shoes on.


So, I’ve been thinking about posting a before and after pic, for days! But sadly I was very ashamed of my before picture, even tough at the time I was very confident about my looks and the way that bikini fitted me, I just couldn’t help to see how big I was, compared to my new self, but after thinking about it, if then I was proud and fierce about myself, I shouldn’t feel ashamed about it now! I shouldn’t judge that person who I used to be because she was amazing, loving and cute.

So here it is, 6 months post surgery progress. It wasn’t easy, I’ve struggled trough the liquids only month, dealing with the pain and uncomfortableness (this word exists?!) of eating something I shouldn’t because my stomach couldn’t take it, sacrificing my amazing drinking Friday nights with my best friend, and the big ass lump I got during Christmas week because I rejected the stitches. All of that plus many other things I can’t think of RN, but stuff that doesn’t matter anymore, cause I like where I’m getting.

I’m not gonna lie, only in pics and when I try on clothes I feel the difference, I still struggle with my mind and when I look closely at my kinda loose thighs, my not so firm stomach and boobs, and my butt, I feel like I’m not even close to where I want to be, I’m not as perfect as people that are nice enough to make good comments about my changes, say I am, so if you think this surgery it’s going to suddenly erase all your insecurities and problems with self stem, it won’t, but I will be a great tool for you to start appreciating how strong and amazing you are, and that’s a good start.

I’m uploading this because when I was researching to see if I should get the surgery I loved looking at this kind of pictures, so if you’re thinking about getting it done and you have questions, I would be happy to answer them, from the patient point of view, nothing medical!

Btw that’s the same bikini, I wish the rest of my clothes where like him and still fitted me so I didn’t need to buy a whole new closet, basically because I’m not fucking rich! Also it looks like I’m sucking in my stomach, I’m not I just pushed back my shoulders to get a better posture, selfie tips 😜

Tally Hall fanbase gothic
  • You don’t actually know who joe hawley is. no one really knows who joe hawley is. no one has seen him since 2010.
  • Someone mentions actual cannibal shia labeouf. you turn around so fast you hear your neck pop. No one is there
  • Bora somersaults through your dreams, cackling.
  • There are people in the YouTube comments. They sound confused. “I don’t know how I got here.” they whisper. You see them on every video. who are they
  • You are still angry at Coz. You don’t know what he did. No one knows what he did.
  • Joe Hawley deletes his social media again. People say it’s for privacy reasons. Others say it’s because he’s a cryptid. You know the truth. You keep quiet.
  • You see pictures of people in front of Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum. They haven’t posted since 2008. where have they gone
  • The watch the concert videos. The quality is unidentifiable. You’re not even sure if it’s Tally Hall. You still watch it. 
  • You have wake up at 2am. You hear the harmonies from Good Day. They’re not coming from your phone. where are they coming from. they don’t leave you alone.
  • you turn and look into a dark room. zubin sedghi is there. you blink. he’s gone.
  • someone has rare tally hall footage. they share it with you. you go to message them. they’re gone. they never existed.
  • you are listening to a tally hall interview. someone coughs while the other 4 are talking over him. you know exactly who coughed.
  • all your money is gone. you shuffle through couch cushions for change. you look through your pockets. you check your emergency stash. it’s all gone. joe hawley’s ukulele shows up on your doorstep two days later. you don’t remember buying it.
  • rob and zubin are wearing bikinis. you know better than to question it.
  • rob is both the smartest and stupidest person alive. you do not question this.
  • andrew horowitz makes a tweet. you click on it. he made that tweet 4 years ago. he makes another tweet. you click on it. 
  • you see a post by @tally-hall-of-shame and you click follow. you’re sure you followed her before. you see a post by @tally-hall-of-shame and you click follow. you’re sure you followed her before.
  • ross federman tweets about football. it isn’t football season. ross federman tweets about football again. it’s january. 
  • @tally-archive is dangerous. he remembers. he is vengeful. you join his discord. there is no discord. 
  • you listen to tally hall for the first time. you remember hearing this song. you’ve never heard this song before.
  • minimall is in your playlist. you don’t know who they are. you listen. you keep your mouth shut.
  • you click on a video. there is no video. you check the time. 3am. the video is gone, and soon you will be too.

I’ve decided to be Red Sonja for Halloween.

All I really need to do is throw together the scale bikini and get into a little bit better shape. I already have the red hair, scars, angry eyes, and weapons.

I guess the real question is whether or not to cover up my tattoos with makeup.

jadethirlwall: if you haven’t watched the video for #POWER yet you need to even just to watch me GAG over the AAA Girls @theonlyalaska5000 @courtneyact@willam 😍♥️✨ I wanted to represent the LGBT community and Drag as these Kweens especially are incredibly talented, beautiful and empower me as a woman. Over the years drag culture has inspired me to be the performer I am today, and encouraged me to have the confidence to be exactly who I am.
ps Courtney has a better bikini line than I will ever have.