better hunger games

ok but octavia would have died within 5 minutes if she tried to go up against all the warriors and the only reason she survived and could kill luna was because she used bellamy’s advice

and the only reason she didn’t die before THAT was because bellamy noticed echo was cheating and went to get rid of her

aka bellamy is the real reason they won, wish i was surprised

  • Me: I should do something productive today
  • Also me: *cackling ominously* but noo look at this 300,000 word fanfiction just sitting there begging to be read
  • Me: but I have to-
  • Also me: *heart eyes* it has so much fluff!!
  • Me: *spends all day reading tooth rotting fluff*

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do you have any favorite jonsa fics to recommend in this time of mighty need? 🌸💕


I am actually working on a big Fluffy Porn rec list right now that I have had in my Ask for like 84 years. But I am am trying to FINALLY get it done this weekend because I think it will be ~much needed~ lol. 

But until then here is my fic recs tag and my Jon/Sansa Ao3 Bookmarks, and I have also done these Jon/Sansa fic rec aesthetic edits. Also here are some fic rec lists that I have done and/or reblogged from other people in the past:

And then of course there is the Jon x Sansa Starter Pack we made back when we first started @jonxsansafanfiction. It’s a wee bit dated but it’s still pretty much my Pride and Joy and my gift to the world for which I want to be remembered when I depart from this earth.

  • Interviewer: So guys as a general knowledge question what do you think is the most appropriate solution to overpopulation ?
  • Zayn: *looks at Louis* Condoms?
  • Louis: *flustered*......Education ?
  • Liam : What about laws that require every orphaned homeless kid to be adopted so that everyone have their own kids without producing more babies?
  • Niall: Or we could just fly all the extra people to mars.
  • Harry: Even better - the hunger games.
  • Niall: *high fives Harry*
  • Interviewer : So guys as a general knowledge question what do you think is the most appropriate solution to overpopulation ?
  • Lauren : Condoms?
  • Ally : *flustered*......Education ?
  • Normani : What about laws that require every orphaned homeless kid to be adopted so that everyone have their own kids without producing more babies?
  • Camila : Or we could just fly all the extra people to mars.
  • Dinah : Even better - the hunger games.
  • Dinah: *high fives Camila *
  • Annabeth : So guys as a general knowledge question what do you think is the most appropriate solution to overpopulation ?
  • Piper : condoms?
  • Hazel : *flustered* ?
  • Frank : agreed
  • Jason : what about laws that require every orphaned homeless kid to be adopted so that everyone have their own kids without producing more babies?
  • Percy : with mah bro on this one
  • Leo : or we could just fly all the extra people to mars
  • Reyna : Even better - the hunger games
  • Nico: *high fives her *

Falling down is the easiest thing in the world. After the first few times, it barely hurts at all. 

No, the hard part is always, always, always to start again.

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Hi! Interesting blog you have here. Are any of you into The Hunger Games books? I'd like to know your take on the characters' sorting (according to your system). Just curious because I've seen a lot of discussions on tumblr related to that.

(Note: the way we play this game, “primary” is WHY you do things; “secondary" is HOW you do things.)


In Mockingjay, Haymitch explains to District 13 why their PR efforts with Katniss are failing—Katniss cannot be scripted. Her power and her charisma stem directly from her reactivity. Every time Katniss has kindled fervor it has been unintentional and genuinely meant—mourning Rue, volunteering for Prim, saluting District 8 on the tour, standing in front of the hospital bombing and calling for war.

Katniss can lie (see: pretending her relationship with Peeta during Catching Fire), but she hates it. She is consistently and powerfully at her most influential when thrown into games or war zones and allowed to react, improvise, and emote. This honesty, genuineness and fervor resulting in unintentional, inspirational leadership is a stunning example of the Gryffindor Secondary.

Now contrast this with Peeta, who goes into the Capital’s publicity consciously planning to play them: waving at the crowds, choosing to love Katniss aloud for both their sakes. He has the Hufflepuff Secondary superpower: unlike Finnick (darling Slytherin/Slytherin), Peeta means it when he smiles at the audience, even if only for that moment. Peeta is changeable and conscious, but he is genuine, if ruthless, with his emotions.

Peeta means it, but unlike Katniss, he can choose to. His words to Katniss in The Hunger Games—“I will still be me”—point to that difference. It’s vitally important to Peeta, that choice, that integrity, but Katniss doesn’t understand why that is wanted or needed. She will be herself whether she wants to or not. It matters like breathing does.

But both Katniss and Peeta are Slytherin primaries. When the chips are down they both value their loves ones above all else. Katniss barters her (vital) place in 13’s rebellion for Peeta’s safety and Prim’s cat. Her first major act as protagonist—volunteering for Prim—is a Slytherin Primary’s desperate cry. She didn’t volunteer because it was good ro right, or because Prim was young and bright and so very worth saving, but because Prim was hers.

Katniss was willing to die and kill to save Prim and to get back to her—until she meets Rue, who as Prim’s stand-in tickles those same Slytherin priorities, until she falls for Peeta. It did not become more immoral to kill/not save them because she came to know them better. She knew Peeta, in particular, was a person and a good one before she entered the arena, but she was willing to let him die if she had to. It was not until she decided he was one of hers that she was willing to gamble her own life for him.

Peeta looks a little bit like a Hufflepuff Primary, because his Secondary is so purposefully loud, and because the story is told from Katniss’s point of view. He shows care like a Hufflepuff—with care, service, and kindness, but that’s his secondary, his “how.” It’s his Slytherin Primary that makes him care and sacrifice specifically (and often solely) for Katniss. He wants her to live and he wants her to live more than himself—or innocent bystanders. Peeta’s willing to play the capital’s games—to trick the career tributes in the first book, to team up with useful people not good ones in the second Games—if it means saving Katniss. He tells her this, on the beach: if she’s not alive he doesn’t want to be. He’s a desperate and rather unhealthy self-sacrificing little Slytherin, but this is an unhealthy little world.

Speaking of desperate Slytherins—well, we’ll do Finnick a little later on.


Both Gale and Prim, by virtue of wanting to be in Katniss’s life, are really really good at modeling Slytherin. In Katniss’s absence, Gale prioritizes Prim and Mrs. Everdeen like a Slytherin might. He’s a good Gryffindor Primary at heart, so he tries to save everyone and feels guilty for every life lost, but for Katniss’s sake he saves them first.

Gale’s got a Ravenclaw Secondary— the comment in Mockingjay, understanding Katniss after the kiss. “I was in pain.” He’s observant, level-headed, and planned, whether it’s evacuating District 12, figuring out how to keep his people fed, or understanding the world and people around him.

Gale and Katniss get along well in their Gryffindor to some degree — he admires her secondary, her Mockingjay; she likes his steadiness, but seems to most of all appreciate his Slytherin model. By the end, he frightens her, because at her heart she values her people first and he does not. Truly, truly backed againt a wall, Gale will easily drop his hard won Slytherin model and do the right thing, no matter the sacrifice. At the end of the day, prioritizing the people he loved would make him feel guilty.

Prim is both really good at modeling her Slytherin sister and very good at modeling the usefulness of the Slytherin Secondary. She tells her sister to ask for things in District 13, because she understands that Katniss is powerful there, even if good straightforward Gryff Secondary Katniss does not. Under her effective Slytherin modeling, though, I think Prim’s got the service and generalized empathy of a Hufflepuff Primary, and the same practical, efficient Ravenclaw secondary as Gale. Where Gale uses his to save people, Prim, the young doctor, uses hers to help them.


Finnick was objectified and forced into prostitution from what we’re left to assume was a very early age— he was fourteen when he won his game, and it’s implied that he was already a sex icon at that point. The way he turned that abuse into a way for him to accumulate power against the capitol, to collect their secrets and stockpile weaponized information, is all Slytherin Secondary. As we already mentioned, when he’s onstage smiling at the capitol, he doesn’t mean it. But something that Finnick is excellent at is using truth. Not just in terms of secrets, but in terms of performance. When he wishes goodbye to that “special someone”, he’s entirely aware that he’s playing on the heart-strings and lusts of the people in the audience, but it comes off so genuinely because he’s directing it at his Annie.

It’s a truth hidden inside a secret, masquerading as the truth. He has layers of deceit and honesty and misdirection, and it’s with the adaptive impulse of the Slytherin secondary that he’s able to keep everything straight. He gives them what they want in the moment and lets them underestimate him. Who needs deeper consistency of persona, like Peeta builds? Finnick’s strategy is not about building an honest rapport. It’s a series of intuitive indulgences that work because they take advantage of how people, especially the people in the Capitol, see what they want to see. Finnick uses his secondary like a magician. At the beginning of Mockingjay part 1, we follow the sounds of his sobbing to his room only to find him sitting on his bed, clearly upset but no longer demonstrative. He’s carefully constructed a mask, and can decide when to let it crack.

(Can you tell I love Finnick? I love Finnick. -Kat)

Finnick has had such reason and opportunity to petrify— to scar his possibilities for further hurt by refusing to bond and value anyone outside himself. This is how a Slytherin Primary goes cold, the same way a Hufflepuff gets disillusioned and burrows in on themself, or a Gryffindor loses faith. Finnick has been through far and enough to justify this boy having a little black heart of petrified charcoal. But somehow, despite the Hunger Games, despite his abuse in the Capital, despite the fact that Snow’s go-to ploy is to blackmail you with those you love— Finnick finds and creates deep, vulnerable bonds with Mags and Annie. There’s a bravery and defiance in that refusal to go cold, to stay safe.

This also makes Finnick’s words in Mockingjay particularly striking when he wishes Annie dead— it sounds a little terrible, yes, but from Finnick’s style of Slytherin that’s a mature and selfless thing to wish for. Annie’s death is going to scar him, even deeper than Mags. She is a vulnerability and weakness; but Finnick is mature enough to value Annie over the effect Annie has on him. Her death is going to kill him, in one way or another; it might finally petrify him, the way nothing else so far has been able to— but this is not about him and he recognizes that. He’s thinking about her.


Katniss is the epitome of a powerful Slytherin/Gryffindor— a Slytherin committed to her few people against all odds, and changing the very world around her with the unintentional leadership of a sincere Gryffindor Secondary

Peeta is a Slytherin Primary as well, with an even smaller inner circle of people than Katniss, but it’s masked by his Hufflepuff Secondary’s warmth.

Prim is a giving, service-oriented Hufflepuff Primary with an analytical Ravenclaw Secondary and a cunning, clever Slytherin Model. 

Gale, who tries to fight for the world, is a Gryffindor Primary, with a deliberate, observant Ravenclaw Secondary. He’s also got a Slytherin Model that comforts Katniss. 

Finnick is a Slytherin/Slytherin and he needs a lot of hugs. 


Let the games begin!

(Also, I apologize for wrong pronouns, the site only had he/him or she/her options and wouldn’t let me proceed without choosing one or the other)

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