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Silly Headcanons About Kryptonians
  • Get pouty on cloudy days because they like it being sunny
  • Purr when happy, just like cats… Clark didn’t know that was unusual until he was school age
  • The whole superfam likes boxed macaroni and cheese better than homemade (yes, Ma Kent is slightly offended)
  • Animals and children love them
  • They all joke about alien conspiracies and UFOs and shit
  • Blush a lot
  • Freckle easily, but the freckles also fade fast
  • All have huge appetites and like junk food too much
  • They make up little songs sometimes and it’s cute but sometimes they do it when the room is quiet and wonder why everyone looked at them
  • They feel weird when travelling by airplane… it’s sooo slow and cramped and impractical
  • Send each other memes in the group chat (and Clark then takes the memes and sends them to Bruce and Diana in their group chat)
  • They’re all on a first name basis with their baristas, the checkers at the grocery stores they frequent, the bank cashiers, etc
  • Cuddle a lot  (with significant others, platonically with friends, with each other, etc)

Ngl, canned cranberry sauce tastes better than homemade ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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How To Spice Up Some Little Foods

Mac n’ cheese-
•extra cheese
•make it Alfredo mac
•bread crumbs
•simple meats (like bacon, ham, teeny hot dogs)
•get your little to eat their veggies by adding little bits of broccoli
Extra tip: shaped macaroni inexplicably tastes better
Chicken nuggets-
•seasoning (like Rosemary, parsley, paprika)
•make a lazy chicken parmesan with some spaghetti sauce and cheese
•use different yummy breads
•toast em
•less meat, more veggies for the healthy littles (add more lettuce, cucumbers, carrot strips, and whatever else your little likes)
•sauces (mayo, ketchup, mustard, bbq)
Grilled cheese-
•if your little doesn’t like it grilled, toast it
•use multiple kinds of cheese
•you can even put Mac n’ cheese in the middle
•for chicken noodle, add bunches of different veggies (carrots, peas, and onion bits are yummy)
•tomato soup always tastes better when it’s homemade. Add lots of seasoning. (always pair with goldfish and grilled cheese)
• for beefy soups, add potatoes, carrots, peas, and fresh ground pepper

Add or subtract things for your littles personal tastes

Before And After [REQUEST]

Oh my god! I don’t know about anyone else but the performance made me cry so much. I couldn’t believe Chanyeol and whether you believe he threw up or not, he was clearly not well and shouldn’t have been on that stage. Lots of love for my brave and stubborn Chanyeol!

If you have no idea what performance I’m talking about  … click here!

Anyway, enjoy the scenario!

Jade xo

“Come here,” you asked Chanyeol, bending your finger to beckon him to stand in front of you. Frowning hard, you watched as your boyfriend trudged his way across your hotel room to stand in front of you. “How are you feeling today baby?” you questioned him, taking his face in your hands so you could feel his temperature.

His lips pulled together in an adorable pout that would have melted your heart if you weren’t so worried about his health. “I’m feeling much better today. Your homemade soup last night must have been a miracle cure,” he mumbled, finding it hard to talk while you checked his eyes. “You should bottle it up and sell it. Everyone would want to buy your miracle cure!”

You pulled your hands away and crossed your arms over your chest. “Baby, your fever is still running really high. I don’t think you should go today,” you said softly, placing your hands on his hips and tugging him closer.

With his arms slung loosely on your shoulders, it may have looked like he was casually leaving them there. But he was weighing you down, needing your help to stay completely upright like he wanted. “I have to go. It’s the MAMA’s baby! I can’t miss them, especially not when we’re performing.”

“Chanyeol, you haven’t been well all week,” you told him, pulling him up against you so he could lean on you probably and you could rest your head on his chest. Above your head, you heard him sigh heavily. “Baby, I wish you wouldn’t do this to yourself. You putting yourself under too much stress and I’m worried about you.”

He moved his hand and tilted your head up so you were looking at his tired brown eyes. “Thank you for being so concerned but I can’t let the boys down and I can’t let the fans down. This is a big deal for us!” His voice was trembling but he was stubborn til the end and you knew that nothing would stop him, even throwing up on stage wouldn’t stop his performance.

Sighing to yourself, you brushed the hair off his face and held it in place. “Please be careful Chanyeol! I know this is what you want to do but there is a chance that pushing yourself like this will do more bad than good. Promise me you’ll look after yourself,” you said softly, pleading to him through your eyes.

“I promise,” he murmured, bending down so he could brush his lips against yours. “Pinkie promise.”

You tried to smile through your worry, to assure him that everything would be ok. “You better get ready for rehearsals,” you told him sternly, caressing his face a final time. “I’ll be along this afternoon.”

“Laters,” he replied casually, dotting a kiss on your lips before he headed out of your hotel room.

As you watched him leave, you could tell from the tension in his shoulders that he really wasn’t ok. You huffed in frustration and ran your hands through your hair, wanting to pull the strands out. If he actually stopped for ten minutes and thought about his own body, he would have been better by now. But your boyfriend was dedicated and couldn’t stand to let anyone down. And so he suffered, meaning you suffered too just watching him go through it.

“Be careful,” you murmured uselessly into the air, hoping some divine intervention would occur and look after Chanyeol for you. Beyond that, you didn’t know what else you could do.

The only good thing that came from a poorly Chanyeol was that he was extremely cuddly.

When you arrived at the venue, the boys were onstage coming to the end of their rehearsals. While they ran through Overdose one last time, you went to their dressing room and unpacked all the food you had brought with you for them. As soon as they walked in, all of the boys swarmed the table of food like moths to a flame. Chanyeol was the only exception, sitting himself on the chair next to yours and curling up in a ball in your lap. While the others ate, your boyfriend just slept, while you kept yourself occupied by stroking his warm forehead.

One by one, the boys started getting ready for the red carpet, getting their hair and makeup done. You asked for Chanyeol to go last so he could have as much sleep as possible. Even then you felt guilty shaking him awake, whispering sweet nothings into his ear as his dozy eyes fluttered open. “Chanyeol, you need to get ready for the red carpet,” you told him, leaning back as he stretched himself out.

“Already?” he asked sleepily, blinking hard a couple of times before looking up at you. “How long have I been asleep?”

You checked your watch. “About an hour and a half?” you guessed, shrugging your shoulders.

He sat up and wiped the sleep from his eyes, yawning wide. “I’m sorry you came all the way down here just to have me fall asleep on you,” he apologised, leaning forward to kiss you gently.

“Baby,” you said softly, running your hand down his face softly. Even after a little rest he didn’t look very well. It tugged on your heart. “You clearly needed the rest. I didn’t mind.” He flashed a toothy grin at you which quickly turned into another yawn. “Go and get ready,” you told him, shoving him lightly off the chair.

“You’re the best,” he replied, kissing you quickly before he jumped up from his chair and headed over to the waiting makeup artist, leaving you blushing while all the other members laughed at you from the other side of the room.

You were practically kicking yourself for not being at the side of the stage for him, especially when you knew Chanyeol was in such a fragile state. Instead you were in his dressing room with some of the team watching the performance on the screen. If one of the managers hadn’t come in saying that Chanyeol had been sick, you wouldn’t have known. But as soon as the words were said, you jumped out of your seat and ran out the door, hoping to find him halfway.

When you rounded a corner and saw him at the end of the corridor being propped up between Sehun and Yixing, you sprinted like you were back in school running track again. He immediately looked up and his tired eyes met yours and filled you with worry. He was very pale with darkening circles around his eyes and sweat dripping down his temples. “Chanyeol,” you exclaimed when you finally met in the middle, throwing your arms around his neck and pulling him down in a warm embrace. “I don’t want to say I told you so.”

“You don’t need to,” he muttered wearily, his breathing heavy and wheezy as it tickled the hairs on the back of your neck. “I’m already feeling bad enough.”

Looking over his shoulder, you shared a worried look with Baekhyun and just squeezed your boyfriend closer into your grip. “Let’s get you back so you can have a little lie down,” you told him softly, trying to soothe him with your voice. Releasing him from your grip, you let Yixing and Sehun continue to support him down the corridor while you held the hand that was dangling over Sehun’s shoulder and rubbing little circles across the back of it.

“I’m sorry,” Chanyeol murmured, his head hung low as he rested it on Sehun. “I’m really sorry.”

“Hyung, it’s not your fault,” Jongin quickly retorted and you seconded it by squeezing his hand. “Besides you didn’t let it affect your performance.” Everyone was quick to agree, trying to make sure Chanyeol didn’t worry about his performance.

He murmured a ‘thank you’ as you reached the dressing room. Immediately the boys deposited him into one of the makeup chairs and then left to get change back into their suits. “I’m sorry if I worried you,” he said softly, leaning forward to rest his forehead against yours.

You dotted a little kiss on his nose and sighed, closing your eyes. “I always worry about you,” you replied with a little smile. “It’s a full time occupation but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Your dedication to doing what you love is the reason I fell in love with you.”

“And your support is the reason I fell in love with you,” he replied, squeezing your hand.

Leaning back, you opened your eyes and smiled softly at him, trying to hid your worry. “You want to stay until the end of the ceremony, don’t you?” you asked, knowing before even asking that he wouldn’t want to come back to the hotel with you. Part of you wanted to hit him over the head for risking his health like this but you knew he want doing it for yourself.

“If I leave now, the fans will worry about me and I don’t want them to do that,” he explained in a quiet voice, his eyes staring at you wide and innocent. “Besides all I have to do is sit there and enjoy the music. It’s not going to make me feel any worse than I feel now.”

“Stubborn until the very end,” you muttered under your breath, shaking your head. “You have to promise to let me look after you after this. I want to be completely 100% before you get on a stage again,” you told him sternly, your lips pulling into a pout which you knew he couldn’t resist.

He kissed your lips and ran his hand through your hair. “Maybe we could play doctor and patient? I can think of a few things that will make me feel a whole lot better,” he said with a little wink.

You laughed and got to your feet, ruffling his sweaty hair. “Keep pushing your luck Chanyeol; see how far it gets you!” you threatened jokingly, just enjoying the fact he was teasing you and starting to sound more like your boyfriend.

“Maybe you could wear a little nurse’s outfit and give me a sponge bath,” he carried on, leaning back in the chair with a smug grin on his face.

You just rolled your eyes and left him in search of a drink, wondering if you should give him the bottle of water or just hit him over the head with it.

You went with the first choice but you were very close to choosing the second.

After the rest of the awards ceremony and all the press that came with it, you finally had Chanyeol curled up in bed with you, his head resting on your shoulder as you both watched a random Chinese cartoon that neither of you could understand. Now that you could finally look after him, your worry was easing. He was by your side again and this time you weren’t going to let him go so easily.

“Uh babe? You squeezing me a bit too tight!” Chanyeol complained, tilting his head up to look at you.

Guilty, you loosened your grip around him and kissed the crown of his head. “Let me get you a cold towel for your fever,” you told him softly, pushing the blanket away from you and making to slide out from underneath him.

As his head fell off your shoulder and onto the pillow, his arms shot out to wrap themselves around your waist and pull you back to his side. “I’ll be ok, just stay with me please.” He curled up into your side again like a little puppy and nuzzled his face into your neck. “I feel better when I’m with you.”

“This fever has turned you into such a soppy puppy,” you teased, running your head across his forehead absentmindedly. “What am I going to do with you?”

“I can think of a few things,” he said, looking up at you to show the wiggle of his eyebrows.

Throwing your head back in laughter,  you rolled your eyes and patted your boyfriend’s head playfully. “You’ll get none of that until you’re better,” you retorted, wiggling your eyebrows back at him.

He quickly sat up and raised his arms above his head in a stretch. “Would you look at that? I think I’ve made a complete recovery! You really are a miracle worker,” he exclaimed brightly, leaning forward on all fours so his lips were mere inches away from yours.

“That means I don’t get to wear my nurse’s uniform,” you complained with a little pout. “I can’t wear the uniform without a patient.”

Chanyeol immediately put his hand on his forehead. “Now that you mention it, I’m really not feeling well. Did you hear that I threw up during a performance today? That’s how unwell I am. I really need you to be my nurse please. With the uniform of course!” He pretended to faint and fall into you lap, moaning and groaning about how sick he was.

“In that case…” You rolled off the bed swiftly, leaving Chanyeol sprawled out on the bed. “Let’s tuck you in nice and comfy!” Pulling the blanket up to his chin, you tucked the corners under his body like he was a little dumpling. After you were finished with him, he would take every vitamin in the planet every day for the rest of his life, just so he wouldn’t get sick again.  Climbing back onto the bed, you crawled towards him and hovered just above his head. “Now stay here and let me look after you.”

“I’m going to regret those comments, aren’t I?” he asked with a visible gulp running down his throat.

You smirked at him and leaned a little closer, your noses touching the tiniest amount. “What do you think?” you teased, only allowing him the briefest of kisses before you crawled off the bed and went to fetch a cold flannel for his fever.

From the bathroom, you could hear Chanyeol groan in frustration.

But at least this way he would get better.



Dean: I was wrong, this is the best smoothie.

Y/N: Really? 

*Dean clears throat and sighs*

Dean: No, but it’s way better than the homemade garlic chocolate.

Y/N: I told you already, I didn’t mean to put that much garlic in it!

*Dean puts his hands gently on your shoulders*

Dean: Baby, I know. But your getting better every time. And I’ll be here for all of it.

Y/N: You sure you want to? I almost gave you food poisoning the last time I cooked a chicken.

Dean: Of course……let’s just stay away from the garlic…and the chicken.

Recipe developer Ivy Manning is something of a do-it-yourself queen. Her book Better From Scratch features recipes for homemade hot sauce, homemade marshmallows — even homemade bacon. She’s also an evangelist for making your own crackers — which she swears are no harder than a batch of cookies. “I like tinkering and messing around until I get it right,” Manning admits. “And in most cases, I’m absolutely amazed at a how much better my homemade stuff tastes than the store-bought.”

And she swears these home hacks aren’t just for those with hours upon hours of free time or professional-grade equipment. “Really, you don’t need huge devices. Mostly a rolling pin and chef’s knife is all you really need to make almost anything at home,” Manning says. So, of course, when it comes to making smoked fish, she looks no further than her own kitchen.

Put That Wok To Work: A Trick For Smoking Fish Indoors

Photo credit: Photo Illustration by Ryan Kellman and Emily Bogle/NPR

My favorite thing is Dan acting all offended because of Phil being sick/already catching a Farfetch but still stopping to buy him medication and being lowkey worried about him.


Banana ice-cream (vegan, high carb, low fat): The best. Seriously. It’s even better than “normal” homemade ice-cream, not to speak about store - bought ice-cream full of unhealthy fats, additives and artificial aromas. This one is made out of frozen bananas, a tiny bit of coconut milk, topped with sweet caramel dates, cinnamon and organic vanilla drops. It’s easy to make, healthy, full of healthy carbohydrates and the best - because it’s so healthy, you can even eat it for breakfast or whenever and how much you want! Have a beautiful Sunday, xx

Scars...Among Other Things

Title: Scars…Among Other Things

Author: lovelyfreak-monkeesbeatleslove

Original Imagine link:

Warnings: self-harm, mentions of a suicide attempt

Word count: 1359

Fic/Link to fic:

“Sam! Dean! Dinner is ready!” you called. You had decided that, for once, the boys would be eating something besides greased up fast food. You had gone to the store, bought the necessary ingredients, and had found a decent recipe for spaghetti sauce and garlic bread, as you didn’t want to buy either of them. You thought they would taste better homemade.

You put the pasta dish down on the table and then went to fetch the bread. You heard them coming, so you went as quickly as possible.

“It looks good!” Sam called from the dining room.

“It tastes even better, if I do say so myself,” you said, coming in with the salad you had made earlier and all of the rest of the fixings.

Everyone dug in rather quickly, so for the first few minutes, everyone was eating in amiable silence. Then Sam spoke up.

“When we’re done eating, I need to talk to (Y/N),” he said. You were slightly confused, why would Sam need to talk to you? And why alone?

“I can do that,” you said, smiling at him. Obviously whatever he wanted to talk to you about was important, so you were going to grant his request.

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