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is it possible that I'm internalizing fatphobia? I went vegetarian last year and since then I've lost some weight. it turns out I have some sensitivity to the proteins in most meat products and as a result of not eating it my blood has become healthier and I've dropped a jean size. I know I shouldn't be focused all on my weight and size, but I can't help but feel happier that I'm thinner? do you think this is a problem, and if I should try to change this ideology?

If your blood levels and tests came out with better results and you feel better and you feel happier, then I’m happy for you. 

Also I don’t think you were specifically looking for the weight loss. It just happened as a consequence of actions that you wanted to do regardless. 

- Mod Guillermo

Do you ever just watch BTS videos and feel happy because they exist? Because Sleepy introduced Namjoon to Bang Sihyuk and he had an idea to form a group? Because Jin was at that street at that exact time and got casted? Because Yoongi saw the poster advertising the “Hit It” and decided to audition? Because Hoseok choose Bighit over JYP? Because Jungkook couldn’t get in when he auditioned for Superstar K3 and was casted by BigHit’s staff? Because Jimin was recommended to audition by his teacher? Because Taehyung followed his friend to his audition and was noticed by company’s staff ? Because these 7 dorks had changed your life for the better?


Far over the Misty Mountains rise..

Happy Birthday, Selina! <3

this has been on my mind the past few days, don’t ever let anyone look down on you for reinventing who you are. change for the better, become a more full and realized version of your past self. remake your entire personality at your own whims if need be, you are your own and you owe it to nobody to be who you were yesterday, last week, a month ago. the past is just the past, and getting bogged down by who you used to be does nothing but upset. shed your past and become someone new. nobody can stop you from becoming who you see yourself becoming, your happiness is the most important thing in this world and nothing will be able to stop that. so go ahead and go by a new name, dress differently, make new friends. go out there and take hold of who you are by figuring out where you want to be, who you want to be. not even the past has the ability to drag you down if you don’t let it. you define what you want and you have the right to claim it. you owe it to no one to stay who you have been

Lost || Oneshot

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Genre: Angst—> Fluff

Wonwoo x reader

You regret your actions towards those you have lost. 

He walked down the streets of Seoul late at night, he took in his surroundings or at least what he could see past his mask and cap. He saw couples, a lot of them, some of them with their children, some of them holding each other tight with smiles on their face. He remembered how good you were with children, his heart ached but he couldn’t help but feel joy at the memory of you. He was unhappy seeing the couples they reminded him too much of his better, happier self. He was supposed to be happy. He should be happy, was what they told him. He had it all the fame, money and the adoration of thousands of people. What more could he possibly want? But it wasn’t like that for him, he wasn’t one to prefer material things over those he cared for.

He couldn’t be happy because he didn’t have you anymore.

Don’t dwell on your past was what they told him when he would relapse to his saddened state; and hear your voice call out his name or your figure in the morning sunrise. Or when your favorite song would play as he listened to music. Too much reminded him of you, especially during his walk tonight. He couldn’t handle it tonight, he promised himself he would keep his composure. They usually never let him go out at night by himself because that’s when he would feel you the most. And tonight of all nights it was especially difficult for the twelve boys to be convinced to let him go, but they understood he might need some alone time when they saw the redness and dark circles under his eyes; so they let him. He scrolled through his phone looking at pictures of you, pictures that he couldn’t bring himself to delete even if he had told the boys he did because he had to erase every trace of you.

He couldn’t forget you. No matter how much he told others he did because in all honesty he wasn’t trying to forget you, he was trying to cling onto the memory of you. It was sad really, he had always been quiet and he often kept to himself but it never was to this extent, he was a lively person and his laugh was music to people’s ears. But it was all gone, any trace of the happy person he once was. When you left so did his happiness, his emotions, any ability he had to keep from being quiet. He stopped reading too, he hadn’t touched a single book in three months, he couldn’t bring himself to do so and escape to a made up world because that world wouldn’t be filled with you.

He continued walking, one hand in his long pea coat that kept his body somewhat warm and one hand on his phone. He walked through the busy streets of Myeongdong, your favorite place to go to in Seoul, as he readjusted the glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose so he could focus on where he was going. He smiled as he saw what he was looking for and where he was heading to, it was a favorite coffee shop of yours. He looks into the window of the cafe and the owner smiles at him, she felt bad for the heartbroken boy so she’d give him a free coffee here and there. He hadn’t really liked that place before but he learned to adore that place after you, he found himself heading in there quite often to fill his emptiness with anything that reminded him of you, you who was miles away. The bell on the door of the cafe rang as he entered, he sat at the same back table you always dragged him to sit at. He placed his phone down and took off his coat and glasses, before he could get up to order your regular order the owner placed two cups and a small red velvet cake at the end of the table.

He smiled up at the older women, that reminded him of his mother, “Thank you m'am, how much do I owe you?”

“Nothing son, you’ve been coming here mostly every day for the past three months. It’s on the house.” She smiled warmly at the boy who seemed to be on the verge of falling apart any minute.

“Thank you.” He said bowing his head slightly. It was scary to see him like that, the once joy filled boy whose smile could light up the world(as you’d like to say), no longer smile because he lost his world.

Three months. It had been three months since he lost you and it was all his fault because he let you. Three months since he heard your voice or saw your soft complexion that made his heart skip a beat. He let you go and he was in a pit of despair, all fraile and weak. Heartbroken would be an understatement, he was nothing without you, he couldn’t live without you. He didn’t want this feeling, he thought he would’ve have felt less alone than he did when he was with you but he was wrong. You were always the one who feared how wrecked you’d end up when it ended, he promised it would never happen, it wasn’t true though because here he was three months after it all ended feeling completely destroyed and lost beyond compare.

You? You were fine he assumed, you didn’t say much when it was done you stayed quiet, nodded your head, collected your things and left. It was odd because you were so heartbroken you wanted to yell, you wanted to scream, you wanted to sob uncontrollably; but you couldn’t. You were always strong in your emotions when it came time to show them because you hardly did. You left god knows where; he texted, he called trying to tell you he took back what he told you that rainy night. But you didn’t pick up, you never saw any of his messages: you didn’t want to. You left them untouched as you tried to forget. Tried to forget how he broke your heart when he promised he would never.

You thought you wouldn’t return but here you were, back in Korea after three months at home, trying to heal and find yourself after being so lost. It wasn’t until tonight that you opened all those voicemails and texts from him and from the twelve boys, telling you to come back, that it was all a mistake. Even Mingyu who wasn’t that close to you because he was jealous over all the attention his best friend was giving you, found himself standing at your door a couple of days after it happened begging you and constantly ringing your phone so you would come back because Wonwoo was so screwed up, he had lost any sense of being.

Y/N I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking…
I thought I was doing it for you, but god am I wrecked…
Im sorry. I can’t live without you…
Pick up the phone Y/N…
Why won’t you open the door? I’m ringing your doorbell…
Why are there stacks of newspapers on your front porch? Where did you go? Don’t leave me…
It’s been a month Y/N. I take that shit back, I’d rather us not see each other everyday but be together than be nothing at all…
Y/N please…
Two months today, I lost 7 kg, the boys are worried they want you to come back too, come back to me…
Y/N I’m heading to your favorite coffee shop again, the owner keeps asking about you. She named a drink after you, you know. She says your the brightest person she’s met. She’s not wrong…
Please Y/N I’m lost without you…
I don’t want this feeling. Where are you? Come back baby…
I’ll be waiting for you, whenever you decide, the back right corner like always…

You went through voicemail after voicemail, text after text. You heard over two months worth of calls and read over hundreds of texts. You were completely shattered, why did he have to do this? He was supposed to be fine, you were the wrecked one. But he wasn’t fine and neither were you. He hurt you and made your heart ache. He had told you it’d be best if you two ended it and went your separate ways in order to find yourselves, but you couldn’t. It was just worse you didn’t know what to do but miss him more and more, more than you missed him when you wouldn’t see each other for months on end because he’d be touring in japan or some other country. You couldn’t live without each other, so tonight after three months of pain and loneliness you found yourself in the same busy streets of Myeongdong. You were thinner and you had lost the glow you carried, a dullness surrounded your form. A thick jacket was draped over your frame and a mask covered your red nose in the cold.

You had walked towards your favorite coffee shop, the same coffee shop that you had walked past three times already, you were hesitant as to whether or not you should enter. You were afraid that’s he would be in there; you were scared that the boy you loved deeply, who barely showed emotions, was completely destroyed by you. But you were also scared he wasn’t and you’d find yourself quite disappointed and saddened because a big part of you wanted to believe that he wouldn’t forget about you and move on.

“He’ll be in there Y/N. Trust me, he left by himself tonight because when he’s with us he doesn’t go in there to keep up with the ‘I’m fine’ facade. But Seungcheol has seen him in there multiple times when he goes to buy chicken for all of us and he takes longer than usual.”

His best friends voice rang in the back of your head. You swept the strand of hair that was sticking to your forehead aside and mustered all the courage you could to go in. The bell on the door rang as you walked in and the familiar scent of coffee hit you suddenly. You looked around, taking in your surroundings, until your eyes wandered to the boy with the black cap that sat at your table. He was fiddling with the mug in his hands and you couldn’t help to notice a mug in front of him and your favorite pastry beside him. You decided to walk toward the boy as an indescribable amount of emotions and thoughts flooded your head.

When he noticed a figure walk closer to where he was sitting he finally decided to look up. He figured it was his mind playing games with him when he first saw you so he didn’t have much of a reaction. It wasn’t until he heard his name escape your lips did he believe you weren’t an allusion. He reached out to touch your arm, you were here after three months. He stood up, the chair he sat at scraping on the floor as he pushed himself off rapidly, and engulfed you in his arms.

“Y/N…” you heard his voice crack.
“I know…I know.” You replied.
He took you all in, your scent filled his nose and he was in a euphoric state. Tears slid down your cheek as you felt the warmness of his body, you were home.
“I’m sorry.  I regret it all since that day.”
“Wonwoo…” you began sobbing quietly as he rubbed circles on your back.      “I was so lost without you, I’ve missed you Wonwoo.”                                         “I never want to lose you again, Y/N. I can’t live without you.”

So you two stood there in each others arms after months of being lost, you were both finally found.

Authors Note: Something i wrote on the quicks, hope you enjoyed it. Btw make sure to send in your requests!

what kills me every time is when caroline said she understands

they understood each other so well. their love was truly rooted in friendship because they loved each other without judgement and made each other better and happier

stefan was going to sacrifice himself hours after their wedding and she wasn’t angry. she needed him to know she understood he couldn’t find peace like this and told him she’ll love him forever

and the last thing he did, before passing into heaven was make sure she knew he would love her forever too. in the end, even though they made each other happy and wanted to be together, even though stefan wanted to live and grow old with her and have grandchildren, the writers didn’t let him develop into someone who didn’t hate himself anymore and let damon make the sacrifice, or just be truly and completely happy. they made sure he was too mentally ill to ever recover, that he believed an easily avoidable death was heroic redemption. and with caroline crying for her husband on the border of mystic falls instead of being able to stop him, they had him kill himself and reunite with lexi and then damon in the afterlife.

i get why we didn’t see caroline crying after that, because she knew she wasn’t going to live forever. she intended to find peace someday and knew she would see him again and they would be together forever then, just like they always wanted. until then she would raise her daughters and carry on what he did: help supernatural creatures, just like he saved her.

she told him she’ll remember forever. this season has confirmed that caroline has always loved stefan, the love of stefan’s life is caroline, caroline was ready for him the moment she saw him, and stefan fell in love with caroline bit by bit every day before either of them knew what was going on. they’re the loves of each other’s life, best friends, married and endgame. their epicness leaves every other tvd ship in the dust and im going to be okay with their ending eventually, because though they’re the definition of a tragedy, they’re also eternal endgame in the most beautiful and pure way.

Sorry i haven’t been making any original content on this blog, i am still drawing but it’s just mainly cartoon and furry stuff- i’ve hit a sort of road block where i feel like i’ve drawn all the g/t ideas i can while still keeping fairly original. There’s only so many ways to draw it it feels for me and…
It’s a hard thing to draw, it’s so frustrating to do tiny details on small characters!
So yeah, sorry there hasn’t been any fresh new g/t content from me- theres just so many close ups of hands or faces i can take drawing y'know?
Plus simple cartoony stuff and furry stuff is more fun and loose to draw, it’s happy and free and doesn’t mess up my weak ass wrist as much as the detail and perspective needed in a g/t drawing does!
Nothings changing, i’m still answering asks and if i do make any original g/t content i’ll post it- i’m not leaving or anything, don’t worry!

Also when i was younger it was like a huge thing in my life, now it’s honestly not- i don’t think about it often if at all really, and i don’t think thats a bad thing.
I have a habit of holding into interests and hobbies as if they are self-identifying things because i have a hard time defining or knowing who i am without them, but like….it really isn’t important at all, i’m just over compensating for my identity issues by holding onto things so tight lmao.

Eh i dunno what i’m getting at, nothings changing- i’m still here answering asks, it’s just G/t used to be a part of my identity and who i was and now like….. it ain’t.
I don’t feel the need to define myself by my hobbies anymore and i don’t feel the need to pretend like they’re real in anyway, but honestly i felt this half a year ago and i don’t think i ever mentioned it.
Like i said, nothings changing though- this is just a thought on why i haven’t really made any new, original g/t content lately.

Hey It’s Mel (previously @vmih) Just a heads up for mutuals and followers: I’m gonna change from being a 100% BTS blog to being a multi-fandom blog because this site has honestly been boring for me lately and because I’ll feel better n happier that way?? I’ve seen a couple of blogs I follow change too so I thought why not. So like, yeah, if you want to unfollow feel free. If you’re a mutual/someone who wants to unfollow bc of this but still want to talk to me or smthing i’m on twitter like everyone else ^^. You’ll also be seeing this post a lot too (for a while) ahaha. that’s all thanksw. ♡

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I hope you understand how happy yet sad you make us all with your rp, thank you for being so great

dude..i you know how happy it makes me that something i do is something that makes the coolest people over here feel better? happier? or sad but in a good way? i’ve never in my life felt this appreciated and valued and it’s all thanks to you ♥