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I have a team of specialists - and it involves a crane - before I do any type of PR. You should see me when I wake up in the morning. I have my husband Simon here with me; he can testify as to what I look like at 6 in the morning when I wake up. -Matt Bomer on his looks [x]


What started as a joke on another platform escalated into this. I thought I’d share here. Because I have no shame.

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WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT A THING- when Matt was on a talkshow (don't know which one, I'm a butt, sorry) and he claps and goes 'wooo' he looks so much like Simon when he clapped and did the 'wooo' thing when Matt won his award. And I was thinking the other day that couples start to look alike, and that's just a thing they do 100% the same. Naaaw.