better hair than most girls

97. Scorpius was the gay best friend who did everyones hair and was better at putting up make-up than most of the girls. All of the Weasley-Potters would call on Scorpius to do their hair and make-up whenever they were going out. He even did Rose and Dominiques wedding hair …


To wrap up the recurring girls at Casper High, here are a few who, as far as I know, are never given names. We know that there are students named Donna, Sasha, and Denise, but they’re only mentioned by name. We don’t know if they’re any of these girls. It’s a possibility worth keeping in mind, though.

Since they don’t have names, here are my nicknames for them: veggie burger (in reference to the one person who said she looks like a Tucker and Sam lovechild), curly, Dee Dee, kitty shirt, tall hair, Ember fan, and the cheerleaders. Hopefully that’s easy enough to follow.

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Prog Musicians as High School Students
  • Peter Gabriel: That weird kid that's popular and no one knows why, super fashionable
  • Tony Banks: Angry kid usually sitting in the back of the classroom boiling in self loathing
  • Mike Rutherford: the lovable stoner
  • Phil Collins: Smol and good freinds with angry kid
  • Steve Hackett: Cool kid who's really nerdy but people love him anyways
  • Jon Anderson: the nice kid who everyone loves becuase of how nice they are
  • Chris Squire: the ladies love him and he genuinely could not give a single fuck becuase he only has eyes for one thing (marine biology)
  • Steve Howe: that other Steve that's also very talented and gets confused with cool kid
  • Rick Wakeman: Band geek, plays in the band every year and has hair better than most of the girls
  • Bill Bruford: The gentleman who is very kind and noble and does what is right (he also kicks butt if challenged in a fight becuase of his drumming)
  • Robert Fripp: that scary kid people tend to avoid but isn't really that scary when you get to know him
  • Keith Emerson: The rebel with a heart of gold, he's probably been to jail and he makes the women swoon
  • Greg Lake: Math kid, really fucking nerdy and spends his free time playing d&d
  • Carl Palmer: Jock, plays sports and is loved by everyone as the big star
  • Syd Barrett: Art kid, usually seen drawing and gets all the ladies somehow
  • Roger Waters: Rich kid who usually gets what he wants but is also really nice sometimes
  • David Gilmour: Stoner #2 is also really cool and is witty af
  • Rick Wright: The kid who usually shows up late to every class and still gets away with it
  • Nick Mason: That one kid who could grow a good mustache and not look like a pedophile
  • Geddy Lee: The one who gets mistaken for a girl but also sings a lot (prob gay for the class clown)
  • Alex Lifeson: Class clown, pulling pranks and making jokes and is usually hanging out with the kid who gets mistaken for a girl (is oblivious to the flirting)
  • Neil Peart: Super popular, but dosent understand why, he's also a huge literature nut
  • Mike Oldfield: The school genius, probably has won a Nobel prize