better gods


phoebe and joey love and respect each other’s art pieces :’)

But imagine Hades, the God of the underworld, the mighty and powerful seated on a throne of skulls handing out punishment to sinners cowering in front of his dark and fearsome aura and suddenly Persephone skips in the room, humming a bright tune, twirling in her pretty colourful dress and she skips to Hades and places a flower crown on his head and Hades is like ‘Honey, I’m trying to do my job here.’ or 'I have an image to maintain, I’m the God of Underworld!’ and Persephone just smiled cutely at him and pecks his cheek and Hades just kinda sighs because he’s so whipped by his little sunshine but it’s just so hard.

Ardyn Izunia: If there is one thing I have learned over my many, many years of existence… it is this.. there is no wrong way to love a chocobo.

reminder that beverly literally had no positive platonic interactions in the movie.

reminder that richie, stan, and eddie hated her because of those bullshit sleeping around rumours gretta spread (@ screenwriters people were still bullied in the 80s for being poor, you assholes), henry & her father & mr keene sexualised her, mike didn’t really feel anything towards her (r.i.p screentime) and she was only there really to play the love interest for bill and ben.

reminder that in the book she was not The Girl of the group, she was the best friend of all the losers. stan saying “none of your business” when she asks about the items in the pharmacy isn’t funny or cute, it’s extremely ooc when compared with even the miniseries interactions.

reminder that sophia lillis was 14 during the filming of IT.

reminder that they showed her opening her dress in a michael-bay style slow-mo shot that was highkey not needed because SHE IS 14, shot her from the back in close fitting pedal pushers, and showed her in the bath during the ‘dear god’ montage (also not needed since she’d already been shown playing the keyboard, and there are other things to do in a bathroom that don’t seem jarring in comparison to boys doing Stoic Male™️ things, such as washing your hands or brushing your teeth, but i guess the male screenwriters didn’t care about that.)

reminder that one of only scenes in the movie where she’s not being abused or assaulted or stared at or having some boy’s desires projected onto her is the scene where she finds the poem and reads it. that’s it in the whole movie.

reminder that “the movie was condeming the treatment of beverly!” is not a solid excuse for this crap. it condems her father assaulting her, but it does not condemn her own friends ogling and slut-shaming her, or condemn her putting herself in the position to let an old man lech on her so some boys she barely knows can steal things.

reminder that the treatment and language used towards her in the movie was actually a better version of the original scripts, which is pretty harrowing when considering the above points.

reminder that im tired!!!!! im tired


mom is here!! and she wears pants now!!!

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hey if ur looking for requests can you draw cheddar my son from Brooklyn nine nine


if you don’t believe that cheddars loving fathers have bought him a tiny captains hat then you are wrong my friend