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And His Plan Backfired

Title: And His Plan Backfired

 Prompt: From a friend: A soulmate tattoo that is in a very…unique spot.

 Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

 Summary: When Sam realizes something, something big…he takes it upon himself to take the initiative.  But his plans backfire.  

 Warnings: Language.  Injury.

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Everyone had that unique mark, that mark that matched someone else’s, making you soulmates. Sam’s was of a little filigree swirl on his right wrist.  It was nice to have one out in the open, but some people weren’t as lucky.

Sam realized just how unlucky you were…not five minutes ago.  The three of you had just gotten back from a hunt, all of you wanting to relax.  Sam figured, why not a movie?  So, he went to ask you, which was how he saw the soulmate mark a small shooting star with musical notes in the tail…on your left butt cheek, while you were changing

Sam was quick to move away and back into his room.  He paced as his mind tried to process.  Honestly, he didn’t know what was more shocking…that Sam just saw your bare ass and mark…or that he knew his brother had a matching one.  

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