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Hello everyone! In case you haven’t read my previous post, I will be sharing some of my favorites, so you all can get to know me a little bit better! 

Today we are staring off with : Disney’s Treasure Planet.

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I love all Disney’s works, but I believe that this movie is greatly underrated. So, I wanted to share  my thoughts and opinions as to why this movie is great! This movie was based on the classic novel “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson. The film follows a teenage boy named Jim Hawkins who stumbles upon a treasure map leading to the infamous “Treasure Island”. In the Disney’s adaptation, Jim Hawkins, desire to sets things right with his reputation, sets off on action packed adventure in hopes to prove to everyone (and himself) that he is capable of great things.

I don’t want to give away too much about the movie, however, I am going to discuss about the characters and what makes this movie stand out as a whole. 

James Hawkins, or “Jim”  is the main character of the movie. Unfortunately, everyone in town looks at him as a delinquent and we can see Jim throughout the beginning of the film believing these attributes about himself. I feel like the audience can really relate to Jim and his struggle as he transitions to adulthood. What makes his character so imperative is that he is the personification of redemption. The movie manifests that true greatness comes from suffering, endeavors, hope, and bravery. 

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 He is such a dynamic character and he was perfectly executed. I feel like many could relate to his struggles, especially those of us who face self-doubt in success.

Captain Amelia  is one of the very few female roles in this movie, however, the film makes up for this by her strong and kick ass personality. She does not take crap from any man who tries to come in her way! I absolutely love her and even with a crew filled with men she still keeps everyone in place.

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Delbert Doppler

Next we have Dr. Doppler, who is possibly the funniest character in the movie. He brings a comedic and lighthearted element to the film, while still remaining to be the intelligent and responsible one towards the crew and Jim.

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John Sliver 

Saving the best for last! Silver is my favorite character in this whole entire film. He plays the father figure for Jim, teaching him how to carry and believe in himself in times of suffering. Let me say that the “father and son” moments will just tug your heart strings! I can’t describe how much I adore this dynamic duo. However, what makes the plot even more interesting is that he also plays the main villain. This conflict ultimately leads to both of the character making hard decisions. 

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“You got the makings of greatness in you, but you got to take the helm and chart your own course.”

-John silver

This whole movie was done so perfectly and it’s a shame that not many people talk about it. Every time I watch it, I get this overwhelming feeling of joy. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Also I highly recommend listening to the soundtrack! In particular, I would recommend listening to “I’m still Here” By John Rzeznik. It’s is one of my favorite songs to this day and you will not regret it! 

Let me know what you all think of the film and soundtrack! Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions! 


The pack of werewolves had gotten you. You’d been hunting them for weeks but they turned the game around, when you were out alone. You still managed to kill them but they had gotten you bad. No need to take a better look, you knew you would die. 

It was okay. Being a Shadowhunter, death was always a part of your life. There was only one thing you were regretting, but you still could fix that before dying.

Somehow you’d managed to get to Raphael’s name in your contacts and call him.
“Hey, (y/n). Are you okay?” Hearing his voice made the cold around you a little bit warmer, the dark alley a little bit brighter.
“No, not really”, you confessed. “I think this is it for me.”
“That’s not funny, (y/n).” You could hear that Raphael was concerned and for a second you wished that you had had the courage before to tell him, what you wanted to tell him now.

“Raph, I’m serious. The werewolves got me but I can’t die before I tell you the truth. I was falling in love with you and I wish I would have told you sooner.”
For a moment it was silent on the other end on the phone but you couldn’t even feel scared to be rejected. It would be over soon anyway.

“Don’t you dare die on me like that. You can’t just tell me that finally and then just die! I demand at least one date!”
His answer made you laugh eventhough it became a cough soon.
“I think you aren’t the one who can make that call, Raph.”

“Yes I can. And now stop talking about dying. I’m already on my way and getting Magnus to you. So better keep telling me, how you fell in love with me until I’m there.”

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hope you like it

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Marauders on Spring Break

A/n: My spring break just finished and I’m feeling kinda sad now that it’s over. So what better way to cheer myself up then some Marauders head cannons.

-OK first of all they’d totally go somewhere tropical because Sirius and James want to party but Remus just wants the get away from the cold.
-They’re there for a total of 30 minutes before Sirius is drunk.
-Remus puts on so much sunscreen. Like seriously if he doesn’t he’ll looks like a tomato.
-Peter packed so much but he wears like the same two t-shirts all week.
-Sirius and James singing “If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain….” at three a.m.
-Just relaxing on the beach and being squad goals until Sirius throws Remus in the water and runs away, giggling like a school girl.
-While on the beach Peter accidentally kicks sand on these guys and they’re trying to fight him, but James Is having none of this shit NOT today and tells them off so hard.
-They didn’t wanna spend alot of money so they get one room and it only has two beds. So it’s basically just a mess of drunk lanky teenage boys trying to share a bed every night.
-Peter gets really drunk one night and ends up streaking down the beach.
-Remus being the only one sober enough to try and stop him.
-Sirius’ cure to hangovers (never stop deinking)
-These four best friends just having a grand old time on vacation.
-Remus still ending up sunburnt even with all the sunscreen. -Sirius looking like some bronzed god even though he didn’t put on any sunscreen.
-James trying to get enough people to play beach volleyball, but there’s never enough people so it’s always like 5 people against him.
-when they go back to school Sirius has the biggest hangover of life.
-Memories that they have sworn never to speak of, but they all hold them very dearly to their hearts.

i wish theyd give the fashionistas better default outfits because i used to like them more in the previous set but the only one’s outfit that i like from this newer set is the one that looks just like beyonce. i don’t wanna have to buy fashion packs for every single fashionista i get just bc i like their face and hair but not their outfit. i still haven’t got an outfit i like for chanel and i had to buy queenie’s outfit

illuminate summary
  • Ruin: "do i ever croshh your mind" like 927927 times
  • Mercy: mershhy
  • Treat you better: woah, shawn, ur so confident
  • Three empty words: i'm worried about her little bro
  • Don't be a fool: running low 2.0
  • No promises: sex, but safe
  • Lights on: just more sex. no kid in love anymore.
  • Honest: brutal mendes
  • Patience: *cool guitar beat*
  • Bad reputation: AKA in love with slut
  • Understand: okay i'm proud
  • Hold on: just play it on my funeral
  • Roses: friendzone as holy fuck
Joker Imagine: Harassed

Anonymous said:Can you do a story where the reader is going out with mr j and she wonders off in a club and a group of guys harass her and she’s innocent and just scared and Mr j goes crazy and protects her and just yea that’d be amazing and some Mr j fluff in it 😜

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J and you were at his club, trying to have a good time after a stressful week. It was Saturday night so the place was absolutely packed! ‘’I’m gonna grab a drink’’ You told your boyfriend and stood up from his lap. He slapped your bum gently just so the other man around saw that you were his and they would better not touch you. ‘’Be back soon or I’ll miss ya’’ He winked cheesily as you walked off.

It took a little while to get to the bar while avoiding drunk people. Just as you sat down on a bar stool and patiently waited for the bartender’s so come to you when they’re finished, some guys sat around you. It was strange that J fell for you because most of the time you were nice and kind. But sometimes your head just got all messed up and you could do awful things, but that was rare.

The man leaned towards you and one even stood behind you so you couldn’t escape. ‘’Hi sexy’’ One of them with a dirty smile winked. He had messy hair and alcohol on his shirt. They all stunk like ass. ‘’I have a boyfriend’’ You defended yourself and nervously tapped your fingers on the counter.’’Oh he doesn’t have to know. Let’s have some fun!’’ Another one chuckled and touched your back. Your breath hitched in your throat and you got nervous.

‘’Leave me alone’’ You tried to warn them. After all if they would continue, J would kill them - no doubt. ‘’Don’t be fucking boring’’ The same voice said again and suddenly you were pulled off of the chair. The men practically dragged you away from the bar, making you so panicked that you forgot what self-defence was. ‘’H-Hey!’’ You tried to yell, but the music was so loud that your voice drowned in it. Suddenly you were pressed against the wall harshly and you hit your head.

‘’I bet you have such a tight little cunt’’One of them said, but you were so scared that you couldn’t recognize who the voice belonged to. Your heart stammered in your chest and you wanted to cry. A hand touched your inner thigh and that’s when you felt tears stinging your eyes. ‘’Let me go!’’ You insisted and desperately tried to yank yourself free from their strong arms, but it was useless.

The hand rose and touched the lining of your panties, making the tears fall from your eyes. ‘’Stop!’’ You begged and wondered how no one saw this? On the other hand the three were towering above you, making it hard to see you. Before they could do anything else, you heard at least three gunshots and the person right in front of you, the one touching you, fell onto the floor. The other two stood there and turned white as sheets when they saw their friend dead.

Joker had noticed this and come to your rescue.

‘’Walk away baby this won’t be pretty’’ He growled and you saw two of his henchmen behind him. Two other henchmen walked up to the rest of the harassers and they were held tightly, not allowed to escape. Fear sunk into their faces and they knew they had fucked up real bad.

You walked away from the wall and watched you step so you wouldn’t step on the dead man. Tears gushed down your eyes and you were trembling. J nodded to his henchman Frost who then put his arm on your shoulder in a comforting way. Suddenly J walked up to the guy that had been on yout left side. ‘’You did something really dumb’’ J growled in his face madly. The people around you knew what was going on, but no one dared to step in whatsoever. 

‘’I-I’m sorry!’’ The man cried out in pure fear, but sorry wasn’t enough. Joker kneed his crotch and a painful yelp escaped his lips. J repeated the action and horror grew on the other guy’s face.  You watched as he started beating the guy like a maniac as the henchman hold the guy. ‘’No one..’’ J started and held onto his jaw tightly. ‘’..disrespects my queen like that!’’ He finished angrily and punched the man straight in the face and I could hear his nose breaking. It made me sick in the stomach.

A sob made Frost look at you again.You covered your mouth with your hands and tried to stay calm, but you were still shocked. Everything happened so fast. You felt disgusting since the guy had touched you there. ‘’Frost do me a favour and take her to my office. I bet she doesn’t want to see the rest’’ J sighed and faced you with his back, clothed with a golden jacket. Frost replied with a ‘’yes sir’’ and then started walking away with you beside him. People stepped out of the way as Frost took me towards the hall where there was an elevator.

As soon as you two got in the elevator, silence fell over. Tears were ruining your make-up and I kept trembling. ‘’I’m sorry miss’’ Frost apologized softly. He was one of J’s most trusted men so you had talked to him a lot. You just nodded and then wiped away some tears which was useless. The doors slid open and you walked to the left until you were behind a black door. ‘’J’s r-really mad’’You whimpered and sat down on a big chair that was in J’s office. Frost nodded shortly.

‘’He flipped the table when he was told what was going on’’ Frost let you know. You looked at him silently. J really cared about you which was weird. Why? ‘’Do you want anything? Water?’’ Frost suggested and saw how uncomfortable you looked. ‘’No thanks’’ You mumbled and then bit the inside of your cheek to hold back cries. 

A few minutes later the door opened and J walked back. His clothes were bloody and his knuckles were already bruising. He seemed pissed as hell. When he saw you sitting there, he hurried to you. 

‘’Oh baby..’’ He breathed out and put his warm hands on your arms and then got on his knees in front of you. He seemed relieved to see you there after beating people up.  You put your hand on his and tried to stay calm. ‘’Thanks Frost’’ J muttered and a second later he walked out, leaving you two alone. That’s when tears started to run down your cheeks again.’’Oh baby..don’t you cry..They can’t do anything to you anymore’’ He promised and gathered himself. He picked you up and then sat on the chair and placed you on his lap. 

‘’I’m sorry..I-I don’t know what happened..’’ You whimpered, still scared of the situation. J wrapped his arms around you softly. ‘’Shh..It’s not your fault’’ He reminded you with a calmer voice and started rubbing your back gently like you were as fragile as a feather. You nuzzled closer to him and then his scent calmed you down. You were safe with him


this pack contains 3.625 pngs/pics:

  • 45 hq balloons;
  • 217 base headers;
  • 105 bubble speech;
  • 31 Chinese letters;
  • 355 computer stuff;
  • 247 dialogues;
  • 4 sources for lyrics header;
  • 280 kawaii pngs;
  • 154 pixels;
  • 8 photobooths (hearts, birds…) for icons;
  • 109 pink glitter;
  • 1.015 png texts;
  • 40 textures;
  • 190 headers;
  • 260 ulzzang icons.

to get the pack you have to:

  • follow the tumblr (I’ll check);
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  • ask here RINNEGOU PACK” (I will not answer anonymous);
  • DON’T publish or repass the link of this pack.  

and again I want to thank you for everything, making icons and headers is my favorite hobby, is like a refuge for me and know that you guys like it is even better, so thank you for all the encouragement !!! ·̩̩⋆̩* ¿॰*✩ ✨

I hope u like it!! 


essa pack contém 3.625 pngs/pics:

  • 45 balões hq;
  • 217 bases para headers;
  • 105 bubble speech;
  • 31 frases/letras chinesas;
  • 355 computer stuff;
  • 247 diálogos;
  • 4 fontes para lyrics header;
  • 280 pngs kawaii;
  • 154 pixels;
  • 8 photobooths (corações, pássaros, etc ) para icons;
  • 109 pink glitter;
  • 1.015 textos em png;
  • 40 texturas;
  • 190 headers;
  • 260 icons de ulzzangs/site model.

para conseguir o pack, você precisará:

  • seguir o tumblr (vou conferir);
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e de novo eu quero agradecer por tudo, fazer icons e headers para vocês é meu passatempo preferido, é como um refúgio para mim e saber que vocês gostam é melhor ainda, então muito obrigado por todo o incentivo e elogios, isso significa muito !!! ·̩̩⋆̩* ¿॰*✩ ✨ 

Espero que vocês gostem do pack!! 

Make Shit

This is your Saturday pep talk.

Today’s topic is: Creating garbage. 

Producing bad work is always going to be better than producing nothing. The idea of making trash can twist something dark and nasty in the gut, but making garbage does not mean that you are garbage. You don’t have to get it right on the first try– and if you don’t try at all, you’re never going to get it right. 

Make your bad work. Burn it, smash it, bury it in the garden, abandon it when you hit a dead end, pack it away in a box labeled ‘practice’. Don’t worry about making it good yet, just make it. 

BTS reaction to their S/O wanting to go stargazing at the beach


Jin would be so excited to go. He loves the beach and he loves looking at the stars with you. He’d pack a few warm blankets and of course some snacks. Jin would lay on the blanket, put his arm around you and sigh happily. “The sound of the ocean, the bright stars, and the prettiest girl in the world by my side. How could it get any better?”

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Yoongi would be happy that you asked. Looking at the stars helps clear his head and being with you made him happier than he’s ever been before. He’d lean back happily on the sand with you, his hand intertwined with yours. Yoongi would have a content smile on his face. “You come up with the best ideas.”

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He would be kinda tired after such a long day but he could never say no to you. He’d make sure you wore some warm clothes and he’d bring some drinks just in case. He wouldn’t really be paying attention to the sky though. Not even the roaring ocean could get his eyes taken off you. He just stared, taking in the way the moonlight shone on your face. “Ahhhh…. you’re just like a beautiful angel…”

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Namjoon would watch the stars alone before you got together. He never asked you to come along because he wasn’t sure if you’d like it, so when you suggested it, he had a wide smile on his face. He would hurry quickly to get things ready, get a little book, and a small telescope. As you sat and watched, he’d be pointing up to the sky. “And of course you can’t forget the Big Dipper!”

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Like Hobi, Jimin would be pretty tired at the end of the day when he got home. He may take a little persuading, but eventually he’d agree to go with you. He’d bundle you in his jacket as you sat on the sand, cold ocean breeze blowing by. “So, do you know any of the star names?” He’d ask. Jimin would slowly start to fall asleep to the sound of your voice, the cool sea wind and the sound of waves.

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He would happily go with you. As you were sitting on the sand watching, he had an idea. Tae would take your hand, and pull you closer to the waves. You both got in to where the water was up to your ankles. Laughing and slashing around, he would pull you into a kiss under the starlit sky. “I love you, sweetie…”

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Kookie would happily go, packing a little bag as soon as you asked about going. He laid a blanket down on the sand. He wanted for you to sit down, then laid his head on your lap, looking straight up. “Do you know a lot about the stars? Or do you just like looking at them?” He’d ask. You two would just walk for hours, him asking a million questions while he hung on to every word.

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                                 and all I can do is just wait
                                    for you to come round
                                          and save me

can we talk about luke and magnus for a sec ?? both of them didn’t haven anyone there for them when they turned (luke telling jocelyn to leave so he could kill himself and having his parabatai betray him while magnus parents abandoned him and he had to learn about the downworld alone) and both of them are watching history repeat itself in front of them with simon who even when he showed signs of vampirism, the shadowhunters didn’t even think about it now has nowhere to go and nowhere to live and no one to help him and they’re trying so hard to make sure he doesn’t get screwed over like they did. like … magnus takes him to india … into the home of his abusive ex. luke goes against his entire pack to give him a place to stay. both of them are being supportive in their own ways and both of them want good for him and idk what’s better, the fact that simon feels safe with luke (as always) and already trusting, believing, and leaning on magnus or the fact that luke and magnus both find ways to help him even though in magnus’ case, simon is not his responsibility, and in luke’s case, he has to go against his entire pack’s wishes (including his closest friend, alaric)

So you binged. Now what?

1. Forgive yourself!

You binged. It’s over, it’s done. Remember: you are human! It is okay to indulge. Dwelling on your binge will only pull you into a vicious cycle of binging-restricting. One day of overeating will not throw you off.


Hydration is so important. Drink water upon waking up and continue to drink about 8oz. every hour throughout the day. Water helps to detoxify your system and clear out the toxins (sugar, fat, salt)/reduce bloat.

3. Catch some Zzzzz

Getting quality sleep has been shown to reduce urges to eat high-calorie, high-fat foods. Also, when you have more energy you feel better about yourself and most likely will not have the desire to binge. 

4. Eat a protein-packed breakfast

I know, eating the day after a binge may not sound to appealing. But eating a protein rich breakfast (instead of carb heavy) will fill you up and tame your hunger/keep your blood sugar in-check.

5. Get moving!

This is pretty self-explanatory. Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins are the best drug. Don’t use exercise as a means of punishment, but rather a way to do your body a favor. No need to run 15 miles or spend 3 hours on the stationary bike, a light walk will do. Fresh air does wonders!

6. Don’t forget about those micronutrients

Eat those fruits and veggies! The fiber, vitamins and other nutrients will work to clear out your system and give you plenty of energy.


I repeat: DO NOT RESTRICT! Restriction, cutting out foods, deeming foods as “good” and “bad” only leads to binging. And the cycle continues…

8. Ditch the scale

Weighing yourself post-binge can be so so discouraging and only set you up to binge more. Put your faith in knowing that one bad day will not totally derail your progress. Give it a day or two and you will be back to normal! 

what is it called when healing goes stagnant? i’m flatlining with a heartbeat. everything starts out so hopeful but it never ends well. it just ends.

i’m supposed to be getting better, things are supposed to be adding up but all I have are loose ends and nothing to tie them to. every conversation is a confession because no one is listening. every secret belongs to someone else.

the gods have forgotten us. god himself packed up shop and went away for awhile. even the devil got tired of watching us pull ourselves apart. there’s muscle and sinew under my nails. there’s blood on my teeth.

you know, when Midas was young, he didn’t even want gold. he just wanted to be loved.

what is it called when healing goes stagnant? i think it means the hope is gone. i think it means things just end.

—  there is no hope for us yet– lily rain

Coworker just walked through my office carrying a real, live chicken. 

I feel like that was totally the high point of the week, and I should pack it in while I have the chance. It’s not going to get better than that. 

Low spoon/lazy witch spells;

Bad Day Curse; Imagine a pillow is the face of someone you hate/just want to give a bad day to. Muster the loudest scream you can, with all your loathing (of them and/or yourself), annoyance, negative energies packed behind it. Now imagine that person having a shit time. Finally, shove your face into the pillow; let it all out. Throw the pillow down by your feet/away from you.
You feel better, and they’ll feel worse.

Reflection Spell; Grab a mirror of any kind (compact, handheld, hanging, etc). Get a bit of paper and write the name of the person who needs to do some reflecting (this can be yourself or anyone else.) Mutter/say in your head an incantation along the lines of “Take a fucking look, babes.” While placing the paper facing toward the mirror. Sorted.

Positivity/Energy Boost; Add cinnamon to a hot drink. Stir clockwise while incanting “I will do [x] today” or “I will feel [y] today” depending on needs. Stir/incant to your preferred number. Drink up.

Protection Boost; Add Pink Himalayan Salt in place of table/sea salt to recipes that call for salt. Envision those who’re due to eat the meal encased in whatever best represents armour/a protective shield to you. Boost their/your own protection.

(Feel free to add your own.)


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In the East Hall, the Gentry are called Takers-And-Givers. Marie had her best 2B pencil stolen only to find three packs of pencils - different hardnesses, sizes, colours - in her room that evening. Charley’s bottles of milk were stolen in the first week of term but now their whole flat gets weekly deliveries of dairy far better than any bought at the local shops. Sanjeet’s flowers were decimated a week before Valentines, but now they’re the best and brightest blooming flowers on campus.

First they Take and then, later, they Give, something of equal or more value. No one seems to know how or why, it just is, until the new kid arrives in halls - a late transfer, some incident at their last uni dogging her steps, giving her haunted eyes and probably-nightmares and arms clutched close around her chest whenever someone looms too close. 

When people ask, she says to call her Ravenna. That that’s not her name, but her actual name isn’t one she trusts anymore, that it makes her feel unsafe in her own skin. So everyone in the Hall calls her Ravenna, or, sometimes, Blackbird if they know her well enough, and give her space.

She hates beyond hate to be touched.

Marie sees her one day, within touching distance of one of the Takers-and-Givers often seen around East Hall. They go by Darling - an odd moniker for a six foot creature with a greenish cast to their skin and a bird’s nest of hair, but no one would ever dare say anything to them. They stand just within arms-reach of Ravenna, watching down at the short girl with half-narrowed eyes.

“I don’t want to be afraid,” Ravenna is saying. “I'm sick of it. They say you can help with that, that you can take something away and give something in return. Can you take away my fear?”

Marie almost bolts down the hall to Ravenna, almost warns her against making a deal with the Takers-And-Givers, almost warns her against even mentioning the distance they are from normal but Darling only smiles gently, politely, not the predatory way they had when Marcus from Sumner’s Hall had tried to strike a bargain.

“No one can take your fear,” Darling says. “It’s yours. But if you give me a taste of it then I will give you protection when you are fearing.”

Marie starts backing down the hall, back towards her room, but she still sees Ravenna pause, nod, and go completely rigid as Darling bends their head to gently kiss her.

A wind blows down the hall, smelling of chickens and straw and Michaelmas daisies and Darling is vanished.

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BYOT Sample Pack Download!
  • 18 Toddler Package Files in 10 different poses
  • Accessory CC [poses & furniture]
  • .PSD’s bump & spec for recoloring

This is only 1 of each of the 18 toddlers in 1 of the 10 poses [each one gets a different pose]. I am releasing this temporary download for those of you who really want to use them. There is still a lot of work to be done until the full release.

 Feel free to recolor them to match your sims better, as they have base game skintones, and will probably look out of place if you use a lot of cc lol, just please don’t re upload and claim as your own work as I took a lot of time to make these.

 Thanks guys! Have fun!

 If you upload any screenshots you can tag either @simmerdownnah or @ts4byot I would love to see the ideas you guys come up with :3

                      📥 Download from Simfileshare

You know what pisses me off the most about the whole “cage-free”, “humanely raised”, “free range”, etc. trend that’s been picking up steam lately? The fact that people just believe it.

The only reason these labels even exist in the first place is because activists exposed the abuse that is rampant in the industry. This presented a big problem to animal farmers, but do you think they were just going to pack up and go home? Hell no! They’re gonna keep that gravy train right on a-rollin’. So they get their friends in high places to make up bullshit standards for labels like “humane” and “cage free” that they can slap on their products, so they can deceive gullible idiots into continuing to give them money for essentially the same amount of torture, and jack up the prices to boot because they’re “better”.

They don’t care about the well-being of animals, they just care that they got caught, and they’re trying to save face. How can people possibly think that these animal farmers wouldn’t gladly lie to their faces again given the chance, which they continue to do?

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junhui from seventeen please for the small au thing?

  • office rival junhui 
  • who keeps getting employee of the month and it’s SUPER frustrating because ugh you’re 100% sure you do more work than him doesn’t he just sit in his cubicle and look in the mirror or something???
  • everytime he wins he gets up and ruffles your hair before taking the prize and getting his photo taken
  • and he’s like “better luck next month sunshine”
  • and you’re like DONT CALL ME SUNSHINE and junhui just grins and is like “alright cupcake” and you’re like jUN H U I I WiLL k I LL you,,,,,,,,,,,,as in i will do a better job at picking up the phone and copying papers for our boss
  • and one day,,,,junhui reveals that he’s going to quit and it’s the day before employee of the month gets announced
  • and you’re so shocked as you watch him pack up his desk and you,,,,can’t believe it and you’re like walking over to ask him if it’s true
  • and junhui,,,,,,with his half-done tie and perfect face and smooth voice is like “aren’t you over the moon, you’ll finally be employee of the month?”
  • and as you’re looking at him you can’t help but feel this dread,,,because FUCK employee of the month. you don’t want it if it means junhui,,,,,the junhui who annoys you during coffee breaks and calls you a cutie ,,,,,is gonna leave
  • and as he’s taking the box out into the parking lot you run after him and suddenly hug him from behind
  • and junhui is like “oh,,,,,whats this?” and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,don’t quit,,,,,,,,,this place is gonna suck without you”
  • and he’s like “but employee of the-”
  • and you’re like “you can have it. you can have it until we both retIRE just don’t leave,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you feel him turn and set his box down as you let go before he’s pulling you back in and pressing his lips to yours and he’s like 
  • “good to know you feel so strongly about me sunshine”
  • you, blushing and out of breath, still manages to frown and go
  • “don’t call me sunshine. but do kiss me again.”