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Hey! So what are your thoughts about the movie?

If you mean the MLP movie, based on the trailer it looks like it’s gonna be a fun one. There were a couple of things that kinda bugged me at first, primarily the 3D used for some of the environment (if not all of it), but while most of it looked pretty good to me some of it felt…. unfinished. Which I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case since the movie’s probably not completed yet, but even still, if that were the case then I’d figure it’d be better to use completely finished stuff for trailers but eh. It’s just the trailer. So long as the actual movie makes it work then no qualms here.

What I’m most impressed about was the character animation; they look fantastic! I’m really excited primarily for possibly seeing the world outside of Equestria, finally. And the new species that will show up; more stuff to over-analyze for headcanon awww yiss (no but seriously I’m a sucker for worldbuilding and this movie looks like it’s gonna do just that).

Overall I’m optimistic for it and truthfully, I’m excited to see it, but I’m not gonna get too hyped over it; gotta see for myself how good it’ll be. o3o

Juicy Fruit

“Seriously, Delphine? You don’t like it?”

“It’s not that I do not like it, mon amour. I just find it, um, difficult to eat.”

“Really? It’s so easy. Here, let me show you.”

Delphine watches Cosima run the tips of her fingers along smooth, taut skin before pressing her face closer and inhaling. The subtle fragrance is sweet. Enticing. Mouthwatering.

“Mmm,” Cosima’s dark lashes flutter against her frames as she closes her eyes. “It’s ready.”

She makes quick work of splitting open what has become a quick afternoon snack and then stops to admire the glistening planes and curves. Licking her lips, she lowers her head and runs her tongue through soft, pliant flesh, letting out a low groan that rumbles from somewhere deep in her chest.

“It’s delicious.” Cosima opens her eyes and smiles at Delphine.

Delphine clears her increasingly parched throat. “It looks messy.”

“Of course it’s messy!” Cosima laughs. “You’re not eating it right if it’s not.”

Grinning, Cosima continues to bite and lick and suckle, moaning as she savors every ripe inch of delectable succulence. Delphine squirms in place, hunger rising, as liquid dribbles down Cosima’s chin, coating her fingers and palms until both hands are dripping wet. She laps up the excess moisture eagerly, mouth smacking in satisfaction.

“You sure you don’t want one?” Cosima asks innocently.

“Fine,” Delphine huffs out an overheated breath. “Go get me a mango.”

“Actually,” Cosima winces slightly, “that, uh, might have been the last one.”

“What!?” Delphine growls.



A/N: A little something for thatscomplex and twig-height.

He spends the night over for the first time

“Y/N” I’m so glad you have your own place,” Jack said.

“Why JJ? Because that way you can sleep over whenever you want?” you chuckled.

“I would prefer calling it spending the night; it sounds more mature.” Jack informed you.

“Yeah well sleep over sounds more fun,” you hit him with a pillow laughing.

“You’re so cute Y/N you know that? Like how did I get so lucky?” he said as he got up and walked over to you giving you a kiss.

“I don’t know…how did you get so lucky?” you joke kissing him back.

“So what’s the plan babygirl?”

“Well there’s a lot, we can watch movies, netflix, videos, eat, MAKE A FORT, dance, talk, *gasp* we can give each other make overs, like you know make up, hair, etc,” you smiled.

“Woah babe hold up a second, make up?”

“Yeah it’ll be fun,” you tell him giving him a puppy face.

“Eh okay why not,” he smiled at you, “it doesn’t really matter as long as I spend   time with you,” he said while kissing you.

You got all of your sheets and pillows and started to built a fort, a fort big enough for you to sleep in…well at least that was the plan. Your plan on making a fort big enough had succeeded.


 You originally owned the loft with your best friend but she was away for the moment giving you an opportunity to invite Johnson over. You soon hear the bell ring which Jack went to go open. It was G, Madison, Sammy, and Nate. You didn’t really vibe with Madison but you tried so. “Nice fort,” G said impressed while everyone agreed. “Yeah thanks, don’t touch it, it took us about 2 hours and Y/N would kill you. Guy go outside the projector and everything is set up,” you hear your boyfriend reply. Everyone went outside, took a seat, and waited for the movie to start. After awhile they left leaving you once again alone with your boyfriend Jack. “So what about now? do you want to sleep? Because you look kinda tired.”    “Nooo there is no sleeping tonight, this is a “sleep over” without the sleep,” you went to get everything for your next activity while Jack set up some music and the camera since you wanted to record it because you thought it would be funny. Midway through doing your make up he said, “you know I got to give it to you girls this is hard.” “Your concentration tho Johnson.”  “Yeah well don’t let it fool you this doesn’t look that good,” he chuckled. You look at the finished product, eh it was better than you expected. He leaned in to give you a kiss but you backed away, then you flung yourself full force to him and said, “I love you.” “I love you too, a lot,” he replied. You were both still on the floor so you decided to sit on him while he took the make up off; you had already taken his off and have shut the camera off too. It was now 2:30 AM. You both just talked about the most random things in the fort but then again also about serious things like: what you wanted to achieve, your hopes and dreams, your future together, the next tour and how he wanted you to go with him. you could literally talk to him about anything which is what you loved about him. Before you knew it, it was 5:30 AM. “Babe I’m kinda tired but I don’t want to sleep.”  “Well what about we just watch something on Netflix while I go get us a snack,” he said while getting up to go to the kitchen. While you choose something to watch and set up the place to lay down, Jack made some fried oreos. You both decided to watch the Game of Thrones since you needed to catch up on it instead of Netflix. Half way through the third to last episode you started dozing off. Jack found that extremely cute so he decided to cuddle you into him. It was already 8:05 AM. “Y/N go to sleep, you’re tired.”  “But Jack I want to spend more time with you.”   “We’ll spend more time together later I promise.”   “Okay,” you said giving in getting comfortable in his arms.  “Goodnight *kisses  your forehead* princess,” he said turning off the laptop leaving the fairy lights the only thing on. “Goodnight Jack,” you said turning toward him to kiss him.

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I'm really anxious and my mind can't focus on anything and I'm sitting an important exam on Monday. It's hard to put into words how nervous I feel, but I need it to go away so I can study. I found your studyspo post soothing. Do you have any tips?

Hey love! I’m sitting an important one on Monday too, and I don’t seem to get finished! No better way for full on anxiety to pop up, eh?

Some tips to soothe your mind;
1. Drink a large glass of water.
2. Take deep breaths, inhale 4-6 seconds and exhale for 8-11
3. Listen to some nice classical music. I like Mozart and Debussy when I’m really jittery, but that’s a matter of preference.
4. Rationalize. It may be an important exam, but as long as you did your best on it, the actual taking of the exam is going to be over super quickly and you’re gonna walk out and it’ll be behind you.
5. Make sure to sleep enough! If you’re tired, you get more anxious.
6. Sit up straight in your chair, square your shoulders, crack your neck. Hunching forward while studying will have made you feel much more insecure than you are when you sit up straight.
7. Go for a small walk to clear your mind.

You got this, bud. You can do it ☆

Calum Hood One Shot- The Girl at the Coffee Shop

The boys have a week off and they visit a coffee shop. Calum returns every day for the rest of the week and slowly begins to fall for the girl.

Paring: Y/N and Calum

Timeline: Before 5SOS are famous- pre 2013.

Genre: Fluff

Rating: PG (Language)

Word Count: 1702


Calum, Ashton, Luke and Michael all had a week off before they had to start recording and promoting an upcoming EP. They took one of the weekdays to go and get some Christmas shopping done while they had the chance. Being in Australia around Christmas time, it was hot. Despite being raised in Australia, they’d also been inside with air conditioning for the past few hours, so walking around outside in the stifling heat was starting to have an impact on the four.

“Where to now?” questioned Luke, fanning himself slightly with his snapback, regretting his decision to wear skinny jeans.

“Wear it, you idiot, you look like a retard” Michael retorted, gesturing to Luke’s snapback, which he hurriedly put back on his head. “I don’t know, but it’s hot and I want to go inside”

“How about here?” Calum asked taking a step closer to the coffee shop that was on their left. He had noticed you in the window and was looking for any excuse to talk to you.

“For fuck’s sake Calum I don’t drink coffee” Michael snapped, clearly getting irritated.

“It’s a café I’m fairly sure they don’t just make coffee Michael, and look they have air conditioning” Ashton replied, always the one to try and keep the peace.

“Thank god, now let’s just go inside.”

You looked up from the counter-top you were cleaning and grinned.
Customers, finally.
A tall, red-headed boy forcefully shoved the door open, and you held back a smile, noticing how he and his three friends looked exhausted. You put down the cloth and walked over to the front counter, preparing take their order, before you heard loud moans as the cool air of the inside surrounded them. You had had the air conditioning on all day in an attempt to entice customers, and it seemed to be working. You couldn’t help but let out a laugh as they dramatically made their entrance.

“Hi what can I get for you today” you asked, smiling and still trying to hold back laughter.  A tanned boy with jet black hair looked at you and smiled in return.  You must admit, he was pretty cute. But he was a customer, he just wanted you to make his coffee and give him the correct change… right?

“One large cappuccino, two sugars” Ashton said. 
“And a skim caramel latte please” Luke added.
“So punk- rock” Michael muttered, smoothly placing a ginger beer on the counter, in an attempt to avoid the awkward eye-contact that usually resulted when baristas learnt he didn’t drink coffee.

“Oh and a strong ice coffee thanks” Calum added, winking at you and then looking around, checking that the other boys didn’t see. They didn’t because they had already taken their seats in front of the air conditioner, graciously allowing Calum to get the bill.

“I guess I’m paying then…how much?”

“Oh um, that’s uh… $16 thanks” You were a bit taken aback at the fact that he had winked at you. Whoa. Was he interested? What were you supposed to do back? You couldn’t wink without looking like a creep, so you just made small talk as you gave him change and began making their drinks.

“Nice choice with the ice coffee by the way, perfect for a hot day.”
Talk about the weather…good job Y/N, you thought to yourself

“Well it is quite hot outside, so yeah….” He trailed off. “I’m Calum by the way, the tall ass giraffe over there is Luke, the impatient red-head is Michael and the giggly one is Ashton” Calum said as he gestured to each of the boys and paused when Ashton started giggling at something Luke had said. “I figured I’d tell you because I think we’ll be coming in here quite often. It’s nice in here”

“Oh that’s nice, thanks. I’m Y/N” you replied, starting to make the coffees for the boys. You glanced over at Calum to see that he still hadn’t taken his seat.

“So, um, how are you?” Calum asked, running a hand through his hair before scratching the back of his neck, he seemed really shy, but it was kinda adorable.

You giggled slightly at this and replied with, “I’m great thanks, a little hot, but it’s alright. How about you?”

“I think you’re really hot” Calum mumbled under his breath, but still loud enough for you to hear.

You almost dropped the coffee you had just made, first a cute guy winks at you and now he’s complimenting you.

“What was that?” you asked, smirking slightly

Calum’s eyes went wide and a pink tint rose in his cheeks before muttering that “Yeah it is a bit hot, but it’s alright,”, lowering his voice before adding “and you have a nice laugh”.

You tried to hide the blush forming on your own cheeks at the compliments that he seemed to be showering you with. “Cream?” you asked.


“Cream… on your ice coffee- did you want cream? Y’know, whipped cream on top.”

“Oh um…yeah no. You’re sweet enough, I don’t need cream”

“Are you using cheesy pick-up lines on me Calum?”

“Maybe…” Calum smirked in response.

“Cal get your ass over here and stop distracting her we’re thirsty and impatient as shit” one of the boys called out.

“Oh um sorry Y/N, I think I’d better go back to my friends…”

“Eh it’s alright- I’ve finished your guys’ drinks already, I’ll bring ‘em over”

You followed Calum with the three drinks in your hands over to the back table where the four boys were sitting and loudly debating about a song they were going to perform at some acoustic gig. You made a mental note to ask Calum what that was all about, assuming he came back, which you hoped he did.  

Placing their drinks down carefully and telling them to “Enjoy”, you sighed to yourself as you went back to cleaning the counter-top, hoping that Calum would return the next day and be able to talk to you again without being interrupted by his friends.

A few minutes later you heard the Australian accents ring throughout the café as the four boys got up and called out “Thanks, we gotta run but the coffees were awesome though” as they hastily left through the back door.

“Thanks a lot Y/N, I think I’ll be back tomorrow. See ya later!” and he swiftly followed the rest of his band out the door.

You walked over to their table to clear it and noticed a $5 tip left on the table under Calum’s glass. You added it to the tip jar and smiled in content. This had been a really good day.


Calum came back every single morning of the following week to pick up some takeaway coffee for him and the boys. From the small conversations you had whilst he was waiting, you learnt a lot about him, the fact that he had one sister, was half Scottish and half New Zealander and not part Asian as you had suspected, and played bass in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. That explained the debate over the acoustic gig last time. You made another mental note to check them out on Youtube because you were really intrigued by these boys. You didn’t even have to ask for his order anymore because you remembered it by heart. He was more than impressed when he found out that you had memorised it and said that personally, he felt very flattered that you were bothered to learn his order. He kept giving you subtle compliments each day and you thought you caught him staring at you whilst he was waiting to order- not in a creepy way, but rather, out of admiration.

On Friday he came in again and he had decided that today was the day he would make his move.

It had been really quiet the entire day and barely a customer had shown up, so you almost cried out in delight when you noticed him walk through the back door. That may have been because he was the first customer for a while, or because you had started to develop a major crush on the guy.

 He sat down at a table all by himself and when you’d asked, he explained that he’d meet up with the boys later for lunch, but for now, he had to come in and see you because he couldn’t go one day without talking to you. You found this adorably sweet, and tried to hide your smile behind your hand.

You were about to turn around when he spoke up. “So um Y/N, okay I just wanted to say that I really like you and I think you’re really pretty and you’re really nice and funny and I was wondering if uh maybe you wanted to go on a date with me sometime, I could like, take you out for coffee or something”

“Calum, I work in a coffee-shop. Going out for coffee is a bit uncreative”

“Ohgod yeah didn’t think of that….a movie sometime maybe?”

“Cal I was kidding, but yes I’d love to go out with you. I really like you too”

“It’s okay if you say no, wait, what? Really?!”

“Yes really, and I have a break in a minute so… how about we go now?”

“That’d be awesome. I’d really like that”

After a brief moment of awkward silence, you asked “So, Calum, are you gonna take me anywhere or are you going to stand there and blush a bit more”

“Oh damn,” he said sarcastically “I was just going to stand here for a while, but I guess I actually have to take you somewhere now don’t I?”

“C’mon loser, let’s go, we can walk to the cinema from here” you said as you walked quickly towards the exit.

“Hey, ohmygod Y/N, wait up” Calum called out from behind you as he sprinted to catch up with you. He took your hand in his and swung it back and forth like a child.  Walking along side you, he gave you a big smile and said “Lettuce leaf then”

“Did you just…” you asked shaking your head slightly.

“Yes, yes I did Y/N, and you’d better get used to this because I’m full of amazing jokes like that.”

A/N- OKAY WOW THIS SUCKS (especially the ending omg im sorry) BUT I SORT OF HAD TO WRITE SOMETHING BC CALUM FEELS EVERYWHERE. But yknow followers… I know you exist…feedback is always appreciated…