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Someone in the Hetalia fandom I beg of you please draw fanart of aph Australia gatecrashing the Eurovision stage to flash his ass and tag me in it, I need this like oxygen and I don’t know why


Ok a few people have asked about this template I made and I did a shit job of posting it the first time (sorry guys), so I’m officially reuploading it. 

This should fill up a US Letter 8.5x11inch paper or an A4, but I guessed on the sizing so you can really make it as big you want! (wouldn’t recommend going smaller though, since the eye pieces get really tiny and hard to handle)

I used an overcast stitch for the edges, but you can also use a blanket stitch-it’s slightly more complicated but your stitches will be more perpendicular. Also, I poked holes in the paper with a pin so I could transfer all the little dots for the arms/face with a pen, but you can just eyeball it too. anyways. ENJOY!

(also if anyone does this, you should take photos/show me!! I’d love to see more bongbongies in the world :) )

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I can just imagine the rest of the Ruby Squad (except for Army, she's a little violent) interacting with baby Steven in RMS!AU. What if they watch Steven grow up? I wonder what friendships they will form as the years roll by? I wonder what things they'll learn?

I too can easily imagine the Ruby Squad interacting with baby Steven. Good thing I have sketches of them doing just that I need to tidy up and color before I post it up soon!

I don’t think Army is as violent as she just inclined to get loud and physical because.. that’s what a Ruby is generally like or expected to behave. But she would have the hardest time curbing her innate aggression and understand that punching is not acceptable way to greet someone who isn’t a full-grown gem. 

Otherwise, I like to think that she would adore this pebble!

Things that happen while they help raise Steven (because of course this boy needs an army of lesbian moms to take care of him):

  • “You can’t put Steven in the sand and expect him to grow into a full-sized Quartz in a matter of weeks. Human babies don’t work that way.”
  • Loads of diapers. And constant crying. They learn just how nice and pivotal sleeping actually is for their health, especially Eyeball. She could sleep for days when someone else is caring for Steven.
  • Garnet (Rupphire) + Eyeball friendship! Pearl too, more or less, since I’m sure those two will have plenty things to talk about (or argue) involving Rose.
  • Amethyst + Ruby Squad friendship! 
  • What if baby Steven was able to use his floating powers? Whenever Doc and Army aren’t paying attention to him like they should, he “disappears” and those two end up panicking because Navy isn’t someone they want to upset if she decides to look into an empty crib. 
  • “He’s now as big as an Aquamarine and, thank the Stars, not a brat like one. I was getting a little worried.”
  • His favorite video games align with the Rubies’ interests. Navy and Leggy get into Animal Crossing because of him.

  • Steven’s well-being becomes Eyeball’s top priority. “Steven is sad. Here’s some money. Go to the Big Donut and get him 20 of those chocolate cats he loves so much.”
  • Steven’s first visit to a zoo is also the Ruby Squad first visit. They were expecting to see some more humans there, but instead there are Earth animals that they have never seen around the beach or forests in Beach City. Steven loves the lions and wolves, and they do too. Navy loves the pretty birds. Eyeball loves the tigers. Leggy likes turtles. Doc wonders if the “cool, stripey horses” can be ridden like the fancy, “frozen” ones at Funland.
  • Every year for his birthday and when he’s big enough to do so, they drive around in those little kazoo-racer cars with him. They just don’t consider themselves above “childish” activities.
  • “He’s as big as a Ruby. Is he a Ruby now? Can I give him a punch on the shoulder now?”
  • Steven remains as big as a Ruby for quite a while and the Ruby Squad is so sure that he’s a Ruby. But Eyeball knows better. Eventually, he’ll grow to be taller than them. Taller than Pearl and Garnet. Maybe become as tall as Rose. And Eyeball just isn’t looking forward to that.

ok but when bellamy and clarke are reunited, are they going to do a parallel to the running hug from 2x05 where bellamy’s arms hesitate before wrapping around her because he can’t believe she’s there, which will emotionally eviscerate me and leave me on the floor for dead, or are they GOING TO GIVE US THE GOD-TIER, HAPPY-BELLAMY-INITIATED HUG WE DESERVE????? I HAVE QUESTIONS

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Is Navy a lil' hidden bitch ;) ? Also I wanna see eyeball peri better 'cause we can't see her gem in that position :\

Who knows? Maybe she does have a little dark side but it’s kept under control by her strict manager. 

In the meantime, enjoy Eyeball 


31 Days of Muse
Day 19 - Favourite collaboration: Back in Black ft. Nic Cester from Jet
 Live @ San Siro, Milan 2010


Good news, I’ve got ALL* of the [new] cryptograms deciphered for you! In nice, easy-to-find categories, no less! (*With the exception of A) the Shape-Shifter’s page and the Blind Eye page, as there’s nothing new there to decipher. B) The seemingly random numeric values scattered on some of the pages. C) The possibly-morse-code(?) blocks.)

Naturally, there are SPOILERS FOR JOURNAL 3 below the break:

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Our partnership, our relationship, is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me

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The other Rubies deserved better but eyeball wanted to turn Steven in for a pearl and did try to kill him...It's odd to justify that.

Hey remember when lapis tried to kill Steven and the CGs over a misunderstanding and was given another chance?

Remember when Peridot tried to kill the crystal gems as well, glorified her diamond and even spouted ignorant and offensive shit where she was later punished and taught how to be more accepting?

Everyone’s annoyed because the fandom acts it’s as if Eyeball is a disgusting character for the shit she did but compared to lapis and peridot it’s literally nothing