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You Know Better Than I
David Campbell
You Know Better Than I

“I saw one cloud and thought it was a sky. I saw a bird and thought that I could follow. But it was you who taught that bird to fly. If I let you reach me, will you teach me?”

… This is the first time I post an unfinished piece of art, only paper and pencil!
But since I have no computer here and only crappy wifi… I’ll submit the beach atmosphere in that way! (^◇^)

On this day in history, August 12th, two thousand and forty five years ago, Cleopatra VII, the last active ruler of Ancient Egypt, committed suicide.

Eleven days previously, her husband Marc Antony had already done the same. The couple had been engaged in a civil war against Octavian, the great nephew of Julius Caesar who had been declared his legal heir. During the final battle in Alexandria, Antony suffered serious desertions among his troops and lost the fight. Upon his return, he falsely heard Cleopatra had killed herself and fell on his sword.

After Antony’s death, Octavian arrived in Egypt and effectively took Cleopatra and her children by Antony prisoner. She had sent her eldest son Caesarion, her only living child with Caesar, away for his own safety. She knew that Octavian planned for her to march in chains behind his chariot during his triumph parade, and would very likely have her killed afterwards. Rather than suffer such humiliations and indignity, she chose to take her own life.

Popular history and mythology leads us to believe that she was killed by inducing an asp to bite her, after having locked herself in her mausoleum with her two handmaidens. However, many modern scholars believe that she instead took a mixture of poisons, since the venom of an asp does not cause a quick or painless death. Octavian and his men found her too late to do anything, Cleopatra was already dead and one handmaiden, Iras, was nearly dead on the floor. The second, Charmian, was straightening the Queen’s diadem. According to legend, one of the men asked if this was well done of her mistress, and she shot back “Very well done, as befitting the descendant of so many noble Kings.”

Upon her death, Octavian honoured her wish to be buried in her mausoleum at Antony’s side. He took her children with Antony, the twins Cleopatra Selene and Alexander Helios, along with their younger brother, Ptolemy Philadelphus, to Rome with him as prisoners of sorts. They were fated to march in his triumph parade in their mother’s place, the chains so heavy they could hardly walk. After this they were given to Octavian’s sister Octavia, who had been Antony’s third wife, to look after.

Cleopatra’s son with Caesar, Caesarion, was nominally sole ruler of Egypt after his mother’s death. Eleven days after her suicide, he was found after being lured back to Alexandria under false pretenses of being allowed to rule in his mother’s place. Octavian ordered his murder, on advice that “Two Caesar were too many.”

With Cleopatra’s death, and Caesarion’s subsequent murder, the rule of the Ptolemaic Dynasty came to an end and Egypt became a mere Roman Province.

Sandcastles Cover.
Egypt Carter.
Sandcastles Cover.

Something that was on my heart, a little humor at the end. Today has been a bad day all around so I hope this reaches someone and makes them feel a little better.

“its over isnt it” and pearl making her romantic feelings towards rose actually canon instead of implied was the best thing that has happened to me, the best steven universe scene so far and actually the best song in an animation i’ve heard, yes, even better than prince of egypt, that means this is serious business. i dont know why but i’m just, relating to it so much? it really drove home the amount of pain pearl has been in all these fucking years, i used to hate her but i now know she’s shitty and salty and annoying cause she hasn’t been able to forgive and move on and its killing her and wow fuck i know what its like to hold onto hurtful things for years and years, god bless the whole steven universe staff for breaking my heart in such a beautiful way


Okay guys, here’s the video y’all wanted to see. Apologies for mistakes, the nonexistent dynamics (thanks to the quality of the piano), the really squeaky pedal, and the camera slipping about two-thirds of the way through the piece. :P

If they ever release a game in Ancient Egypt they better include the Mystery Cults.

If it takes place during the Middle Ages it better be during the reign of the Mamluks and their suspicious European features, eyes and hair.

“Most of the caliphs were fair or ginger-haired with blue eyes, which seems to show a preponderance of Berber or Germanic blood. As they were extremely proud of their origin, some of them dyed their hair black, as if to affirm their Arab descent.” - Spanish historian Enrique Sordo

I’d prefer the later, because our history is not as it seems.  

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