better do something with these selfies


How To Feel Better More Okay.

1.) take a nap; sleep is good for the soul, and it’s a way better idea than doing something destructive. 2.) make some tea, or coffee, or whatever your favorite is today. 3.) go see a friend, even if you don’t feel like it… we are so lucky to have people in our lives that care. 4.) have a one person dance party. 5.) go through your closet. try on different outfits. (optional: take a ridiculous amount of selfies.) 6.) going off of the last point: dress up. feel cute. be extra. 7.) watch your favorite old movies. 8.) take yourself out on a date. 9.) let’s be real here; let yourself cry it out. 10.) accept that even though you may not be 100% okay right now, you believe in yourself enough to work towards it. be proud of yourself for feeling.

Do yourself a favor and learn how to walk away. When a connection starts to fade, Learn how to let it go. When a person starts to mistreat you, learn how to move on.. to something and someone better. Don’t waste your energy trying to force something that isn’t meant to be.. Because the truth is.. for every one person who doesn’t value you - there are tons more waiting to love you better. Do better.
—  Reyna Biddy

Okay, guys, listen up! Unless you’re Jacksepticeye, in which case look away now :P

Jack has made my life so much better and got me through so much, so I wanna give something back for his birthday. What a better way than to do a little project with the community! 

I’m gonna just keep it simple! 

All I need from you is this: 

“Jack has changed my life because _____ [insert your reason here]”

And that’s it!

But here’s the exciting part! :D

If you want to add anything extra with this, such as a piece of fanart or a very short video of you saying your reason, or saying thank you - and of course, happy birthday! You could also submit a favourite picture of Jack, or a selfie of you (with Sam, in JSE merch, doing the boss pose, etc)! Just throwing some ideas out there :P 

But these things are optional! Although they would be awesome :)

Then what I will do is I will take all your submissions and make them into a video! :D

To submit whatever it is you want, you can: 

- Send your message in an ask or message me directly 

- Message me if you want to send me videos, and I will give you my email address to send them to 

- Send any photos/fanart by messaging me 

If you have any other ideas, don’t be afraid to ask me and I can tell you what I think! I’m open to your ideas :) I can’t accept everything, as I will be balancing this along side my uni/college work, but most likely I will be okay with whatever you suggest! 

I’m so excited!! I hope you guys want to get involved and bring some happiness to Jack on his birthday and begin to give back what he’s done for us! 

I know I’m not the only one doing a birthday project, but I just had to do something special! I’m certainly not trying to outshine anyone else’s projects at all. Hope you guys want to be a part of this! ^-^

Love you guys! <3

p.s if you want to be anonymous in the video, either message me anonymously or just tell me and I won’t include your name/url :)

Okay but imagine this:

  • Gabriel and Leo going to a pride parade
  • Leo’s cane getting wrapped in rainbow ribbons
  • they wear matching rainbow shirts that have arrows and say “He’s my better half” or something really ridiculously corny
  • they do the whole parade holding hands
  • Giovanna makes them a sign to carry that says “Love is blind” in lettering on one side and in Braille on the other side
  • Leo being so happy because it’s the first time he’s ever felt really accepted
  • Gabriel constantly kissing Leo because he’s so adorable and kissable when he’s happy
  • Gabriel explaining everything they’re passing to Leo even though he can’t really understand what it is
  • Gabriel taking a bunch of selfies with Leo to remember the day forever
  • Gabriel and Leo buying each other pride flags (the softest ones they can find) to remember the day forever
  • Leo falling asleep on the bus ride home and Gabriel pulling him close and being super protective of him 
  • Leo not-actually being asleep but pretending so that he can lean on Gabriel’s chest
  • Gabriel knowing this and not caring 
  • Gabriel and Leo getting to spend the whole day together without having to worry about judgement
  • Gabriel and Leo being really cute and happy together
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> smashes their face into a wall<p/><b>Taurus:</b> stress eats<p/><b>Gemini:</b> "hEY IT'S ONLY OKAY WHEN I DO IT"<p/><b>Cancer:</b> "oh" :')<p/><b>Leo:</b> laughs nervously<p/><b>Virgo:</b> gets a restraining order<p/><b>Libra:</b> trust their partner bc they think they're better than everyone else<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> "do I need to pee on you to mark my territory or something"<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> "excuse me but I own this fine piece of ass"<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> glares at from a distance and plots revenge<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> pouts<p/><b>Pisces:</b> doesn't even notice<p/></p>
Bad Lip Reading; A New Hope Starters

“Once upon a time, in a super rad corner of outer space….”
“Ready to hit the cantina?”
“Give me your e-mail, I’ll send you some of the high-res versions.”
“Dude, I don’t want your dirty e-mail.”
“The better Jedi would not send selfies.”
“Is this something that we have to do or is it more of an optional thing?”
“Amazing things happen, you should go find one right now.”
“I don’t got a big attention span.”
“Remember what I said about that? That was your shadow.”
“That tickles.”
“No, listen to me, I’m going to oil myself.”
“Hey, you shut your mouth, ‘kay man?”
“Don’t be so jumpy, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t hurt you.”
“I want a wooden snowman. But no one sells them.”
“Holy chicken. She’s beautiful.”
“Hey guys, we’re collecting donations for the Jawa orphanage. Do you have any spare change?”
“You should know that you stink kinda like fish.”
“I can’t really smell anything in this helmet.”
“You’re just creeping me out. Get out of here.”
“I don’t want your sass.”
“Well why don’t you just move to Nevada? Dude.”
“Because I heard it was a bad part of Mexico.”
“Did you hear him? He doesn’t even know geography.”
“Listen, I’ve been sent here to collect all your fireworks, okay?”
“Well maybe I will if you give me your grilled meat.”
“Does your monkey go, ‘Hoo hoo HOO’?”
“You know, I should build a baby Taco Bell. Besides, it’d be kinda cute.”
“That song doesn’t make a bit of sense, and I don’t like it.”
“I’m going crazy I’m so hungry.”
“Well I could make grilled cheese.”
“No offense kid, I don’t think you even know how to boil water.”
“So you know the princess and I are engaged, right?”
“Oh, you make stuff up still, huh?”
“Your mom’s got weird eyes.”
“Did you take my wallet?”
“I can’t wait to go back there to try my brisket because I’m really sure nobody ate it.”
“I like bread.”
“Yeah great, thanks for reminding me of what I can’t eat because of the mask.”
“You shouldn’t have called me a big turd burglar at the gym.”
“I also want a chipmunk, a gumball, a friend, a horse…”
“Hey, how’d my father die?”
“Forty nine times, we fought that beast….your old man and me.”
“It had a chicken head with duck feet. With a woman’s face too.”
“Aw, that’s rad.”
“It was waiting in the bushes for us, then it ripped off your dad’s face. He was screaming something awful.”
“You see his blood had drained into the boards and we had to change them.”
“We’ve all got a chicken-duck woman thing waiting for us.”
“Everyday I worry all day.”
“Something’s waiting in the bushes of love.”

yournumberonefan  asked:

1-60 kaloy! Hahaha jk. Lahat ng may 1 :)

1. selfie

11. are you listening to music right now?

Yeah, Chris Brown’s Party

12. what is something you want right now?

To see my best friend

13. how do you feel right now?


14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you?

Last Sunday after mass

15. personality description


16. have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn’t? 


17. opinion on insecurities.

It doesn’t bring a good effect on the self so better get rid of it. A person is unique is his/her ways.

18. do you miss how things were a year ago?

Yeah, I do. I want to be with my friends

19. have you ever been to New York?

Nope. How I wish.

21. age and birthday?

I’ll be 23 on the 24th of June

31. 3 random facts

hopeless romantic

tongue roller


41. relationship status

Non existent. Single since 1994.

51. starsign


Wow, grabe ka Honey baby. Thank you very much @yournumberonefan~

How he asks you out:

Just meeting: Justin would meet you and be complete head over heels, it would be love at first sight for him and he would be practically drooling over you. He would immediately think of a sly way to ask for your number, he’d probably give you a whole bunch of complements like “you’re so beautiful,” “why are we just now meeting?” . When getting your number he’d probably do something like take some selfies with you and get your number by sending them to you. After you meet he’d try and hang out with you to get to know you better and eventually ask you on a date. Since he really likes you he’d be very shy. You’d be chilling watching a movie at his house or something and he’d be like “I was thinking we could maybe uh-go do out or something tomorrow,” and you would ask him if it’s a date and he’d say “Only if you want it to be,”

Bestfriends: Justin would be highkey feeling you and not even be shy about it since he’s known you for so long. He’d start to get clingy and touchy–always hugging you, telling you that you look beautiful, wrapping his arms around you, making you sit on his lap etc. One day you’d be hanging out with squad and they’d comment on how the two of you are acting like a couple more than Bestfriends and Justin would just shrug then they suggest you two start dating and he would say something like “I mean it’s up to her, I should probably take you on a date first though,”

Fwb’s: You and Justin would be having sex very frequently and one night it would just hit him that he’s catching feelings. One night he would ask you stay and you would object at first but then agree, you would wake up in the morning to his arms wrapped around you, and your legs tangled together. He’d make some breakfast and you’d stay over longer than usual. He would hint at how his feeling are changing and you would kind of just be silent about it, then he’d going to more detail about how he feels about you, and ask you to give him an actual chance.

  • Gigwise: Blur's Damon Albarn recently said, "Look at music now. Does it say anything? Young artists talk about themselves, not what’s happening out there. It’s the selfie generation." How do you feel about that?
  • Mitski: What is this 'music now' that he’s referring to? What better, more altruistic musical era is he comparing ours to? His own? When 'Song 2' came out (a megalith of mindful lyricism, to be sure) the top five Billboard songs of the year were 'Something About the Way You Look Tonight' by Elton John, 'Foolish Games' by Jewel, 'I’ll Be Missing You' by then-Puff Daddy, my karaoke staple 'Un-break My Heart' by Toni Braxton, and 'Can’t Hold Me Down,' again by Puff Daddy. I just wiki’d that knowing what I’d get – wonderful classics that are about people’s feelings.
  • Artists young and old have and always will talk about themselves. But you know what? Young artists talking about themselves can be the most political thing done today, and is something a lot of them couldn’t have done before, or at least not to an audience. Now that music has been greatly democratized by the internet, young artists, non-cis male artists, artists of color, artists who even a decade ago wouldn’t have been given a voice by the few controlling the airwaves, are starting to find bigger platforms to talk about their previously silenced personal histories.
  • They can reach out to and unite with other people like them, and maybe even create change through their art. All Albarn sees are younger people talking about things their own generation is facing, and he doesn’t understand them, or doesn’t see those issues as important, so he deems them unimportant altogether.
  • That doesn’t seem very evolved. That seems like a stereotypical wealthy, white man only considering his own concerns as important, his own perspective as legitimate. I would suggest he go to a Downtown Boys show, if they ever play near wherever he’s living, and see if he’s still of the same mind by the end of their set.

fakehaus things i’m sure about, part one:

▪the scrobble thing has 100% actually happened, in every universe.

▪james is a shit a la the drunkio kart video but instead of heads and posters, it’s grenades and adam’s new car. bruce encourages him.

▪lawrence has an arsenal of deleted selfies the other boys decided weren’t good enough for instagram and really awful pictures of them like in the middle of a sneeze or something he posts when they piss him off (except peake), and refuses to take them down.

▪ they’re better at stealthy, rub elbows with important, powerful people heists than the fake ah crew. james is pretty much the best con man in los santos. have you seen those eyes?

▪ they can do loud, explosive heists, too, but they’re the fake ah crew’s go-to for the jobs that need to be done discreetly.

▪ spoole is simultaneously babied and blamed for everything. joel is definitely spoole’s surrogate white suburban mom and for a long time joel refused to let spoole get involved in anything over mildly dangerous. adam, james, and lawrence are definitely his asshole older brothers. peake is the cool older brother–you know the ones that let you hang out with them and drive you places? that’s peake. bruce is the suburban white dad, definitely.

▪ what i’m saying is that joel puts suburban white moms out of business. he’s always on pinterest looking at recipes for chicken cacciatore like “will the boys like this?” and sometimes he’ll look at little crafts to do when they’re staking out someone for geoff.

▪ he also forces the others to do fun family bonding crafts because “come on, how can i trust you in the field if we can’t even work together on this?” spoole is the only one who actually tries. peake refuses to participate. adam purposely messes up. everyone else either draws dicks or cuts the words “fuck you” into a piece of paper (“aw, bruce, you’re so talented. if you just applied yourself positively…”)

▪ spoole is in charge of the fake ah crew / fakehaus drug trade because he knows how to tell the quality of a substance better than anyone. he’s got about a dozen different hiding places for his weed stash all over their apartment. lawrence knows about two of them, which is more than anyone else. the lspd honestly doubt spoole is even involed with fakehaus.

▪ joel’s parents are both fbi agents and he went through quantico but was kicked out a couple days before graduation because he caused more trouble than he was worth and had a problem with authority. his training comes in handy a lot and so do his connections, because he can immediately know what the fbi knows. one time he brought his “friend” bruce to lunch with his parents and they made the mistake of talking about peake and spoole, so his parents think he’s dating a recently out single dad of two with his hippie ex. he isn’t suspected of being part of the crew.

▪ the fake ah crew is known for being super gay with each other, but fakehaus is worse. other crews and the lspd all think the fakehaus crew goes home and gets each other off. sometimes that’s true.

▪ lawrence has hacked into multiple game developers and helped himself to an early release. he knew about the beyonce album drop before it dropped and the fakehaus crew already had their impromptu dance party. every year, lawrence is responsible for the annual one direction album leak. even the year four was leaked in low quality by brazillian youth, that was him. he cried when zayn left the band and forced james and bruce to go to the store and buy him ice cream. james robbed the place and bruce went along with it.

▪ the lspd have photos of everyone but lawrence and peake. the excuse joel has is that he lives in the same building as the head of the crew. lawrence doesn’t do ground work. he runs oversight and as a result no one knows who their hacker is. peake is just too good at his job to be caught in the act.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you follow the cast on Instagram but Nina, Ian and his wife Nikki all posted a selfie the other day about finally having dinner together, white Ian and Nikki's caption were slightly more serious than Nina's about false stories and rumors and etc. Do you think they'd been friends all along or maybe just decided to post something for "show" now that that the series is ending?

I’m not invested in actors’ personal lives.

But it would be good for them if they found a way to be friends or be in good terms.

Sometimes it’s probably media exaggerating or better dramatizing stuff in order to make people talk about it because “drama” draws people in.

sleepingbaddie  asked:

1, 4, 12, and 18

1. Selfie?
- I’ll try to post one in a bit :)

4. What are you looking forward to?
- Getting that bachelors degree and starting my own business 📈👨🏻‍🎓

12. What is something you want right now?
- SLEEP, it’s past midnight but I guess sleeping isn’t happening anytime soon lmao

18. Do you miss how things were a year ago?
- No I’m honestly happy how things currently are; way better than last year lol

thanks for asking!

Interesting Fact About You:
tagged by @hybrid-evoluti0n
Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better
Nicknames: KP, Kor, Korebear, Karebear, bastard
Star Sign: Cancer
Height: 5′7″
Last thing I Googled: tattoo designs
Favorite music artist: Paramore
Last movie I watched: Half-blood prince
Last good movie I watched: ^^^
Last TV show I watched: friends
The kind of stuff I post: Butts, memes, puppies, selfies
Why I chose my url: My friend calls me this when I do something stupid
Gender: Male.
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Pokémon team: Team Mystic.
Favorite Color: Black
Average hours of sleep: 8-12
Lucky number: 13
Favorite characters: Daenerys, Cersei Lannister, Korra, Bollin, Aang
Number of blankets I sleep with: One
Dream fictional character that you would want to be: Daenerys
Interesting Fact About You: I’ve never had braces or a cavity
Tag 20 blogs: @makeshift-composure @vengefulpinata @ging-er-ale @chacl @chaotic-tides @bitterama @burritoaburrido @mybluehaven

And anyone else who wants to do this cause I don’t know that many people
*Someone adds them on a group chat*
  • Gemini: hiiiii
  • Aries: Yo? what happened?
  • Cancer: How are you guys?!
  • Scorpio: I'm with Aqua on this... i will kill anyone who posts anything stupid
  • Sagittarius: PINK BLOOOO BLOP
  • Pisces: Sagittarius? are you okay?
  • Taurus: Im turning of these notifications in 1 minute. if its something important talk now.
  • Capricorn: ..... *leaves chat*
  • *Gemini adds capricorn back*
  • Capricorn: all you idiots are in the same room... stop. *leaves*
  • Leo: *sends selfie* GUYS HOW DO I LOOK?!
  • Pisces: Amazing! :*
  • Aquarius: Buffff thing you.
  • Scorpio: *leaves convo*
  • Aries: i am not meant to see you BEFORE OUR DATE!
  • Leo: woops LOL
  • *aries leaves chat*
  • Taurus: Guys lets all stare at capricorn and scorpio and see what they do.
  • Libra: they are really good looking you know... but their stares are a bit scary you know....
  • Virgo: Oh sorry guys i was a bit busy staring at scorpio and cap.. what are we doing?
  • Libra: Talking about how good looking they are ;)
  • *scorpio and cap realise too many people are looking*
  • *scorpio takes leos phone and turns of the chat*

afewthousandatmost  asked:

🐶, 🐅, 🎲!

Munday Questions

🐶 - take and post a selfie

[Will do in a bit~]

🐅 - what’s your favorite thing about your muse?

[Other than the fact that she evolved from her original concept and turned into something better?  Probably this habit of anazylzing people she developed.Although she is not always 100% right it can get really fun to write and if I really have the muse for a specific thread I don’t really have to worry about my reply being too short and too forced.]

🎲 - who’s your favorite blog to interact with?

[Eh…it would be kinda unfair to list just one so have a few]


HEY GUYS so this is what I spent my afternoon doing… doing a full makeup and wig test for Ayr and then taking selfies because why the hell not.

Mostly wanted to focus on something and doing makeup always seems to make me feel better so… idk.

Also wanted to see how the ears and everything looked with the short wig, since it’s the one I’ll likely be wearing for my full armor cosplay of Ayr in May! I LOVE how the wig hides where the ears attach to my own, makes them look more realistic ♥

HOPEFULLY I’ll manage some sort of writing this week guys I’m sorry, but no promises! Weddings the next two weekends blaaaah… @_@ ♥ Take care! ♥