better do better next time

A bit late for TAZladies week buuuut here’s everyone’s fave halfling carpenter babe Julia !!


shinee + aesthetics: s  p  a  c  e


The other members agree because we’ve talked about it a lot. When other actresses are on the show, we called you unlucky for fun… and said you’re ugly. You know we don’t mean it, right? It always bothered me. We all talked about how sorry we are towards you. However, we never had the chance to bring it up to you. I hope you know we didn’t mean it. I’m very sorry.


I imagine for all his centuries of experience and adaption, Strickler will still occasionally lapse into more…repressed old-fashioned sensibilities. For example, his response to getting a gander at a fetching pair of ankles.  

Particularly if said ankles belong to one Dr. Barbara Lake, never mind you can see her legs, you nerd.  

Phwoar. Stay strong, Strickler.