better days are coming

I hope you remember. And I hope it hurts.

I hope you remember how I offered you my monsters and how you welcomed them with open arms when you told me you love me. On bad nights, I would shy away from you but when morning comes, I would tell you over and over and over and over and over how much I love you. On good nights, I would cradle you in between my words and lull you to sleep with butterfly kisses and gentle caresses.

I hope you remember all the things you said: “I love you and we’ll make it through.” “You’re my favorite person.” “I want to be with you so I can kiss away the pain and tell them they can’t hurt you anymore.” “Let’s travel the world together.” “You have made me into a better man.” “There will come a day that I will ask you to marry me.” “I’m lucky that you chose me.”

I hope you remember how you walked away without a word of goodbye and how that ruined me. You will one day wake up and read all the poems and messages I sent you and realize how the last part took away the life of the woman you claimed to love. Was that a lie? Was everything a lie? You will hear the voice messages I left you and you will be reminded how I wanted to cheer you up on days I could not hold you close.

I hope you remember the days you walk alone in the streets of the city I’ve never known and when you watch the sunset, you will remember how much I love them. I hope that whenever you eat alone, you will be reminded there was once a girl willing to make breakfast for two. I hope you remember that there was a girl who wanted to understand all the little things about you and embrace all your flaws and shortcomings. I hope that when you walk alone in the streets of an all too familiar city, you will look for me in everyone you meet and you will realize that you never found out how my name tasted in your mouth.

I hope you remember that there was a girl who was willing to give you her world and take half of the things that hurt. I hope you remember that I love you. And I hope it hurts.

—  remember me | mediwriter

Galavant Appreciation Week :: Day 1
↳ Favorite Character(s): Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elisabetta of Valencia

“I know you, Galavant. I know your heart, and you deserve better. You deserve to be with someone who will lift you up as a man, someone who will fight with you, not against you. Maybe someone who’s small and cute and ethnically hard to pin down.”

I’m just truly blessed despite everything that I have been going through. Praise God for not giving up on me when I had selfish thoughts of self harm. This is a reminder that all of this is temporary, my better days are secured in His hands.. I believe it.

I also am blessed that my parents have been so supportive, we have had our battles but I couldn’t have asked for better parents and I only pray I can be as selfless as them in my lifetime.