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The Tudors

Favorite Wedding Dress-Jane Seymour


In the very beginning of 2017 I made the first image (and the weird oc that is some corrupted AI or whatever, at least it was originally when I made it. it’s since then kinda branched off into the creation of other characters) and I remembered it today so I decided to post it and make a second version of it with maybe some better colors/effects??? (I guess just in my opinion even if the intended effect isn’t exactly as good as it can be hhhhhhhhh) so yeah here you go

crash-crusade  asked:

Acknowledge me oh mighty Gem Crust and hear my plight I actually feel like Pearl may have belonged to a Morganite. Reason 1: We have confirmation that a Morganite is high rank enough to own a Pearl & Ruby. Unlike Quartz gems who likely aren't high enough to own one since we haven't had any proof of such a thing Reason 2: If an actual Morganite looks even a little like the one you made, it matches Pearl's color palette better than a Rose in my opinion

this makes sense, however, a  pearl can be awarded to any gem who proves themselves more capable, even eyeball, a Ruby was sure the diamonds would award her a pearl if she returned with rose quartzs gem. so there’s really no telling who Pearl belonged to  I used to think she belonged to white diamond  but her colors are off, any high-class gem can have the  same gem placement as pearl it led me to the conclusion that she belonged to  a  high-class  gem from pink diamonds  faction  that’s all i have to go on for now.

Why does Tori get idolized?

Okay quick question- this is sorta a pet peeve of mine.

Everyone blames Asgore for Toriel leaving him but why does no one care that Toriel just abandoned her husband over a disagreement.

Look, Asgore isn’t perfect, I won’t ever say it. But why is Toriel not held accounrable at all?

It’s not like Asgore was mistreating her at all. We’re told that Toriel was disgusted with him and just… left. No tales of mistreatment on Asgore’s part, just a disagreement. Granted a rather big agreement, but still.

And she doesn’t just abandon Asgore, she abandons her people. She’s the Queen, and she just… leaves.Leaves them all to their fate. Instead of staying and trying to, I dunno, make the kingdom better, she just abandons them all. 

Tori could have left and continued to rule. She and Asgore could have split duties easily- Tori overseeing domestic issues, Asgore the guard. Awkward yes, but Asgore seems perfectly willing to work with Toriel and talk to her. It’s Tori who refuses to even speak to him. 

She just abandons everyone in favor of her own self-righteous views. And yet everyone loves her and demonizes Asgore. WHY?

And I say self-righteous cause most all monsters are on-board with Asgore’s plan… and with leaving. Toriel alone seems content to sit underground forever. 

I just… I don’t get it. No what Asgore did was objectively wrong but he was trying to save his people. Toriel may have been objectively more moral, but she abandoned everyone in favor of her beliefs. 

I know there’s a trope about this but I forget it… but essentially? Toriel considers her morals more important than the people around her; Asgore considers the people around him more important than his morals.

You may say “wait a minute, Tori protects the kids, how does she not care about others?” Remember her REASON for protecting Frisk? “ My expectations… My loneliness… My fear…   and “ Do not let ASGORE take your soul. His plan cannot be allowed to succeed. …….

(Also, off-topic but interesting quote. If you attack her after she stops attacking, she says, “ To think I was worried you wouldn’t fit out in there… Eheheheh!!! You really are no different than them! “ Um, monsters are “supposed” to be nice, right? Why does Toriel think being attacked when you show mercy is normal?)

But anyways. Look at her reasons. It isn’t because she’s worried about Frisk or doesn’t want him to die, it’s because she’s lonely and doesn’t want Asgore to win. Yes, she obviously cares about Frisk. I’m not denying that. 

Just… okay, lost souls dialogue for her and Asgore.

Tori: “This is for your own good.” As: “Forgive me for this”

Tori: “No one will leave again.” As “This is my duty”

Toriel is convinced she is correct in her actions. Asgore, on the other hand, knows he’s wrong and asks you to forgive him. That’s the difference between them. 

I personally like Asgore better but I’m also a utilitarian, so I’m far more willing to forgive him than most. But Toriel? I don’t like her. Or, well, I don’t like how the fandom idolizes her. Toriel isn’t perfect, none of the characters all. They all have their faults and issues. And Tori it’s her stubborn insistence of doing what she thinks is right, regardless of how it affects others. 

Yet most people treat her greatest flaw as a virtue… and I don’t get it. At all. 

So ya, if anyone can explain the love for tori, I’d love to learn it! 

chinchou sprite ratings

r/b: none. sadly not in the game at that point. not even a concept. 0/10


a small and stretchy fish. bit darker colors, doesn’t give the feel that i personally feel chinchou should have. 7/10


the same sprite but tilted, which gives it more personality!!!! they’re floating and have a lot more excitement from such a simple change. 8/10


same genera gold deisgn, BUT THE SMILE!!!!! THE SMILE!!!!!! and the little blinking lights!! the brighter colors are also a plus, gives the colors that i truly believe chinchou should’ve had in g/s 11/10 SMILE

r/s/e/fr/lg: (did the animated for convience)

YES! the little arm raise shows the true playfulness of chinchous! mixed with (in my opinion) better and more softer colors than crystal’s (which i cant blame due to hardware limitations, but still) the little fish looks great and gives off a great personality, esp with the little jump and flash. the eyes also look great! 10/10


a bit of an emotionless fishy friend, but still good! however, not as much as i would hope for, and i wish they kept chinchou’s lights the same color as in r/s/e, the newer orange-r tint isn’t my personal favorite. 6/10




same as the d/p/p conseceus, now with moving. i do enojy the lights flashing, like it should, but i don’t feel as much personality as this soft fish girl could have! 7/10


OUR CUTE FISH IS IN 3D! while i wish there was more personality, i understand it was better for them to have the 3d models to be somewhat more…. flat and have the emotions in amie/refresh! BUT THE SMILE!!!!! its smiling! also fun fact: that blue outline? that makes it so chinchou will actually have alluminating bulbs when outside in the dark!!!! 9/10 could be better but i love the details.

Combonation short vent doodle/color practice.  posted it on twitter may as well post it here

I want to get better at coloring.  In my opinion, coloring and rendering are two different things.  I don’t have a good eye for colors and what colors work best together and that’s what I’m working on.

edit: sorry if you don’t hear from me in a while.  Life things.