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Archie’s brother has a crush on Kevin

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Archie had known for awhile that you liked him, but being a little freshman set you apart. You hadn’t gone through puberty yet. You were pale and anything but attractive at least in your opinion. You had buffed up a bit over the summer but it was your brother who took the cake with the muscles. As usual your brother was better than you, but you were used to it. Betty found out about you crush on Kevin this summer. She treated you like you were a child for a whole week. No one knew what to say to you, they treated you like a lost puppy all summer long. But, you were ready to face Kevin. You fixed your light blue button down shirt for the fifth time when you heard your older brother yell “LET’S GO FIRST DAY AND WE’RE ALREADY LATE!” You sighed and ran the comb through your hair one last time before running down the stairs. “Looking good little brother. Some one to impress?” Archie raised an eyebrow at you.  

“Shut up Archibald. Goodbye Dad” You yelled as you pushed past your brother. Every time you saw Kevin that day you turned the other way. Your heart rate picked up and your palms became so sweaty you couldn’t bring yourself to even say hi. Then lunch came and Betty called you over to their table when she saw you searching for a place to sit. The moment you made eye contact with the brunette you’ve been trying so hard to avoid, you felt your heart rate accelerate and you palms begin to sweat and the only open seat was across from him. You had tuned out most of the conversation but when you heard Kevin complain about his English homework the words just tumbled out of your mouth,

“I-I could help,” you exclaimed “I’m in advanced English!”

“Seriously?” The brunette asked turning towards you, you bashfully nodded in response. “Alright little Andrews meet me tonight. Pops. 730?” Your eyes widened and you quickly nodded as Kevin left the table. All of the others stared at you smirking.

“Did you tell him?” You whispered. They all shook their heads ‘no’ in response and your heart continued to beat faster.

You arrived at Pops at 720 afraid to mess things up  you sat in your usual booth in the back corner by the window. One of the waitresses named Tiffany brought you your usual, a basket of onion rings and a chocolate milkshake. Kevin slid into the booth at 730 smiling. “So where do you want to start?” You questioned.

“I have this essay if you want to look it over. My AP class required us to write it over the summer and Mr.Daniels is giving us a few days to perfect it.” Kevin slid the paper across the table and you divulged your attention into every detail, marking this that needed to be fixed, commenting and adding suggestions.

“Hey, can I ask you something?” You looked at the boy sitting across from you as you nodded. “So- actually I’m just going to show this.” He reached over the booth and kissed you hard. You were frozen for a second before you began to kiss back. Finally you pulled away and just stared at each other.

“Not bad for an Andrews boy,”


Hypothetical Handplates scenario in which Sans realizes he can teach himself Common.

(Ugh, tumblr is making them blurry for some reason so I guess full-view if you want the not-blurry version??)

Convoluted explanation incoming. Handplates is an Undertale fancomic by @zarla-s and if you like Papyrus and Sans, go read it, is good stuff. So I guess this is an AU fancomic of an AU fancomic? I dunno, the idea wouldn’t leave my brain until I did something with it. So. Zarla did a Christmas doodle where Gaster gave the boys a box of ginger cookies that had the word COOKIES on the side in big letters, and because my job gives me way too much time to think about random stuff, I realized something.

In Handplates, Gaster taught the bros to read and write Wingdings but deliberately did not teach them monster Common (ie: English) so they can’t read his nametag or anything. Thing is, Wingdings is a 1:1 substitution cipher for English. Every Wingdings symbol exactly equals an English letter; it’s not a different language, just a different set of pictures. As somebody who has taught herself a fair number of substitution ciphers, there are a few things you look for when you’re trying to translate a code and you don’t have a key in front of you. Most notably, single-letter words (in English they will usually be A or I) or double letters next to each other. Like the OO in “COOKIES”.

Sans is smart. Gaster has fed them junk food before and odds are good Sans knows how to spell “COOKIES”. The word is on the box in huge letters and Gaster just said it out loud, so it is fresh in Sans’ mind. That double-O is a huge tip-off. He would put it together that the word on the front of the box matches what’s inside. Once you figure out a few of the letters, it becomes steadily easier to decode the rest.

I feel like Gaster exposes the boys to enough Common (the nametag, food wrappers, computer monitors, the books Sans sits on) that Sans could pick it up with a proper starting point. Papyrus probably not, because he had a hard enough time with Wingdings, but Sans is eager for any opportunity to undermine Gaster and I’m sure he’d jump at the chance. In this comic he elects not to tell Papyrus, though. He doesn’t know Gaster has cameras in the cell (or even what a camera is) but he’s figured out that Gaster can spy on them somehow, and the last time Gaster caught them learning something he didn’t like, Papyrus got the ever-loving hell beat out of him. So Sans keeps quiet about it for now. And thus starts the long-standing tradition of keeping important secrets from his brother.

On the technical side, it took me a freakin’ week to sketch and outline this whole thing. Coloring and shading only took me like a day. In the meantime Zarla actually kinda addressed the cookie comic, but this was almost done by then so oh well. I’m finding my poses and proportions turn out a LOT better when I’m doodling skeletons, like what, drawing basic anatomy will make you better at anatomy, you don’t say?? A lot of this was a self-challenge to see if I could imitate Zarla’s art style, and I referenced previous Handplates comics a lot for the backgrounds and Sans’ face. Full disclosure: Gaster’s pose up there is basically copied from Zarla’s original comic because I was rushing through to get on to the actual meat of the story. He’s just here for setup. I had fun trying to figure out how to do his Lost Soul head though. Also, I hate Papyrus’ face from the front. Also also, it was tricky trying to convey “mentally translating an unknown alphabet into a known one” when pretty much everyone who sees this comic is already familiar with the “unknown” one and not the “known” one, but I think I pulled it off. 

TL;DR- I imitated somebody else’s style to do an AU of an AU; I am not Zarla; Zarla is the creator of Handplates and also Gaster’s pose in the first panel; I like ciphers too much and also I gave the cookies icing because that is the only kind of ginger cookie I know.

Pixie the purple cat :) @dailycatdrawings for the kitten day~! :D


 Brother Bear (2003)  ★

My brother Kenai went on to live with Koda and the other bears. He taught me that love is very powerful. And I passed on the wisdom of his story to my people. The story of a boy who became a man… by becoming a bear. 


Flare Up

I love the idea from FINAGLC, that Sans gets sick whenever he’s involved in too many activities. I mean come on, he only has 1HP, that’s an awesome idea. I like when Sans suffers….

Also I’m sick rn and I want Papyrus to scold me for being irresponsible, while taking care of me ORZ

  • Taako: Teaches a little boy that he owes nothing to about magic
  • Taako: Creates a degree in magic for a fan for no discernible reason other than it's a cool thing to do
  • Taako: Cheers "THAT'S MY BOY" when the little boy expresses some serious magical skill under pressure
  • Taako: Literally throws his soul out of his body to save a person from falling into the astral plane
  • Justin: Taako is not a good person

“Love between siblings grow when you are rough with each other. If you see her from afar, what should you do? Run up to her, just run. Lock her, lock her in first. Act as if you will pet her, and keep locking her in. Hold her down till she surrenders.”
- Advice from SooHo, an Experience Brother.


[byakuya voice] that KUROSAKI AUDACITY

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