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You know what would be great? Not constantly wanting to revise my stories while I’m still writing them

study monday #2

(not literally on Monday, sorry; but late is better than never)

four alternatives to note taking

Taking notes is a big part of education: it is important to record as much information as possible during lessons and lectures in order to use them later for revision, and it also helps make better connections in your brain to recall information more easily. Neat, aesthetically pleasing notes are a big part of the studyblr culture, and most people think that it’s impossible to learn properly without taking notes.

However the process of writing things down by hand can be challenging or even impossible for autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people. Many things, including motor dyspraxia, auditory processing disorder and difficulty understanding and processing information as a whole can interfere. 

When you think about it, note taking requires many skills: you need to listen to the speaker, correctly interpret everything they are saying, break it down to smaller chunks, identify the important part and write it down quickly enough to follow. Not to mention that your notes need to be readable later, and that you often have to write one thing while listening to another. No wonder it can be so difficult!

Personally I can take notes well enough to make them useful, but I still use two of the four replacements I will list here. You can do that as well – combine several of them for best results. Also if you can take notes and enjoy doing it, you can improve your skills with some advice and practice. This is a good video about how to take notes faster. Other things, such as a pencil/pen grip aid or better furniture can help as well.

Now that we’ve covered the reasons one might need an alternative to note taking, let’s discuss them in detail.

1: typing instead of writing

Many people, including myself, can type faster, easier and more efficiently than writing by hand. Typing requires less finger dexterity and precise movement than writing by hand, and people who are good at typing can write down twice as much as by hand (according to quick googling results, average typing speed is around 40 wpm, while average handwriting speed is around 20 wpm)! So if typing feels easier to you, it’s probably a good idea to do that instead of writing by hand.

From my experience with university, using laptops during lectures is nothing unusual – about ten percent of people in my year take notes by typing. It may be different in your school, college or uni, so make sure to ask a teacher if it’s okay. If it is not a common practice, you might need to explain why it would benefit you, and possibly prove that you have a diagnosis of some sort that explains it. You should also find good software, because a simple text editor might not be enough, and practice several times before taking a laptop to a lecture. But otherwise it is a good solution.

2: recording on a device

Okay, but what if typing is not easier for you, or if you don’t have a laptop/tablet you can take to a lecture? There are other options of course. One thing you can do if your problem is with actually taking notes and not with speech/information processing is to record the lessons/lectures on a dictaphone or an app on your smartphone. Then you can use the recording to make notes at home where you can pause or slow down the recording, or use the recording itself to revise the material.

This method has drawbacks though. Sometimes it is inefficient to listen to the entire lesson/lecture twice without throwing out unimportant bits (which is what happens during note taking). Sometimes you can’t get a good enough recording. Sometimes the lesson/lecture includes a lot of visual information which you can’t record on audio. But it’s still a good idea to keep the recording anyway – if it isn’t perfect, at least it’s something. Also recording lectures is usually allowed, but you shouldn’t share them online, and you might need to ask for a permission.

3: asking the teachers for materials

What if your problem is in understanding spoken language, because of auditory processing disorder, or simply because you understand concepts and visual information much better than words? Don’t worry, this problem also has a solution. From my experience, the vast majority of lectures are accompanied by visual presentations, which is very useful to me – I usually end up writing stuff from the presentation rather than from spoken words. The problem is that you can’t write down or type down everything in the presentation, and you certainly cannot copy every single drawing and diagram (even though I do try). And often enough you aren’t allowed to take pictures of the slides.

What you can do is talk to the teacher, explain why note taking is difficult, and ask for a digital copy of the presentation. In my uni many professors and teachers do it for everyone – they give us access to their presentations online, or send them to us by email. As long as you give a reason and promise not to upload the presentations for the entire internet to see, you should be allowed access. Some teachers and professors might even give you access to their scripts and other materials they used, as they are generally interested in giving you the best education. As in previous examples, you might need a formal diagnosis as proof for needing the accommodations.

4: a different note taker

Let’s say all these methods don’t work for you. Maybe you have problems with auditory processing AND you teachers don’t make any presentations. What then? Well, some universities and colleges are ready to help students like you to get the best education by providing a note taker. They will go to lessons/lectures with you and literally take notes for you. This accommodation will definitely require you to provide proof of formal diagnosis, and not all colleges/universities have professional note takers, but it has a potential to be very useful.

If your college/uni doesn’t have this, or if you are currently unable to provide proof of formal diagnosis, you still can find a different note taker for yourself. Some students might be willing to share their notes, just because they can or in exchange for something else, like help with studying and/or homework. Some students even sell their last year notes online, or upload scans/photos of their notes for other people to use. Many people in my year use those notes and scripts in addition to taking notes themselves because there is always something they didn’t quite catch or write down.

So as you can see, not being able to take notes by hand shouldn’t stop you! There are many ways to accommodate students who cannot do it, and in the end it will benefit everyone – even the completely neurotypical students who are totally capable of taking notes. As long as your teachers are willing to listen and help, this problem can definitely be solved.

What do you think? What are your methods of choice for note taking, or replacing it? Share your thoughts and ideas in replies.

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You're an idiot. Seriously, you honestly think the people that you go after are really otherkin? The vast majority of them just trolls, so maybe stop going after an entire community based off of what you heard from some kiddos on tumblr. And while you're at it, go take a nap. It helps your brain work better.

You’re acting like its me as in singular. We’re three different people, b.


In the faq on desktop, it literally states that we’re a humor blog and we will post shit even if its troll shit and we’ve said this before oh my god

- Boi

Imagine Albus’s delight when he first discovers he’s actually good at magic. It’s a Tuesday afternoon in Charms, early in fifth year, and they’re working on the Avis spell. About half an hour into their practice time Albus tries the spell and suddenly there are a little flock of birds fluttering around the classroom. He’s the first person to manage it. Even Scorpius hasn’t produced so much as a single feather yet.

Scorpius glances across and asks him how he did it, and Albus is still in complete shock, but he explains as best he can. Then he spends the rest of the class repeating the spell over and over and over again, just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. But it wasn’t. He’s really good at this, to the point where Flitwick has to come over and show him how to vanish the birds, because there are so many of them. And by the end of the class Albus is just alight with happiness and pride, and he practically skips down to dinner that night. Even the five foot Potions essay he has to write on basic antidotes doesn’t make his grin fade (in fact, it might even make him smile wider. Albus is really good at Potions too).

Over the next few weeks and months he gets better and better, and more confident, and he slowly realises that he’s actually good at this. He’s always been terrible at school, but suddenly it’s fallen into place, and he’s having fun. He wants to practice his spells at night, and he wants to do his homework, and he looks forward to classes. He’s constantly shining with joy, and there’s a new quiet self-confidence to him that Scorpius secretly thinks might be the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. 

Also, imagine him writing home to tell his dad about how good he is at non-verbal spells or something, and Harry gets the letter in the morning before work. As he reads it he can feel Albus’s delight, and he doesn’t stop grinning all day. He’s sitting in a really dull meeting, thinking about Albus’s letter, and smiling to himself. After the meeting Hermione asks if he’s okay and he just beams at her and nods, because yeah, he’s brilliant. His son is doing well at school and wants to tell him about it. He couldn’t be happier if he tried.


That’s it. That’s literally all it could have been

I originally didn’t plan to post these but bro found them in my pc and spent the last 3 days frowning at me so

here we go

Me: Maybe I should make this one character straight, for a change.

My brain: Too late, she’s already making out with her girlfriend.

Me: I didn’t even write a girlfriend for her yet!

My brain: Better get to it.

yoongi; let’s talk about it over dinner

❝yoongi had been excited to finally join you for dinner but let’s just say, apart from the great smell of home, it’s a bit overwhelming (literally)
►1373 words // scenario
♡ bc i’m seeing all these pics of yoongi with @kookingramyun and this boi is getting slimmer and slimmer so i just wanted to write this out o.k
p.s. in no way am i saying this is how things are but, i wanted to write a little something that’s fluffy and not to be taken seriously

Yoongi had been more than just excited when he’s granted a leave with the rest of the boys because you’ve been working your asses off, go home. So said boy jumps on his phone and texts you in a rushed sentence, filled with typos that autocorrect helps him and a smile stretched across his face to the point his cheekbones would kill him because it’s starting to hurt but no. Yoongi was feeling some type of way, too high up in the clouds to float down that he remains having this curve on his face, some special force keeping his lips tugged upwards.

Oh, but then Yoongi comes home to… a banquet than what he had hoped for the moment he read the text ‘come home for dinner’ as a reply to his ‘BUY A DAMNED LOTTERY TICKET, Y/N. I’M FREE FOR THE NIGHT’. Of course, he had pictured something a little fancy since it’s been a while he had your cooking (passing up Seokjin’s and bidding yours to be the best after his mother’s, shh, never tell Seokjin that) but this… this is some next level shit.

“…are we feeding everyone in the building?”

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one of my favourite things about episode 12 is how it was confirmed that yurio never really hated yuuri he was just disappointed in him bc he knows he can do better…. the way hes acted since ep 1 makes so much more sense and im honestly getting the vibe that yurio looks up too yuuri and this is why hes so disappointed in his idol when he fails??? i just 😢


He said I’m sorry baby I’m leaving you tonight
I found someone new she’s waitin’ in the car outside
Ah honey how could you do it
We swore each other everlasting love
I said well yeah I know but when
We did - there was just one thing we weren’t
Really thinking of and that’s money

Money changes everything
Money, money changes everything
We think we know what we’re doin’
That don’t mean a thing
It’s all in the past now
Money changes everything

They shake your hand and they smile
And they buy you a drink

hey say we’ll be your friends
We’ll stick with you till the end
Ah but everybody’s only
Looking out for themselves
And you say well who can you trust
I’ll tell you it’s just
Nobody else’s money"

Money changes everything
Money, Money changes everything

We think we know what we’re doin’
But we don’t pull the strings
It’s all in the past now
Money changes everything

Money changes everything
Money changes everything
So can we, so can we, so can we,
we can change everything

[ So can we, so can we, so can we,
we can change everything
Go Go Go ]
repeat x3


I was so absorbed in the Valentine’s Day spirit today that I sketched up some more, this time for classic literature (because plays are heckin rad)