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Watching Captain America:The Winter Solider again aND HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS BEFORE?! Hydra killed his parents and were going to kill him too i cant

I Thought You Were Different (Part 30/?)  (Avengers x reader)

Part 29

Steve, you know that I don’t ask you for much.  So when I ask you to help me now, you know that it’s important right?

Please don’t let her leave.  

I can be better.  I will be better.  Make her believe it, Steve.  I know you can because she trusts you, and she loves you.  I don’t think I have that luxury with her anymore.  

I don’t need to be her dad if that’s not what she wants.  I just want to be friends again, honestly.  Tell her that for me.  Please don’t let her leave.

Steve, if she runs from me again, I’ll never see her.  

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So a really long time ago I wrote a fanfic where a female Steve Rogers, Stephanie, gets sent to the MCU by Doom, and she has a full breakdown because she has children back in her universe and a husband and she doesn’t want to start over again.

Now, everyone thinks that her husband is Bucky or Sam or Thor, because that’s who their Steve is close with.

BUT, it turns out her husband is Tony Stark.

And it basically revolved around her being comfortable in modern life (unlike Steve) and being a bit adventurous (there’s a Natasha/Stephanie make out scene, okay? Shut up) and wearing tiny clothes and messy hair and cursing and being a Ballerina and wearing killer heels in battle.

And then her Tony shows up (taller than MCU Tony) and sweeps her into his arms and starts to cry because he thought he lost her and doesn’t want to imagine life without her.

Also, they have sarcastic twin boys, Colin and Johnny, who tag along and INFURIATE their Dad, and a darling little girl named Penelope.

And Alt Tony is Bi, so you’d better believe he gives Steve an appreciative ass stare every once in a while and flirts with him. Stephanie’s not impressed, but it’s not exactly cheating.

Yeah. I just thought I’d share.

the winter soldier: character review

i’m going to change up the format for this considering the fact that if i did a ‘good bad ugly’ for this film it’ll literally be a 3000 word essay under good, and three lines under the other two sections. for ease of reading, THIS IS JUST A REVIEW OF THE CHARACTERS, THOUGHTS ON DEVELOPMENT, ETC. the other accompanying review to this one will be (probably mostly negative, with my issues about the movie) on the technical and thematic stuff, coming… not long after this one.

just to preface this, i have to say that this movie ABSOLUTELY lived up to its hype, and far surpassed any of the other films so far (save for im3, just saying). i know i KNOW reviews tend to exaggerate and distort, and i had tried to lower my expectations going in and failed - even so, there were moments in this film that took my breath. character and plot wise this was the most consistent and crafted of any of the mcu so far. thematically, i have some issues, but we’ll get to that. overall rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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I wonder at one point during their trip to the airport that they stopped and realized that they don’t have a suit for Bucky so Steve, Sam, and Bucky had to make a quick detour to the nearest strip mall to find him a beefy black leather jacket.


Captain America needs my help. 

Captain’s orders. 

whydouwantaname  asked:

Bucky caring for Steve after he got hurt, please! <3 <3 <3

Bless you. LMAO you better believe I’m doing preserum!steve and stucky first kiss. 

                                                   Sweet As Sugar


“Stop me.” Steve breathed. 


“Stop me,” He repeated, shifting closer. His eyes traced down Bucky’s face, coming to rest on his lips. “If you want, you can stop me.”

Before Bucky could comprehend what was happening, Steve was leaning down into his space. He hovered close enough to share breath for a moment, giving Bucky the chance to push him away. 

Suddenly the gap between them closed. Neither of them were sure who moved first.

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