better be gryffindor

Harry Potter B.A.P AU

Slytherin Jongup

- halfblood, graduated 2013

- best classes were herbology and potions (had a bit of an affinity for music and muggle music)

- never quite felt out of place in Slytherin, but still a part of him thought he was better off in say…Gryffindor

- (he would never admit it, but he thought so because he hung out with Yongguk for the last two years the elder was there)

- (he honestly had a bit of a crush on him, but no one outside of Youngjae happens to know this and he’s sworn to secrecy or death)

- wanted so badly to be a prefect or even headboy, but could never get enough people on his side to win favor (it bothered him a lot and he resented many of his fellow housemembers because of it)

- spent a lot of his last years traversing between the school grounds, the Three Broomsticks, and the Shrieking Shack (which he swore up and down to anyone who would ask that he never stepped foot in - only Junhong knew the truth and that was because he followed him once)

- currently works at Slug and Jiggers Apothecary (and will occasionally swindle supplies to students who can’t afford them because some ingredients are fucking expensive)

- his father was the wizard in the family, but other than him and Jongup, the rest of his family are only muggles (though none of them resent either of the men and gush about everything they’ve done)

- while he loves working at his job, he spends many a day staring off into space and wishing beyond anything he could be doing more with his life

- like…being a musician or traveling the world (maybe even becoming an Aurora, though he feels like he could never quite pass the exams)

- he’s grown an interest in you - an employee working across the alleyway at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour - and will gaze out the front window of the shop longingly as you interact with the customers

- Jongup tries not to let his jealousy get the better of him when he sees you chatting up attractive people (mainly because he’s never made a move on you anyway, and it isn’t like you know him, right?)

- (wrong, Mr. Moon)

- it’s a rather drizzly day when Jongup glances across to the ice cream parlour, only to find that you aren’t there (which is extremely odd, because you usually work these hours)

- his fingers are gripping onto some vials as he squints and shifts around, trying to see further into the shop, only for a hand to tap on his shoulder, causing him to jump and drop all the vials

- they crash and break against the wood floor, a soft curse escaping both himself and the stranger who attempted to gain his attention

- ‘I am so sorry! I was coming in here to talk to you. Oh, I should have been more careful, I’m so dense some days’

- before Jongup can get a good look at said stranger, he finds them pulling out their wand and suddenly the vials are back in his grip, perfectly fixed as if they were never broken in the first place

- he’s never seen a wizard or witch do something like this before, even in his years at hogwarts, and while he knows there are simple spells to do exactly that, he still finds himself shocked

- finally he looks up and he feels his heart skip a beat in his chest when he sees you staring back at him, no longer obscured by two panes of glass and a cluster of moving people

- his cheeks burn red as he stands there, watching you tilt your head and give him the same smile that you would give customers and…fuck, he needs to say something, he can’t keep staring!

- of course, what comes out is complete gibberish, and you laugh softly, covering your mouth and shaking your head as your eyes crinkle

- ‘quite a way with words, i see. i noticed you were always looking through the windows when i work, so i thought i should come over and say hello. though we’ve met before, moon jongup.’

- at the sound of his name falling from your lips, his body goes stiff, and he’s reminded of Hogwarts, the Yule Ball, a very disgruntled and angry you as you stood in front of him and basically cried because he had asked you to the ball as a prank

- or you thought he did, when in reality he had never had a single clue his friends asked you to be his date (he didn’t have the guts to ask you himself, so they took it upon themselves to do so and it ultimately backfired)

- he also remembers the way you’d shoved him, screamed that he was exactly what all those people said of Slytherin’s, and how he only did this because you were a muggleborn (at the time, you had used mudblood, and almost everyone in the vicinity had looked on in horror at the statement)

- jongup hadn’t been sure what to do or how to respond, so instead, he’d let you slap him before you ran off to your own common room (he had ended up being shunned for quite some time by the student body, only his friends sticking close to him and apologizing for being such idiots)

- now it was all coming back to him, and he could only stare at you as he tried to figure out what to say

- you merely shook your head, letting your gaze fall to the floor as you clutched your hands and apologized for that day

- ‘i didn’t give you the chance to tell your side of the story, and i realize you had no idea. it wasn’t right of your friends to do that, but it was even less so of me to make snap judgements and say the things i did to you. if you feel you can accept my apology, i’d really like to…take you out for ice cream…or try it again?’

- jongup feels overwhelmed by everything you’ve just said, but he knows he can’t just stand there, so he nods slowly, mouth slightly agape as he stares back at you

- you basically squeal in response, and he finds himself turning a bright red in reaction to it, and even more so when you grasp his wrist carefully and tell him you’ll be back when the shop closes later to take him out

- the date ends up being in the muggle world, and he’s so astounded by everything going on that you find yourself more absorbed in his reactions to all the things than on the ice cream melting in your fist

- yes, he’s a halfblood but he’s never seen this part of London before and he rarely traverses outside of the wizarding world unless he’s going home

- either way, the date is amazing and jongup is a mess when you walk him home and kiss his cheek (he never thought he would have a chance with you, but now you’re kissing him????)

- this does nothing to stop jongup from chancing looks at you when he can (which you always catch, waving back at him and smiling, causing him to flush and hide)

- there are dates here and there, with the occasional talk of how your families are doing and what’s been going on since Hogwarts

- and it’s during one of these dates (after nearly months of having them), that there’s a large rain storm as you two are walking back home, and while jongup keeps telling you that he can apparate you both back, you grasp his hand and spin around, getting into a dancing position (he hasn’t seen this since the yule ball) and you give him a weak smile

- ‘can i have that dance i never got?’

- he nods slowly, matching your position and clearing his throat as he hums a soft tune and begins to move

- it seems so cliche and dumb, but something about the way you smile and place your head on his shoulder and just melt into him has jongup feeling like he would do this over and over again until he died

- when you both finally part, you glance at him, lashes coated with raindrops and he feels this utter need to make a move, so he does, pressing his lips to your delicately and clinging to you as if you were his last life line

- even if you both are soaked and standing in the middle of the pathway, no one else exists as you two bask in the others touch (jongup will tell you with a red face some time later that anytime he kisses you, his whole world becomes a singular pinpoint of that exact moment, and he doesn’t think he could ever find anything as great)

- though now you two are officially together, he finds himself looking through the windows and feels his heart flutter when you happen to be staring back and smiling (his heart practically bursts from love - and daehyun constantly asks him to tell him more as he pulls out a notebook)

au where JK Rowling leaves Fred Weasley the fuck alone

One of my favorite scenes from the series. Andrew strangling Kevin when he finds out where Neil is. 

The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic

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What if Harry Potter, the chosen one, had turned out to be a squib, how do you think history would have turned out differently?

It was Mrs. Figg who suspected first.

She noticed many things, sitting on her side of her fence with her cats chasing butterflies and nuzzling her ankles, Mundungus and the other watchers dropping by for tea now and then.

Mrs. Figg noticed that Petunia was a nosy bit of work with insecurities hanging from her every harsh angle. She noticed when Dudley learned the word MINE– the whole neighborhood noticed that one. She noticed that Vernon glared at owls.

She noticed that when Petunia gave Harry a truly horrendous haircut one year, it grew back in at a normal rate. Harry was uneven and weird-looking for ages, hiding under beanies when he could.

When Mrs. Figg had Harry over for carefully miserable afternoons of babysitting, she noticed nothing moved that shouldn’t. He didn’t accidentally make flowers out of fallen leaves, or levitate anything during tantrums, or turn toys funny colors.

Mrs. Figg called up her mother, interrupting the wizarding bridge game she was winning against the nursing home staff, and asked her how she had known, decades back, that her youngest daughter was a squib.

When Albus Dumbledore received Mrs. Figg’s letter he wrote back a polite thank you and then went to talk with Minerva McGonagall, who inhaled sharply in horror when he told her the news.

Finally, McGonagall gave a gathered sigh. “I suppose we can ask one of the wizarding families to homeschool him,” she said. “We can’t have the Boy Who Lived not knowing about his own world.”  

“No, he’ll come to Hogwarts,” said Dumbledore.

“Hogwarts is not a place for–” Her voice fell. “–squibs, Albus.”

Dumbledore shook his head. “Harry must be taught.”

“Be taught what, Albus?”

But Dumbledore just sighed and offered her a lemon drop.

Years later, the owls and the letters came to 4 Privet Drive. The Dursleys ran, dragging Harry with them, and the letters and one stubborn gamekeeper followed– none of this would change with a magicless Harry.

When Hagrid asked Harry in that little cabin on that little rock in the middle of the sea if weird things always happened around him, Harry couldn’t tell him about vanishing glass and setting captive snakes free, about ending up somehow on the school roof, or growing his hair out overnight.  

“Strange things always happen around you, don’ they?”

“Um,” said Harry, racking his brain. “Well… I live in a cupboard under the stairs…”

Harry could tell him about how snakes sometimes talked back, because that had never been Harry’s magic, but when he did Hagrid just blanched and changed the subject.

Hagrid held out hope, even against Dumbledore’s quiet warning explanations, until they made it to Ollivander’s Wands. Harry marveled at Diagon Alley, got his hands shaken in the Leaky, pressed his nose up against shop windows. Hagrid watched the scant boy– looked at James’s messy hair, Lily’s eyes, Harry’s own wandering gaze– and he wondered how this boy could be anything but magical.

In the wand shop, Ollivander said, “James Potter, yes… mahogany, eleven inches. Pliable. A powerful wand for Transfiguration.” He said, “And your mother, Lily…  strong in Charms work, ten and… yes, ten and a quarter, willow, swishy.”

Harry picked up stick after wooden stick. They remained just that– wood with bits of feather or scale or hair. Harry wondered if the creatures who gave these offerings were still alive– if they were given or taken. What did it do to your wand when they died? He waved a maplewood wand (unicorn hair, eleven inches) and a gust from the door opening blew some receipts off the counter.

“Well, said Ollivander. “I think that’s as close as we’re likely to get.”

He sent them out with the maplewood. Hagrid bought Harry a snowy owl and a fudge sundae and tried not make it too obvious that these were condolence gifts. The next day the Prophet’s headlines read: The Boy Who Lived– A Squib? Various magical medical experts weighed in on how it might have happened. Fingers were pointed at childhood trauma, at his upbringing, at his family lineage.

Harry still met Ron on the train– Ron was still smudge-nosed and Harry still bought enough candy to share. When Molly had helped him through the platform entrance, her voice had been a little softer, a little more pitying– but it was still better than the laughter that had been in his aunt and uncle’s voices when they dropped him here to find a platform they didn’t think existed.

Hermione Granger dropped by their compartment, looking for Neville’s toad, but got distracted when she spotted Harry. “I’ve read about you! In my books, and in the paper,” she said. “You’re the Boy Who Lived, and you’re a squib.”

Harry sank down in his seat. Ron hid Scabbers under a candy wrapper.

“Squibs have never been allowed in Hogwarts,” Hermione announced. “According to Hogwarts, A History, squibs try to sneak in now and then– the furthest anyone’s ever gotten is to the Sorting Hat before they got found out.” At eleven, Hermione still believed in expulsion being worse than death. Her voice was thrumming with sympathetic horror.

“But they already found out about me,” Harry said, alarmed.

“It’s alright, mate,” said Ron. “You’re Harry Potter. Oy, Granger,” he added. “What’s this Hat? Fred and George were trying to sell me some story about having to fight a mountain troll to get your House…”

Harry sat back and watched the countryside rush by. Yes, he was Harry Potter– his aunt’s useless sister’s useless child, the boy in the lumpy hand-me-down sweaters who named the spiders who lived in his cupboard. And here, in new world, he was apparently useless too.

When they got to Hogwarts, Harry clenched his fists and stood in line with the other first years. He barely twitched at the ghosts or Peeves, just stared ahead and thought about how far he would get before they turned him around and sent him back to Vernon and Petunia.

They opened the Great Hall doors. They called the first years one by one. Harry clenched his teeth and walked up to the Hat when they called his name.

As he turned to sit down on the stool, he really caught sight of the Hall for the first time– the hovering candles, the big wooden tables, the black robes that swallowed the light. Translucent ghosts gossiped with the students beside them. The paintings on the far walls– were they moving?

Harry’s jaw had unclenched, falling open. His fists curled open, curving around the stool’s seat as he leaned forward to stare. If this was it, if this was as far as he’d get in this world, then he wanted to drink it all in. The candles were floating, in mid-air.

The Hat dropped down over his eyes and blocked out the light.

Well, said the dry voice that had been hollering House placements all night. What do we have here?

Ron had been begging for not-Slytherin. Draco from the robes shop had been scornful of Hufflepuff, desperate in his disdain. Neville had begged for Hufflepuff, sure he was not brave enough for Gryffindor.

Please, thought Harry. Don’t send me back.

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CONGRATS FOR THE 1K FOLLOWERS YOU DESERVE THEM AND THOUSANDS MORE DJDBDJDBDIDSGSUSJDH *THROWS CONFETTI AND IZUKU PLUSHIES* I've had a hard time deciding what to request but here I am at last 8D Can I ask a young Toshinori/ or real form Toshinori (as you prefer!) with a Gryffindor outfit? I can't really get the image of him with Hogwarts' uniform out of my head <3 Thank you so much! ;0; *glomps*

Okay I spent way too long on this for a so-called sketch BUT I COULDN’T RESIST Have Toshinori as the next Godric Gryffindor ufufufu hope you like it, Laura-san ;D

Oh, goodness. So there’s a theory that Credence is an ancestor to a character in the HPverse…what if it is Harry himself? Probably too obvious now that I think about it.


A Dan and Phil / Harry Potter AU, of course.
(They’re probably cracking up over something the teacher said. idunno.)

Do Not Repost Without Permission. Reblogs are appreciated :)

Things I Associate With the Hogwarts Houses:

Gryffindor: the colours red, gold, orange and brown, bandaged hands, coffee, bruised Knuckles, red lipstick, leather boots, volcanoes, fist fights, being sent to the principal, golden chandeliers, fall, mahogany wood, demonstrations and protests, retro vintage, travel, ‘Oh shit’, loud laughter, drinking games, stopping a bully, forests, eyes glowing from excitement, yellowed paper, bonfires, ginger hair, golden jewelry, cozy sweaters, heated arguments, road trips, bold changes, bluntness, detentions, adventures, whiskey, spontaneous actions, beer pong, frat parties, lions, bears, wolves, dragons, swearing, angry tears, fireplaces, dares, christmas, partners in crime, pranks, wide grins, ‘I have an idea’, fast food, chimney smoke, martyrs, roller coasters, fireworks, young delinquents, soldiers, chaos, flares, speaking up, war, rebels, taking risks, adrenaline, stubbornness, breaking rules, band-aids, drunk laughter, truth or dare, alarms, hangovers, energy, leadership, fighting sports, running, snowball fights, neon lights, cinnamon, riots, razzias, messy hair, swords, explosions, bluelight, anonymous masks, arm wrestling

Slytherin: emeralds, the colours green, black and grey, poison, foxes, snakes, silver, platinum blonde hair, hissed threats, vodka, blood drops, amulets, black leather jackets, money games, casinos, hired assassins, curses, motel rooms, grey skies, abandoned places, cheating on something, blue veins, frowns, vengeance, fake smiles, oppressiveness, strict parents, subways, quiet tears, dark lipstick, matches, tattoos, highways, smoke, tired eyes, ravens, short haircuts, snarls, coats, empty hallways, dyed hair, poker, roses, thunderstorms, ocean’s, black nail polish, soot, B/W, fancy cars, matt black, bones, smirks, wine, medusas, old mansions, haunted houses, perfectionism, winks, sexual tension, sweet torture, cemeteries, the moon, sleepless nights, the sound of a knife snapping open, latin, black eyeliner, secrets, traps, fog, pestilence, viruses, sass, extravagance, ‘devil’s advocate’, having status, ambition, persistence, character development, elegance, headphones, lockers, mints, cigarettes, hardwood floors, busses, chameleons, wild flowers, sins, cracked glass, broken mirrors, quiet nights, railroads, black tea, secrecy, dark humor, mystery, predators, hidden emotions, held grudges, dust, horror movies, ripped jeans, velvet, lipstick stain, magic sigils, icy anger, cold mornings, empty hallways, ear piercings, champagne, incense, skeletons in the closet, chills running down your spine, collarbones, solitude, baths, nettles, silver eyeshadow,  expensive evening dresses, ice, lightning, blurred pictures

Hufflepuff: vibrant colours, sunflowers, marketplaces, fruit, colorful candy, pastel, strawberry blonde hair, ponytails, blue skies, summer, kids laughter, ladybugs, random acts of kindness, voluntary work, freckles, hippies, hummed songs, meditations, flower patterns, brightly lit rooms, smiling at strangers, orange lipstick, laughter lines, hugs, pancakes, summer drinks, spring break, open air festivals, sprinkles, slush ice, walking barefoot through grass, frozen yoghurt, the 70′s, dresses, easter, cotton candy, world peace, glitter, candy wrappers, giggles, holding out a helping hand, happy dreams, daydreaming, umbrellas, floral wreaths, sharing a meal, dances, butterflies, second chances, bees, wide open fields, happy tears, gifts, beach cruisers, soft kisses, blushing, milkshakes, confectioneries, cupcakes, beaches, attack hugs, parades, dandelions, donations, clumsiness, rainbows, animated films, relaxation, comfort food, first love, imagination, playfulness, nostalgia, positive mantras, harmony, romance, picnics, one of a kind, holding hands, childhood memories, newborn babies, warm blankets, freshly baked cookies, braided hair, fairy tales, bubble baths, watercolour paints, fuzzy socks, homemade pie, fluffy things, crystals, light shining through trees, bells, big beds with lots of blankets and pillows, lace, popsicles, tooth gaps

Ravenclaw: asymmetry, the colours: blue, white, silver and beige, glass marbles, tidiness, neat handwriting, ballett, ‘best in class’, certificates, museums, photography, art, hair buns, glasses, bookstacks, journals, libraries and bookstores, perfectly done nails, clean mirrors, desks, foreign languages, cafés, poetry, white bedsheets, macbooks, water bottles, sketches, polaroid, coffee shops, hastiness, deadlines, white clouds, astronomy, snow covered trees, feminism, 50′s, patent leather shoes, typewriters, tidy rooms, science, history, ikea furniture, raised eyebrows, sarcasm, lists, modern offices, mac cosmetics, the smell of new books, ties, rolling eyes, sitting at your homework until past midnight, jeans, vogue magazines, feng shui, yoga, classical novels, calligraphy, greek, owls, newspapers, research, documentaries, winning a debate, competitions, solving problems, riddles, curiousity, multi-tasking, historical figures, hackers, classical music, the new york times, fancy pens, caffeine, salads, cold waves, smartasses, ink stained hands, live theatre, hot espresso, impatience, responsibility, dry humor, knowledge, early mornings, changing schools, dark chocolate, alone-time, numbers, fresh scents, deep thinking, concepts, quills, technology, finals, formulas, sealing wax, falling asleep on your desk, sculptures


Gryffindor Attempting to Flirt with Slytherin
  • Slytherin: *unimpressed by Gryffindor's attempts at pick-up lines*
  • Gryffindor: Okay, you might not like me...but I'm sure you've thought about me naked. *smirks*
  • Slytherin: *with venomous sarcasm* Am I that transparent?
  • Slytherin: I want you. I NEED you. Oh baby, oh baby. *rolls eyes before walking away*
  • Gryffindor: ...well that didn't go over like I expected it to...

Chapter seven: The Sorting Hat

‘Hmm,’ said a small voice in his ear. ‘Difficult. Very difficult. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind, either. There’s talent, oh my goodness, yes - and a nice thirst to prove yourself, now that’s interesting … So where shall I put you?’
Harry gripped the edges of the stool and thought, ‘Not Slytherin, not Slytherin.’
'Not Slytherin, eh?’ said a small voice. 'Are you sure? You could be great, you know, it’s all here in your head, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that - no? Well, if you’re sure - better be GRYFFINDOR!’
Harry heard the hat shout the last word to the whole Hall. He took off the hat and walked shakily towards the Gryffindor table. He was so relieved to have been chosen and not put in Slytherin, he hardly noticed that he was getting the loudest cheer yet. Percy the Prefect got up and shook his hand vigorously, while the Weasley twins yelled, 'We got Potter! We got Potter!’

‘it makes me look cooler’ Sirius didn’t know why Remus felt guilty, the full moon was over and he liked the new addition to his eyebrow quite a lot.


harry potter fancast:

Oscar Isaac as Godric Gryffindor

“ You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry. Set Gryffindors apart.”