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“Goodbye… Edward… Elric.”


Envy killed themselves because they were so utterly humiliated and shamed that Edward saw right through them. That’s actually way better than being burnt alive!

Well, technically, Envy was burnt alive plenty of times. A satisfying amount of times. But still!

Hope there’s a special place reserved for you in Hell, you deplorable sack of shit.

Four down, three to go.


“We need a cure for autism!”

Well you will never get it, no matter your stance on the subject. Autism is likely genetic and studies show that by six months of age there are already detectable changes in the brain that predict an autism diagnosis later in life. So even though we don’t know what autism is, it’s definitely something you’re born with and it is impossible to change that after the baby is born. Nothing will ever turn an autistic person who is alive into an allistic person. You can’t rewrite their entire brain anatomy.

So why do Autism Speaks talk of “the cure”? What they mean by cure is prenatal screening that will allow parents to abort fetuses with certain traits or genes. It means stopping autistic people from being born. It means getting rid of us even before a fetus develops a brain. It means that from their point of view not ever being alive (so essentially death) is better than existence as an autistic person.

That’s what you are saying when you’re advocating for a cure. “I wish you were never born”. “I wish your parents would have aborted you before you developed into a person”. “I think your existence is worse than death”. “I think you would be better off dead”. That is your message. That is your opinion.

Think about that next time you talk about a cure for autism.

After she tore her particle cannon, designed to be used as a vehicle-mounted artillery piece, off of a fucking truck, Zarya had to heavily modify it for use as a handheld weapon.

While of course she didn’t develop the physical theories that allowed the weapon to be built in the first place, Zarya talks about the underlying processes very articulately in a bunch of canon material. She mentions the same works and theorists that Winston and Mei banter about. Hell her most basic hero bio describes her as “a Russian, pink-haired soldier who loves to play with particles and gravity.”

What I’m saying is that not only is Aleksandra Zaryanova the strongest woman in the world, she also understands quantum gravity better than any human being alive today and I am so gay for that.

So his favourite Adele song is all about loving someone, being better with them next to you, and feeling alive when you’re with them….sounds legit.

(Hey ! Look ! A reference for Paper Crane ! I still have a lot to show about him so I’ll just reblog over this main post everything I’ll have something new about him but there it is~<3 )

About Paper Crane

- First off, Paper Crane isn’t a Sans but an amalgamation of Sanses remains from dead timelines that share the same common goal “Stay alive”. They’re a complex monster sharing a collective mind and acting as one singular entity causing Crane to often act confused and lost.

- Souless, they need an impressive amount of magic to remain alive, draining it from their surrendering or by connecting themselves to an universe just like a parasitic virus. As he do so he alter slightly his code to not be rejected by the verse they infect.

- By connecting himself to a world’s coding, it have for side effect to ‘borrow’ the sans’s color scheme of this world in particular, he however can’t get the capacity of the sans he’s copying.

- They have no memories of who they used to be before becoming Crane, their concept of morality, time and reality have been so altered that they have access to lots of information without being able to understand it fully, forcing him to learn progressively almost like a kid. (They can learn at an impressive speed but they’re sadly really easy to influence and gullible.)

- They tend to mimic other’s behavior to have a better understanding of what being alive mean as they know they shouldn’t exist neither be alive causing them to question themselves and get extremely confused.

- When upset or suffering from too much thoughts at once from differents Sanses, Paper Crane tend to glitch a lot.

- …

Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko


what’s better than being alive?

Happy Birthday Atsushi! [05.05] ヾ(*^∀^*)ノ

If the sun is shining, stand in it- yes, yes, yes. Happy times are great, but happy times pass- they have to- because time passes. The pursuit of happiness is more elusive; it is life-long, and it is not goal-centred. What you are pursuing is meaning- a meaningful life… There are times when it will go so wrong that you will be barely alive, and times when you realise that being barely alive, on your own terms, is better than living a bloated half-life on someone else’s terms.
—  Jeanette Winterson

Under the same stars, there’s some guy and he’s with his girl. He thinks he’s got all the time in the world and he’s right. And I hate him.
Instagram post by @Dominicpurcell
dominicpurcell #wegotthis ..... fitting the bro's are the last men standing last night in the final scene on a grueling season of @cw_legendsoftomorrow @dccomics. I echo @nickzano sentiments. #brutal . Now I have to learn how too relax again.

Does this mean the final scene has Leonard and Mick together again? Can I cry in joy yet or…? 

I think it’s very telling about Snape’s character and his real feelings about Lily that his ‘worst memory’ is not the day he realised that she was dead and he was responsible in large part. Instead it’s the day that his and Lily’s relationship took a turn for the worst and the possibility that he might one day have her was lost for good. If you actually love someone, then even if you could never have them, them being alive and not with you is better than the alternative.

Pursuing happiness, and I did, and I still do, is not at all the same as being happy - which I think is fleeting, dependant on circumstances, and a bit bovine. […] The pursuit of happiness is more elusive; it is lifelong, and it is not goal-centred. What are you pursuing is meaning - a meaningful life. There’s the hap - the fate, the draw that is yours, and it isn’t fixed, but changing the course of the stream, or dealing new cards, whatever metaphor you want to use - that’s going to take a lot of energy. There are times when it will go so wrong that you will barely be alive, and times when you realise that being barely alive, on your own terms, is better than living a bloated half-life on someone else’s terms. The pursuit isn’t all or nothing - it’s all AND nothing. Like all Quest Stories.
—  Jeannette WintersonWhy Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

Bellamy volunteering to get raven at the first chance he gets is my aesthetic I LOVE HIM SO MUCH HES SO PRECIOUS

Phone Numbers

Title: Phone Numbers

Pairing: Dean x fem!Reader

Word Count: ~1.3k

Warning: light angst (h/c), super extra fluff ending

Summary: (y/n) had been dating Dean for almost two days when she overhears him bragging to Sam about all the phone numbers he scored over the last two days. Maybe she was right all along, Dean Winchester would grow tired of every girl eventually.

(A/n: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats and her awesome challenge (Michelle’s 2K Follower Challenge). Thanks for the challenge! * grins * I got to try to write Dean for the first time – Sorry if I sucked at it. My prompt was “It’s like chicks specifically dig unavailable guys.“. || Gif is not mine.)

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“It’s like chicks specifically dig unavailable guys.“ Dean informed his brother mostly exaggerated. The two Winchester brothers had been standing at some random bar, waiting for your round of drinks. You had send the two of them to buy the alcohol while you tried to find some place to sit in the already pretty crowded bar.

“How would you know?” Sam laughed at his older brother while subtly sending the waitress an approving look “You’ve been unavailable for not even forty-eight hours yet, dude.”

“So?” Dean raised his eyes brows in a challenge “I already scored three phone numbers.”

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Here is 42 minutes of Jeff Atkins being alive, sweet, pure cinnamon roll. Thank me later

anonymous asked:

Your daydream post brought me to tears for I feel the very same, and I am very much a maladaptive daydreamer. Visualising and feeling, but never touching, a life far more grand, is to say the least, painful. It is painful when I realise that I want my fantasy over my reality. My reality saddens me, but my fantasy saddens me more, because I will never live it.

I’m so sorry, Anon. I understand your pain. Some will say that we should ‘LIVE OUR DREAMS’ but for us, that is impossible. How can we ever live our dreams when our dreams are physically out of reach? We dream of being superhuman. We dream of settings far from Earth and beyond space or time. We breathe and feel characters that no human being could ever compare to and they dare tell us to achieve our dreams?

We dream of the unachieveable.

Real life seems as though it is made in a gradient of grey and muted sound when our daydream fantasies are painted in every colour we can’t see and every tone we’ve never heard and it feels better than being real. 

Our daydreams are more alive than our reality. 

We can’t live in it. We cannot survive without it. 

Maladaptive Daydreaming is a thirst. A body-wracking thirst surrounded by undrinkable seawater. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Please find comfort in the thought that you are not alone, Anon. We are the dreamers of dreams, and we have found a way to use fantasy to survive our realities. Maladaptive as it may be, we dream. We cope. We survive. And then we dream again. 

There's oversleeping and there's THAT

Had a Voltron dream the other night, wanted to write but it’s not flowing???

Lance centric and Lance/Angst ;) but seriously I’m calling it the “sleeping Lance AU” until I have a better idea??? There’s probably at least three Sleeping Lance AU’s out there already, I’m seriously accepting suggestions of what to call this clusterfuck… clusterfuck AU? trainwreak AU? helpmeI’mlost AU? How people name things??????

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