better 201

Hey. For Renee’s birthday I thought, let’s draw again this old Renee you did that had quite its little success.

You know, just to see the evolution. And wow I’m happy to see that’s slightly better than the october 201 thing. Yeay Cielly, you progressed! Cookies for myself tonight.

So the caption still is, when Renee was a bad person not trying to be a good person.

Imagines: #200-229

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200-  Imagine Fili and Kili teasing Thorin about his age and the way he looks, and you kiss him to spite his nephews and to make him feel better.

201-Imagine Thorin being super ticked off that he’s the last one to find out that you’re pregnant with his child.

202-Imagine Thorin being annoyed when he finds out that when it comes to jewellery, you are a minimalist.

203-Imagine Thorin skipping the whole courting process because he is so impatient and just wants you to be his already

204-Imagine Thorin being really uncomfortable with the age gap between you two, and you have to convince him it’s not important.

205-Imagine Thorin enjoying the fact he can still make the jaw drop on a pretty young thing like yourself

206-Imagine the company being around while you are experiencing Menstrual rage

207-Imagine Thorin or Dwalin attempting to unhook a bra for the first time

208-Imagine going to a pool party at Thorin’s with the rest of the company

209-Imagine the company attempting to throw a birthday feast together for you with only a day of notice.

210-Imagine Kili trying to be suave around you and failing spectacularly.

211-Imagine Dwalin catching you mimicking his accent

212-Imagine getting into a fight with Thorin, during which he admits he thinks you’ve got a great ass.

213- Imagine that dwarves and humans have very different ways of flirting and every time your favorite dwarf tries to flirt with you, you ruin it somehow

214- Imagine your child telling Thorin (their father) that they are a dragon and in response Thorin has a month’s worth of little dragon costumes made for them, and they refuse to wear anything else.

215-Imagine Raymond de Merville discovering that you, the love of his life, is actually pagan

216-Imagine Thorin striving to be a better person so he can feel deserving of your love

217-Imagine having a zip up fur lined hoodie with you while on the quest and Thorin is constantly either flat out stealing it, trying to fit in it with you and putting his hands on the skin of your back, or he’s sliding his cold hands into the sleeves or coming up behind you and stuffing his hands into your pockets.

218-Imagine the company finding it odd that soon as Erebor is reclaimed you quickly sink into domesticity

219-  Imagine playing tag or hide and go seek with the company in the fog around Erebor

220-  Imagine flirting with Thorin in a way that he just can’t handle so in order to hide his embarrassment he just curls in on himself in the middle of camp

221-  Imagine Birthday sex with Bilbo

222- Imagine cheering Thorin up by making him watch funny videos of puppies and kittens

223-  Imagine having waist length hair and accidentally slapping Thorin in the face with it when it is wet

224-  Imagine having some habit that that drives Thorin up the wall, but he accidentally picks up that habit

225- Imagine you have a pet raven and it comes with you on the quest and tells things, that it probably shouldn’t, to the dwarves

226-  Imagine losing part of your voice temporarily due to illness

227-  Imagine that when you first meet Dis, she wants to adopt you

228-  Imagine that after Botfa you are on sponge bath duty for an unconscious Thorin

229- Imagine Thorin asking for a strand of your hair to remember you by because he thinks you plan on leaving Erebor

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Upright Citizens Brigade Writes Its Book on Improv

The comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade has a new manual for improvisation that adds further discipline to the Second City lessons on the form.

“It’s joke heavy, fast and funny,” said TJ Jagodowski…“

Finally someone has said it (again)! UCBT IS ALL ABOUT THE JOKES. Level 101: Jokes. Level 201: Better Jokes. Level 301: Jokes! Jokes! Jokes! Level 401: Harold.

"Mr. Napier argues that great improvisation derives from a more childlike part of the psyche, not the muscle memory needed for ballet or driving. “You have to tap into the part of you that plays,” he said, “and the part of you that’s always thinking and adhering to rules and hierarchy and constructs and order and logic is not the part that an audience enjoys.”

Again! Finally someone says it! There is nothing an audience likes more than watching children play. It’s riveting! That’s why all across this great country, theatre after theatre is filled with audiences watching small children play together. Adults using that childlike spirit of play in concert with their more mature abilities of logic and humor is BORING.

Also… I love "Improvise.” But it’s full of rules.