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I know that most of the footage and BTS stuff we’ve gotten has been action leaning scenes, but @gypsyscarfwoman made a god point yesterday. Venice is not the first place you think about when you write an action scene but it is one of the first places you think about when you think romance. With that said, not saying we are getting a full on reconciliation in 301 but it has to be emotionally heavy and set in Venice. Even if they haven’t shot these scenes on location, chances are they’re gonna be on set back in NYC. And yeah, we are talking about how MG has the skills to make things so much worse before they get better, but remember 201? Who expected that we get scenes that are as emotionally heavy as we did. From the looks of it, MG wrote and is directing the premier again this year and as much as he’s capable of amping up the angst, he knows how to give us emotionally satisfying scenes, as angsty as they are. And I don’t think the reconciliation is going to take as long as season 2, and with a setting like Venice, I think we are in for some glorious moments between our Jeller in the premier.

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Upright Citizens Brigade Writes Its Book on Improv

The comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade has a new manual for improvisation that adds further discipline to the Second City lessons on the form.

“It’s joke heavy, fast and funny,” said TJ Jagodowski…“

Finally someone has said it (again)! UCBT IS ALL ABOUT THE JOKES. Level 101: Jokes. Level 201: Better Jokes. Level 301: Jokes! Jokes! Jokes! Level 401: Harold.

"Mr. Napier argues that great improvisation derives from a more childlike part of the psyche, not the muscle memory needed for ballet or driving. “You have to tap into the part of you that plays,” he said, “and the part of you that’s always thinking and adhering to rules and hierarchy and constructs and order and logic is not the part that an audience enjoys.”

Again! Finally someone says it! There is nothing an audience likes more than watching children play. It’s riveting! That’s why all across this great country, theatre after theatre is filled with audiences watching small children play together. Adults using that childlike spirit of play in concert with their more mature abilities of logic and humor is BORING.

Also… I love "Improvise.” But it’s full of rules.