better :)

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: how in the FUCK did ed sheeran’s dime-a-dozen love song, “shape of you,” about how much he likes a woman’s body, and his album full of dime-a-dozen love songs about how much he loves a woman (because there aren’t enough of those already) beat Kesha’s amazing, personal song “Praying” about her actual, real-life experience with something horrible and how she’s overcome and grown strong - a song which could not be any more topical at a time when survivors of sexual crimes are taking a bigger stand against their culprits than ever before - and her amazing, personal album about being a badass, empowered woman who’s fighting for herself and other women - an album which also could not be more topical as massive women’s marches and protests take place across the country??? How? HOW? WHO THE FUCK PICKED ED FUCKING SWAMPMAN SHEERAN TO WIN BEST POP SOLO AND BEST POP ALBUM OVER KESHA AND WHERE DO THEY LIVE?!?!???!??

When to cut someone off ✌✂

A post of some warning signs that your dealing with a toxic person and need to cut ties with them. Of course theres so many i cant list them all but ill try my best to list some big ones

- they hate you one day and love you the next. By this i mean they try to go in and out of your life. Who wants a wishy washy person in their life?

- they throw shit / punch walls /kick doors. Obviously this is bad because it shows their aggressive and cant control their frustration

-some one who is physically abusive to you or another person or an animal need to go for sure!

-some one who is persuading you to skip school and work. I dont mean this like if someone is telling you that you should take a few days due to concern about your mental or physical health but rather someone who just wants you to skip your responsibilities often to just goof off.

-someone who blows you off constantly

-some one who never talks to you until they need something

-someone that never checks in to make sure your ok

-cut them off if they only text you late at night

-a favor counter; meaning they keep tabs of everything they do for you so they can hold it over your head

-if they never invite you to anything

- if they flirt with someone they know your into

-if they are always trying to make things into a competition

-if they bring around dangerous tendencies this could mean drugs , bad people ect

-if they act like helping you out is a big deal. Like if you ask someone to help you study and they just keep talking about how they sacraficed their time to help you

- if they threaten you. This means in any kinda way some examples are ; they threaten to stop being your friend/ to turn every one against you so you have no other friends / threaten your life or friends and families life (if they take it to a level this serious talk to police)

- if they drain you emotionally

- if they leave you at a party or any sort of function CUT THEM OFF! its so dangerous to leave your friend especially in a party kinda setting

-if they lie constantly

Remember people treat you how you allow them too. Dont be afraid to cut toxic people out of your life even if that means youll be alone.