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Emily being the adorable silly dork full of rainbows that she is during the photo ops at the Super Heroes Con  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Happy birthday Ruth Elizabeth Davis aka Bette Davis

(April 5, 1908 - October 6, 1989)

“If Hollywood didn’t work out I was prepared to be the best secretary in the world.”

“I think men have got to change an awful lot. I think somehow they still prefer the little woman. They’re just staying way, way behind. And so as a rule I think millions of women are very happy to be by themselves, they’re so bored with the whole business of trying to be the little woman when no such thing really exists anymore, it just simply doesn’t. The world has gone way beyond it. The real female should be partly male and the real male should be partly female anyway. So if you ever run into that in either sex, you’ve run into something very, very fine, I think. There is a new sex starting, I think that is neither man or woman.”

“I was always terribly outspoken. I just always said what I thought in as much as I know about it. They say that in Hollywood one can’t do that but I think honesty counts in Hollywood just as much as it does anywhere else. I think it’s just too much trouble to be dishonest and keep up with yourself. There’s simpler roads to say what you think. Then you haven’t got to always check as to what you said to one person and what you said to another. I think this would be exhausting actually. One can be respected with the truth in Hollywood just as much as anywhere else. Or else I wouldn’t have had a career.” 

this makes me weak every time because they’re just sooo in love and no matter what happened their love always managed to bring them back together. 

these two scenes are always my favourite, the way tina touches bette and the way they look at each other, and the way shane looks at them both and the way they’re both just so infatuated with each other, the way they’re in love makes me incredibly happy.

Aliza hopped in place at the tiny tea table Sans had built for her, waiting patiently for the enormous skeleton monster to bring them their snacks. he dolls were arranged around the table on stools the same size as hers, and across the table sat a large, bent metal chair.

“‘leven! Daddy is the nicest monster, even if he’s a little scary sometimes. He helps me when my magic hurts, and makes me food, and tells me stories, and takes me on walks, and plays with me! We’re having a tea party today!”

She surveyed the chipped, mismatched, but clean tea set with pride and happiness, and from the kitchen doorway, a huge shadow loomed, bowed so as not to bump its head on the molding. Sans emerged from the room, standing back to full height and grinning dotingly down at the humming little girl at the table in the middle of the living room, hands laden with a tray bearing a plate of slightly stale Oreos, a steaming tea pot, and a few cubes of sugar.

His trench coat was hanging next to his gigantic axe, held in the jaws of a sharp fanged skull mounted next to the front door, and most of his spikes had been discarded, but for the collar around his neck. He rubbed a large hand over his daughter’s head as he passed her to seat himself in the metal chair, laying the tray on the table for her viewing pleasure.

His smile softened into absolute adoration as she scooted her chair forwards, taking up the plate of cookies and setting it beside the tea cups.

“she’s tha coolest, ya got that right. ain’t no one bett- angel, go slow with tha pot, ‘s hot. careful hands…”

Aliza slowed obediently, tongue poking from her mouth in concentration as she poured tea for the both of them. While she did, Sans sobered slightly, glancing up the stairs at the back of his bedroom door.

“frisk’s very proud. knows i can’t always be there ta protect our baby, wants her ta be safe.”

His voice was steady, but his expression wasn’t, his chest aching and his smile faltering.

“yeah… very proud.”